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What the Warfare State Costs: Thomas Woods
There's Menace in Osama's Message: M. Scheuer
No Exit from Iraq Before Bush Leaves: Jim Lobe
Here's the Smell of Blood Still: Norman Solomon
CentCom Chief Derided Petraeus: G. Porter

 Andrew Tilghman

The Myth of al Qaeda in Iraq

 Michael Scheuer

All But Paul ‘Marching to al Qaeda’s Drum’

 Gareth Porter

No Good Reason to Attack Iran

 Eric Boehlert

American TV and Print Give Up Covering the War

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Updated September 13, 2007 - 10:24 PM EDT
Bush Wants Permanent Iraq Commitment
  No Exit from Iraq Before Bush Leaves
  Bush to Withdraw 3% of US Forces in Iraq by End of Year
  Iraq Key to Fighting al-Qaeda, Petraeus Insists
  CentCom Superior Derided Petraeus as Suck-Up, Opposed the Surge
  Senior Iraqi Official: Petraeus Expressed Interest in Becoming President
  Democrats Push Toward Middle on Iraq Policy
Top Iraq Sheik Working With US Slain
  Troop Levels in Iraq to Remain Above 130,000
  US Seeks Pact With Shi'ite Militia
  Compromise on Oil Law in Iraq Seems to Be Collapsing
  Evidence of Torture Use by British in Iraq
  Thursday: 41 Iraqis Killed, 20 Wounded
US: Iran Behind Attack on US Base in Iraq
  Report: US Begins Crafting Iran Bombing Plan
  Report: British Troops Headed to Iranian Border
  Petraeus: Captured Hard Drives Prove Iran Involvement in Iraq Attacks
  Rice Says US Needs to Keep Iraq Safe From Iran
15 Pakistani Soldiers Killed by Suicide Bomber
  Pakistani Choppers Kill Scores of Rebels in 'bin Laden Territory'
Spy Master Admits Misstatements to Congress
War Against Iran and the Logic of Dominance  by Gareth Porter
There's Menace in Osama's Message  by Michael Scheuer
Bush Must Accept Bloody Reality and Follow UK's Fumbling Retreat  by Simon Jenkins
The No-Exit Strategy  by Jacob Sullum
Here's the Smell of the Blood Still
by Norman Solomon
The General Lies  by Robert Scheer

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Pentagon Faces Cash Crunch in October
US: North Korea, Syria May Be at Work on Nuclear Facility
Bush to Sell Limited Iraq Pullout as Middle Way
'The War as We Saw It'
Sadr's Office Lashes Out at Petraeus Iraq Report
US Denies Visas to Iranian Religious Leaders
Oil Prices Reach $80 a Barrel for First Time
Bleak Picture in Global Security Report
Baghdad Combat Hospital Busy Again
Today in Iraq
Iraqi Security Adviser Sees a Chance for Deep Cuts in US Troops, With 2 Big ‘ifs’
General Returns to War That Is Now His Own
Iraq Cholera Outbreak 'Still Contained'
Attacks Continue
Two of Seven Soldiers Who Wrote NYT Op-Ed Die in Iraq
One Killed in Attack on US Military HQ in Iraq
Army: Foreigner Killed, 11 US Soldiers Wounded in Western Baghdad
Three Civilians Wounded in Southern Baghdad Blast
Baghdad Gunmen in Police Uniforms Steal $550,000
Iraqi Police: Gunmen Ambush Checkpoint
Wednesday: 2 US Marines, 53 Iraqis Killed; 21 Iraqis Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
Syria Closes Its Doors to Iraqis
Maliki Pledges Release of Iranians Captured in Iraq
Britain's Ambassador to US Claims Blair Never Wanted to Invade Iraq
Official: Saudis to Open Embassy in Iraq
Iraq & the US Election
Candidates' Divide on Iraq War Widens
Petraeus Kicks War Issue Into 2008 Politics
Obama Says He Would Withdraw From Iraq by End-2008
Richardson Slams Obama Pullout Call: Leaving Any Troops in Iraq Is Unacceptable
Kucinich: Obama's 'Newfound' Iraq Strategy Is 'Too Little, Too Late'
Clinton and Obama, at War Over War's End
Obama Proposes $2 Billion in Iraqi Refugee Aid
McCain Seeks to Overcome War Frustration
The War at Home
Brushing Aside Critics, Bush Moves to Sell Iraq Strategy
Democrats Set to Challenge Bush Iraq Plan
Iraq Course May Hinge on Few Republicans
Senators Question Why Iraq Needs American Troops Long Term
Boehner: Troop Deaths in Iraq Are 'a Small Price'
Schwarzenegger Rejects California Vote on Iraq War
Bush Rating on Iraq Improves, New Poll Finds
US Military
Deaths in Pat Tillman's Unit
Three Killed in Army Helicopter Crash in Alabama
New Amputee Rehab Center to Open at Walter Reed
'War on Terror'
McConnell Admits New Powers Were Not Part of German Terror Bust
Islamic Militants Tied to German Bomb Plot
Six Years Into Detention, Journalist Held at Gitmo 'Close to Death'
Afghan Transferred to Guantanamo Over Alleged al-Qaeda Links
Guantanamo Detainee Sues British Govt
Putin Dissolves Russian Government
Putin Names Surprise Nominee for Premier
Profile: Viktor Zubkov
Russia Tests Vacuum Bomb With Power of a Nuclear Blast
Ukrainian President Critical of Russia
France May Rejoin Military Wing of NATO
Triple Blow for Gordon Brown Over EU Vote
New Somali Alliance Threatens War
Fresh Clashes Erupts in Mogadishu
Algeria Renews Rejection for Building US Bases on Its Territories
In Southern Sudan, Peace Slowly Alters a Way of Life
US Donates 41 Vehicles to Kenya Military
Canada to Pay Victims of Agent Orange
US May Sell Weapons to Taiwan
China Says Suffers 'Massive' Internet Spy Damage
Taiwan Military Shows Strength Amid Fresh Tension With China
China: Terrorism Poses Biggest Threat to Olympics
Myanmar Protests Verge on Mass Movement
Shelling Leaves Iraqi Kurds Victims of Tensions With Iran
US Wants New UN Sanctions on Iran
Iran Warns of Halting UN Cooperation if More Sanctions Passed
West Sees Flaws in Iran-IAEA Pact
Six Powers to Discuss Sanctions Against Iran in Washington
Iran: Report Will Not Save US From 'Iraq's Swamp'
Iran: US Allegations 'Sheer Lies'
Brown Faces Domestic Pressure Over 'Proxy War' With Iran
Bolton 'Prefers' Regime Change in Iran
Iran's New Ambassador Denies He Has Military Links
Report: Israel Thinks Syria Has Nuclear Installations
Paper: Israeli Jets Obliterated Syrian Missile Base
Syria Denies US Media Reports on Israeli Warplanes Attack
Report: Advisors Urge Assad to Retaliate Militarily Against Israel
Syria Files Airspace Violation at UN After Israeli Attack
Syria Says Israel Aims to Torpedo Peace
Israel Keeps Up Blackout on Mystery Syria Air Strike
Gaza Strip Braces for Israeli Military Offensive
Small Israeli Force Enters Gaza After Rocket Strike
Palestinian Negotiator Rejects Israeli Threat of Attacking Gaza
Abbas Denies Drafting Accord With Olmert for Peace Meet
Most Gazans Say This Ramadan Will Be the Worst One Ever
A Biblical Order Drives Arab-Israeli Cooperation
Palestinians Bicker Over Ramadan Sermons
For Ramadan, a Show of Mercy in Gaza
Blair Calls for Expanding Palestinian Forces
Lebanon Battle Death Toll Rises to 165 Soldiers
UN Experts Enter Lebanon Battle Camp
Germany Extends Lebanon Mission
Lebanon Says Illegal Hezbollah Network Cables Removed
An Opposition Leader Sees a Way Out for Lebanon
Middle East
Rice to Press Mideast Peace Discussions
Saudis May Skip Mideast Peace Conference
Four Kurdish Rebels Killed in Southeast Turkey
Japan's Prime Minister Says He'll Resign
What Led Shinzo Abe to Resign?
Premier’s Resignation Leaves Japan in Disarray
US Expects Sustained Japan Support in Afghanistan
Taliban Spokesman Says US Forces Must Leave Afghanistan Before Talks Can Be Held
Afghan FM: No Danger Threatens Iran From Eastern Border
15 Dead in New Afghan Violence
Taliban Threatens New Operation in Southern Afghanistan
US Troops Push Afghan Elders to Resist Rebels
Al-Qaeda Fights Back at Afghan Peace Bid
NATO Needs Until 2009 to Build Up Afghanistan's Army
Canadian PM Eyeing Bigger Australian Role in Afghanistan
UN Envoy Criticizes German Army's Role in Afghanistan
Christians Say Taliban Beat Them to Make Them Convert
Pakistan Poll: Bin Laden More Popular Than Musharraf
US Lauds Musharraf, Silent on Sharif
Negroponte Lands in Pakistani Political Storm Clouds
Pakistan Military Kills Over 40 Militants in an Operation Near Afghan Border
Militants Abduct 18 Police in Pakistan
More Pakistani Soldiers Abducted
Pakistani Leader Under Fire for Expulsion of Ex-PM
Saudi Arabia Didn't Press Pakistan on Sharif Expulsion
North Korea
US Officials Head to North Korean Reactor
Chinese Envoy Gave North Korea Data to South, Officials Say
Bolton Urges US Not to Accept North Korean Deal, Says They May Smuggle Nuke Facilities to Syria
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Says Soldiers Kill Seven Tamil Tiger Rebels
Sri Lankan Navy Arrests 10 Indian Fishermen

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Henry Kissinger: Realist, or Neocon?

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9/11, Six Years Later

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Waiting for Gen. Petraeus

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China: Fragile Superpower

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Drawing the Line

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Close, but No Cigar

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Politicize It

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The State Perpetuates Itself
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Palestine: Blood Is in the Air

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