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Tenn. Rep. Says End Intervention: Charles Davis
The Bitter End: Spencer Ackerman
Pakistan Headed Down Shah's Path: Ivan Eland
We Are Your Bad Conscience: Lawrence M. Ludlow
Israel Won and the Islamists Won: Samir El-Youssef

 Dahr Jamail

Iraqis Are People, It is Wrong to Kill Them

 Scott Ritter

Get Up and Stop the Next War!

 Roger Morris

Terrorism and the US Covert War in Iran

 Steve Clemons

Corrupt, Bloody-Handed Wolfowitz Fired

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Updated May 29, 2007 - 11:01 PM EDT

US and Iran Trade Blame Over Iraq

  Worst Month for GIs in Iraq Since 2004

Tuesday: 13 GIs, 136 Iraqis Killed; 116 Iraqis Wounded


Progress in Iraq Likely to Miss Target

Bush's Alternate Reality on Iraq Opinion
  Democrats Spin Capitulation to Bush on Iraq Funding
Pakistan Losing Territory to Radicals
  16 Civilians Among 39 Dead in Afghan Clashes
  Afghan Police Kill Seven Protesters
Tenn. Republican Calls for End to Intervention  Charles Davis interviews Rep. Jimmy Duncan
Wolfowitz's Tomb  by Sidney Blumenthal
Israel Won. But So Have the Islamists  by Samir El-Youssef
The Bitter End  by Spencer Ackerman
Hyping al-Qaeda  by Fred Kaplan
Colombia's Civil War and the US
by Joe DeRaymond

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McClatchy Reporters in Iraq on 'Fictional Achievements'

US-Iran Talks on Iraq May Be First of Many

Iraq Brings PTSD Relapse for Vietnam Vets

The Battle Within: Iraq Vet Suicides

Special Operations: High Profile, but in Shadow

UK Attorney General Advised Army to Deny 'Full' Legal Protection to Iraq Detainees

Wolfowitz Blames Media for Resignation

Iraq Is the Only Topic of Conversation as the US and Iran Finally Meet
Iraq Today

Car Bomb Kills at Least 21 in Baghdad

Iraq Ministry Fires Worker for Illegal Eviction Attempt

Life as a Displaced Iraqi

Fallujah Hopes for Better Days

Iraq: Stalled Justice Is Just One of Ramadi's Woes

At Arbil Arts Festival, 'Iraq Is More Than Blood'

Iraqi Kurdish Region to Take Charge of Own Security

Monday: 123 Iraqis Killed, 233 Wounded
The War at Home

Top General Underestimates Iraq War Fatalities in Memorial Day Media Appearance

Brain Trauma 'Signature' Injury of Wars in Afghanistan, Iraq

Antiwar Art in a New Medium: Paintball-on-Web

Iraq War Controversy Weighs Heavily on Memorial Day Moments

'War on Terror'

The Others on Trial in Padilla Case

15 Arrested in Terror Crackdown in Spain

Al-Jazeera Cameraman Held at Guantánamo Urges Release of Gaza Hostage


Deadly Clashes Bode Ill for Relatively Peaceful Area in North Afghanistan


Five Killed in Pakistan Militant Violence

Pakistani Seminar Speakers May Be Arraigned Under Army Act

South Asia

Maoists Kill Nine Policemen in Central India

Roadside Bomb Kills Seven Near Sri Lanka Military Base

Bhutan Holds Final Round of Mock Elections


US Admiral: China Wants Aircraft Carriers

China Disputes Pentagon Defense Assessment

US Seeks More Info on China's Military

China Urges Western Nations to Enter Extradition Treaties

Czech Republic

2,000 Czech Demonstrators Protest Missile-Shield Plans

Czech Govt Threatens Return to Conscription


Bush, Putin Agree to Discuss Kosovo at G-8 Summit

Russia Seeks Meeting With US and Europe on Arms

UK Asks Russia to Extradite Litvinenko Suspect

Living With Spain's Divided Past

War Fears Turn to Cyberspace in Estonia

An Assault in Iraq, a Stage Hit in London


Venezuela TV Shutdown Sparks Criticism of Chávez

Colombia May Release Jailed Rebels


Iranian Appeals Court Acquits Human Rights Lawyer

US, Iran Trade Blame Over Iraq Chaos

Iran Lifts Ban on al-Jazeera


Lebanese Army Attack on Refugee Camp Kills Four Civilians, Injures Dozens

Gunfight Breaks Lull at Besieged Lebanon Camp

Two Killed at Lebanese Army Checkpoint

Foreign Militants in Lebanon

Lebanon's Palestinians Live in Limbo

UN: Thousands Leave Lebanon Refugee Camp

Palestinian Leaders Seek End to Lebanon Refugee Camp Fighting


Israeli Army Gets Approval to Widen Ground Operations

Hamas Rockets Fall, Israel Considers Escalation

Israeli Air Force Attacks Gaza Building After Day-Long Lapse in Airstrikes

Aid Flows Into PLO Account After US Shift

Peretz Ousted as Israeli Labor Party Leader


Iraqi Refugees, in Dire Straits, Turn to the Sex Trade in Syria

Syria Delays Announcing Assad's Reelection

Syrians Vote for a Sense of Security

Middle East

Egypt Complains About US Lawmakers' Meeting With Muslim Brotherhood Member

US Jets Violate Turkish Airspace in 'Accident'


Two Die as Grenades Thrown at Troops in Somalia

Explosions, Gunfire in Somalia

Blast Wounds Leader of Ethiopia's Somali Region

Blast Rips Into Ethiopia Crowd, Up to 11 Die


Nigeria Strike Over 'Flawed' Poll

Nigeria Army Loses Six Soldiers in Darfur


UN Probes Congo Massacre

President Warns on 'Gold for Arms' Reports in Congo


Bush to Intensify Pressure on Sudan

UN Condemns Killing in Darfur as Joint Force Approved

Zimbabwe Police Release Arrested Opposition Supporters

Rwandan Rebels With Machetes Kill 29 in Congo Village

Fears Linger in Mozambique Over Unexploded Weapons


Six Bombs Wound 10 in Southern Thailand


Justin Raimondo
Why Are We in Iraq?

Ivan Eland
Pakistan Is Going Down the Road of the Shah's Iran

Alan Bock
Iranian Rumblings

Doug Bandow
Winning the War, Losing the Peace

Charles Peña
Rudy Giuliani and the
Fort Dix Six

Philip Giraldi
George Tenet Lies About
His Lies

David R. Henderson
Hail Ron Paul and Mike Gravel

Nebojsa Malic
Jihad in New Jersey

Praful Bidwai
Sanctions Aggravate Iranian Rights Situation

Ran HaCohen
The Legend of the
Removed Checkpoints

Sascha Matuszak
From China to Cairo

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