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Myth of the All-Powerful Ahmadinejad: Philip Giraldi
Will the Election Make a Difference?: T.G. Moore
The Empire Has No Clothes: Ivan Eland
Conversation With Aung San Suu Kyi: John Pilger
Blackwater's Enablers at State Dept: John Nichols

 Chalmers Johnson

Empire and Blowback

 Gareth Porter

Debunking Lieberman-Kyle

 Wesley Clark

Talk to Iran, Don’t Bomb Them

 Ira Chernus

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Updated October 4, 2007 - 10:45 PM EDT
Maliki Orders 'Unfit' Blackwater to Leave
  Reversal: Blackwater Won't Guard FBI in Iraq Shooting Probe
  Iraqi Leaders Turn Against US-Created 'Militias'
  Thursday: 52 Iraqis Killed, 101 Wounded
House Votes to Allow Prosecution of Contractors
  Bush Says Leaving Iraq Would Embolden Iran
  Senate Approves $459 Billion in Spending for the Pentagon
  US Protests Shrink While Antiwar Sentiment Grows
Korean Leaders Agree to Reconcilation Deal
  North Korea Nuclear Accord Reached
Pakistan Losing Fight Against Taliban, al-Qaeda
  Bhutto and Musharraf Agree on Powersharing Deal
UN: Afghan Attacks Up Nearly 30 Percent
  Taliban Seize Afghan District, Two Police Killed
  Colonel Says Taliban Are Still Recruiting Easily
  British, US Militaries Cite Bombs as 'Proof' of Iran Arming Taliban
Secret US Endorsement of Severe Interrogations
Inside Track: The Myth of the All-Powerful Ahmadinejad  by Philip Giraldi
The Empire Has No Clothes: US Foreign Policy Exposed  by Ivan Eland
Brown Should Listen to the Military and Quit Iraq Now  by Jonathan Steele
Will the Election Make a Difference?  by Thomas Gale Moore
A Conversation With Aung San Suu Kyi  by John Pilger
Military Brains Plot Pakistan's Downfall  by Syed Saleem Shahzad

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White House Defends Lack of Progress in Iraq
House Votes to Set Deadline for Iraq Withdrawal Plan
Kurds Reach New Oil Deals, Straining Ties With Baghdad
US Frees 707 Iraq Detainees During Ramadan
Russia Angry Over Iraq Security Incident
Army Recruitment Falls Short
Marines Kept Out of Airport During Stopover
CIA Offered $2 Million to Lockerbie Witness and Brother
Are US Troops Being Force-Fed Christianity?
EU Envoy Hurt and Three Killed in Baghdad Bomb Attack, Blackwater Called in To Evacuate Wounded
Blackwater in Iraq
Blackwater's Version of Iraq Attack Disputed
Gates Promises Unspecified Moves to Strengthen Oversight of Contractors in Iraq
Ex-Blackwater Employee Is Suspect in Killing of Iraqi
Liability of Private Contractors at Abu Ghraib in Spotlight
Abu Ghraib Prisoners Accuse US Companies of Torture
Congress Reining in Private Contractors
Iraq Occupation
Shi'ites Tell US to Quit Recruiting Sunni Tribesmen
US Defends Use of Iraqi Volunteers
White House Mum on Iraq Kurd Oil Deals
IEDs Still Deadly to US Troops in Iraq
US Troops Watch Over Iraqi Pilgrimage
Today in Iraq
Najaf Security Built Up to Protect Pilgrims
Iraqi Insurgents Announce New Coalition Under Saddam Deputy
Difficult to Access the Needy in Diyala Province, Say Aid Workers
Vehicle Curfew Imposed on Najaf
Key al-Qaeda Leader Arrested, 13 Persons Wounded in Diyala
Health Official Warns of Cholera Epidemic in Iraq
Shi'ite Pilgrims Fill Iraqi Holy City
A List of Diplomats Attacked in Iraq
Wednesday: 60 Iraqis Killed, 51 Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
Lawyers in Basra Death Case Win Access to Files
Poland Won't Desert Iraq Despite Ambassador Attack: PM
Russia: Rein in Security Firms in Iraq
Almost Two-Thirds of Australians Oppose Involvement in Iraq War
Hague Goes on the Attack Over 'Failed' Iraq Policy
The War at Home
Clinton Won't Commit to Renew US Constitution
Edwards Attacks Clinton on Iraq Position
US Military
Iraq Vets Say Pentagon Is Denying Benefits
US Army Deserter Released From Immigration Detention With Conditions
Lt. Asks Judge to Stop Court Martial
Australia to Join US Military Satellite Network
Pentagon Observes Muslim Holy Month
'War on Terror'
Questions Raised Over US Terror Exercise
Latest Terror Drill Set to Start Despite Lack of '05 Drill Data
Study of Bioterror Agents Adds to Risk
Trial Begins for 7 Accused of Plotting to Destroy Sears Tower
Terrorism Juror Balks
FBI Tape Played in Terrorism Trial
Study: Long-Term Detainees Suffer Mental Health Problems
Freed Gitmo Detainee Cites Physical, Moral Torture
Officer in Menezes Slaying: We Did Our Best
Myanmar Junta Unplugs Internet
Buddhist Major Deserted Rather Than Kill Monks
Myanmar Soldiers Given 'Shoot to Kill' Orders
Myanmar Junta Releases 80 Detained Monks
Pre-Dawn Raids Net Myanmar Protesters
Soldiers Hunt Dissidents in Myanmar
Myanmar's Minorities Face Persecution
Myanmar's Ethnic Groups at a Glance
Global Myanmar Fallout
French Oil Firm Accused of Complicity With Myanmar
US Trying to Up Pressure on Myanmar
UN Chief Says Envoy's Myanmar Trip Not a Success
Myanmar Releases Japanese Reporter
State Dept. Opposes New Action Against Sudan
Europe Troops Headed to Darfur Neighbors
Jimmy Carter Faces Off With Sudan Security
Carter: Sudan Pledges $300 Million in Darfur Compensation
China Backs Sudan’s $300m Darfur Payment
Somali Government Bases Attacked
Somalia Chides Nations at UN Over Slow Pace of Aid
Nigerian FM: US Troops Not Welcome in Africa
After Rocky Election, Nigerians Warm to New Leader
Congress to Press Ethiopia on Human Rights
Bush Warns of Nuclear-Armed Iran, Will Defend Israel
US General Accuses Iranian Captured in Kurdistan of Non-Specific Espionage
Pentagon Official: By 2015, Iran Might Have a Missile That Could Theoretically Hit the US
Iran Says US Too Tied Up to Fight
Bandits Gun Down Iranian Shi'ite Cleric
Iran Blames 'US-Backed Terrorists' for Cleric's Murder
France Urges EU to Take Lead on Iran Sanctions
France: Iran Set to Run 3,000 Centrifuges by Late October
Iran Summons French Envoy Over Nuclear Remarks
Iran FM: Suspension of Enrichment Unwise
US Sanctions Drive Iranian Businesses and Exports to Syria
Israelis, Palestinians to Draft Declaration
Six Dead in Latest Gaza Violence
Poll: Gazans Support Peace Deal With Israel
Palestinians Divided Over Future Under Hamas
Olmert, Abbas Meet on Draft Joint Statement
Fatah Says Hamas Forces Seize Its Gaza City Offices
Israelis, Palestinians Move Toward Talks
Hezbollah Won't Go Into War With Israel if Syria, Iran Attacked
With Troops Busy in Refugee Camp, Lebanese Farmers Cash in With Bumper Crop
Fatah al-Islam 'Tried to Ally With Future Movement'
Hezbollah Regains Strength in Lebanon
A Father’s Shadow Clouds His Son's Rise in Lebanon
Middle East
Syria Still Weighs Retaliation for Israeli Raid
Turkey’s President Seeks to Change Law That Criminalizes Insults to Turkish Identity
US Backs Karzai's Offer to Talk to Taliban
Media Reveal Disturbing New Twists in Death of Soldier in Afghanistan
NATO to Help Afghan Security Forces in Anti-Poppy Operations
Iran Urges International Support for Afghanistan's Karzai
Minister: NATO, Not Dutch, Must Secure Southern Afghanistan
Five Dutch Soldiers Wounded in Afghanistan
Canada PM Says Afghan Mission Could Stay Longer
Australia to Boost Troops in Afghanistan
New Zealand Signs Agreements With NATO, EU to Help in Afghanistan
Pakistan's Grip on Tribal Areas Is Slipping
Al-Qaeda 'Re-Emerging' in Pakistan Sanctuaries: US Military
Pakistani Taliban Besieged, but Confident
14 Killed in Roadside Bomb Blast in NW Pakistan
Red Mosque Is Reopened in Pakistan
Ten Militants, Two Soldiers Killed in Pakistan Clash
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Says No Quick-Fix to Tamil Conflict
Tigers Deny Taking Bribe to Rig Sri Lanka Elections
Two Army Officers Die in Gun Battle in Kashmir
At Korea Summit, a Surprise Overture
To Reach Pact With North Korea, Bush Adopted an Approach He Had Criticized
As Korean Leaders Meet, Economy Dominates
Bush Hails Atomic Deal for 'Nuclear Free' Korean Peninsula
Text of North Korea Nuclear Deal
China Ready for 'Grave' Taiwan Scenarios
Merger Opens US Defense to China
Russia Warns of Arms War in Space
Russia Flexes New Muscle in Europe

Russia Steps Up Bomber Exercises Near Alaska and Canada

Critic of Islam Confronts Dutch Over Guards
Yushchenko Wants Parties to Strike Deal
Chavez Accuses US of Military Rebellion
Argentina Protests at UK Falklands Oil Stake

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Misunderestimating the Price of Iraq

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Treacherous Alliance

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Brussels' End

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What World War III
May Look Like

David R. Henderson
War and the Constitution

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal May Trigger Midterm Polls in India

Ivan Eland
Why 'Partition' (of Iraq) Is a Dirty Word

Sascha Matuszak
Chaos in the Great Game

Ran HaCohen
Palestine: Blood Is in the Air

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