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Updated September 6, 2007 - 10:55 PM EDT
Experts Doubt Drop in Violence in Iraq
  Air Strike in Baghdad Kills 14 Sleeping Iraqis
  Iraq Talks See GIs as Impediment to Peace
  GIs Skeptical About Market That Generals Say Proves Surge Is Working
  Thursday: 1 GI, 44 Iraqis Killed, 46 Wounded
  Wednesday Attacks Kill 10 US Troops, 51 Iraqis; 65 Iraqis Wounded
Democrats Newly Willing to Compromise on Iraq
  Bush Considers Standing by Iraq Strategy
  US Report Says Iraq Interior Ministry 'Dysfunctional'
  Pentagon Opposes Report Recommending Disbanding Iraqi Police
Iranian Pledges Complicate Bush's UN Strategy
  No Proof Iran Running 3,000 Centrifuges: Diplomats
Syria Says Israeli Jets Bomb Territory
  Israeli Troops Enter Southern Gaza
  Israel Weighs a War in Gaza
  Former US Envoy: Israel Gives US Unreliable Intel
  Israeli Cabinet Backs 'Punishing' Gaza Civilians Over Qassams
  American Citizens Detained by Israel for Having Palestinian Heritage
Bin Laden Reportedly to Release Tape by Sept. 11
  Judge Strikes Down Part of PATRIOT Act
  Germany Arrests 3 Over Plot to Attack US Targets
  Security Experts: German Plot Designed to Pressure for Afghan Pullout
  Experts Say Denmark Emerging Target for Islamic Terror
Syria and Iran: The Threats That Aren't  by Michael Scheuer
Bush Just Playing Us With 'Troop Withdrawal'  by Keith Olbermann
Why the British Deployment Was Doomed From the Start  by Patrick Cockburn
Surrender Should Not Be an Option
by Rep. Ron Paul
Who Are The Fanatics?
by Paul Craig Roberts
Thucydides vs. Victor Davis Hanson
by John Taylor

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US Arms Exports and Military Assistance in the 'Global War on Terror'
Serbia Threatens Force if West Recognizes Kosovo
Recommendations on Iraqi Security Forces
US Seizes 'Iran Agent' in Iraq
Petraeus Hints at US Iraq Troop Reduction
With Donkeys for Transport, All Is Well
Army Reaches Recruiting Goals at Increasing Costs to Taxpayers
Rights Group: Vows Not to Torture Worth Little
Homeland Security Falls Short, GAO Says
500 Afghan Police Killed in Five Months
Iraq Occupation
Iraq's New Danger: Armor-Piercing Grenades
Panel Sees More Than a Year Before Iraq Can Handle Security
Problems Beset Iraq Reconstruction
US Official: Iraq Economy Heading for Six Percent Growth
Getting Used to the Racket, Rockets
Iraq Politics
Allawi Uses Loophole to Keep Backers Secret
Beleaguered Maliki Seeks Advice From Sistani
Iraqi PM Urges Action on Weapons
Iraqi Official: Oil Security Not Partisan
Today in Iraq
Iraq Fuel Cost, Public Services Entwined
Iraq: Violence, Poverty, Unemployment Fuel Rising Alcoholism
15 Killed, 23 Wounded in Sadr City Attack
Iraq Diary: Baghdad's Glamorous Life
Wednesday: 10 GIs, 51 Iraqis Killed; 63 Iraqis Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
Former Australian PM: Our Troops Make No Difference in Iraq
Bush to Aussie Official: 'We're Kicking Ass' in Iraq
Chemical 'WMD' Found at UN May Be Little More Than Cleaner
Swede Named New UN Envoy to Iraq
The War at Home
Flight of Nuclear Warheads Over US Is Under Inquiry
US Lawmakers Have Parallel Realities on Iraq
Political Clash Over Troops Is Likely
3 Marine Officers Censured in Haditha Case
Former Diplomats Offer Candidates Advice
Protesters to Confront GOP Candidates With 'Cost of War'
Iraq War Comes to the Silver Screen
Texas Tycoon, Prosecuted for Iraq Dealings, Says He’s a Target
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Heading to Iraq
White House Sued Again Over Missing E-Mail
'War on Terror'
Judge Scolds US Justice Department Over Warrantless Wiretapping Records
Chertoff: Al-Qaeda Still Poses Threat to US Interests
US Concedes Danger of Cyber-Attack
Some Lawmakers Wary of Surveillance Law
Lawyers for 'WMD Pair' Puzzled
DHS Ends Criticized Data-Mining Program
UK State Secrets 'Under Attack From Chinese Hackers'
China Denies Hacking Pentagon Computers
Invisible Arms Race: The Internet Balance of Power
2 Guatemala Candidates Shot Before Vote
Cuban Dissidents Seek Unity in Castro's Absence
Jamaican Ruling Party Challenges Poll Results
Israeli DM Says 'Nearing Need' for Gaza Invasion
Ex Israeli General: if We Cut Off Water and Power to Gaza, Hamas Should Be Blamed
Fatah-Hamas Media War Continues
Peres: Hamas Seeks 'Religious Hegemony' in Middle East
Red Cross Says Hamas May Allow It to Visit Abducted Soldier Shalit
Israeli Artillery Targets North Gaza Garrison
Lebanese Troops Continue Refugee Camp Sweeps
Lebanon Says 222 Militants Killed in Camp Battle
In Aftermath of Camp Battle, Palestinian Refugees Despair Over Ruined Lives
Lebanon's Parliament Opens the Way for Fierce Presidential Battle
Lebanon's Parliament Called to Hold Presidential Vote September 25
Lebanon Seeks German Help in Equipping Army to Fight Militants
Middle East
Seven Iranian Police Killed in Clash With 'Bandits'
UK Vows to Back Turkey's EU Bid
Germany Fears It's Being Targeted in Afghanistan
Germany Eyes Long-Term Role in Afghanistan
Explosion Kills Two British Soldiers in Afghanistan
More Allies Could Help Against Taliban: NATO Chief
Afghanistan Plays Down Chinese Arms Concerns
NATO Nations to Increase Efforts to Tackle Afghan Drug Problem
Pakistan's Bhutto Ready to Meet Musharraf
Pakistani Capital Is Put on High Alert
Musharraf Urged to Impose Martial Law
Exiled Sharif to Return to Pakistan, Despite Saudi Request Not to Do So
South Waziristan Militants Release 16 of 210 Kidnapped Soldiers
Militants Gun Down Two Soldiers in Southwest Pakistan
First Lady Makes Issue of Myanmar’s Junta
Myanmar Troops Fire to Break Up Monks’ Protest
Sino-Japan Military Ties Face Challenges
Darfur Protesters Greet UN Chief
UN Pledges New Push for Darfur Peace
UN Chief Appoints Iraq Envoy to Top Sudan Post
Rebel Clashes in Burundi Capital Leave 26 Dead
Somali Insurgents' Hideout Raided
Congo Rebel General Calls for Peace
Canada Court Frees Rwanda Genocide Suspect
Russia & Her Neighbors
Russia Says Kills Islamists Crossing From Georgia
Russia Widens Its Asian Reach With Arms Deals

Justin Raimondo
More Money for Israel?

Nebojsa Malic
Drawing the Line

Charles Peña
Close, but No Cigar

Alan Bock
War With Iran Looks
More Likely

Doug Bandow
George W. Bush, Iraq, and the Kitchen Sink

Sascha Matuszak
Politicize It

Philip Giraldi
Who's Killing American Soldiers in Iraq?

David R. Henderson
Myths and Truths About Iran

Ivan Eland
The State Perpetuates Itself
by Failing

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal: Breakthrough or Bad Bargain?

Ran HaCohen
Palestine: Blood Is in the Air

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