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The Man Behind the Iran Curtain: Khody Akhavi
Myanmar's Best Chance: Alan Bock
Stranger Than Strangelove Gordon Prather
Who Has Bloody Hands?: Charley Reese
A Valentine for the Veep: Gary Brecher

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 Patrick Graham

How Bush Became the New Saddam

 Bill Sammon

Democrats No Different Than Bush

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Updated September 29, 2007 - 11:22 PM EDT
US Military Regrets Killing Iraq Civilians
  US Copter Kills 7 Young Iraqis Playing Game
  US Air Raid Kills 10 Civilians in Baghdad
  Baghdad Fumes Over 'Federalism' Plan Passed by US Senate
  Saturday: 2 GIs, 50 Iraqis Killed; 82 Iraqis Wounded
Pentagon OKs New Blackwater Contract
  Guard 'Turned Gun on Colleagues and Told Them to Stop Shooting'
  US General: Security Contractors Use 'Over-The-Top' Tactics in Iraq
  Report: Blackwater 'Impeded' Probe Into Contractor Deaths
Congress Quietly OKs Billions More for Iraq War
  Democrats Snub Republican Iraq Pullout Timeline
  Soldier: I Was Told to Shoot Unarmed Man
Karzai Offers Government Role to Taliban
  Taliban Attacks Increase, Approach Afghan Capital
  NATO: Gains in Afghanistan Could Be Lost to Taliban
  Afghan Army Bus Blast Kills 30
Wanted: Democratic Straight Talk on Iraq  by Eugene Robinson
US Politicians, Not Ahmadinejad, Have Blood on Their Hands  by Charley Reese
The Bollinger/Ahmadinejad Farce
by Rosa Brooks
The bin Laden Needle in a Haystack  by Michael Scheuer
Stranger Than Strangelove  by Gordon Prather
A Valentine for the Veep  by Gary Brecher

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The Man Behind the Iran Curtain
Split in Group Delays Vote on Sanctions Against Iran
State Dept. Agents Say Jobs Were Threatened Over Probe
Ft. Drum Soldiers Join Peace Rally, Speak Against Iraq War
First US Troops Leave Iraq Under Draw-Down Plan
Pentagon Raises Bar of Intelligence-Sharing
Cold War Foes Squabbled Over Hess
School Guard Beats Student, Arrests Mother, for Dropping Piece of Cake
Rare Tour Reveals Lebanon Camp's Ruin
Blackwater in Iraq
Iraqis Describe Violence by Private US Security Guards
Five Blackwater Incidents in Question
State Dept Sends Team to Iraq on Blackwater Affair
Blackwater's Ugly Americans
Blackwater Cancels Planned Expansion
Iraq Occupation
US Says Major al-Qaeda in Iraq Leader Killed
Panel: US Army Sniper Not Guilty of Murder, but Did Plant Evidence on One of the People He Killed
Gen. Anderson Says US Has 'Crippled' al-Qaeda in Iraq
Resurgent al-Qaeda Plotting Attacks on West From Tribal Sanctuary, Officials Fear
Attacks Continue
Iraqi TV Presenter Killed by Gunmen
British Base in Basra Attacked With Mortars
Improvised Bomb Targeting Bridge Injures 23 Iraqi Civilians
20 Civilians Wounded as Tanker Bomb Explodes in Mosul
13 Civilians Killed, Wounded in Attack in Diala
Friday: 78 Iraqis Killed; 54 Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
Turkey, Iraq Sign Security Accord Without Clause on Rebel Kurds
British Antiwar Group: Govt Trying to Ban Rally
First Shipment of Iraqi Oil Arrives in Jordan
The War at Home
Huckabee Reiterates War Support, Slams Bush for 'Trusting Saudis Too Much'
Military: Army Personnel Violated Pentagon Directive by Attending McCain Event
Tancredo Calls for Iraq Disengagement, but Troops Would Remain
Transcript: Romney on Need to Threaten War Against Iran, Includes Foiling Hezbollah in Iraq Victory Goals
Senate Adopts Dorgan Amendment on Hundreds of Thousands of Vanished Weapons in Iraq
Jenna Bush Skirts Talk of Iraq Military Service
Murtha Must Testify in Defamation Case
Cheney to Address Top Secret Conservative Policy Group
Report: CIA Stalls Publication of Records on Use of Ex-Nazi Spies
Report: US Enjoyed No Clear Benefit From Using Ex-Nazi Spies
US Military
Navy Presenter: Recruitment Pool Made Up of 'Narcissistic Praise Junkies'
Missile Test Is Lauded as a Success
V-22 Osprey: A Flying Shame
'War on Terror'
Feds: Terrorists Could Easily Enter US From Canada
Blacklisted Bank to Return to Original Owner
Homeland Security Gave $25 Million Transport Contract to Unlicensed Cab Service
Legal Aid Offer for Detainees Is Retracted
A New Threat at Guantánamo: Smuggled Speedos and Briefs
Pentagon Transfers Guantánamo Detainee to Mauritania
Thousands of Opposition Supporters Rally in Georgia, Demanding President Step Down
Georgia's Rulers Threaten Force if Protest Violent
Stories Differ After Clash in Ossetia
Serbs Quit Regional Conference Over Kosovo Minister
Serbia and Kosovo Discuss a Split
Serbia's Neighbors See No Silver Lining for Kosovo
France to Rejoin NATO Military Command
Croats Angry at War Crimes Sentences
Horn of Africa
Eritrea in Tit-tor-Tat Threat on Peace Deal
US Embassy: Somalis May Kidnap Americans From Kenya
Tensions Rise in Northern Somalia
Insurgent Attack Kills Four Soldiers in Mogadishu
Congo Army Calls on Rebels to Integrate
UN Reports Angola Torture Abuse
Nigeria Arrests Foreign 'Spies'
Ugandan Troops Accused of Plundering Prized Trees in South Sudan
Weekend Reviews
David Halberstam's The Coldest Winter
The Diagnosis of a Dying Republic
GI Joe's Midlife Crisis
How the 'Gang of Four' Lost Iraq
Costs and Benefits of the Alliance
A Valentine for the Veep
'Give Me the Strength to Remember'
A Buddhist Soldier at Abu Ghraib
Treacherous Alliance
UN Security Council to Wait Two Months on Iran Sanctions
Iran Denies Rebel Claims of Hidden Nuclear Facility
Nations' Statement on Iran
France FM: 14 New Sanctions Under Consideration Against Iran
French Stance Could Hit Economic Ties: Iranian Leader
Influential Promoter of Islamic Revolution
Detention of Iranian in Sulaimaniya Ignites Fears of US-Iran Spy Conflict
Iranian FM: Chemical Weapons Stockpiles Threaten World Peace
Iran, Pakistan Finalize Pipeline Deal
Bush Invited to Speak at Iranian University
Palestinian Faction Leader Says Large Scale Israeli Attack on Syria Imminent
US Courts Arabs by Inviting Syria to Peace Talks
Cleric Assassinated in Northern Syria
Hamas: 50,000 Gunmen Are Ready to Defend Gaza From Israel
Gaza Toll Rises to 13 After Militant Dies
Israeli Invasion of Gaza Strip 'Not Imminent': Officials
Israel Has No Intention of Halting Barrier Construction
Human Rights Council Slams Israel for Limiting Access to Religious Sites During Ramadan
Police Flood Jerusalem Amid Unrest Fears
Palestinians Committed to Peace Meeting: Abbas
Palestinian Uprising Anniversary Silent
Palestinians Prepare Return to Devastated Refugee Camp
Israeli Warplanes Breach Lebanese Airspace
Lebanese Speaker Slams UN Security Council Over Election Interference
Middle East
Create Jobs or Create Extremists, Says Arab Minister
Turkish Forces Kill Four Kurdish Rebels
Security Trial for Egyptian Editor
Taliban Unveils Hardline Afghan Constitution
4 Red Cross Hostages Free in Afghanistan
Dutch Will Send 80 More Troops to Afghanistan
Supreme Court Rules Musharraf Can Stand
US Drone Crashes in North Waziristan
Uneasy Calm Returns to Myanmar Streets After Day of Beatings
Troops Take Back Control in Myanmar
Myanmar Blocks Internet, Cuts Off Phones
Fears of Mounting Death Toll in Burma
Myanmar Junta Declares No-Go Zones at Buddhist Monasteries
Satellite Images May Show Myanmar Abuses
Myanmar's Blogs of Bloodshed
'The Young People Got Up and Ran, but the Police Just Fired Into Their Backs...'
Even in Myanmar's Deep South, Fear Is Everywhere
Global Mynamar Fallout
US Steps Up Confrontation With Myanmar Junta
Burmese Exiles Laud Bravery of Protesters
French Govt, Oil Company Under Fire for Financing Myanmar
Japanese Journalist Killed in Myanmar
Myanmar Apologizes for Journalist's Death: Kyodo
China Braces for Prospect of Changes in Myanmar
China's Air Defenses 'Nearly Impenetrable', US Commander Warns
Taiwan Develops Missiles Designed to Reach Targets in China
China Blasts Taiwan's UN Bid as Danger to Peace
Peaceful Reunification With Taiwan on Chinese Agenda
DM: Australia Sees More Military Cooperation With China
Bush Authorizes $25 Million in Aid for North Korea
Sri Lankan Navy Sinks Three Rebel Boats
Thai Rebel Ambush Kills Three
Indian Army: Kashmir Insurgency on the Decline
Cuba Detains 21 Dissidents
Mexico Opens Military Opportunities to Women

Justin Raimondo
No Hope in the Democrats

Alan Bock
Myanmar's Best Chance

Doug Bandow
Treacherous Alliance

Nebojsa Malic
Brussels' End

Philip Giraldi
What World War III
May Look Like

David R. Henderson
War and the Constitution

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal May Trigger Midterm Polls in India

Ivan Eland
Why 'Partition' (of Iraq) Is a Dirty Word

Charles Peña
Greenspan's Unsure Grasp of Economics

Sascha Matuszak
Chaos in the Great Game

Ran HaCohen
Palestine: Blood Is in the Air

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