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Is Russia Democratic?: Justin Raimondo
The Religion Called Americanism: David Henderson
Iraq as Pentagon Construction Site: Tom Engelhardt
US Should Help Israel and Syria Make Peace: Hadar
Hillary's Defense Dough: Ruth Conniff

 Jim Powell

US Entry in WWI Caused WWII

 Barbara Slavin

Bush’s Gifts to Iran’s Neocons

 Philip Giraldi

Everybody’s a Terrorist

 Glenn Greenwald

Howard Defeated Down Under

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Updated December 3, 2007 - 11:13 PM EST
US: Iran Halted Program, Could Still Make Nukes
  US Says Too Soon to Trust Iran on Iraq
  China Backs Fresh Sanctions Against Iran
US Warns Iraq to Speed Up Political Progress
  Warlords Replace Army in Basra
  Vicar: 90 Percent of Iraqi Christians Have Fled or Been Murdered
  Iraq Sunni Leader Released, Says Bloc Will Return to Parliament

Monday: 51 Iraqis Killed, 11 Wounded

Iraq's Kurds Say No Turkey Attack, No Casualties
  PKK Sets Terms for Renouncing Violence Against Turkey
Chavez Loses Constitutional Vote
Putin’s Party Wins, but Russian Leadership Clouded
It's Time to Talk About Israel's Nukes, and Ours, Too  by Lew Butler
US Should Help Israel Make Peace With Syria  by Leon Hadar
National Review Reporter Caught Fabricating  by Glenn Greenwald
Iraq as a Pentagon Construction Site  by Tom Engelhardt
Bombs Away?  Interview with Scott Ritter
Bully of the Playground
by Ted Galen Carpenter

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US Believes It Can Kidnap Wanted Britons
1,100 Iraqi Civilians Reportedly Killed in Nov.
US General Cites 25-30% Reduction in Foreign Fighters Entering Iraq
Iraqi Sunni MP's Bodyguards Linked to Car Bomb
Guards of Sunni MP Handled Explosives: Iraq
Syria Reassures Iran on Mideast: Official
Local Paper Uncovers Another Mysterious US Death in Iraq
Wolfowitz Resurfaces: Neocon Returns to the Bush Administration
Today in Iraq
Talabani Mourns the Iraqi Actor Who Lampooned Him
Cholera Drops in Iraq While Spiking in Baghdad
Writing Is on the Wall for Baghdad's Oldest Tailor
Tattoo Industry Flourishes in Iraq
Iraq Says Troops Kill 13 Militants, Arrest 94
New Arms for a New Iraqi Army
Sunday: 53 Iraqis Killed, 33 Wounded
Iraq Occupation
New UN Envoy in Iraq Sets Out Strategy to Revive Hopes Crushed in 2003 Attack
US Air Force Shifts From Dropping Bombs to Training Iraqi Pilots at Saddam-Era Air Base

Moldova Nearly Doubles Iraq Troop Presence to 20

Global Iraq Fallout
MP Report: British Forces Failed to Make Basra Safe
Syria, Iraq Reopen Border Crossing Closed for Over Three Years
The War at Home
White House Press Secretary Slams 'Absurd' Idea US Military Is Killing Innocent People in Iraq
Rice Gets History Lessons From Former Mideast Players
Prosecutors: Judge Must Ignore Treatment of Padilla in Sentencing
PTSD Blamed in Former Soldier’s Suicide
'War on Terror'
US Supreme Court to Consider Guantanamo Detainee Rights
Homeland Security Changes Asylum Rules
Afghanistan Army to Reach Targeted Strength by March
On the Frontline in Taliban 'Blooding Ground'
Official: 40 Taliban Killed in Clashes
Suicide Attacker Exploded Car Near the NATO Troops in South Afghanistan
Trouble on a Vital Road in Afghanistan
Poll: Dutch Expect Troops to Overstay Afghan Mission
Bhutto Warns of Rising Islamic Militancy
Bhutto Would Use Economic, Military Means Against Taliban
India Test-Fires High-Speed Interceptor Missile Over Bay of Bengal
Civilian Casualties Rise in Sri Lanka War
Protesters Storm US Embassy in Philippines
A Kyrgyz Reporter Is Killed, and Suspicions Fall on Uzbekistan’s Government
Pro-Democracy Candidate Wins Hong Kong Election
Four Muslims Shot Dead in Thai South: Police
Reports: Turkish Military Kills Four Rebels in Iraqi Territory
Turkey Reaffirms Army's Right to Act in Iraq
Iraqi Kurdish Official: PKK in Northern Iraq Wants to Destroy Us
Turkish Army Arrests 60 PKK Fighters
Iran Says Sanctions Won't Help End Nuclear Row
Ahmadinejad: Ties With Syria Won't Be Broken
Syria to Send Envoy to Tehran to Explain Attendance at Annapolis
Livni Calls on Asian Nations to Reject Iranian Overtures
UN Inspects Russian Fuel for Iran
Iran Hopes New Kazemi Trial Will Lead to Improved Relations With Canada
Mideast Peace Deal
Olmert Plays Down Peace Deal Chances by End of 2008
Hamas Casts Shadow Over Peace Talks
Barghouti: Palestinians Will Back Peace Deal
Israeli DM Orders Increased Gaza Strikes Amid Plans for Broad Incursion
Israeli Fuel Cuts Dry Up Gasoline Stations Across Gaza
In Protest, Palestinian Firms Refuse to Receive Fuel From Israel

Palestinian Census Called Off

Israel Allows Group to Leave Gaza
Israeli Military: Palestinian Policemen Behind West Bank Settler's Killing
Four Israeli Troops Wounded by Gaza Mortar Shell
Palestinian Militant Killed by Israeli Artillery in Gaza: Hamas
Middle East
Hezbollah Signals Support for Presidential Choice in Lebanon
Jordan's King Urges Israel to 'Withdraw'
Putin's Future Uncertain After Election
Greek Military Buildup Makes It Regional Power
Protests Over Killing of Spanish Policeman Amid ETA Hunt
Five Killed in Mogadishu
Rights Group: Nearly 6,000 Killed, Over 700,000 Displaced in Somalia Violence Since 2006
Australia's Rudd Rules Out Cuts to Military Spending
Two Koreas Agree on Cross-Border Train
Unearthing War's Horrors Years Later in South Korea

Justin Raimondo
Is Russia Democratic?

David R. Henderson
The Religion Called Americanism

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In For the Long Haul

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Khrushchev's Cold War

Charles Peña
An American in Paris

Nebojsa Malic
On the Brink

Philip Giraldi
A Conservative View of Iran

Ivan Eland
Bush's Role in Bringing
Pakistan to the Abyss

Ran HaCohen
The Israeli Right Has a Peace Plan

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal May Trigger Midterm Polls in India

Sascha Matuszak
Chaos in the Great Game

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