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Today's Highlights

US Forces Accused of Killing Sunni Allies
  US Policy on Iraq Shi'ites Could Aid Iran: Report
  Iraqis Wasting an Opportunity, US Officers Say
  Iraq Troops Seize Powerful Sunni Office
  Iraqi Govt Seeks to Ban Oil Companies That Deal With Kurds
  Thursday: 2 US Soldiers, 20 Iraqis Killed; 42 Iraqis Wounded
Dems and Bush in New Iraq Funding Showdown
  120 US War Veteran Suicides a Week
  New AG Asserts Independence With Warrantless Wiretapping Inquiry
Rice Accuses Iran of Spreading Extremism
  UN Nuclear Report Will Note Iran Cooperation
  Iran Threat Assessment Won't Be Released, Intelligence Chief Says
  Former Iran Negotiator Charged With Spying for UK
Demanding Musharraf Leave, Bhutto Bids to Unite Rivals
  US Eyes Pakistan's Nuclear Arsenal
  Pakistani Tribal Regions Brace for Major Army Operations
  US Looks at Afghan Supply Lines That Skip Pakistan
Aunt Benazir's False Promises
by Fatima Bhutto
No Remembrance, No Remorse for the Fallen of Iraq  by John Pilger
A Pointless Attack on Liberty That Fuels the Terror Threat  by Seumas Milne
Entangling Alliances  by Rep. Ron Paul
Are You With Us… or Against Us?
by Jonathan Schell and Tom Engelhardt
At the Mercy of the Military
by Chris Hedges

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Poland Charges Soldiers for Murder in Afghanistan
US Ponders How Best to Deliver War Message
Diplomats Won't Be Forced to Go to Iraq, for Now
What Does Iraq's 'Good News' Really Mean?
Iraqi Kurds Show Cracks in Rebel Support
The Sunni in Iraq's Shi'ite Leadership
Airmen Taking on More Dangerous Roles in Iraq
UK Soldier Overdosed on Eve of Iraq Trip, 'Feared Having to Shoot Children'
Heavy Fighting in Pakistan's Swat Valley as Residents Flee
Today in Iraq
Iraqi President Says Risks of Civil War Decreased
Huge Drop in Roadside Bombs: How Come?
Iraqi Cabinet Approves Easing of De-Ba'athification
Bloodied Iraqi Capital Faces Struggle to Rebuild
Despite Turmoil, Iraq to Spend $19 Billion on Projects
Activist: Rising Violence Pushes Iraqi Women From Political, Social
Iraq Occupation
Baghdad Blast Shows Security 'Fragile': US
US Courts Sheiks in Hussein Terrain
US Army Identifies Body of Key al-Qaeda Figure in Iraq
Iraqi Expatriates Play Civilian Roles to Help Train US Troops for Battlefield Conditions
Contractors in Iraq
State Dept. Inspector General Agrees to Recuse Himself From Key Probes
State Department Vows to Drop Security Guards Who Violate Rules
US Security Company Guards Wound Two Iraqi Civilians in Baghdad
Blackwater Guard Gives Account of Shootout in Iraq
Charges Uncertain in Blackwater Inquiry
Lawsuit Names Halliburton, Subsidiaries in Soldiers’ Deaths
Attacks Continue
Basra Militants Targeting Women
Bombing in Baghdad Green Zone Kills Two Civilians
Police: Civilian Kidnapped, 22 Bodies Buried in Kirkuk
Wednesday: 1 GI, 80 Iraqis Killed, 37 Wounded
The War at Home
Republicans Demand Retraction of Iraq Report
Pro-War Group Runs Ads Demanding Democrats 'Unite Behind Victory', Fund War
Chevron Pays $30 Million to Settle Allegations of Kickbacks in Oil for Food Program
Thousands of Iraqis Apply to Live in US
War Protesters Arrested at Washington Port
Sens. Clinton and Obama Battling Over Iran Policy
Boston Common Visitors Get Line to Iran
US Military
Iraq War Veterans Often Delay Mental Reactions
US Navy Ordered to Lessen Sonar's Harm
'War on Terror'
Canadian Firetruck Responding to US Call Held Up by Border Security
EU Inquiry Into CIA Prisons to Be Reopened
Ukraine Implicated in CIA Renditions
Ex-FBI Employee's Case Raises New Security Concerns
The Agent With a Secret Past
Lebanese Fraudster Became an Agent for Both the FBI and CIA
Gordon Brown Reveals 'Fortress Britain' Plan
PM: British Sites Need Better Security
UK Wants Net Companies to Fight Terror
Airport Screeners Missed Bomb Parts
TSA: No Intent to Tip Off Screeners
Mogadishu Mayor Accuses Private Radio of 'Undermining Govt' as Stations Are Forced Off the Air
Mine Blast Kills 10, Wounds 15 in Mogadishu
Landmine Kills 10 People in Somaliland Region
Somali Insurgents Target AU Force
Somalia's Children of War Live in Fear
Nigeria: 700 Troops Head for Somalia
UN: Darfur Peacekeeping Faces Failure
Eight Darfur Rebel Groups Form 'United Front' for Talks
Bush in Talks to Avert Sudan Civil War
20 Soldiers Killed in Cameroon Clash
Maldives Moves Against Veiled Women, Jihadis on TV
Nuclear Break-In Baffles South Africa
Uganda Rebels Apologize to West Nile Residents
New Exodus Reported in Congo
UN Calls for End to Eritrea Border Dispute
Emergency Rule in Georgia to End
Russia Withdraws All Troops From Georgia
Russia Builds Up New Missile Launcher
Russia May Supply Missiles to Belarus
The Implications of Russia's Moratorium of the European Forces Treaty
Iran Not in Clear if UN Report Only Partly Good: US
Is Iran Seeking to Reduce Tension With US in Iraq?
Iran Demarcates Borders With Afghanistan
US Military Leaders March to a Softer Beat on Iran
Israeli FM Slams EU's Solana Over Iran Sanctions
Tehran Mayor Latest Conservative to Criticize Ahmadinejad
Ahmadinejad: Industrial Uranium Enrichment Started in March
Iran Parliament Backs Ahmadinejad Cabinet Changes
Iran Has Right to Peaceful Nuclear Energy Use: China
Iran Minister Calls for More Border Trade With Iraq
British Opposition Candidate: Nation Could Sleepwalk Into War With Iran
Iran Demands Argentines Show Up in Court
US, Israel Refuse to Cooperate With Inquest Into Syria Strike
Israel Hopes to Resume Talks With Syria
Turkey Denies Aerial Operations in Northern Iraq
US Shares Intelligence With Turkey
Hamas to Curb Press, Gatherings in Gaza
Hamas Cracks Down on Fatah in Gaza
Israeli MPs Move to Block Sharing of Jerusalem
Palestinian Olive Harvests Show Marked Decline as Israeli Settlers 'Poach' Crops
Israel Pressing Disney to Take Anti-Hamas Measures
Hamas Sniper Wounds Israeli Soldier at Gaza Border
US Presses Israel to Halt West Bank Settlements
Israelis on US Mission Ahead of Peace Meeting
Top US Diplomat: PA Security Forces Improved Order in Nablus
Hamas's Singing Policemen Boost Morale in Gaza
Solana: Israeli-Palestinian Peace Deal Possible by the End of 2008

Egypt Police Arrest Muslims After Christians Killed

Egypt Fighting a Different War on Terror
US Says Dozens of Taliban Killed in Airstrikes
More Foreign Fighters Reported Aiding Taliban in Afghanistan
NATO Aware of Prisoner Abuse in Afghanistan, General Says
British Soldier Killed in Afghan Bomb Blast
Survivors Recall Baghlan Bomb Horror
Dutch Troops in Afghanistan as Long as 'Essential'
Iranian Abducted in Afghanistan
US Is Looking Past Musharraf in Case He Falls
UK to Fund 'Counter-Extremism' Propaganda in Pakistan
Dozens Wounded in Attack on Pakistani Security Forces Convoy
Musharraf Expects to Quit Army This Month
US Won't Accept Pakistan Polls Under State of Emergency
Bhutto Terms Polls Under Emergency ‘a Farce’
Lawyers March for Pakistani Colleagues
Musharraf Opponent Imran Khan Seized by Students, Turned Over to Police and Charged With Terrorism
62 Dead in Swat, Shangla Fighting
Student Protests Build in Pakistan
EU Hesitant About Cutting Aid to Pakistan
Musharraf Insists He's Not a Dictator, Warns of Turmoil if He Steps Down
Opposition Rejects Any Caretaker Govt Picked by Musharraf
PMs of Two Koreas Hold First Talks for 15 Years
US, North Korea to Hold Financial Talks Next Week
Philippine Lawmaker Killed in Bombing Had Ties to Insurgents
Philippine Lawmakers Throw Out Impeachment Bid Against Arroyo
India’s Coalition 'Near Compromise' on Nuclear Deal
Burma Monks Not Ready to Forgive
Explosion Near Tajik Presidential Palace
Proposed Missile Defense Upgrade for Taiwan Announced
China Dissident Gets 5 Years in Prison
Kosovo's Divided City
Russian FM Sees Alternative to Kosovo Independence
New Zealand
New Zealand Activists' Talk of Killings, Bombings Caught by Police Surveillance
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