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Khrushchev's Cold War: Doug Bandow
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 Jim Powell

US Entry in WWI Caused WWII

 Barbara Slavin

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 Philip Giraldi

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Updated November 30, 2007 - 9:36 PM EST
US Support of Sunnis Worries Iraq Govt
  US Weighs Sunni Help With Shi'ite Fears
  Iraq MPs Block Maliki Nominees for Cabinet Posts
  US Military Finds Fewer Community Volunteer Guards Than Thought
  Friday: 1 US Soldier, 21 Iraqis Killed; 9 Iraqis Wounded
Murtha 'Optimistic' About Deal on War Money
  Bush to Dems: Approve Iraq War Funding Before Christmas
  White House Disputes War Czar on Permanent Iraq Bases
US: Iran's Revolutionary Guards Patrol Gulf
  EU Disappointed After Nuclear Talks, Iran Digs In
  UAE Detains Ship as Grip on Iran Tightens
US Withdraws UN Text Backing Mideast Peace
  Olmert: If Talks Fail, Israel Will Be Finished
  Israeli Airstrike Hits Gaza as Peace Talks Continue in US
  Iraq a Loud No-Show at Annapolis Talks
Catch 22 in Iraq: Why American Troops Can't Go Home  by Michael Schwartz and Tom Engelhardt
A Different Venue, but the Pious Claims and Promises Are the Same  by Robert Fisk
Exposing the Guardians of Power
by John Pilger
Blowback From Moscow
by Patrick Buchanan
Grooming the Next Ahmad Chalabi
by Alan Weisman
Bush Isn't the Only Decider
by Bruce Ackerman

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Bill Clinton, Antiwar?
Purported bin Laden Message to Europe: Quit Afghan War
Panel Rebuffs White House Privilege Claim
A Tenuous 'Peace' in Anbar
Iraqi Lawmakers Protest US Guards
Signs of US-Syria Thaw After Summit
A Payoff for Syrians: Seats at the Table, at Least
Jordan Asked Nixon to Attack Syria, Declassified Papers Show
Kissinger in 1969: Israelis Most Likely to Use Nukes
New Australia Leader Wants
Iraq Troops Home by Mid-2008
Today in Iraq
Rogue Mahdi Army Fighters Attempt Expansion
Car Bombs Hidden at Office of Top Iraqi Sunni Leader: Army
Hot Debate in Iraqi Parliament on Banning Kurdistan Oil Contracts
Arrest Warrant for Iraqi Journalist Who Claimed Family Massacre
Iraqis' Quality of Life Etched by Slow Gains, Many Setbacks
Deadly Cholera Threatens Iraq's Children
Iraqi Refugees
US Military: Iraq Lacks Plan on the Return of Refugees
Aid Shrinks as Iraq's Internal Refugee Tally Grows
US to Start Processing Some Iraqi Refugees in Iraq
Iraq Occupation
Iraqi Contractors Frozen Out of US Resettlement
Iraq Asks US to Hand Over 'Chemical Ali'
Negroponte: 'Definite' Signs of Improvement in Iraq
Predator Crashes in Iraq, 6th This Year
US Troops Kill Five Insurgents, Detain 17 in Iraq
Attacks Continue
Six Civilians Injured as Bomb Explodes in Baghdad
Thursday: 2 GIs, 30 Iraqis Killed; 48 Iraqis Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
Survey Shows 73 Percent of Poles Favor Quick Pullout of Iraq
Negroponte: PKK Common Problem for US, Iraq
The War at Home
Murtha: Surge Provides Window for Iraq Withdrawal
Very Little War in Republicans' Words
US Special Counsel Says He Won't Provide Files
Blackwater Runs Into New Trouble – and This Time It's Closer to Home
Leahy: Bush Not Involved in Firings
Bill Clinton's Claim of Opposing Iraq War From Outset Disputed
Expert: Both Parties Cooperate to Keep Administration Crimes Secret
Hagel: Bush Administration Is 'Incompetent' and He Would Consider Joining a Dem Ticket
Biden Promises to Impeach Bush if He Attacks Iran Without Congressional Approval
US Military
A New Push to Roll Back 'Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell'
Marines Cut Purchase of Bombproof Vehicles
Hidden Wounds Lead to Drugs
UK Military
Decorated British Soldier Was 'Killed by NATO Bullet'
British Weapons Projects Over $5 Billion Over Budget
'War on Terror'
Ex-Sailor Accused of Plotting to Attack San Diego Base
Closing Arguments Begin in Trial of Men Charged in Plot to Destroy the Sears Tower
Leaked Gitmo Manual Reveals Isolation, Sensory Deprivation Was Official Army Policy
Report: World Faces Cyber Cold War
Judge: Top Spy Must Release Telecom Immunity Meeting Docs ASAP
Air Canada Denies Political Cartoonist Was Kicked Off Flight by US Terror Watchlist
'Terrorist Plot' for Aussie US Base
Habib Says He Was Urged to Help Attack on Australia
Atrocities Alleged in Eastern Ethiopia
Ethiopia Forcing Untrained Civilians to Fight Rebels, Refugees Say
Rice to Visit Ethiopia in Rare Africa Trip
Sudan Accused of Arming Rebels
Chad Army, Rebels Fight Near Sudanese Border
US Struggles to Find Home for AFRICOM
UN: Brutality Against Women in Congo 'Beyond Rape'
15 Killed as Insurgents, Ethiopians Duel in Mogadishu
UN Applauds Burundi Peace Efforts
Refugees in Cameroon Fear Returning Home
Chavez Opponents Show Force in Referendum Rally
On Nuclear Seesaw, the Balance Seems to Shift to Iran
Iran's Reformers to US: Let's Talk
Iran Defiant Ahead of EU Nuclear Talks
Mideast Peace Moves
All Options Open Against Israel After Peace Meet: Hamas
Olmert: Palestinian State Key for Israel
After Annapolis, Hurdles for Israeli and Palestinian Leaders
Hamas Urges UN to Rescind 1947 Partition Plan
Skepticism Greets Mideast Talks
Israeli Envoy: UN Giving Palestinians Fictitious Sense of Reality
Rice, Israeli Official Share Perspectives
Poll: Half of Israelis Support Two-State Solution
Netanyahu Slams Annapolis Talks
UN Security Council Takes Up Resolution on Mideast Peace
Poll: Palestinian Majority Blames Hamas on June Fighting
Israel Sells Training Deals to Other Armies
Four Hamas Militants Killed in Two Israeli Strikes in Gaza
Palestinians Bomb Israeli Bulldozer in Central Gaza Strip
Lebanon to Put Off Vote Again, Army Chief in Focus
Lebanon Opposition Leader Backs Army Chief for President
Lebanon Army Chief Widely Respected
Politics Colors the Cutting Edge of the Beirut Hairdresser
Hariri Inquiry Finds Killers Still Able to Strike
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Oil Plants Targeted in Missile Plot
Slovak Uranium 'Plot'
Seized Uranium 'Enough for a Bomb'
Seized Uranium Linked to Ex-Soviet Union
Arrests Highlight Illegal Nuclear Trade
Q&A on Slovakia's Uranium Arrests
Putin to Russians: Vote for Pro-Kremlin Party
Putin Accused of Election Violation After Televised Campaign Address
Kasparov Warns of 'Chaos' in Russia
US, EU Warn Russia Over Weapons
Collapse of Kosovo Talks Threatens War
German Troops Head to Kosovo to 'Ensure Stability'
Pro-Western Coalition Formed in Ukraine
NATO Force Denies 14 Afghan Workers Killed in Strike
General Opposes Removing Unit
NATO Force Insufficient for Afghanistan: General
34 Taliban Killed in Clashes
Taliban Not Credible Threat to Afghanistan: British Minister
Two Danish Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan
School Principal Killed in Eastern Afghanistan
War-Crimes Case Tests Poland's Commitment to Foreign Missions
Army Social Scientists Calm Afghanistan, Make Enemies at Home
Afghan Agency Rejects Claims of Prisoner Abuse
Musharraf to Lift State of Emergency by Dec. 16
Musharraf Defends Actions After Taking Oath
Bush, Brown Hail Musharraf’s Pledge to Lift Emergency
Pakistan's Political Opposition Forced Off Radio, but Islamist Broadcasts Remain
Army Foils Coup Attempt in Philippines
Filipinos Shake Their Heads at Coup Bid and Response
China Explains Decision to Block US Ships
US Ship Transits Taiwan Strait After China Flap

US-China Military Hotline Not Ready

China Condemns Dalai Lama for Ideas on Succession
Thousands Expected to Protest at US Base in Japan
US Marines Tread Carefully in Cyclone-Hit Bangladesh

Indian MPs Slam Government Over US Nuclear Deal


Justin Raimondo
McCain's Mangled Metaphor

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Khrushchev's Cold War

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An American in Paris

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A Conservative View of Iran

David R. Henderson
Why Attack Iran?

Alan Bock
Lebanon: The Next Civil War?

Ivan Eland
Bush's Role in Bringing
Pakistan to the Abyss

Ran HaCohen
The Israeli Right Has a Peace Plan

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal May Trigger Midterm Polls in India

Sascha Matuszak
Chaos in the Great Game

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