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Today's Highlights


FBI: Guards Killed 14 Iraqis w/o Cause

  US Troop Cuts to Test Iraqi Security

Air Force to Triple Number of Airmen in Iraq


Dems Put War Costs at $3.5 Trillion Through 2017

  Wednesday: 1 GI, 53 Iraqis Killed, 27 Iraqis Wounded

Turkish Helicopters Attack Iraqi Villages


Iraq's Kurdistan Govt Denies Strikes by Turkey

Former FBI Agent Linked to Terrorist Group


Hezbollah Spy Fooled the CIA and the FBI

Israeli Army to Conduct Major W. Bank Exercise
  US Anti-Genocide Task Force Reneges on West Bank, Gaza Probes
Anti-American Islamic Nationalism Is Behind Pakistan Crisis  by Graham E. Fuller
Innocents and Foot Soldiers: The Stories of the 14 Saudis Just Released From Gitmo  by Andy Worthington
A Day in the Life of an Unwilling 'Federal Agent'  by Gary D. Barnett
Musharraf's Miscalculations
by Steve Coll
Smearing and Distorting Ron Paul
by Glenn Greenwald
Outrage in a Time of Apathy
by Aaron Glantz

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Bush Approves Clearances for NSA Inquiry

Despite Testimony, CIA Interrogation Tapes Really Did Exist

Marine Withholds Haditha Plea

Bolton: US Has Two Options Left Toward Iran, and Both Are War

Red Cross Calls for States to End Use of Cluster Bombs

Chalabi Returns to Prominence and Power

Pentagon 'Might Not Need' All Those Armored Vehicles

Pakistan's Long March Comes Up Short
Today in Iraq

The Sunni in Iraq's Shi'ite Leadership

Indian Companies Execute Oil Contracts in Kurdistan

Tuesday: 4 US Soldiers, 62 Iraqis Killed; 43 Iraqis Wounded
Refugee Crisis

US Accused of Ignoring Crisis for 4.5 Million Displaced Iraqis

UN Spotlights 'Survival Sex' Among Iraqi Refugees

Kurds and Arabs Shelter Side by Side in Distrust and Misery

Occupying Iraq

Are Iraq's Detainees Treated Fairly?

US Finds a Way to Pacify Iraqi Town — by Using Cash

US Military Won't Hand Over Prisoners to Iraqi Govt

US Pulls 3,000 Troops From Diyala Province

State Dept. Extends Time for Iraq Volunteers

The War at Home

Pentagon Keeping Iraq Strategy From Democrat Lawmakers

Sen. Reid Threatens Iraq War Fund Cutoff

US Catholic Bishops Calls for Iraq Withdrawal

US Military

America's War Returnees: Many Troubles but More Help

Mentally Ill Veterans Sent Back to War

Iraq Vets May Suffer Depression, Stress

Pentagon Bomb Squad's Budget Slammed

'War on Terror'

Domestic Spying Inquiry Restarted at DoJ

To 'Eliminate Confusion,' Army Reiterates Waterboarding Ban


Some Guantánamo Detainees Fear 'Freedom'

Court Rejects Guantánamo Detainee's Request Not to Be Sent Home

Gitmo Defense Lawyers See Stacked Deck


Somali Government Cracking Down on Media

Somalia Troops Shut Radio Station

Somali Opposition Clan Elder Detained by Authorities


40,000 Flee Congo Refugee Camps

Congo Agrees to Disarm Rebels


20 Cameroonian Soldiers Killed in Nigerian Rebel Raid


US Plans New Space Weapons Against China

Yahoo Settles Lawsuit Over Jailed Chinese Journalists


Construction of US Base in Korea Begins

North Korean Leader Arrives in Seoul for Talks

South Korea's Leader Calls for Haste on Treaty to End Korean War


Three Dead in Blast at Philippine Congress

Arroyo Faces New Impeachment Effort in Philippines


Two Fugitive Myanmar Dissidents Arrested

Russia and Her Neighbors

Eight 'Suspected Militants' Killed in Russian Raid on Dagestan

Putin Gives Sign That He'll Retain Power

US Says Georgia to Lift Emergency Rule in Three Days

US Treasury Clamps Down on Belarus Company


Britain 'Will Lead' Against Iran, Brown Insists

Iran Hands UN Nuclear Blueprints

UN to Release Iran Report

Rice: Strong Palestinian State Important to Countering Iran

China Courts Iran

Chinese FM in Iran for Nuclear Talks

Iran and China Vow to Boost Ties

China Says Sanctions Will Not Help Iran Dispute


Torture Widespread in Afghanistan, Amnesty Says

Dutch Accused of Complicity in Torture in Afghanistan

Rate of Wounded Canadian Troops on Rise

Poles Held Over Afghan Deaths

Pull All UK Troops Out of Afghan War Now, Says MP


Bhutto Calls on Musharraf to Resign

Bhutto: I Will Never Work With Musharraf

Musharraf Warns Bhutto Against Calling for His Resignation

Who Drafted Musharraf's November 3 Proclamations?

In Interview, Musharraf Defends Rule by Decree

Musharraf's Army Losing Ground in Insurgent Areas

Senior US Envoy to Travel to Islamabad

Militant Killed While Planting Bomb in Pakistani City

Dozen US Rights Groups Ask Bush to Cut Off Military Aid to Pakistan

Bush Calls for End to Pakistan Emergency

Japan Threatens to Slash Pakistan Aid


French FM Tries to Break Lebanon Deadlock

Tough Homecoming for Lebanon's Refugees

Mideast Peace Moves

Rice: Israelis Are Prepared to Give Up West Bank for Peace

Olmert to Settlers: We'll Have to Make Concessions

Shimon Peres Becomes First Israeli President to Address a Muslim Parliament

Turkey, Israel, Palestinians Sign Deal on Building Joint Industrial Zone in West Bank

Abbas, Peres Hail US Summit as 'Historic Opportunity'


Hamas Carries Out Mass Arrests in Gaza

Economic Woes Behind New Unrest in Gaza

Israeli Tanks Shell Southern Gaza, No Casualties

Mourning Families in Gaza Blame Hamas for Deaths at Rally

Hamas' Singing Policemen Boost Morale in Gaza

Israel's War at Home

Israeli Military Chief Touts 'Important Accomplishments' of Lebanon War

Israeli Interior Minister: Arabs Must Serve in Army


Palestinian Missile Fired at Israeli Border Crossing

Volatile City Tests Palestinian Police, and Peace Hopes


Business as Usual in the Golan

Abbas Envoy Endorses Syria's Stand on Golan Heights

Students of Arabic Learn at a Syrian Crossroads

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