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Today's Highlights

Top Sunni Claims 'Genocide Campaign'
  Sectarian 'Cleansing' in Baghdad
  Trouble Grows in Iraq's Shi'ite South
  Italy Probe Unearths Huge Iraq Arms Deal

Monday: 1 GI, 41 Iraqis Killed; 20 Iraqis Wounded

Bush to Bolster Surge as Dem Opposition Fades

Karl Rove to Quit This Month

  US Officials Worry About Possible 'Tet Offensive' in Iraq
  Strained US Military Widens Door for High-School Dropouts
  US General Says Iran Trying to Sway US Debate on Iraq
UK's Afghanistan Soldiers Have 1 in 36 Chance of Dying
  Three US Soldiers, Two Other NATO Soldiers, Killed in Afghanistan
  Musharraf Admits Taliban Backed by Many Pakistanis
The Progressive Values of 'Responsible' Democrats  by Arthur Silber
Better Off Without the CIA  by Andrew Greeley
How the US Makes Pakistan More Radical  by Arshin Adib-Moghaddam
Who Cares?  by Charley Reese
How to Win in Iraq  by William S. Lind
Fear, Frenzy, and FISA  by Julian Sanchez

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Rep. Lantos Visits Israel to Slam Peace Moves
Back Home, More Frustration
Faction-War Fears in Iraq City After Convoy Attack
When a US Soldier in Iraq Won't Soldier
British Lawmakers: US 'Surge' in Iraq 'Likely to Fail'
US Terror Interrogation Went Too Far, Experts Say
Putin Increases Missile-Defense Rhetoric
Indonesian Stadium Crowd Pushes for Islamist Dream
Iraq PM Calls Summit to Try to Save Unity Government
Today in Iraq
Iraqi PM Orders Probe Into Assassinations
Hundreds Mourn Assassinated Iraq Officials
Mosul's Christians Live in Fear
Basra's Struggle for Power and Wealth
New Iraqi Cops Sport Burkas With Their Badges
Sunday: 5 GIs, 57 Iraqis Killed; 37 Iraqis Wounded
Iraq Occupation
War Game Predicts 'Chaos' in US Pullout From Iraq
Fijian Dead, Two Injured in Iraq
US Bill for Iraq Private Security Grows
US Troops Shelter an Unlikely Survivor in Baghdad
Iraqi Kurdistan
Moats and Restrictions on Non-Kurds Leave Kurdistan Separated From the Rest of Iraq
Kurdish Woman Kills Self After Husband Killed; 5 Orphaned
Global Iraq Fallout
Keeping Troops in Iraq 'Hard Sell,' Says Australia
Former Army Officer: Australian Troops Only in Iraq to Wave the Flag
Kuwait Company Denies Filipino Workers Taken to Iraq Without Their Consent to Work on US Embassy
The War at Home
Romney 'Misspoke' About Sons' Military Choice
Brownback Says He Opposes Draft
US Market Seen for Iraqi-Made Clothes
1960s Activists Take Look at Today’s Breed
Revisiting the War Once Left Behind
US Military
War Helps Swell Paralympic Team
Military Dogs Also Suffer as War Drags On
UK Military
Britain's Ministry of Defense Outlines Rules on Soldiers' Blogging
Exodus of British Military Officers Hinders Terror War
'War on Terror'
Upkeep of Security Devices a Burden
US Anti-Terrorism Laws Hold Up Asylum Seekers
Israeli Terror-Prediction Web Site Unreliable
Israeli Web Site Owner Defends NYC Warning: 'There Is Always Something to Be Afraid Of'
Mounties Defend Actions in Labeling Arar 'Terrorist'
Gitmo Detainee’s Family Release Dossier
AU: Non-African Troops Not Needed in Darfur
Darfur Arab Tribes Sign Pact
In Darfur, Another Obstacle to Peace
Two Arrested Over Journalists' Killings

Troubled Somali Govt Pins Hopes on Summit

Libya Stalls on Vow to Destroy Uranium
Apartheid Crimes Dilemma Haunts South Africa
Manuel Noriega
US Hopes to Stop Noriega From Being Freed
Iran Oil Minister Replaced, Caretaker Picked
Another Resignation in Ahmadinejad's Cabinet
Iran Wraps Up Probe Into Detained US-Iranians
Hardline Iranians to Monitor Elections
Analysts: Iran's Political Situation Repels Investors
Iran Carpet Firm Shrugs Off US Sanctions Threat
Iran Arrests Five Trade Unionists
Israeli Military Assessment: Syria Thinks Olmert Wants to Launch War
Israeli Cabinet Approves Increase in Defense Spending
Israeli Military Officials Warn of 'Gaza Threat'
Fatah Denies Hamas Claim on Talks
Lawmakers: UK Should Talk to Hamas
Hospitals in Gaza Strike in Protest of Fatah Purge
Video Shows Gunfight Between Palestinian and Israeli Guard
Jerusalem Shooter's Father Says Video Fabricated
Lebanese Army Rejects Camp Militants' Surrender Offer
Palestinian Fighters Keep a Low Profile in Lebanon
Report: Hezbollah Buying Up Lands in Southern Lebanon
Middle East
Egypt Slams US 'Interference' on Human Rights
11 Soldiers, Two Civilians Wounded in Blast in Southeastern Turkey
Taliban Will Release Hostages Monday: Afghan Governor
Afghanistan Bans Media From Hostage Site
29 Dead in Afghanistan Fighting
Aussie Defense Expert: Troops in Afghanistan 'Heading for Failure'
Unearthing Anguish in Afghanistan
Karzai, Musharraf Try to Reconcile at 'Peace Jirga'
Opposition Leaders Reject Musharraf's Call Not to Return to Pakistan Until After Elections
Bhutto Hopes to Be in Pakistan by Eid in October
Bodies of Three 'US Spies' Found in North Waziristan
Sunni Muslim Activist Gunned Down in Northwest Pakistan
Musharraf Tries to Shore Up Government as Domestic Problems Deepen
30 Killed in Northeast Violence in India
Senator Lieberman to Push for Indian Nuclear Deal in Congress
Nine Killed in Fresh Violence Across Sri Lanka
Philippines Army HQ Moves South
Awaiting Justice in Cambodia
Nepal Maoists Plan Protests to Ensure November Polls
Splitting Kosovo 'Still an Option'
Kosovo Waiting for Funds
United Nations
UN Troops 'Helped Smuggle Gold'
UN Official Web Site Hacked
Armies Urged to Integrate Human Rights in War Laws
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