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Our Self-Defeating Hegemony: Francis Fukuyama
'Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week': Akhavi/Gharib
Are Educated Jingoes Honest?: David Bromwich
Yet More Condi Rice Diplomacy: Gordon Prather
Western Hypocrites on Burma: John Pilger

 Candace Gorman

Injustice Reigns at Guantanamo Bay Prison

 David Livingstone Smith

Danger: Homo Sapiens

 Jacob Hornberger

How the War Should Have Been Won

 Michael Kirk

Dick Cheney is the Law

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Updated October 28, 2007 - 10:40 PM EDT
UK Commander: Basra Fight Pointless
  US Sergeant: 'I Don't Think This Place Is Worth Another Soldier's Life'
  11 Sunni Tribal Chiefs Kidnapped in Baghdad
  Iraqi Insurgents' Clash With al-Qaeda Kills 16
  Antiwar Marches Draw Tens of Thousands Nationwide
  Sunday: 43 Iraqis Killed, 61 Wounded
Turkey 'Reluctantly' Prepares for Attack on Kurds
  Turkish Army Kills 20 Kurds in New Clashes
  Turkey Threatens Incursion After Iraq Talks Fail
  Turkey: We Will Make Kurd Rebels Grieve
  Britons Join Kurdish Rebels to Fight Turks
Iran Steps Up Preparations for US Attack
  Opposition Group: 'Iranian Rev. Guard' Controls Baghdad Embassy
  Yet Another Photo of Site in Syria, Yet More Questions
  We Must Bomb Iran, Says US Republican Guru
From CIA Jails, Inmates Fade Into Obscurity
  Names of the Detained in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba
US Says 80 Taliban Killed in Rebel-Controlled Town
One Man's Terrorist Is Another's Diplomat  by Barbara Slavin
The Hypocrites Who Say They Back Democracy in Burma  by John Pilger
The Gap in Mukasey's Testimony
by Jacob Sullum
The Fruitcake Trade  by Charley Reese
Are Educated Jingoes Honest?
by David Bromwich
Yet More Condi Rice Diplomacy
by Gordon Prather

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US Diplomats Who Refuse to Go to Iraq Could be Fired
Who'd Be a British Soldier in Basra?
Message From Basra: 'Get Us Out of Here'
Iraq Balks at US Bid to Widen Sunni Police Role
Iraq's Gunmen Morphing Into Men in Suits
Over 100 Iraqi Troops Poisoned in Baghdad
US Commander Says al-Qaeda Disrupted in Baghdad
Behind the Redactions of Plame's Book
Groups Tie Rumsfeld to Torture in Complaint
Guantánamo Military Lawyer Breaks Ranks to Condemn 'Unconscionable' Detention
Today in Iraq
Trapped on the Front Line, the Christians Who Fled Baghdad for Safety
Iraqi PM Pledges to Protect Christians
Iraqi Women Serve as Ramadi Police
Saddam's Last Few Henchmen May Yet Cheat the Gallows
Attacks Continue
Police Chief Missing After Held at Iraq Checkpoint
Cop Killed, Six Wounded in Iraq Blast
Saturday: 1 GI, 68 Iraqis Killed, 38 Iraqis Wounded; 100 Iraqi Troops Poisoned
Iraq Occupation
US Will Hand Iraqis Control of Karbala
Fiji Soldiers Leave for Iraq
US Forces in Iraq Kill Militant
Thompson Wary of Long-Term Iraq Presence
Protesting the War
Tens of Thousands March in San Francisco Against Iraq War
Republicans Attend Antiwar Demonstration in Visalia (CA)
Protest Against Iraq War Held in Salt Lake City
Chicago: 5,000 at Saturday War Protest
Canadians Protest War in Afghanistan, Call for Troop Pullout
2,000 March in Seattle to Protest War
Iraq War Protesters Line Streets of Little Rock
Orlando: Thousands Take Antiwar Protest to the Streets
Indiana Activists Board 'Peace Train' for War Protest in Chicago
Metro Detroiters Join Chicago Antiwar Rally
Jonesborough Peace Rally
Opinions Clash in Peace Rally and Counter Rally in Jonesborough
Antiwar Protesters Rally in Philly as Part of Nationwide Event
Ontario: Veterans and Antiwar Protesters Join Forces Saturday
US Military
Stressed to Death – Neglected by DIA and VA Defense Employee Suffered Alone After Stints in Iraq
Shipping Iraq
US Military Says THAAD Missile Defense System Test Successful
Battles of Britain
Exposed: Why Editor Who Backed Iraq War Lost Fight for His Paper
How Did the US and UK Come to Invade Iraq With No Post-War Plan
Blair Landed Book Deal With a Pledge to Tell All on Bush
Galloway Stokes Internal Row in Anti-Iraq War Respect Party
Brown to Create US-Style Security Council
18 British Soldiers a Week Test Positive for Drug Use
Bush 'Wanted Top Briton Out of UN'
MoD Surveys Brain Injuries in Returning Troops
British Brain-Injured Soldiers 'Denied Cash'
Britons Demand EU Treaty Referendum in Parliament Protest
Scotland's Salmond: Help US Get Rid of Trident
'War on Terror'
London Police Push Pubs to Front Line of Anti-Terror Defense
UK: Plan to 'Hijack' Bus Passes as ID Cards
Canada Considers Unveiling Muslim Voters
At Least Three Die in Colombia Bombing Before Vote
Ex-Boss of Colombian Paramilitary Forces Bemoans Fate
US, Colombian Officials Say Venezuela Increasingly a Conduit for Cocaine
Argentine First Lady Holds Wide Lead on Eve of Presidential Vote
Americans Keep Dying
Marine (CA) Dies of Heart Attack in Baghdad, Mom Has Heart Attack at the News
Utah Soldier Killed in Afghanistan 'Didn't Expect to Survive Sixth Combat Tour'
DC Guardsman Killed After Nine Days in Iraq
Soldier (CA) Killed in Iraq Leaves Behind Wife of Six Months
Iraq War Claims One of Our Own (CA)
Dad: 'He Was My Best Friend' (AR)
Sailor Supporting OIF: 'She Always Had Big Smiles' (FL)
Latta (SC) Mourns Soldier's Death in Afghanistan
Dunnellon (FL) Man Wanted to Join the Military His Entire Life
Port Barre (LA) Soldier Killed During Second Tour in Iraq
Turkey Rejects Iraq's Call for US Military to Help End Kurd Standoff
Kurdish Group Looks at Releasing Eight Turks
Kurdistan President Rules Out War Between PKK, Turkey
A Mountain Meeting With the PKK
Nature, Terrain Dictate Turkish Moves
Iran Turns Cold Shoulder to US Sanctions, Promises to Continue Cooperation With IAEA, EU
Israeli FM to China for Iran Sanctions Talks
'Australia, Others Will Punish Iran'
Iran's Police Target 'Book-Cafes'
Israeli Deputy DM: Gaza Power Cut Not Meant as Punitive Measure
Minister: Israel Plans to 'Isolate Gaza 100 Percent'
Israel's Real Intention Behind Sanctions on Gaza Strip
Abbas Signs Anti-Hamas Decree
'Hamas Won't Attack Ahead of Middle East Summit'
A Look at US-Hosted Mideast Peace Talks
Palestinian Children and Woman Killed in Gaza Blast
Corner of a Gaza Field 'Forever England'
Middle East
Royal Navy After 'Pirates' of the Persian Gulf
Crisis Casts Fear on Lebanese Campus
Egypt Finds Two Smugglers' Tunnels on Gaza Border
Afghan Force Is Insufficient, US General Says
Two US Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan
Afghan Suicide Bomber Attacks US Base, Killing Five
Afghan Ex-Militia Leaders Hoard Illegal Arms
Australian Troops Pull Out of Afghan Battle
Militants Behead 13 in Pakistan
Pakistan: 'I Never Saw This Type of Violence in My Life'
Inside Rebel Pakistan Cleric's Domain
Maoist Rebels Fire on Crowd in India
Indian TV Channels Blocked for Airing 2002 Massacre Backed by Local Government
Kashmiris Observe Black Day, Stage Protests
Sri Lanka Violence Claims 12 Lives
One Dead, 12 Injured in Thai Bomb Attack
Burmese Activists Plan Return From Thai Border Town
Kazakh Web Sites Blocked in Leader's Family Feud
Philippine Prosecutors, Press Angered by Estrada Pardon
Kremlin Seeks to Extend Its Reach in Cyberspace
Report: Litvinenko Worked for British Intelligence
Gorbachev Has a New Party – but Won't Stand for Election
Weary of Highway Bribery, Russians Take on the Police
The Defender of a Lesser-Known Guarantee in Russia
Spanish Civil War
Passions Revive Over Spanish Civil War
Spanish Civil War Facts and Figures
Death Row Letter From Spain's Civil War
Dutch Lawmakers Offended by US Lawmaker
US Warns Bosnian Serbs Over Political Boycott
France Convicts Algerian of Paris Bombings
Has the 'Save Darfur' Movement Made Things Worse?
Sudan Declares Truce at Darfur Talks
Talks on Darfur Open With Partial Boycott by Rebels
Don't Use Force to Free Hostages, Sudan Told
Niger Rebels Say Kill 12 Soldiers in Ambush
Heavy Fighting Shakes Somali Capital

DR Congo Militia Chief Surrenders

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US Has Double Standard at Home and Abroad

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Not -So-New Homeland Security Strategy

Ran HaCohen
The Israeli Right Has a Peace Plan

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal May Trigger Midterm Polls in India

Sascha Matuszak
Chaos in the Great Game

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