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Support Our Troops: Justin Raimondo
More Troop Reduction Legerdemain: Charles Peņa
Petraeus Report: More Kabuki?: William S. Lind
Iran, US: Bury the Past!: Mohammad Karimi
George W. Bush: A CIA Analysis: Ray McGovern

 Warren Richey

Padilla Not Proven Guilty, Convicted Anyway

 Jorge Hirsch

First Strike Nukes On ‘Table’

 Lew Rockwell

Central Banking, Inflation and Empire

 Rep. Ron Paul

Republic or Empire? Easy Choice

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Updated August 22, 2007 - 10:01 PM EDT
Helicopter Crash in Iraq Kills 14 GIs

US Military Denies Troops Fired on Iraq Protest

  August 14th Yazidi Bombing Toll Updated: 572 Dead, 1,562 Wounded
  Wednesday: 15 GIs, 133 Iraqis Killed; 146 Iraqis Wounded

Bush Cites Vietnam Arguing Against Pullout

  US Envoy Unhappy With Iraq's Progress
  Bush Admits 'Frustration' With Iraqi PM

DoD Memo Shows Pentagon Looking Past Iraq

  Pentagon Closing Database That Had Information on Iraq War Protesters

Obama: No Military Solution in Iraq

Ex-CIA Officer: US to Attack Iran Within 6 Months

CIA Didn't Do Enough to Stop 9/11, Report Finds

Russia Steps Up Military Expansion

  British Jets Scrambled to Intercept Russian Bomber
  Russia Warns Czechs Against US Shield
Iran, US: Bury the Past!
by Mohammad Reza Mohammad Karimi
Every Intervention Needs
 by Max Raskin
Giuliani's Escape From the
Real World
 by Steve Chapman
The Petraeus Report: More Kabuki?
by William S. Lind
George W. Bush: A CIA Analysis
by Ray McGovern
The Reality of Ukraine's Revolution
by Lawrence A. Uzzell

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Iraqi PM Hails Syrian Cooperation

A Last Chance for the Surge

Veteran CBS Newsman 'Suspicious' of Ghostwritten Petraeus Report

15 Hussein Aides on Trial in Baghdad

Reversing Course, France Seeks an Active Role in Iraq

Bush Draws Vietnam Parallel in Warning Over Iraq Withdrawal

Iraq War Brings Drop in Black Enlistees

White House Manual Details How to Deal With Protesters

Iraq War Takes Unique Toll
on National Guard
Today in Iraq

Denials in Iraq Governor's Assassination

Sacked Officers Turning to Terror, Says Basra Police Chief

Smell of Death Permeates Ruined Yazidi Villages

Tikrit Police Chief Gunned Down

Tuesday: 63 Iraqis Killed, 89 Wounded
Occupying Iraq

Syria Presses Iraq on US Troop Pullout

UK Army Chiefs Deny Sadr's Claim of Victory in Iraq

Baghdad Neighborhood Locals Protest US Arming of Sunni Faction

US Military Accuses al-Qaeda of 'Almost Genocide'

Army Adds Rollover Drills for Humvees

The War at Home

First Court-Martial for an Officer in Abu Ghraib Scandal Gets Under Way

Charges Dismissed Against US Officer in Abu Ghraib Case

Lawyers Battle Over Iraq Abuse Pictures

Iraq Coverage Loses Out to Domestic Stories

Words Unspoken Are Rendered on War's Faces

US Domestic

Tenn. Nuclear Fuel Problems Kept Secret

US Launches 'MySpace for Spies'

'War on Terror'

Dems Regret Voting for Wiretap Law

A New Push for Change in the War on Terror

Australian Court Rules for Indian in UK Terror Case

CIA-9/11 Report

CIA Details Errors It Made Before Sept. 11

Statement by George J. Tenet on CIA Report

CIA Report on 9/11 [pdf]


Eight Taliban Killed in Afghanistan

Two Men Beheaded in Southeastern Afghanistan

Taliban Tap Into Soldiers' Mobile Phones, Prank Call Stored Numbers

Taliban: South Korea Wants More Time for Hostages Talks

Afghan Dedicated His Life to Guarding Kabul's British Embassy


Martial Law 'Not an Option' for Pakistani Army Top Brass

Pakistan Releases Man Held for Three Years in Terrorism Case

Pakistani Army Convoys Escape Two IED Blasts in North Waziristan

South Asia

Terrorist-Related Violence in Kashmir Down by One-Third

Nepal Maoists Want King to Go Before Polls

50 Hurt as Bangladesh Students Tire of Military Presence on Campus

Indian Muslims Hindu It Up in Attempt to Avoid Discrimination


Iran, UN Agree on Ways to Defuse Nuclear Suspicions

White House: Iran-UN Nuclear Agreement Not Good Enough

Iran Seeks Azerbaijan Ties to Counter US

US Chides Allies for Trade Deals With Iran

Iranian-American Academic Freed After Making TV 'Confession'

Three Iranian Kayakers in Trouble After Visiting US


Islamists Seek Family Evacuation at Lebanon Camp

Lebanon Charges Siege Camp Islamists With Terrorism

Saudi-Syria Tensions Seethe Over Lebanon


Israeli Military Kills Two Palestinian Children in Gaza Attack

Hamas Vows to Avenge Israeli Airstrike

Fatah Wing 'Won't Honor Agreements With Israel' After IDF Reneges on Amnesty

Palestinian Hotel Company Says State Seized Their Land, Sold It to Israeli-Run Hotel Company

Bush Could Have Given Fatah That Kiss of Death

Rival Gaza Children's Camps Mix Fun With Politics

Hamas Refashions Its Militancy

Israeli Official: Fatah Must Build Welfare Net to Defeat Hamas

Gaza-Bound Aid Unusable After a Year on Egypt Border

Hawaii Surfer Donates Boards for Gazans

Middle East

US Centcom Chief Meets Saudi King

Gadhafi's Son Calls for New Libyan Constitution

Analysts Diverge on Source of Muslim-Coptic Tension in Egypt


10 Wounded in Grenade Blasts in Mogadishu

UN Vows to Defend Somalia Regime


Deadly Clashes in Camp in Darfur

UN Accuses Sudan Military, Militias of Possible War Crimes

Plight of the Refugees Locked Out of the 'Promised Land'


Niger Soliders Killed by Land Mine

3,500 Ex-Militia Members in Volatile Congo District Agree to Disarm

Gambia General Promises 'Zero Tolerance' to Harassment of Civilians


Russia, US to Consult on Azeri Missile Offer in September

Crackdown on NGOs Pushes 600 Charities Out of Russia


US Military Drills Spur North Korean Threat

Japan Seeks Wider Defense Network


No Breakthroughs at Canada Talks

Obama Calls for Easing Cuba Embargo

Bush Vows Anti-Drug Aid for Mexico


Justin Raimondo
Support Our Troops

Charles Peņa
More Troop Reduction Legerdemain

Sascha Matuszak
A Counterweight,
or a Bloc of Foes?

Alan Bock
Padilla Case a Source of Deep Shame for America

Doug Bandow
The Last Days of the Incas

Ivan Eland
The State Perpetuates Itself
by Failing

Philip Giraldi
Neolibs and Neocons,
United and Interchangeable

Nebojsa Malic
Statism as Disease

David R. Henderson
Remembering Hiroshima

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal: Breakthrough or Bad Bargain?

Ran HaCohen
Palestine: Blood Is in the Air

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