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Benchmarks and Bullsh*t: Justin Raimondo
Hail Ron Paul and Mike Gravel: David Henderson
Nostalgic for the Cold War? Good News: C. Hallinan
What Price Slaughter?: Tom Engelhardt
Bombs Over Cambodia: Taylor Owen & Ben Kiernan

 Sen. Mike Gravel

Criminalize the War: 5 years and a one million dollar fine

 Tony Benn

Iconic British MP on recrimination vs. reconciliation?: How do we deal with war criminals?

 Will Grigg

King George III Blushes in Hell: At the powers claimed by the President of the United States

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Updated May 14, 2007 - 9:26 PM EDT
Bloody Sunday: 2 GIs, 146 Iraqis Killed

Monday: 5 GIs, 1 Dane, 65 Iraqis Killed

  Iraqis Resist US Pressure to Enact Oil Law
  Iraqi Govt Bans Journalists From Clash Sites

End Search for Iraq Soldiers, al-Qaeda Group Tells US

Quest for a Final Bill on Iraq War Funding
  Top GOP Senator: If Iraqi Govt Asks Us to Leave, We'll Comply
  McCain: Iraqi Government Can't Order US Withdrawal

IAEA Says Iran Is Stepping Up Nuclear Work

IAEA Says Iran Is Stepping Up Nuclear Work

Cheney: We'll Talk With Iran, but Only About Iraq

Death of Commander Leaves Void for Taliban

US, Pakistani Soldiers Killed in Border Clash

  Troops Told to Shoot Rioters as Death Toll Mounts in Karachi
  Seven Afghan Troops Killed in Clash With Pakistani Forces

US to Block Soldiers From YouTube, MySpace, Other Sites

  UK Defense Ministry Lied to Troops About Safety of Top Tank
  Recent Troop Losses in Iraq Raise New Questions About Stryker
Nostalgic for the Cold War? Good News  by Conn Hallinan
Bombs Over Cambodia: New Light on US Air War  by Taylor Owen and Ben Kiernan
Free Ride for a Likely Terrorist
by Eugene Robinson
The Good American  by Scott Ritter
What Price Slaughter?  by Tom Engelhardt
While We Slept  by Stanley I. Kutler

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US Options in Iraq Could Soon Narrow, Ranging From Unpleasant to Unthinkable
Senate Eyes Breakthrough in Iraq Impasse
Disappeared Without a Trace: More Than 10,000 Iraqis
7,243 Moms Deployed This Mother’s Day
How Ali Abbas Beat the Odds
Pennsylvania Fallen Soldiers Honored With Street Banners
Today in Iraq
Attack on Kurdish Officials in Iraq Kills 50
Iraq's al-Qaeda Attacks Higher-Impact Targets
Defense Skirts State in Iraq Reconstruction
Iraqi PM Agrees to Bigger Sunni Role
100,000 to 300,000 Barrels of Oil a Day Unaccounted for in Iraq
Al-Qaeda-Led Group 'Executes' Three Iraqi Officers
'I Can't Stand the Life of an Orphan Anymore'
Sunday: 2 GIs, 146 Iraqis Killed, 201 Iraqis Injured
The War at Home
Poll: Iraq Is Not War on Terror, Say Americans
Democrats War Against Anti-Military Image
Antiwar Iraqi in Washington Has a More Sectarian Agenda at Home
Bank Files May Undercut Wolfowitz, Critics Say
Kristol Condemns 'Stupid' GOP Congressmen for Abandoning War
US Military
Tougher Sell for Recruiters: Dad
Army Clamps Down on Blogs
Governors Say War Has Gutted Guard
Maryland National Guard Lacks Guards for State Emergency Base
New Mideast Commander Off to Quiet Start
'War on Terror'
A First Look at US Case Against Padilla
Reporters Face Unusual Limits at Padilla Terror Trial
Attorney: Lack of Legal Rights for Gitmo Detainees Would Continue if They Are Transferred to US Soil
US Asks Europe to Ensure Continued Access to Air Passenger Data
Some Legal Experts Think That Lack of Govt Regulation of Online Video Game Makes It a Potential Terrorist Haven
Taliban Chief's Death a Big US Victory
Nine Police, 55 Rebels Said Killed in Afghanistan
Warlord: Osama 'Just Keeping Low Profile'
A Look at Mullah Dadullah's Life
41 Dead in Pakistan Political Violence
Street Violence Tests Pakistan's President
Violence Puts More Pressure on Musharraf
Running Karachi – From London
Sri Lanka
Buddhist Monk, Five Rebels Killed in Sri Lanka Violence
Foreign Aid Cut Fear as Sri Lanka Fails on Human Rights
Thousands of Maoists Surround Nepal's Parliament
Nepal's Ex-Army Chief Barred From Leaving Country
Indian Forces Kill Three Kashmir Militants
Arroyo Set to Keep Power in Philippine Vote
Japanese Military Seeks Funds to Build Giant Missile-Destroying Laser
Thailand Drops Plan to Sue Google
Web Opens World for Young Chinese, but Erodes Respect
East Timor Elects New Leader, Eyes Next Vote
IAEA Inspectors in Iran
Iran Expels 85,000 Afghans in Three Weeks
At Rally, Ahmadinejad Urges US to Leave Middle East
Iranians Chant for Nuclear Energy
Iran Confirms US Scholar's Arrest
Iran's Ahmadinejad in UAE Talks
Iran Arrests Ten at Pakistan Border With 'Spy Cameras,' $500,000 in Cash
Truce Called After Four Die in Gaza Faction Violence
Israeli Cabinet Issues Vague Call for 'Broader Action' Against Gaza
Israel Approves Targeted Killings to Counter Gaza Fire
Olmert Demands World Accept Israel's Rule Over All of Jerusalem
Report: Israeli Military Forced Palestinians Out of 1,000 Hebron Homes
Olmert, Abbas to Discuss Nature of Palestinian State
Jordan King Postpones Ramallah Talks
EU Boycotts 'Provocative' Israeli Anniversary Party
Israeli Colonel: Fight With Activists in West Bank Should've Been Handled by Police
Peretz: Israel Should Begin Negotiations With Syria
Mossad Chief: Syria Won't Break Hezbollah Ties
Syria Jails Two More Dissidents
'We Can Fire 3,000 Rockets a Day' Says Nasrallah
Hezbollah Threatens to Boycott Presidential Election if Rival Camps Fail to Agree Upon Candidate
Lebanese Roundtable Tries to Define War – and Ways to Avoid It
Cheney Talks With Egypt on Iraq and Iran
Egypt Denies Waiving Iraqi Debts
Mubarak Denies Plans for Saudi-Egypt Causeway
Middle East
Cheney to Wrap Up Middle East Tour in Jordan
Over One Million Turks Hold Fresh Pro-Secular Rally
Somalia Clan Fighting Kills at Least 10
Somali Abductors Threaten to Kill Foreign Aid Staff
UN Envoy Cuts Short Somalia Trip
AU Delays Funding Somali Mission
Renewed Violence Limits Oil Production in Nigerian Region
Ethiopia Defends Record on Human Rights
Serbian Speaker Steps Down
OSCE Says Armenia Vote Was Fair
Brazil 'Disapproves' of British Decision Not to Charge Police Who Killed de Menezes

Justin Raimondo
Benchmarks and Bullsh*t

David R. Henderson
Hail Ron Paul and Mike Gravel

Alan Bock
Renewing Old Europe

Doug Bandow
Get Out of Europe; Avoid a New Cold War

Nebojsa Malic
Jihad in New Jersey

Charles Peña
Good Intentions and
Unintended Consequences

Ivan Eland
Time for Iraqi Self-Determination

Praful Bidwai
Sanctions Aggravate Iranian Rights Situation

Philip Giraldi
A High Price to Pay for Ignorance

Ran HaCohen
The Legend of the
Removed Checkpoints

Sascha Matuszak
From China to Cairo

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