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The Blackwater Massacre: Justin Raimondo
The Price of Promiscuous Intervention: Doug Bandow
Sputnik, 50 Years Later: Norman Solomon
'We Don't Speak to Evil': Ted Rall
Saving the Military from Itself: Astore/Engelhardt

 John Hagee

The End of the World!

 William Hartung

Merchants of Death

 Becky Akers

Woman Murdered by Airport Goons

 Chalmers Johnson

Empire and Blowback

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Updated October 5, 2007 - 9:58 PM EDT
Iraqis Say Air Strike Killed Only Civilians
  Blackwater to Blame for Iraq Shooting, US Says
  Iraqis: Put Blackwater Guards on Trial
  Iraqi Leaders Turn Against US-Created 'Militias'
  Iraq Reveals $100 Million Purchase of Chinese Arms
  Sniper Team Tells of Pressure From Above to Rack Up Kills
  Friday: 4 GIs, 59 Iraqis Killed, 57 Iraqis Wounded
New US Military Leaders Question Iraq Mission
  Corruption in Iraq as Bad as Ever, US Official Says
  House Passes Bill to Allow Prosecution of Contractors
  US Confiscates AP Footage at Scene of Bloody Baghdad Bombing
Taliban Poised for a Big Push
  Bhutto and Musharraf Agree on Powersharing Deal
  Musharraf to Bar US Attacks in Pakistan
Mystery Surrounds Death of US Soldier
  Lieutenant Faces Second Court-Martial Over Public Criticism of Iraq War
  After Longest Deployment, Troops One Day Short of College Benefits
Saving the Military from Itself
by William Astore and Tom Engelhardt
Sputnik, 50 Years Later: The Launch of Techno-Power  by Norman Solomon
Lost in the Roar: War Alarms Drowned by Beltway Bloodlust  by Chris Floyd
'We Don't Speak to Evil'  by Ted Rall
The State Dept's Murderous Guardians  by Robert Scheer
War With Iran? Who Decides?
The New American

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Gates: US Arms Control Laws Slow Sales to Allies
Roll-Call Vote for House Bill on Contractor Accountability
US Ends Efforts to Shape Russian Politics
Debate Erupts on Techniques Used by CIA
CIA Detention Program Remains Active - US Official
Judge Says US Must Alert Lawyer on Detainee Transfer
Gonzales 'Approved' Torture Note
White House Denies Relaxing Ban on Torture
Soldier 'Discovered Things' in Afghanistan Before Being Killed on Base: Warned Family to Investigate if Anything Happened to Her
Blackwater in Iraq
Reversal: Blackwater Won't Guard FBI in Iraq Shooting Probe
Contractor Involved in Iraq Shooting Got Job in Kuwait
Blackwater Faulted in Military Reports
Few Immediate Curbs Expected on Private Soldiers in Iraq
Iraq Occupation
Gates: US Must Speed Up Weapons for Iraq
New US Embassy Opening in Iraq Delayed
US Frees 707 Iraq Detainees During Ramadan
US Army Nabs Man Charged With Delivering $100 Million to al-Qaeda
Troubled Osprey Set to Take Flight in Iraq
Today in Iraq
Iraqi Judge: Corruption Undermines Iraq's Government, Threatens Future
Iraq Kurds Need Baghdad's Nod for Oil Exports
Arabs Offered $16,000 Each for Leaving Kirkuk
In Basra, Vigilantes Wage Deadly Campaign Against Women
Biased Kirkuk Media Inflame Tension
Attacks Continue
Iraqi Official Allies of US Forces Are Killed in Three Attacks
Three Civilians Killed, 30 Wounded as Car Bomb Explodes in Talafar
Policeman Killed, Civilian Kidnapped in Kirkuk
Thursday: 1 GI, 68 Iraqis Killed, 112 Iraqis Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
Slovakia to Withdraw Its Last 2 Soldiers in Iraq
Row Over Iraq's Arms Deal With China
Cholera Spreads From Iraq to Iran
Iraq: Criticism of US Senate's Partition Resolution Echoes Across Arab World
Palestinian Refugees From Iraq Head to Brazil
The War at Home
'Phony Soldier' Comments Continue to Roil Iraq War Debate
Richardson Calls for Immediate Pullout From Iraq
Bush Says US Stands With Muslims
Bush, Congress Hit New Lows in AP Poll
US Peace Activists Say Canada Setting Dangerous Precedent Keeping Them Out
Boehner Vows to Protect Funds for Iraq War
Fox Poll: Most Americans Praying for Iraq War to End
US Military
Marines May Drop Haditha Murder Counts
Counter-Measures to Be Added to US Missile Defense Tests
'War on Terror'
No Surprise Inspections at Germ Labs
Labs May Fail to Report Germ Accidents
FBI Pretty Sure Pumpkin, Squash, Aren't Really Atomic Bombs
Private Planes Entering US Face Scrutiny
Algeria, France Coordinate Against al-Qaeda Threats
Horn of Africa
US Targets Ethiopia for Sanctions
Darfur Rebels Find Refuge in Eritrea, but Little Hope
Ethiopia Pledges 5,000 Troops for Darfur
Congo Army Kills 35 Renegade Fighters
Chad, Rebels Reach Peace Deal
Rebels Not Visiting Ugandan Capital
Widow, Children of Pinochet Arrested in Hiding of Millions
Jury Deadlocks in Colombian Rebel Trial
Fears of Violence in Tug-of-War Over Kosovo
Basque Party Leaders Arrested in Spain
Ukraine's Pro-West Allies in Talks
Ex-Soviet States in Border-Free Zone
NATO Chief: No Nation Can Veto Georgian NATO Bid
New Computer Blamed for British Troops Not Getting Full Pay
Ahmadinejad Defiant as EU Worries Over Sanctions Call
General Says 5 Iranians Should Stay in Custody in Iraq
Former Cheney Adviser: US Must Force Regime Changes in Iran, Syria
UN Watchdog: Iran Enrichment Far From Capacity to Build a Nuclear Weapon
Report: ElBaradei Warns Against Showdown With Iran on Nuclear Issue
US Hawk David Wurmser 'Plotted Iran War'
Kurdish Delegation in Iran to Discuss Border Closures
Italy's FM Urges Negotiations With Iran to Avoid 'Propaganda Contest'
Tehran: Split Between Liberal, Hard-Line
Iran-Syria Sign Billion Dollar Gas Deal
Fox Poll: Americans Seek 'Tougher Approach' Against Iran
Syrian MP: Israeli Attack a Failure
Report: Israel 'Blinded' Syrian Radar
Report: Iran Worried Over Syrian Air Defense Failure
Idea Raised of Two Capitals in Jerusalem
Gaza Explosion Wounds Three Hamas Police
Three Injured in Israeli Gaza Strike
Hamas Warns of Catastrophic Gaza Medicine Shortage
Trapped in Gaza, but I Should Be in Bradford
Palestinians Clash in Lebanese Refugee Camp
Bush Warns Against 'Foreign Interference' in Lebanon Vote
Egypt Brotherhood Chief to Be Freed
20 Taliban Killed in Afghanistan
Taliban: No Foreign Troops Allowed in Afghanistan
Senior Taliban Leader Vows to Keep Killing NATO Troops
Two Aid Workers Kidnapped; Police Killed in Afghanistan
Aussie DM: No Plan to Increase Afghanistan Troops
Anthropologists Help US Army in Afghanistan and Iraq
Combat Footage of Dutch Troops in Afghanistan Released
Italian Wounded in Afghanistan Dies
PM: Canada Has 'Moral' Duty to Stay in Afghanistan
Will Bhutto Boost Musharraf?
Amnesty for Pakistani Politicians Near Final
Survivors Defiant as Siege Mosque Reopens
Korean Leaders Agree to Reconcilation Deal
South Korea Confident North Korea Will Disarm
Korean Summit Results Exceed Low Expectations
For Sale: Undeveloped Korean Land, DMZ Views
North Korea's Kim Denies Health Problems
Myanmar Junta Admits Mass Arrests
Myanmar Junta Invites US for Talks
Myanmar Junta Sets Suu Kyi Talks Conditions
Myanmar Junta Tightens Screws
Myanmar Media Lashes Out at Foreigners
Monks Flee Myanmar Crackdown
Chevron's Links to Myanmar Stir Critics to Demand It Pull Out
Suu Kyi's Iconic Status Increases
Sanctions Against Myanmar Won't Help - Singapore PM
Myanmar’s Remote Capital Is Still a Work in Progress
UN Envoy Reports on Myanmar as China Opposes Action
Fighting Escalates in Sri Lanka
China’s Leaders Deadlocked Over Succession
Tough Stance Urged on US-India Nuclear Deal

Justin Raimondo
The Blackwater Massacre

Doug Bandow
The Price of Promiscuous Intervention

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Misunderestimating the Price of Iraq

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Myanmar's Best Chance

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Brussels' End

Philip Giraldi
What World War III
May Look Like

David R. Henderson
War and the Constitution

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal May Trigger Midterm Polls in India

Ivan Eland
Why 'Partition' (of Iraq) Is a Dirty Word

Sascha Matuszak
Chaos in the Great Game

Ran HaCohen
Palestine: Blood Is in the Air

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