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Today's Highlights


Massacre: 247 Iraqis, 6 GIs Killed in Iraq


Can the US Military Stop IEDs?


At Least 3% of GIs' Deaths in Iraq Are Suicides


Iraqi Govt Buying Arms From Italian Mob?

  US Launches New Offensive in Iraq
Pentagon Contradicts War Czar: No US Draft
  Karl Rove to Quit This Month

Final Reckoning Days Away for Musharraf

A Law and Order Spinoff You Don't Want to Miss  by George Ajjan
Bad Guys Make Even Worse Allies
by Stephen Braun
How Bush Gained the Power to Spy on You at Will  by Aziz Huq
Breaking Bush's Resistance
by James Bovard
Our War Crimes  by Steven Greenhut
Obama and Clinton Go Nuclear
by William M. Arkin

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Defense Chief Keeps Own Counsel on Iraq

Iran Ties Weaken Iraqi Government Further

Robot Deployments Surge as Well

Rove, Still Under Subpoena, Remains Unlikely to Testify

India's PM Defends US Nuclear Deal

Secret Meeting of 19 Army Chiefs in Australia Revealed

Source Disclosure Ordered in Anthrax Suit

Request for Release of Tillman Documents

Do US, Iraqi Officials
Undercount Detainees?
Today in Iraq

Iraq Political Crisis Summit Set

Alleged Iran-Linked Financier Arrested in Iraq

Pilots Say Missile Was Fired at Airliner in Northern Iraq

Eight Electricity Workers Killed, Two Injured in US Shelling of Samarra

Trouble Grows in Iraq's Shi'ite South

An Unlikely Survivor in Baghdad's Carnage

31 Judges Have Been Killed in Iraq

Water Supplies Dwindle in Besieged Iraqi Town

Monday: 4 GIs, 41 Iraqis Killed; 20 Iraqis Wounded

Sculptor at Work in War-Torn Iraq

Occupying Iraq
For Top General in Iraq, Role Is a Mixed Blessing

Five Soldiers Die in Trap, US Says

Soldier: Sergeant Beat Iraq Detainee With Bat

Jamming Systems Play Secret Role in Iraq

US Raid Targets Shi'ite Militants

22 Arrested During Search for Missing Soldiers

Iraq Fallout

Top Iraqi Sunni Asks Arab Nations to Stem 'Genocide Campaign' by Shi'ites

Kurdish Rebel Group Warns Iraq, Turkey Against Crackdown

Insurgents to Saudis: Don't Open Iraq Embassy

The War at Home

Bush Touts Surge, Vows to Continue It Into Next Year

Rice to Stick Around Until Bush Leaves White House: Spokesman

Democrats Continue to Seek Testimony From Rove

Hollywood Tears Up Script to Make Antiwar Films While Conflicts Rage

'War on Terror'

NSA Wiretapping Trial Begins

Padilla Called 'Star Recruit' for US Terrorist Cell

Report: Disputes Impede Terrorism Probes

Man Pleads Guilty to Terror Camp Charges

Terror Fears Fall Among World Concerns


Taliban Free Two Korean Hostages

Clash in Southern Afghanistan Kills 14

Ahmadinejad to Visit Afghanistan

Unearthing Anguish in Afghanistan

Musharraf at Peace Council in Afghanistan

British Defense Secretary: Afghan War 'a Long-Term Commitment'


Musharraf: No US Strikes in Pakistan

Pakistan's Birthday Overshadowed by Extremist Violence

Six Militants Die in South Waziristan

Talks on Abducted Pakistan Troops

Bhutto: Musharraf 'Not Doing Enough' Against Terror


Defending Nuclear Pact, India Premier Faces Criticism

India Launches Massive Anti-Separatist Offensive

Four More Die in Assam Violence

South Asia

Two Killed, 13 Injured in Kashmir Grenade Blast

'Forgotten Refugees' in Bangladesh Still Dream of Their 'Homeland'

Nepal Maoists Threaten to Quit Govt

Middle East

Iran Says OPEC Stance Unchanged After Minister Switch

Islamist Sniper Kills Soldier at Lebanon Camp

Canadian Supporter Defends Hezbollah Billboard

Middle East Already Planning for Bush's Departure

Authorities Investigate Possible Bomb Attack in Morocco

Islamist Nominated Again in Turkey

Yemen Forces Capture Suspects Linked to Attack on Spanish Tourists

Britain's World Standing Damaged by Delay in Calling for Lebanon War's End

British Lawmakers Say UK Should Talk to Hamas, Hezbollah

UK Blocks Israel Arms Deals for Fear of Rights Violations

Palestinian Politics

Hamas Optimism vs. Fatah Despair

Hamas and Fatah Disagree on Whether They’re Talking

Hamas Militiamen Beat Gaza Protesters

As Dissent Grows in Gaza, Hamas Tightens Its Grip

Hamas Prepares Legal Action After Bank Freezes Members' Accounts

Hamas Says It's Ready for Any Dialogue With the West

Japan to Resume Direct Aid to Palestinians


Arafat's Widow Kicked Out of Tunisia, No Explanation Given

Israel Asks EU Not to Host UN Panel on Palestinians' Rights

Death of 'Israeli Agent' Linked to Memoirs

Israel Eyes Syria's Growing Military

Israeli Military: Syria Has World's Most Advanced Anti-Aircraft System

Israel's War at Home

Israeli Youths Opt Out of Army Service

Israeli Army Backtracks on Criminalization of Illegal West Bank Construction

Netanyahu Struggles to Bring Likud Voters to Polls


Somalia Army and Islamists Accused of Crimes

Mogadishu Violence Kills 11 Civilians

Somali Reporters Killed Amid Concerns Over Human Rights Abuses


Darfur Force 'to Be All-African'

AU Diplomat Says Enough African Troops for Darfur Force

Darfur Arab Rebels Say Captured 12 Sudan Soldiers


'Uganda Will Not Attack Congo'

Uganda Rebels Told to Sign Truce

Rwanda Rebels Pillage Congo Village

Nigeria Violence Could Cause Oil Crisis

US Shuts Eritrean Mission


Russian, Chinese Troops Practice for War Games

Philippine Troops Raid Muslim Rebels

Two Countries, Two Systems, One Porous Border


Serbia Won't Give Up Kosovo for EU Membership

London Imam Attacked as Anti-Muslim Violence Grows


Cash-Stuffed Suitcase Splits Venezuela and Argentina

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