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Deck the Malls With Dirty Nukes: Gordon Prather
Don't Expect Peace: Charley Reese
In For the Long Haul: Alan Bock
Vets to Speak About War Crimes: Aaron Glantz
Why Annapolis Is About Iran: Khody Akhavi

 Jim Powell

US Entry in WWI Caused WWII

 Barbara Slavin

Bush’s Gifts to Iran’s Neocons

 Philip Giraldi

Everybody’s a Terrorist

 Glenn Greenwald

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Updated December 1, 2007 - 10:04 PM EST
Turkish Army Attacks Iraqi Kurd Rebels
  Turkish Army Gets OK to Hit Rebels in Iraq
  Kurdish Leader Presses for Independence
  Ex-Leader: Rebel Kurds Have Left Iraq
US 'Declaration' a Setback for Maliki
  Iraq Sunni Leader Under House Arrest as Bloc Walks Out of Parliament
  US to Launch Program to Employ Military-Age Men in Iraq
  Saturday: 1 GI, 40 Iraqis Killed, 45 Wounded, 41 Kidnapped
Turkish Army Gets OK to Hit Rebels in Iraq
  Kurdish Leader Presses for Independence
  Ex-Leader: Rebel Kurds Have Left Iraq
Bush Gets Plan to Seize Pakistan's Nukes
  11 Civilians Killed as Pakistani Forces Shell Swat Valley
  Musharraf: US Shares Blame for Pakistan and Afghanistan
US Pulls UN Resolution Disliked by Israel
  Bush National Security Advisor: No Place for Syria in Peace Process
US War Vets to Speak Publicly About War Crimes
  Military Overmedicating Troops, Counselors Charge
Euro Thaw Not What It Seems
by Leon Hadar
Spectacle at Annapolis Spurs Nuclear Danger  by Ira Chernus
Bill Clinton Rewrites His Support for Iraq War  by Matthew Blake
Focus-Grouping War With Iran
by Laura Rozen
Deck the Malls With Dirty Nukes
by Gordon Prather
Don't Expect Peace  by Charley Reese

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Afghanistan Now More Dangerous Than Iraq for US Troops
Putin Withdraws Russia From Major Arms Treaty
Why Annapolis Is About Iran
US Guesses Maybe Missing Pakistani Centrifuges Ended Up in Syria
Iraq's Numbers Don't Add Up, US Says
Iraqi Journalist Recants Claim That 11 Family Members Were Killed
Court: Canada Can't Turn Back American Asylum Seekers
Iran Holocaust Drama Is a Big Hit
Today in Iraq
Raid on Top Sunni Threatens to Raise Iraq's Sectarian Tension
Iraq MP's Son Held Over Bomb Find
Iraqi Army Brigade Leads Major Operation
Iraq: Baghdad, Kurds at Odds Over Oil Deals
Iraqis Defy Death Threats to Rebuild Their Navy
Baghdad's Book Market Comes Back to Life
Iraqi Children: Squeezed to Survive
Hostage Set Free, Kidnappers Arrested in Karbala
Friday: 2 US Soldiers, 21 Iraqis Killed; 9 Iraqis Wounded
Iraq Occupation
Slowing Death Rate in Iraq Encourages Pentagon
US to Control Growth of Iraq Neighborhood Patrols
A Fuller Picture: US Looks to Iraqi Data
Iraq PM Asks Bush to Order Saddam Cousin's Handover
Iraqi Refugees
No Fast Track for At-Risk Iraqi Refugees
Iraqi Refugees Find New Challenges, Problems After Returning Home to Baghdad
Three Palestinian Refugees Die in Iraq
The War at Home
Bush Seeks to Pressure Democrats Over War Funds
Very Little War in Republicans' Words
Murtha Clarifies Iraq Statement
US Military
Spurred by Gratitude, 'Bomb Lady' Develops Better Weapons for US
Peace Conference at Navy Limits Pranks
Pimp My Bunker-Buster
US Army Pays $725 in Set-Aside World War II Case
US Army Can't Verify That Slain Firefighter Was Even in the Military
'War on Terror'
Homeland Security Aid Figures to States
Defense Ends Its Arguments in Terrorism Trial in Miami
Witness Names to Be Withheld From Guantánamo Detainee
Detroit Man Pleads Guilty in Bid to Aid Hezbollah
Battles of Britain
UK Govt Ordered to Remove Iranian Opposition From Terror Blacklist
UK Official: 'Dirty Bomb' Attack a Serious Threat
Brother of 9/11 Suspect Wins Damages for Wrongful Arrest
UK Army Awards Brain-Damaged Soldier $600 After Sergeant Threw a Baton at Him
Russian Election Marred by Allegations of Fraud, Coercion
Russian Ex-KGB Officer, Putin Critic Leaves Jail
Serbian PM: US Holds Key to Balkan Stability
Belfast Militant Jailed for Extortion
Nigeria Turns From Harsher Side of Islamic Law
Nigerian General Rules Out Coup
Chad Rebels Declare War on France
AFRICOM Just Misunderstood, US Insists
Eritrea-Ethiopia Border Talks Deadline Expires
Uganda Rebels Surrender to UN in Congo
Chávez Threatens to Cut US Oil Supply Over Vote
Video Shows Colombia Hostages Held Since 2002
Weekend Reviews
'Reds Are Natives': Frank Chodorov as Cold War Critic
Beyond the Green Zone
An Assault on Mental Health: The Struggles of a War Psychologist
Crimes of War: What the Public Should Know
Why Are Iraq War Movies Box-Office Flops?
Khrushchev's Cold War
Iran Offers No Concessions in Nuclear Talks
Experts Divided Over Iranian Missile Capabilities
US Hopes Iran Will Bend on Nuclear Issue
Middle East Peace Moves
Olmert Vows to Press on With Revived Peace Push
Israel Doesn't Want UN to Adopt Annapolis Decisions
Barak: If There Is No Peace With Palestinians in 2008, It Won't Be Israel's Fault
Israeli FM Berated Arab Delegates in Closed Door Meeting for Refusing to Shake Her Hand
Court Halts Gaza Electricity Cuts but Fuel Reductions Stay
Hamas Says It Has Secret, Public Contacts With Europeans
Settlers Continue to Dig in Despite Deal
Red Cross Urges Israeli, Palestinian Groups to Cooperate More
Israeli Strike Kills Four Militants in Gaza
Israeli Military Catches Two Palestinian Teens With Bombs at West Bank Checkpoint
UN to Israel: Stop Lebanon Airspace Violations
Lebanese Opposition Marks One Year of Sit-In, Vows to Stay
One Year On, Protest Still Paralyzes Central Beirut
YouTube Shuts Down Egyptian Anti-Torture Activist's Account
Egyptian Police Seize Explosives, Uncover Tunnels Near Gaza Border
Middle East
Jordan's Spy Agency: Holding Cell for the CIA
Syria: Censorship in Cyberspace
Saudi Rape Case Spurs Calls for Reform
Poll: Turks See US as Global Threat, Israelis Cite Iran
Commandant Wants All Combat Marines in Afghanistan
Afghanistan: Resurgent Taliban Slows Aid Projects, Reconstruction
Dutch Troops to Stay in Southern Afghanistan Until End-2010
Bin Laden's Call 'Ridiculous': Afghan President
Taliban Claims Killing Four Policemen in Northern Afghanistan
Musharraf's Emergency Upends Pakistan's Courts
For Musharraf, Reduced Power as the President
Lawyer Says Pakistan Heading Toward 'Rigged' Vote
Bhutto Opens Pakistan Election Campaign
Ex-Leader Sharif to Boycott Pakistani Elections
US Embassy Officials Hit Pakistani Media Over Reports Bush Made Negative Comments About Sharif
The Sharif Factor Comes Into Play
China Tells More US Vessels to Keep Out

US, China, to 'Work Through' Naval Row

Britain Accuses China of 'Web-Based Espionage'
Philippine Masses Shun 'People Power'
Philippine Authorities Hunt for Revolt Leaders
US Nuke Envoy: North Korea Must Disarm by End of 2008
Sri Lankan Suicide Attack Video Released
Myanmar Junta Shuts Aids Hospice Monastery, Expels Monks
Aussie Government Knew of Habib's Torture
Australia's Howard Loses Parliament Seat: Opponent

Justin Raimondo
McCain's Mangled Metaphor

Alan Bock
In For the Long Haul

Doug Bandow
Khrushchev's Cold War

Charles Peña
An American in Paris

Nebojsa Malic
On the Brink

Philip Giraldi
A Conservative View of Iran

David R. Henderson
Why Attack Iran?

Ivan Eland
Bush's Role in Bringing
Pakistan to the Abyss

Ran HaCohen
The Israeli Right Has a Peace Plan

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal May Trigger Midterm Polls in India

Sascha Matuszak
Chaos in the Great Game

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