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Birds of a Feather?: Ray McGovern
Waiting for Gen. Petraeus: Alan Bock
US Viewed as Turkey's 'Greatest Threat': J. Bell
Rogue Regulator?: Gordon Prather
Reporting From Baghdad: Scott Ritter

 Gareth Porter

No Good Reason to Attack Iran

 Eric Boehlert

American TV and Print Give Up Covering the War

 Andrew Bacevich

Iraq and Vietnam

 Andy Worthington

Jose Padilla and the Descent Into Tyranny

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Updated September 9, 2007 - 11:29 PM EDT
New Report Wants Iraq Pullout in 5 Years
  Bush Advisers Favor Current War Strategy
  Troop Buildup, Yielding Slight Gains, Fails to Meet US Goals
  Among Top Officials, 'Surge' Has Sparked Dissent, Infighting
  Wide Skepticism Ahead of Iraq Assessment
US Forces Bribe Insurgents to Fight al-Qaeda
  Iraq Power-Sharing Still Elusive Despite 'Surge'
  US Tells Generals to 'Lay Off' UK as Militia Claims It Forced Basra Truce
  Sunday: 2 GIs, 58 Iraqis Killed; 34 Iraqis Wounded
The New al-Qaeda Central
FBI Cast Wide Net When Targeting Phone Records
Al-Qaeda Wing Claims Algeria Attacks That Kill 57
Karzai Halts Speech as Police Fire in Air at Overflow Crowd
Fred Thompson Provided Legal Advice for Lockerbie Accused
Are Petraeus and Westmoreland Birds of a Feather?  by Ray McGovern
Bush Knew Saddam Had No WMD
by Sidney Blumenthal
Dems Prepare to Roll Over Again
by Joshua Holland
Leave Pakistan Alone  by Rajan Menon
DoD 101  by Laurence M. Vance
Rogue Regulator?  by Gordon Prather

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Bush to Address War-Weary Americans on Iraq
September Brings No Consensus on Iraq
Voices of Iraqis: More Worries Than Hope
Britain to Withdraw 500 Troops From Iraq
Retreat From Basra: the Slow Death of the Iraq Campaign
Bin Laden Expert: He's Winning
Yemeni Says bin Laden Was at Tora Bora
Ex-Mideast Hostage Urges al-Qaeda Talks
Baghdad Policeman: Who Are They to Tell Us We Are Corrupt?
Today in Iraq
Sunni Bloc Returns to Iraqi Parliament
Militias Step Into Power Vacuum as British Quit City
Iraq's New Justice Unfolds in a Fortress
Iraqis Lack Basics of Battlefield Supply
Iraq Seeks Oil Output of Six Million BPD Within Decade
Attacks Continue
Top Aide of Sadr Killed in Najaf
Shi'ite Cleric Blames Rivalries for Bloodshed
Car Bomb Kills 10 in Baghdad: Police
Saturday: 66 Iraqis Killed, 60 Wounded
Iraq Occupation
Marines Corps Seeks 1,500 From Reserves for Iraq
Highlights of Recent Reports on the War
US Urges Britain to Keep Soldiers in Southern Iraq
Anbar Safer but Critics Query the Cost
US Troops Launch Assault in Iraqi Oil City
UN Waits to Issue Its Report on Iraq
Rotations Are Way to Cut Troops in Iraq
Baghdad's New High-Security Complex
Top Iraq Commander Visits Fort Benning
Global Iraq Fallout
Iraqi President Tells Kurd Rebels to End Fighting Against Turkey, Iran
Gen. Jackson Backs Campaign and Sets His Sights on PM Brown
Iraq War Planning 'Intellectually Bankrupt': British General
Dallas Oil Company Signs Deal With Kurds
Indonesia Wants Access to Workers in US Camps in Iraq
A Refuge Without Welcome
Iraq Debate Follows Bush to Australia
OPEC to Consider 'Slight' Output Hike: Iraq
Syria Denies Dropping Iraqi Visa Plan
Iraq: It'll Take Time to Reopen Syria Pipeline
Brian de Palma Wins Best Director Award at Venice With Redacted
The War at Home
Fred Thompson: Al-Qaeda Smoking Ban Pushed Iraqis to US
Bush Braces for Policy Fight Over Iraq
McCain Warns Against Iraq Pullout
Dems Accuse Bush Team of Twisting Truth on Iraq Gains
Reid Urges Republicans to Divert War to bin Laden From Iraq
War Critic Sen. Hagel Retiring, Not Running for President
Edwards Proposes Antiterror Group
Rumsfeld Now Fellow at Hoover Institution
US Military
No Takers for Army Bonus of $20,000 on Olympic Peninsula, Washington Recruiters Say
Pentagon Security Strengthened
Family Trying to Cope Since Soldier Vanished in Iraq
'War on Terror'
700,000 Name Terror Watch List Still Riddled With False Information
US Loner Helps bin Laden to Taunt Bush
Germany Investigates 7 More Suspects in Terror Plot
Germans Say US Officials Helped to Foil Bombing Plot
Germany on Tiptoe Over Terror
German Case Offered Alleged Earful
Colombian Rebel Leader Contacts Chavez
Traffickers Infiltrate Military in Colombia
Red Cross Says Recovers 11 Bodies in Colombia Probe
50 Guatemalan Candidates, Activists Have Died in Run-Up to Vote
Cuba, a Rebel Group’s Birthplace, Becomes a Refuge
Islamist Party Reports Weak Showing in Morocco's Parliamentary Elections
Libya's Gaddafi Pledges Help in Darfur Talks
Gunmen Kill 2 Policemen in Mogadishu
Foreign Hostage Believed Killed in Nigeria
UN Urges Congo Rebels to Join Army
Foul Play Alleged in Sierra Leone Election
If Mugabe Attends EU-Africa Summit Brown Won't: Diplomatic Sources
Weekend Reviews
Outing the 'Israel Lobby'
Redacted a Shocking and Deeply Moving Iraq Drama
China: Fragile Superpower
In the Valley of Elah Is a Damning Indictment of the Iraq War
Report: Iran Spy Post Heightens Gulf Tension With US
Iran Rejects US Ruling on 1983 Attack
California Senate OKs Iran Divestiture Bill
Norwegian Intelligence Active in Iran
Peres Warns of Iranian Ambitions
Freed Iranian-American Credits Hope
Barak: IDF Closer to Large-Scale Ground Op in Gaza
Israelis Nab Hamas Chief in Southern Gaza: Palestinians
Gaza Under Hamas: Quiet, Cut Off and Digging In
Fatah Sees Little Hope of Peace Deal
EU Resumes Direct Financial Aid to Palestinian Authority
Jailed Palestinian Died Due to Negligence, Family Claims
Syria Mulling 'Responses' to Israeli Airspace Violation
Syrian Paper Says US Silence Over Overflight Encourages Israel
Turkey Asks for Clarification After Finding 2 IAF Fuel Tanks Near Syrian Border
Druze MK to Be Charged Over Syria Visit, Says Dichter
Army Kills Fugitive Fatah al-Islam Militant as Hunt for Escaped Fighters Persists
Donors to Meet on Rebuilding of Destroyed Lebanon Camp
Christian Leader Says Hezbollah Could Torpedo Vote
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Reformist Goes on Trial for Inciting Protest
UN: Most Afghanistan Suicide Bombers Trained in Pakistan
Afghan Suicide Attacks Rise, UN Report Shows
In Pockets of Afghanistan, US Losing Ground
Al-Qaeda-Linked Kabul Suicide Network Busted: Police
Taliban Unrest Shuts Nearly 400 Schools in Afghanistan
Diggers' Afghan Dilemma as Ally Wavers
Pakistan Elections Pose Dilemma for Bush
Pakistan Urges Sharif Not to Return
Defying Threats Former PM Sharif Will Land in Pakistan Tomorrow
Pakistan Airports 'On High Alert
Four Army Men Killed in Kohistan Ambush
Chinese Hackers Form US Military Cyber Attack Plans: Report
China Blasts Taiwan-Africa Summit
Gun Battles, Blast Kill 19 in Sri Lanka
Myanmar Blames Suu Kyi for Unrest
Bangladesh Urged to Lift Ban on TV News Channel
India Focus of Trilateral Talks
Serbs Warns US Against Policy of Force on Kosovo
EU Ministers Vow Unity on Kosovo
EU Ministers Vow Unity on Kosovo
US Military Team Set to Inspect Azerbaijan Radar Station
Seventeen Arrested at APEC Anti-Bush Rally
Fiji Fears Backlash to Emergency Rule
Americans Keep Dying
Dead Soldier's Grandma Calls His Death 'Senseless' (TX)
Soldier (GA) Was Expecting First Child Next Month
Soldier (MI) Killed on His Last Combat Mission Before Retirement
Soldier From Las Vegas (NV) Dies of Self-Inflicted Gunshot
Houston (TX) Marine, Son of Illinois Teacher Dies in Iraq
Martinez (CA) Airman Killed in Noncombat Incident in Afghanistan
Remembering a Fallen Son (VA), Killed in Afghanistan
The Saddest Story of the Week, Ohio Soldier Laid to Rest
Utah Soldier Killed in Afghanistan Wanted to Be a Good Example to Others
Former East Texas University Student Killed in Iraq
Kentucky Guardsman Is Killed in Iraq
Decorated New Jersey Soldier Killed by Grenade in Iraq
Minnesota Soldier's Life Centered on Serving
Michigan Soldier Killed in Iraq Was 'One of the Best'
Family Mourns Soldier (FL) Killed in Afghanistan
Family, Friends Share Memories of Guam Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Emporia (KS) Soldier Killed by Bomb in Iraq
North Carolina Mountain-Born Soldier Dies In Iraq
Soldier From Vancouver (WA) Killed in Afghanistan
Cedar Rapids (IA) Soldier Dies From Wounds Suffered in Iraq

Justin Raimondo
Ron Versus the Huckster

Alan Bock
Waiting for Gen. Petraeus

Praful Bidwai
Five-Nation Naval Drill Presages 'Asian NATO'?

Doug Bandow
China: Fragile Superpower

Nebojsa Malic
Drawing the Line

Charles Peña
Close, but No Cigar

Sascha Matuszak
Politicize It

Philip Giraldi
Who's Killing American Soldiers in Iraq?

David R. Henderson
Myths and Truths About Iran

Ivan Eland
The State Perpetuates Itself
by Failing

Ran HaCohen
Palestine: Blood Is in the Air

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