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Today's Highlights

Iraq War's Deadliest Bombings Kill 500
  Gen. Petraeus to Propose Troop Cuts
  Tuesday: 572 Iraqis, 6 GIs Killed; 437 Iraqis Wounded
  Iraq Groups Tackle Political Crisis
  Iraqi Deputy Oil Minister Kidnapped
  Wednesday: 87 Iraqis Killed, 44 Wounded

Comptroller Gen.: Iraq War May Bring Down US


The Democrats Get Hawkish

US: Iran's Revolutionary Guard a 'Terrorist' Group


US Blames Iran for Casualties from Its Own Attacks

UN Troops May Head to Somalia


Worst Day of Violence in Months Claims 31 Lives in Somalia

A Verdict on Padilla – and the US
Christian Science Monitor
War and Leviathan: The Trick That Works Every Time  by Robert Higgs
Bush's Tangled Arms Deal
by Gary Kamiya
What to Do With Cheney?
by Jon Basil Utley
Oslo Revisited  by Uri Avnery
Secret Insecurity  by Bruce Fein

More Viewpoints

The Surge
That Failed

by Paul Robinson
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New Coalition Launches 'Iraq Summer' Campaign

Allawi Calls for New Iraqi Govt

Vets Ask NFL to Get Involved in Tillman Probe

Bush Official: Court Must Dismiss All Cases Questioning Wiretaps

Gonzales Gains Power to Fast-Track Executions

US Court Won't Allow Israeli Military's Evidence Against Muslim Charity

Hackers Post an Antiwar Message on UN Web Site

US General Says 15-Month Army Rotations in Iraq, Afghanistan to Continue Into Next Summer
Iraq Violence Continues

Deadly Blasts Target Iraqi Religious Sect

Bomber Strikes Bridge in Iraq: 10 Dead

Iraq Violence Hits Pregnant Women, Newborns

Tuesday: 262 Iraqis Killed, 6 GIs; 262 Iraqis Wounded
Today in Iraq

Auction Thursday: Iraq Cellphone Licenses

Faith Gives Iraqis Solace, Not Just a Reason to Fight

In Iraq, Another Summer of Power Shortages

Swedish Airline Stops Iraq Flights

Palestinians in Iraq Face a Second Exile

Iraqi Government

Iraq Moves to Send More Oil to Turkey, Iran

Iraqi, Jordanian Officials Hold Talks on Security

Occupying Iraq

US Helicopter Goes Down Near Air Base West of Baghdad, Military Says

Shi'ite Militants Targeted as Troops Push Crackdown in Iraq

The Story of Two Brothers Who Worked for the British
The War at Home

Kucinich: Dem Leadership's Agenda Indistinguishable From Neocons

In the Debate Over Iraq, It's Vet vs. Vet

Former Joint Chiefs Chairman Slams Critic

In Magazine Article, Giuliani Details His Policy on Iran

Giuliani Warns Against Palestinian State
'War on Terror'

Facebook: The CIA Conspiracy

Did Hot Days and Hyped Fears Result in Bush's Spy-Power Expansion?

Report: Disputes Impede Terrorism Probes

Sick of Confinement, Gitmo Aussie Plans to Flee Into Outback When He's Released

Jose Padilla

Padilla Lawyers Call No Witnesses, Jury to Start Deliberations

Beyond Padilla Terror Case, Huge Legal Issues

US Govt Broke Padilla Through Intense Isolation, Say Experts

US Terror Interrogation Went Too Far, Experts Say

Padilla Case Called 'Politically Motivated'

Interview With Benazir Bhutto: 'Pakistan Must Not Be Talibanized'

Kidnapped Pakistani Soldier Beheaded in Waziristan

India Releases 72 Pakistani Prisoners

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Blames Aid Group in Killings

Sri Lanka Offers Amnesty to Rebels in Eastern Region


Chechen Rebels Suspected in Russia Train Bomb

Sarkozy and Bush Agree to Disagree on Foreign Policy


US, North Korea Nuclear Envoys to Meet

Next Step for North Korea Nuclear Disclosure

South Korea's Roh Seeks Economic Community With North


Philippines Govt to Resume Talks With Rebels

Ousted Thai Leader Haunts Junta


A Balancing Act of Iran's Enemies

Iran Resumes Kerosene Exports to Iraq

Iran Completes Probe of Detained US-Iranian Academics

Iran-Afghan Relations

Afghanistan, Iran Deepening Ties

Iran's President 'Doubts' Officials Arm Taliban


First Polish Soldier Killed in Afghanistan

Journalists Warned of Afghan Kidnap Threat

Concern Mounts Over Rising UK Casualty Rate in Afghanistan

Korean Hostages

Taliban Wins Attention With Koreans

Female Korean Hostage Switched Places With Sick Hostage

No New Talks Planned on Korean Hostages


Six Palestinians Killed, Including Two Civilians, in Israeli Raid in Gaza

Israeli FM: Big Mistake to Hope for Fatah-Hamas Understanding

Israel Rejects Calls to End Isolation of Hamas

Two Hamas Security Men Die in Clash With Powerful Gaza Clan

Hamas TV's Child Star on Martyrdom, Occupation

Japan Urges Israel to Ease Restrictions in West Bank

Israel's War at Home

Israel Is Braced for New War With Hezbollah

Israeli Teen Activists: Draft Is 'Essence of Israel'

Israeli Soldiers Express Pain of War

Netanyahu Wins Likud Primary

Wacky Osama Comedy May Not Be Seen in Israel

Israel-Syria Tensions

Israeli DM Suspends Handing Out Gas Masks for Fear of Spooking Syria

Syria Preparing for, but Doesn't Want, War with Israel

Syria, Israel Reassure Each Other


Nasrallah Warns of 'Surprise' Should Another War Erupt With Israel

Hezbollah Marks Lebanon War's End

Lebanon Villagers Rebuilding Lives Year After War

Nasrallah: Hezbollah Isn't Interested in Another War

Lebanese Militants Vow to Take Battle Outside Camp

Middle East

Saudi Official Slams Tancredo Over Mecca Threats

Tired of Energy Ills, Syrians Doubt the West Is to Blame

Morocco: Blast Near Tourists Was Attempted Attack

Algeria Bomb Targets Ex-Militant

Yemeni Rebels Accept Timetable for Peace Deal

Jordan Scholar Imprisoned for E-Mails


Turkish Minister to Take on Army Threats

Candidate Pledges to Keep Turkey Secular


Conditions Worsen as Thousands Flee Mogadishu


From His Foreign Lair, Rebel Leader Vows to Continue Congo's Fight

Burundi Peace Talks Risk Collapsing Over $54,000 Allowance

Sierra Leone's Leader Urges Calm


Chávez to Propose Removing His Term Limits

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