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Danger Lurks in Term 'Islamofascism': Boston Globe
Nukes, Nuclear Power & Global Warming: Prather
Pakistan: In Too Deep: Alan Bock
Paying for the Wars' Wounded: Col. Daniel Smith
Case Crumbles Against Lt. Watada: Aaron Glantz

 Gareth Porter

Cheney Suppresses Iran NIE

 Mark Almond

The Rotten Georgia Rose

 Dahr Jamail

Iraq Deliberately Destroyed

 Greg Mitchell

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Updated November 10, 2007 - 10:03 PM EST
Deadliest Year for US in Afghanistan
  6 US Soldiers Killed, 8 Wounded, in Afghan Battle
New Law May Spell End to Iraq Contractors
  Bomber Kills Five Tribal Leaders in Iraq
  Kurd Rebels Say Open to Talks, May Give Up Arms
  Fewer Deaths in Iraq Bring No Reassurance
  Saturday: 1 US Soldier, 58 Iraqis Killed; 35 Iraqis Wounded
House Dems Split on Latest Antiwar Strategy
  Sen. Hagel Calls Giuliani, Clinton 'Cowboys' for Comments on Iran
  Veterans' Health Care Costs Could Exceed War Costs
  Recruiters Struggle to Find an Army
  Case Crumbles Against Officer Who Refused Iraq
Pakistani Lawyers Face Death Sentences
  'I Am Not Afraid' Shouts Bhutto, as Rally Halted
Nukes, Nuclear Power and Global Warming  by Gordon Prather
I Witnessed Waterboarding –
Yes, It Is Torture
 by Joseph Galloway
Left and Right Work to Restore Our Rights  by John F. McManus
Paying for the Wars' Wounded
by Colonel Daniel Smith (Ret.)
Legal Idiocy and the War on Terror
by Joseph Margulies
What About Democracy for Bosnia?
by David Chandler

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FBI Says Possible al-Qaeda Threat Against Malls 'Not Credible'
Inspector General: Terror Watchlist Neither Complete nor Accurate
US Releases Nine Iranians in Iraq
Sunni Bloc Leader Slams 'Dictator' Maliki
Iraq's New Crisis: Moms, Dads Abandoning Kids
Federal Judge Calls Rendition Process 'Outsourcing'
Rice's Management Under Fire
Still Waiting to Cash in on Iraq's Oil
Today in Iraq
Terrorist Attacks in Iraq Eroding Local Support for al-Qaeda
Another Mass Grave Found in Western Iraq
Joint Sunni-Shi’ite Fatwa Against Violence Likely
Employment Centers Have Names of More Than a Million Jobless Iraqis
Friday: 45 Iraqis Killed, 33 Wounded
Iraq Occupation
US Says Police Recruiting Blitz Finds Iraqis Eager
Basra Governor: British Forces to Release 15 Mahdi Army Militants
Iraqi, US Soldiers Kill 14 Gunmen in Mosul Raids
The War at Home
Sen. Lieberman: Dems Too Worried About Bush Attacking Iran
Seeing Progress in Iraq, McCain Hopes for Credit
Bush's Bishops: Exit Iraq Now

Bush's Father Comes to His Defense on Iraq War

Losing Firms Log War Contract Complaints
Hollywood Is Casualty of War as Movie-Goers Shun Iraq Films
US Military
Bush Plays Video Games With Injured Vets: Shoots Enemies in Baghdad Neighborhood
Face of Homelessness Is Often Vet's
New Army Chopper Overheats on Hot Days
Lawmaker: Recruiting Criminals Unwise
6th Soldier Dies From Italy Helicopter Crash
'We’re Promoting the Army With Games and Personalized ID Tags'
Remembering the Fallen of the Vietnam War, One Name at a Time
UK Military
Britain Suspends Mid-Air Refuelling of Nimrod Planes
British Engineers Knew of Nimrod Failings
'War on Terror'
Secret Khadr Witness Disclosed
Justice Dept Official: US-Canada Ties in Jeopardy if Arar Suit Is Allowed to Continue
NYC Plane Searched After Bomb Threat
London Bomb Plot Conspirator Pleads Guilty
'Fifth Bomber' Got Cold Feet in July 21st Conspiracy
Muslim Council Head: British Government Fueling Tensions
Barrister: Police Leaked 'Breakthrough' in Unrelated Murder Case to Deflect Criticism of Menezes Killing
Horn of Africa
Ethiopia Says It Wont Invade Eritrea
Defecting Ethiopian Soldiers Say Army Told to Prep for War
Ban: UN Forces in Somalia 'Not Realistic'
Intense Fighting in Somali Capital Kills at Least 50
UN Probes Official's Expulsion From Darfur
Congo Army Accused of Harassing Displaced
80,000 Attend Anti-Chávez March, Eight Hurt in Clashes
Students Emerge as a Leading Force Against Chávez
Chávez Condemns Opposition
Colombia Says Ecuador Fired on Its Warplanes
Weekend Reviews
Structures of Power and National Security
Iraq War Fought on Three Fronts in Lions for Lambs
Making War to Keep Peace
Warning, This Film Could Make You Very Angry
Orders From the Top
The Imperial Presidency
The Melting of the Cold War
US: Four Released Iranians Had Sunni Links in Iraq
Reducing Tensions Over Iran?
Iran Says US Must Ask Directly for New Iraq Talks
Iranian Court Upholds Death for Kurd Journalist
US Renews Iranian Asset Freeze
Israel and US Set Up Sub-Groups to Share Intelligence on Iran
Rumbling of War Still Haunts Southeast Turkey
Kurdistan Party Attacked for Second Time in 24 Hours
The PKK Fighter Who Wants to End Killing
First Rule for PKK Rebels: Make War, Not Love
Top Hamas Official: We'll Seize West Bank if Israel Withdraws
Israelis Will Be 'Cut to Pieces' in Gaza: Hamas
PA Agrees to Israeli Security Demands
Israeli Army Attacks Peaceful Demonstration in West Bank
Israeli Military Kills Two Near Gaza Border Fence
US to Purchase $700 Million Worth of Arms From Israel
Israeli Missile Defense and Its Role in the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process
Palestinians to Mark Death of Arafat Amid Unprecedented Divisions
Gaza Food Prices Soar and Students Are Stuck
Olive Branch Blossoms Amid Harvest of Fear
Middle East
Israel's Lieberman: Egypt's Nuclear Program Could Bring Apocalypse
Saudi King in Turkey for Iraq, Mideast Talks
Lebanon Retains Christian-Muslim Power Sharing

US: Syria May Interfere in Lebanon Vote

Afghan Bombing Tally Rises to 72, Including 59 Children
NATO Lacks Capacity to Train Afghan Army
Chief, Several Taliban Killed in Southern Afghanistan
Afghanistan Pushes Reconciliation Effort
Afghan Police Detain Two Over Big Bomb Attack
Ball Bearings Used in Afghan Bomb
British Soldier Killed in Afghanistan Crash
Thousands of Police Block Pakistan Rally
Unrest Could Distract Pakistan Military
PM May Advise Musharraf to Dissolve National Assembly Within 72 Hrs
Pakistan TV Fights Back
Friday Sermons Slam Musharraf
Militants Kill Three Kidnapped Soldiers in Pakistan
Ex-Envoy Bolton Hits US Role in Pakistan Troubles
Army Major Dies in Kashmir Gunfight
Huge Cache of Ammunition Seized in Indian-Administered Kashmir
Suu Kyi Says 'Time for Healing' After Junta Meeting
Hope Flickers in Myanmar as Suu Kyi Meets Her Party
North Korea Offers Evidence to Rebut Uranium Claims
Nine Killed in Fresh Sri Lanka Clashes
Georgia Defies Critics, Backs State of Emergency
Georgia Leader Calls Early Election to Decide His Fate
UN: Kosovo War Crimes Witness Arrested
The Savagery of War: A Soldier Looks Back at Chechnya
Red Cross Files Reveal WWI Cost

Justin Raimondo
Georgia: The Bloom Is
Off the Rose

Alan Bock
Pakistan: In Too Deep

Doug Bandow
Making War to Keep Peace

Nebojsa Malic
From Beneath You It Devours

Philip Giraldi
Joe Lieberman's War

David R. Henderson
Veterans Day: In Memoriam

Charles Peña
To Bomb, Or Not To Bomb

Ivan Eland
US Has Double Standard at Home and Abroad

Ran HaCohen
The Israeli Right Has a Peace Plan

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal May Trigger Midterm Polls in India

Sascha Matuszak
Chaos in the Great Game

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