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Blueprint for Dictatorship: Justin Raimondo
A Dem Sellout on Mercenaries: Scahill/Engelhardt
Poor Tenet; He Still Doesn't Get It: Ray McGovern
Bush Declares Something Accomplished: Kenning
One Lie Leads to Another: Rod Tiffen

 Gareth Porter

Bush, Democrats and al Qaeda Agree: The U.S. should stay in Iraq indefinitely.

 Scott McConnell

The American Conservative:Wants out of Iraq, points to French Algeria model

 George McGovern

Out of Iraq: “Iraq is as big a disaster as Vietnam.”

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Updated April 30, 2007 - 9:24 PM EDT
US April Death Toll in Iraq Passes 100
  Iran May Meet US at Iraq Talks
  US Clashes With Militia in Baghdad
  US Launches Artillery Barrage in Southern Baghdad

Monday: 1 Marine, 115 Iraqis Killed; 150 Iraqis Wounded

Tension Rises in DC Over War-Funding Standoff
  Murtha: Troops in Iraq Could Get 2 Months' Funds, Not 12
  Rice Rejects Claim Bush Came Into Office Plotting to Invade Iraq
  Army Chief Wants to Speed Up Troop Hike
One Million Turks Protest Over 'Plans for Islamic State'
Bush Declares Something Accomplished  by Eric Kenning
Poor George Tenet; He Still Doesn't Get It  by Ray McGovern
A Democratic Sellout on Bush's Mercenaries  by Jeremy Scahill & Tom Engelhardt
Sic Semper Tyrannis  by Lew Rockwell
Living Under the Guillotine's Blade
by Arthur Silber
America's Dangerous Trigger Finger  by David J. Morris

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Tenet Interview on 60 Minutes
Quiet Bush Aide Seeks Iraq Czar, Creating a Stir
Iraq's New Guns for Hire
Riding Shotgun With Our Shadow Army in Iraq
Saudi King Snubs Visit From Iraq's Prime Minister
Worst Month for UK in Iraq Gets Worse
Maliki's Office Is Seen Behind Purge in Forces
Iraq Reconstruction Risks Failure, US Audit Says
The Pentagon's Chronic Neglect of Iraq Vets
Afghans Angry at 'Cruel Attack'
Today in Iraq
US Forces Storm Sadr's Office, Arrest Those Inside
The Two Sides of Baghdad Barriers
Iraq Raids Net al-Qaeda Suspects, Bomb Ingredients
Iraq Kurdish Region Will Try to Block Oil Law
Iraqis Say They've Reclaimed Ramadi From Insurgents
Iraqi Gardener Tells of Torture
Attacks Continue
As British Draw Down, Violence in Basra Is Up
Assassins Wound Popular Iraqi Broadcaster Mudarris
Death Toll Up to 68 After Blast in Shi'ite Holy City
Sunday: 4 GIs, 1 British Soldier, 56 Iraqis Killed, 47 Iraqis Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
Special Forces Rushed to Iraq to Protect Prince Harry
Prince Harry Reportedly Nervous on Iraq
UK Army Chiefs Warn of Nightmare of Prince Being Captured in Iraq
Man of Principle Pays With Life in Iraq
EU Promises to Help Syria on Iraqi Refugees
The War at Home
Rice: Imminent Threat Doesn't Mean a Threat That Someone Will Strike Soon
Rice Falsely Claims UN Inspectors Thought Saddam Hussein Had WMD
McCain Criticizes Bush on Iraq War
Clinton Doubts Bush Will Pull Troops
GOP's Base Helps Keep Unity on Iraq
Most Katrina Aid From Overseas Went Unaccepted
US Memorializes Massacre of Native Americans
'War on Terror'
DHS to Offer Funding to Synagogues, Mosques for Security Cameras
MI5: British Spy Cameras Will Spot 'Terrorist Facial Movements'
Six Men Charged With Terror Fundraising in UK
Muslim Convert Who Heckled UK Home Secretary Faces Terror Charges
NY Bar Association Slams Guantánamo Lawyer Plan
US Transfers 'Senior al-Qaeda Operative' to Guantánamo
Battles of Britain
'It Somehow Seemed Wrong to Be Dropping 10 Tons of Bombs on These People Who Apparently Had No Idea We Were Coming'
Polls Set Scotland on the Path to Independence
Britain Damaged by Dropping Arms Deal Inquiry
Somalia Orders Civilians to Disarm
Somalia: Premier Orders Govt Forces to Stop Looters
Somalis Find Meaning in Prewar Music
Nigeria Militants Condemn Obasanjo and Plan More Attacks
War Without End in Darfur
Chinese Workers Freed in Ethiopia
Zimbabwe Clamps Down on Charities
Uganda Camp Residents Focus on Rebel Talks
US: Kosovo to Be Independent With or Without UN
Kosovo Leader Expects Independence by End of May
Estonia Presses on With Moving of Red Army Memorial Despite Riots

Poland Missile Plan to Raise Tensions

Iraq Welcomes Iran's Participation in Conference
Iran Security Chief Meets Iraq PM in Baghdad
Iran Ex-Security Official May Have Defected, Say Friends
Iran Takes a Snip at Wacky Male Hairdos
Israeli Army Defends Seizing Yet More Palestinian Land for Barrier
Israeli Military Chief: Major Ground Operation Necessary in Gaza
Hamas Welcomes Gaza Operation as Chance to Nab More Troops
Al-Qaeda Figure Urges Hamas 'Bombs, Fire' on Israel
Palestinian Humanitarian Situation Got Worse in 2006, Says UN Agency
Damning War Report Puts Olmert on the Brink
Calls Grow for Olmert, Peretz to Quit After Leaks of Allegedly Damning Lebanon War Report
Reporter Denies Writing Olmert Interview
Sesame Street Returns to Israel, PA, After More Than Decade Off the Air
Military Sharpens Debate in Turkey
US Warns Turkey Over Kurdish Rebels
In Turkey, Fear and Discomfort About Religious Lifestyle
Turkish Election a Struggle Over Identity
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Militants Plotted to Use Planes 'Like Car Bombs'
New Saudi Tack on al-Qaeda
To Slow Spread of Radical Islam, Saudi Arabia Woos Detainees
Middle East
Hezbollah Returning to South of Litani River: Israeli Army Chief
Deal Ends Israel Border Sit-In by Egyptian Bedouin
NATO's Afghanistan Effort at Risk: Officials
Anti-American Protests Follow Deadly Raid in Afghanistan
Afghan Amnesty Shows Warlord's Clout
British Airmen Killed in Afghanistan Returned Home in Wrong Coffins
Poppy Eradication Team Attacked in Southern Afghanistan; 4 Wounded
Pakistan-Afghanistan Talks Going Ahead: Official
85 Killed in 2006 Afghan School Attacks
Pakistan Security Fears Rise After Bomb
US Envoy: Military Key to US-India Relations
Sri Lanka
Sri Lankan Air Force Bombs Tamil Rebel Positions in Volatile North
Sri Lanka Rebels Bomb Fuel Depot, Closing Airport
Colombo in Darkness After Rebel Attack
Japanese Leader Apologizes for WWII Sex Slavery
Sex-Slave Dispute Follows Abe Even as He Bonds With Bush
Japan Court Rejects China’s Wartime Claims
China Reaches Out to Taiwan Business Community
Thai Muslims Protest Killing of Religious Leader
Colombian Seeks to Persuade Congress to Continue Aid

Justin Raimondo
Blueprint for Dictatorship

Doug Bandow
Fight Terrorism: Get Out of Iraq

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Enter the Veto

Charles Peña
Still Whacking Moles in Iraq

Ivan Eland
Absurd Analogies Won't
Stop Terrorism

Alan Bock
Getting Out With Some Dignity

Ran HaCohen
The Legend of the
Removed Checkpoints

Philip Giraldi
Cheney Does Africa

David R. Henderson
How Much Is the Iraq War Costing You?

Praful Bidwai
From Horror, an Opportunity for Peace

Sascha Matuszak
From China to Cairo

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