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Palestine: Blood Is in the Air: Ran HaCohen
War-Seeking Confederation: Glenn Greenwald
Robert Gates, the Specialist: Roger Morris
Iraqi Women Resist Sectarian Laws: E. Massey
Cracks in the Anti-Hamas Facade: Tony Karon

 Eric Margolis

America and Russia post-Cold War - Now We’re Them

 Seymour Hersh

Abu Ghraib Torture Worse Than They Told You

 Michael Kirk

The Current Iraqi Endgame and Some of the Earlier Ones

 Gareth Porter

Cheney Lies About Iran

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Updated June 26, 2007 - 11:08 PM EDT
General: Iraqi Forces Will 'Take Years'

Four US-Allied Sheiks Killed in Hotel Blast


US to Pay Iraqi Tribes That Turn on al-Qaeda

  US Plan to Capture and Kill Insurgents in Baquba 'Fell Far Short of Goal'

Tuesday: 3 GIs, 31 Iraqis Killed, 7 Injured

Rice: Mideast Violence Necessary for Democracy


Israel to Release 250 Fatah Prisoners


Allies Line Up Behind Gaza and West Bank


'Envoy Blair' Waits in Wings at Summit

Cheney's Strong Push From Back Stage

  White House Opposes Move to Declassify Report on Iraq's WMDs

Brits: Iranian Troops Crossing Border Into Iraq

  Iran Invites Nuclear Watchdog to Tehran
A Confederation of War-Seeking Factions  by Glenn Greenwald
Senator Levin's False History
and Logic
 by Robert Parry
Imperial Presidency Declared Null and Void  by Sidney Blumenthal
Robert Gates, the Specialist
by Roger Morris
The Foreign Policy of Barack Obama  by Jeff Taylor
They'll Break the Bad News on 9/11
by Frank Rich

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Out-of-Afghanistan Rumblings in Congress

GOP Sen. Lugar Calls for 'Downsizing' US Force in Iraq

No Takers for US Base in Africa

Egypt Turns Down Iranian Overtures

Cheney's Moves on Secrecy Stir Storm Over Office's Dual Role

Nuclear Nonproliferation in the Post-9/11 World [.pdf]

World Spent $1.2 Trillion on Militaries in 2006

Zoellick OK'd as Next World Bank Chief

UN: Afghanistan's Poppy Crop Could Yield More Than 2006's Record Haul
Today in Iraq

US: Biased Shi'ites Removed From Iraq Force

Deadly Blast Hits Iraq Peace Talks

Sunni Clerics Ask Shi'ites to Halt March

Al-Qaeda 'Execution Den' Found in Iraq

Iraqi Journalist Shot to Death in Mosul

Blast Kills Iraqi Peace Poet

Radio Free Europe: Insurgents Muster Their Forces Online

Iraqi Women Resist Return to Sectarian Laws

Iraqi Youth Face Lasting Scars of War

Monday: 4 GI, 92 Iraqis Killed; 141 Iraqis Wounded
Refugee Crises

Iraqi Refugee in Jordan, 'This Uncertainty Is Killing Me From Inside'

First Big Wave of Iraqi Refugees Heads for the US

Iraq Occupation

US Forces Must Not Rush From Volatile Iraq Province: General

'Anbar Model' Under Fire

US Troops 'Tighten' Baquba Grip

Troops Take Embattled Baquba Bit by Bit, US Commander Says

Stress Hits US Workers in Iraq

For GIs in Iraq, a Harrowing Day Facing a Trap

The Wars at Home

Generals Campaign Against War

Groups Here Back Troops, but Not Iraq Occupation

Howard Fuels Talk of Iraq Withdrawal

UK Labor Deputy Slammed for Newfound Opposition to Iraq War

'War on Terror'

Trove of FBI Files on Lawyers Guild Shows Scope of Secret Surveillance

US to Fingerprint EU Visitors

Dick Cheney's Team Shaped Interrogation Guidelines

Army Lawyer Files Affidavit Doubting Fairness of Gitmo Hearings

US Muslims Face Isolation, Radical Threat

Scholars Urge Bush to Ban Use of Torture


US Probes Afghanistan Torture Claims

Terrified and Tearful in Helmand, in a Conflict That Grows More Painful Each Day

'Long Haul Fight' to Defeat the Taliban

NATO-Led Force to Probe Afghan Detainee Abuse Report

Taliban Expected to Free Deminers, Official Says

Afghan Helmand Province Becoming Main Drug Supplier

Most Opium Now Processed Inside Afghanistan


Six Pakistani Soldiers Among 15 Injured in NATO Shelling of Waziristan

Pakistan Tells NATO to Stop Killing Civilians

Militant Killed in Pakistan School Attack

15 Injured in Grenade Attack in Indian Kashmir


German Prosecutors Want CIA Agents Extradited

CIA Arrest Warrants Strain US-German Ties

Construction of Mosque Ignites German Hostility


British Troops Leave Northern Ireland Base

Bush, Estonian Leader Discuss Iraq, Cyber Security

France Snubs Turkey on EU Talks


North Korea Says Has Funds, Awaits UN Team

Passport Proof of Free Tibet

Mideast Hostages

Hostages Forced to Center of Gaza Power Struggle

'Booby-Trapped' Johnston in Video Plea for More Talks

Gaza Reporter's Family Urges Captors Not to Harm Him

Hamas Releases Audio of Captured Israeli

Shalit's Father Expresses Hope Hamas Is Willing to Negotiate

Fatah-West Bank

Abbas to Demand Release of Barghouti

Israel Cautious on West Bank Moves Ahead of Summit

Wanted Palestinians Agree to Lay Down Weapons


Aid Trickles Into Gaza but Basic Shortages Grow

Egypt Blames Israel for Gaza Violence

Israeli Missile Attack Kills Islamic Militant in Gaza


Israel Halts Removal of West Bank Roadblocks After Army Objects

Israeli Military to Participate in NATO Exercises in Coming Year

Israel Destroys Bedouin Town to Make Way for Jews-Only Town

Israeli Rightist Convicted of Supporting Terror Group

Egyptian Gets Life on Israeli Spy Charge


Hezbollah Calls for Lebanese President Acceptable to All

Former Israeli Minister: We Assumed International Community Would End Lebanon War for Us

Between Bombings, Lebanese Hit the Beach

UN Troops Vow to Continue in Lebanon After Six Killed

Spanish Defense Chief in Lebanon After Troop Deaths

War-Battered Lebanese Village Mourns

Three Australians Held in Lebanon 'Allegedly Extremists'


Poll: Israelis Would Welcome Talks With Syria

The Strange Story of MiG-31s for Syria


Turkey Bombards Kurdish Border Villages

Turkish, Armenian Foreign Ministers Hold Brief Talks in Attempt to Thaw Relations


Ethiopia Rebels Say Govt Kills 40 in Air Raids

There's More Than a Border in Ethiopia-Eritrea Conflict


Somali Troops Fire at Civilians Seeking Food Aid, Three Dead

Four Wounded in a Grenade Explosion in Mogadishu

African Leaders Discuss Somalia Unrest


Rice, French FM Slam Lack of Action on Darfur

Sarkozy's Coming-Out Party on Darfur

How China's Support of Sudan Shields a Regime Called 'Genocidal'


Taylor Boycotts Resumption of His War Crimes Trial

Red Cross Sends Emergency Teams After Attacks on Niger Army Base

Influx From Zimbabwe to South Africa Tests Both


Chávez to Head to Russia, Belarus, Iran in Latest Bid to Heckle US

Cuban Dissidents Start Push to Change Constitution


Justin Raimondo
Fred Thompson and the Burning 'Necklace'

Ran HaCohen
Palestine: Blood Is in the Air

Alan Bock
A Curious Offensive

Doug Bandow
Deluded Presidential Promises of Progress in Iraq

Nebojsa Malic
Imperial Poker

Charles Peńa
Cooperative Threat Reduction Is Worth the Cost

Ivan Eland
Iran and North Korea Will Not Be Denied Nukes

David R. Henderson
Ask and Tell

Philip Giraldi
Accusations Pave Way for Assault on Iran

Praful Bidwai
India: Impasse Over Nuclear Fuel Reprocessing Rights

Sascha Matuszak
Pride and Prejudice in Chengdu

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