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Deck the Malls With Dirty Nukes: Gordon Prather
Don't Expect Peace: Charley Reese
In For the Long Haul: Alan Bock
Vets to Speak About War Crimes: Aaron Glantz
Why Annapolis Is About Iran: Khody Akhavi

 Jim Powell

US Entry in WWI Caused WWII

 Barbara Slavin

Bush’s Gifts to Iran’s Neocons

 Philip Giraldi

Everybody’s a Terrorist

 Glenn Greenwald

Howard Defeated Down Under

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Updated December 2, 2007 - 9:58 PM EST
Nonstop Theft, Bribery Staggering Iraq
  Are Iraqi Hospitals Hunting Grounds?
  Iraq Reports Drop in Civilian Toll
  Iraq Sunni Leader Released, Says Bloc Will Return to Parliament
  Sunday: 53 Iraqis Killed, 33 Wounded
Iraq's Kurds Say No Turkey Attack, No Casualties
  US Withholds Comment on Turkish Operations in Iraq
  PKK Reportedly Planning Move to Azerbaijan
  Turkey's Gul Approves Sacking of Army Islamists
Study: US, Israel Should Plan Iran Strike
  Bolton: Gun-Shy America Is Losing the Best Chance to Stop Iran
  Iranian Envoy Pushes Nuclear Talks Back to Square 1
  Diplomat: Major Powers to Seek Sanctions Against Iran
Govt Ministers Say Chavez Wins Venezuela Vote
Exit Poll: Putin Leads With 61% in Russia Vote
US Says It Has Right to Kidnap British Citizens
Army Told to Prepare for Funding Cuts
Euro Thaw Not What It Seems
by Leon Hadar
Spectacle at Annapolis Spurs Nuclear Danger  by Ira Chernus
Bill Clinton Rewrites His Support for Iraq War  by Matthew Blake
Focus-Grouping War With Iran
by Laura Rozen
Deck the Malls With Dirty Nukes
by Gordon Prather
Don't Expect Peace  by Charley Reese

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Source: Israelis Hit Syrian 'Nuclear Bomb Plant'
Peace? Sure, I'll See What I Can Do
In Iraq, US Shifts Its Tone on Iran
The Sunni Civil War
Caught in the Middle: Simply Holding Office in Iraq Can Be Deadly
US to Rely More on Iraqis' Measurements of Violence
Jordanian-US Citizen Missing After Covert CIA Transport
FBI Informant's Role Emerges in Court Hearing
Czech Republic: US Radar Provokes PR War
Iran Holocaust Drama Is a Big Hit
Today in Iraq
Kurds Reportedly Claim Kirkuk Oil Field
Iraqi Bakeries Make Dough While They Can
20 Die as Gunmen Descend on Shi'ite Village North of Baghdad
35 Kidnapped in Iraqi Village Attack
Crowds Jubilant as Football Returns to Baghdad
Conference on Basra Reconstruction Projects
Cholera Crisis Hits Baghdad
Saturday: 1 GI, 40 Iraqis Killed, 45 Wounded, 41 Kidnapped
The War at Home
Master Spinners Clinton and Rove Try to Rewrite the Roles They Played in the Run-Up to War
Rove: Congress Pushed for Iraq War Vote
Rove's Version of 2002 War Vote Is Disputed
America Shuns Hollywood's Take on Iraq
US Military
Oklahoma Fire Brigades Members Begin Preparing for Iraq Duty
Soldier Refects on Personal Toll of Iraq
Army Prosecutes Female Officer for Attempted Suicide
Jurors Deliberate Air Force Guard Case
US Plans New Spy Satellite Program
Battles of Britain
Royal Navy 'Would Struggle to Fight a Major War'
Tory Leader Denies Rift With Republicans
'War on Terror'
Lawyers: Cameraman Held at Gitmo Is Ill
Real-Life Spooks Head for Prague
Fearful Serbs Ready to Flee an Independent Kosovo
Dark One-Liners Shine a Light on the Mood of Serbs
Belgian Coalition Talks Collapse as National Crisis Deepens
Belgium Plunges Deeper Into Political Limbo
Russia Votes for Parliament, Putin Triumph Expected
Putin's Party Alienates Some Voters
ETA Gunmen Kill Spanish Police Officer in France
Chad Defense Minister Sacked After Week of Clashes
Sudan Denies Chad Charge
Darfur's Rebels Find a Measure of Unity
Violence Possible if Darfur Force Delayed: Commander
Norwegian Troops Join Peacekeeping Forces in Darfur
After 20 Years at the Helm in Tunisia, Ben Ali Eyes Another 5
Ex-Wife Leads Opponents of Chavez's Power
I Struggle to Keep Believing, Colombia Hostage Says
Americans Keep Dying
Former Marine (ID) Dies 24 Days After Returning to Iraq as Security Contractor
Bellevue (OH) Soldier Dies Thanksgiving Day of Injuries From Bomb
Soldier's Death Under Investigation, Died From Single Gunshot Wound to Head (MS)
Houston (TX) Soldier Hoped to Be Pilot, Support New Wife
Airman (CA) Supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom Killed in Kuwait Accident
Sergeant (NV) Loved to Help Others, Mourners Say
Family Mourns Bronx (NY) Soldier Who Died in Iraq
Minnesota Soldier Remembered as 'A Wild and Crazy Drummer Who Loved Life'
Former Deputy Sheriff (MN) Working for Security Company, Killed in Iraq
Michigan Soldier Remembered
Arkansas Paratrooper Dies on Afghan Front
Iran Denies It Is to Blame for EU Nuclear Talks Failure
Iran's Use of Oil Weapon Cuts Two Ways
Gulf States Increasingly Wary of Iran's Nuclear Plans
Economic Sanctions Have Pushed Iran Closer to Trade Partners Like Russia and China
UAE Reiterates Claim on Isles Occupied by Iran
Iran Police to Crack Down on Winter Fashions
Young Woman Doctor Who Fell Foul of Iran's 'Love Police' Was Strangled
US Sees 'Mixed Picture' From Syria on Mideast Cooperation
Israeli Labor MK Calls for Talks With Syria Without Preconditions
IDF Kills Six Palestinian Gunmen in Two Separate Gaza Incidents
US Remains Ambiguous Over Israeli Settlement Construction Rules
Abbas Says Annapolis Conference Achieved Its Goal
Rice on Israel: Talks on Core Issues Ahead
Hamas Boycotts Palestinian Census
Palestinians: Israeli Settlers Throw Stones at Boy, Steal His Donkey
Hezbollah Backs Army Chief's Candidacy
Lebanon: Where Living in Fear Starts at the Top
Lebanon Opposition Sit-In Enters Second Year
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Clerics Urged to Do More to Fight Militancy
Pakistan's Sharif, Bhutto to Meet Next Week: Party Officials
Sharif Ineligible to Contest Pakistan Polls
Sharif Says He's No Extremist
Pakistan: Demos, Rallies, Sit-Ins Banned
Calculating the Risks in Pakistan
Salman Farooqi, Another Pakistani Politician to End Exile
Election Commission of Pakistan to Take Up Poll Postponement in Troubled Areas
Separate Bomb Explosions Kill 3 Civilians, 4 Taliban in Southern Afghanistan
Afghan Government Hails Dutch Troop Extension
North Korea
North Korea: US Adds Conditions for Terrorism Delisting
Obstacles Loom in North Korea Nuclear Talks
China & Her Neighbors
US Ships, Barred From Hong Kong, Now Sail Under China's Nose
Hong Kong Race Cast as Referendum on Democracy
High-Speed Train to Tibet Carries Troops
China-Japan Talks to Bolster Relations
24 Rebels, 3 Troops Killed in Sri Lanka
Maoists Gun Down Ruling Party Leader in Southern Indian State of Andhra
World Leaders Call for Myanmar Dialogue With Opposition
On Foreign Policy, Rudd and Howard Much the Same
In Other News
Countries Pledge to Protect Journalists in War Zones
Weekend Reviews
'Reds Are Natives': Frank Chodorov as Cold War Critic
Beyond the Green Zone
An Assault on Mental Health: The Struggles of a War Psychologist
Crimes of War: What the Public Should Know
Why Are Iraq War Movies Box-Office Flops?
Khrushchev's Cold War

Justin Raimondo
McCain's Mangled Metaphor

Alan Bock
In For the Long Haul

Doug Bandow
Khrushchev's Cold War

Charles Peņa
An American in Paris

Nebojsa Malic
On the Brink

Philip Giraldi
A Conservative View of Iran

David R. Henderson
Why Attack Iran?

Ivan Eland
Bush's Role in Bringing
Pakistan to the Abyss

Ran HaCohen
The Israeli Right Has a Peace Plan

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal May Trigger Midterm Polls in India

Sascha Matuszak
Chaos in the Great Game

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