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The War in the Media: Justin Raimondo
US Ignored Evidence of Iraqi-Made EFPs: G. Porter
Make China Be Nice?: Doug Bandow
(Un)Fair Game: Nick Turse and Tom Engelhardt
What Happened in Nahr al-Bared?: M. Birmingham

 Candace Gorman

Injustice Reigns at Guantanamo Bay Prison

 David Livingstone Smith

Danger: Homo Sapiens

 Jacob Hornberger

How the War Should Have Been Won

 Michael Kirk

Dick Cheney is the Law

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Updated October 26, 2007 - 10:23 PM EDT
Bush Turns the Screw on Iran
  Pentagon Chief Calls Planning for Iran Strike 'Routine'
  Iran Vows 'Even More Decisive' Stike if Attacked
  Romney Open to Iran 'Bombardment'
  Dialogue Undermined by White House's Iran Sanctions
After Airstrikes, Turkey Holding Off on Iraq Attack
  Syria to Mediate Between Iraq, Turkey
  Kurds Show Coded Support for PKK
  White House and Turkey Thwart Armenian Genocide Bill
US Military Ignored Evidence of Iraqi-Made EFPs
  US Hopes to Hand Over Half of Baghdad by End of Next Year
  Rice Says 'Hole' in US Law Shields Contractors in Iraq
  US Envoy: Shooting 'Horrific, but Praises Blackwater'
  Italian Court Throws Out Case Against US Soldier in Agent's Killing
  Friday: 2 GI, 48 Iraqis Killed, 29 Iraqis Wounded
Gates Doubts Europeans' War Commitment
  Cracks in Coalition as Afghanistan Campaign Drags On
  Karzai Demands Fewer Airstrikes in Afghanistan
  30 Dead in Pakistan Military Blast
Putin: US Creating 'New Missile Crisis'
  Russian Bombers 'Send Signal' to NATO
(Un)Fair Game
by Nick Turse and Tom Engelhardt
The Shame of Diego Garcia
by Andy Worthington
White House Rhetoric Threatens War With Iran  by John F. McManus
Rudy Awakening  by Rachel Morris
What Happened in Nahr al-Bared?
by Michael Birmingham
The Gestapo Inheritance  by Nat Hentoff

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US Envoy Predicts End to North Korea Nuclear Threat
Japan Envoy Warns of North Korea Deal Fallout
Putin Calls for Restraint Over Iran and Kosovo
Suspected Syrian Nuclear Site Seen Razed
US Envoy Warns of Growing Power of Iraqi Militias
Mukasey's Nomination Runs Into Trouble
Strike on Iran Would Roil Oil Markets, Experts Say
Public School 'Indoctrination' Has Led UK to War, Says Historian
Rice Won't Discuss Maliki Corruption Probe
Lawmakers Skewer Rice
on Iraqi Corruption
Today in Iraq
Iraq Speaker Joins Foes of Execution
Baghdad's Electricity Crisis
Electricity Scams Enrage Karbala Residents
An Iraqi Parade Against al-Qaeda
Iraq: Child Prisoners Abused and Tortured, Say Activists
Electricity Crisis in Iraq
Baghdad's Electricity Crisis
Electricity Scams Enrage Karbala Residents
Kurds Struggle to Generate Own Electricity Supplies
Baghdad Suffers Worst Power Cuts
Attacks Continue
Teacher Killed in Gruesome Iraq Shooting
Twin Blasts in Iraqi Capital Kill Eight People
Thursday: 65 Iraqis Killed, 30 Wounded
Iraq Occupation
Pentagon Welcomes Italian Decision in Iraq Shooting Case
US Envoy to Iraq Touts al-Qaeda Weakness
Army Medevac Unit Races Against 'Golden Hour'
No Fast Delivery of Ray Gun to Iraq
Australian PM: Iraq War Not an Unmitigated Disaster
The War at Home
Iran Becoming New Iraq on Campaign Trail
Coast Guard Plans to Set Up Arctic Base
McCain Rebukes Giuliani on Waterboarding Remark
Edwards Raps Clinton, Romney on Iran
Richardson Pitches Latin American Plan
Senator Wants Probe of Blackwater's Tax Practices
House Panel Critical of Iraq Contractors
Antiwar Activists Ramp Up for Protest on Saturday in San Francisco
US Peace Activist Barred From Entering Canada, Despite Invitations From MPs
US Military
Laura Bush Tells US Troops Iraq Is Improving
Former Marine Sues Over PTSD From Training
Recovering From Injury, Returning to TV, Speaking for the Wounded
'War on Terror'
Second Court Ruling Redacts Information About Interrogation
Panel to See Papers on Agency’s Eavesdropping
PATRIOT Act Faulted in Denial of Visa for Muslim Scholar
Brown Plans to Double 28-Day Detention Limit
Menezes Acted Like Commuter
Who You Gonna Call? Terrorbusters
13 Suspected Taliban, 5 Soldiers Killed in Afghan Clashes
US Ignores Angry Reaction to Secret Poppy Spraying Test
Politics, Not Military Will Improve Afghanistan: Britain's Top Brass
NATO Nations Scrape Together Reinforcements for Afghanistan
Aussie Trooper Dies in Afghanistan
Afghanistan's Taliban War Without End
Second Canadian Soldier Charged in Afghanistan Shootings
Benazir as PM to Boost Anti-Terror War: Karzai
Afghan City of Party Prohibitions
India Successfully Test Fires Air to Air Missile Off Coast
Hindu Activists Accuse Their Leader in India Riots
Suu Kyi, Myanmar Official Meet for Talks
Unity Lacking on Diplomatic Approach to Burma's Junta
Refugees Tell of How Protests Evolved
Unlikely Resistance in Myanmar's Mandalay
A Monk’s Tale of Protest and Escape From Myanmar
Carter Offers Himself as Myanmar Envoy
China Rejects Sanctions as UN Myanmar Envoy Ends Talks
Japan Warns US Over North Korea
Rebel Bus Bomb Attack Kills Six Navy Personnel in Southern Sri Lanka
Philippine President Pardons Predecessor
Colombia Says Top Guerilla Leader, 18 More Killed
US Asks Colombia to Extradite Paramilitary Warlord
Turkish Premier Faults Allies on Kurdish Issue
Iraq Offers Turkey a Nonmilitary Plan
Iraq Threatens to Cut Oil Supplies to Turkey
PKK Deny Breaking Cease-Fire With Turkey
PKK Say Turkish Soldiers Are in Good Health
Washington Working to Free Hostage Turkish Soldiers: US Official
Turkish Flag Vendors Enjoy Brisk Business Amid Protests Against PKK
New US Sanctions Likely to Weaken International Unity on Iran
US Hits Iran With Toughest Penalties Since 1979 Siege
Democrats Worry Bush Setting Up War With Iran
Iran Sanctions Are Meant to Prevent War, Bush Aides Say
Sanctions Haven't Slowed Iran
A Look at Iran's Revolutionary Guards
List: Sanctioned Iranian Groups, People
Khatami Hints at Comeback With Censure of President's 'Lies'
Many Europe Banks Already Cut Iran Ties
Putin Warns Against Sanctions on Iran
Quotes About New Sanctions Against Iran
Oil Rises to Record Above $91 on Iran Sanctions
US Experts Allege Syria 'Hiding Evidence' at Site Israel Attacked
Israel Cancels Golan Heights Field Exercise to Allay Syrian Fears
Israeli DM Approves Curtailment of Supplies to Gaza Strip
Hamas: Reducing Power Supplies to Gaza a Collective Punishment
Israeli Troops Advance Into Area South of Gaza
Israel Denies Abbas Claim It Has Been Holding Talks With Hamas
Gaza Christians Fear 'Those More Extreme Than Hamas'
Palestinian Negotiation Team Fully Authorized on Agreement With Israel
US General Tours West Bank Troublespot
Report: Fatah Instigating Conflict Between Islamic Jihad, Hamas
Israel Could Get US-Made F-35 Jets by 2012
Guardian: Fatah-Linked Militants Use Google Earth for Rocket Attacks
Chaotic Nablus: Testing Ground for Abbas
Middle East
Al-Qaeda Anger at al-Jazeera on Laden Tape
Lebanese Troops Open Fire After Israeli Warplanes Enter Airspace
Saudi King Tries to Grow Modern Ideas in Desert
After Surrendering From Prison Break, Yemen Frees One of USS Cole Bombers
Rebels Tell China to Leave Sudan
China Tells Sudan to Ensure Safety After Attack Claim
Darfur Rebels Kidnap Oil Workers
Africa to Supply Most Darfur Troops
DR Congo
Dissident Congo General's Men Fail to Show Up
Congo Rebels Mass for Surrender but Set Demands
Rwanda Accuses Congo of Arming Rebels
Congo Hands Ugandan Rebel Commander to UN Mission
Chad Says Signed Definitive Peace With Rebel Groups
Oil Governor Removed in Nigeria
Tunisian Court Jails Former Inmate of Guantanamo Bay
US, Russia at Impasse on Missile Defense
Kremlin-Backed Opposition Party Foundering as Elections Loom
US Criticizes Russia Over Vote Monitors
Russian Defense Chief Talks With NATO
Czech PM Says No to Russian Soldiers at Radar Base
Turks’ Anti-Terror Protests Turn Violent in Belgium, 100 Detained
Ukraine Court Validates Election Results

Justin Raimondo
The War in the Media

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Make China Be Nice?

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Sorrow's Home

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Tortured by Uncle Sam

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Nobel Peace Prize

Alan Bock
Secrecy and the War Without End

Ivan Eland
US Has Double Standard at Home and Abroad

Charles Peña
Not -So-New Homeland Security Strategy

Ran HaCohen
The Israeli Right Has a Peace Plan

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal May Trigger Midterm Polls in India

Sascha Matuszak
Chaos in the Great Game

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