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Neocons Attack the NIE, Again: Alterman/Zornick
Liquidation of Empire: Gordon Prather
Postwar Elections and Peace Prospects: Alan Bock
The AFRICOM Boondoggle: Werther
Blackwater Horror Movie: Jennifer Daskal

 Robert Dreyfuss

US Still Backs Iran in Iraq

 Gareth Porter

Iran Lies Shift and Back Again

 Dilip Hiro

US Has Abused Iraq for a Long Time

 Robert Stinnett

Treason at Pearl Harbor

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Updated December 16, 2007 - 10:08 PM EST
Turkey Bombs Northern Iraq
Bush Appeals to Congress for More Iraq Funds
  British Handover Won't Affect Basra Much
  Iraqi Police, US-Backed Patrols Attacked
  Sunday: 1 US Soldier, 32 Iraqis Killed; 29 Iraqis Wounded
Israel: US Report on Iran May Spark War
  Israel Fails to Convince US of Iran Threat
  US Boosts Presence Along Iranian Border
Russian Gen.: Pentagon Seeking Confrontation
  Russia Warns of US Missile Shield Retaliation
  Russia Plans No Forces Build-Up After CFE Freeze
Feds Tell Court to Kill Inquiry on Destroyed CIA Torture Tapes
  Congress Defies Bush on CIA Tape Probe
  Interrogation Tapes: Tracking a Paper Trail
  Bush Seeks Control Over Military Lawyers
As Concerns Rise, US Is Reviewing Afghan Mission
Think Again: the Nth Time Is Farce: Neocons Attack the NIE, Yet Again  by Eric Alterman and George Zornick
Rumble in the Jungle: The AFRICOM Boondoggle  by Werther
One More Cruel Hoax: Iraqi Refugees Return  by John Ross
What Is Probably in the Missing Tapes  by Naomi Wolf
Liquidation of Empire
by Gordon Prather
Torture's Blame Game  by Rosa Brooks

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British Terror Suspect Escapes From Prison Van in Pakistan
Another KBR Rape Claim Brings Scrutiny
Congress Holds Secret Cash for Syria Strike Info
Iraqi City Poised to Become Hub of Shi'ite Power
Soldier Deaths Down in Iraq
Iraq: Balkanized Homecoming
'Run Out of Town': How UK Got Southern Iraq Wrong
Investigator Is Subject of Probe
Armed Forces 'Superbug' Menaces UK
Bush Demands Freedom to Torture
Basra Residents:
UK Troops Had Negative Impact
Today in Iraq
Former Police Chief Arrested in Southern Iraq
US Channels $40 Billion Into Reconstruction Projects in Iraq
Gunmen Kill Anti-al-Qaeda Group Leader North of Baghdad
Iraqi Soccer Tournament Is a Joyous Outlet for Those Burdened by War
Iraqi, Kurdish Premiers Discuss Differences in Baghdad
Four Children Killed, Wounded in Iraq Cluster Bomb Explosion
Saturday: 1 US Soldier, 32 Iraqis Killed; 43 Iraqis Wounded
UK to Hand Control of Last Province to Iraq Forces
Handover in Basra as Killings Go On
UK Soldiers Reflect on Time in Basra
Hakim Confident Iraqi Forces Can Keep Order in Basra
'I Felt a New Terror on Basra's Streets'
Basra's Militias Murder 'Un-Islamic' Women
Global Iraq Fallout
Polish PM Wants Troops Out of Iraq in October 2008
Iraqi Deputy Prime Minister Seeks Cooperation With Syria on Security, Intelligence
Iraqi President Receives Iranian Negotiator Ahead of Trilateral Talks With US
Tunisia Convicts Four on Terrorism Charges Involving Iraq
Report: Yacht Built for Saddam on Sale for 23.5 Million Euros
Kurdish Director, Stuck Between Iraq and Iran
The War at Home
Provision Would Ease US Entry for Iraqi Refugees
Wider Spying Fuels Aid Plan for Telecom Industry
McCain's Bomb, Bomb Iran Heckler

Iraqi Sisters, Former Military Interpreters Finding Support in Montana, Still Face Struggles

Columbia University Still Roiled by Iranian's Visit
Antiwar Congresswoman Julia Carson Dies at 69
US Military
Feds Ask Judge to Reject Suit Over Treatment of Combat Vets
Stung by Abu Ghraib Scandal
Coast Guard Employee Alleges Retaliation
Congress Pulls Plug on Shady Defense Deals
Battles of Britain
40% of Scots Now Support Independence
British Troops Investigated Over Smuggling Stolen Guns to the UK
UK Govt Loses Bid to Keep Iran Opposition Group Outlawed
UK Flight Baggage Chaos Predicted
Toll in Algeria Blast Rises to 37
Algerian Security Forces Defuse Two Bombs
Bomb Alert on France-Algeria Ferry Proves False: Officials
Bomb Wounds 12 Soldiers Near Somali Parliament
Frustration With Charities and UN Grows in Congo
Chadians Await EU Peacekeepers With Hope, Skepticism
Back From Guantanamo
Mugabe Seems as Ensconced as Ever
Aid Agencies Help Liberia's Abused War Women
Protesters Seek More Autonomy From Bolivia’s Capital
Four Bolivian Provinces Challenge Their President
Haiti: UN Confronts Another Sex Scandal
Cyanide Cited in Death of Argentina Torture Suspect
Americans Keep Dying
New Mexico Soldier Killed in Iraq Weeks Before Return
Family Doubts Bovey (MN) Soldier Died by Suicide in Iraq
Former Texas Police Officer Working as Contractor Killed in Iraq
Local High School Mourns Soldier (IN) Killed by Bomb in Iraq
Soldier (NC) Killed in Afghanistan Had Wanted Military Career
Navy SEAL From California Killed in Iraq Combat
Eagle Butte (SD) Man Killed by IED in Afghanistan
Vancouver (WA) Contractor Killed by Iraq Bomb
Former Marine (NE) Killed While Working in Iraq
Opposition Criticism Over Ahmadinejad's Holocaust Remarks
Iranian Revolutionary Guard Conduct Maneuvers in Gulf Waters Sunday
Azerbaijan: 15 Convicted as Traitors Gave Iran Information on Israel
Indian Foreign Secretary Begins Iran Visit to Mend Fences
Iran Ready to Build Houses in Iraq
Report: Germany Expelled Iran Diplomat Who Sought Nuke Parts
Iranian Band Plans Concert With Chris De Tehran
Austrian Energy Giant Takes Heat for Deal With Iran
At Least 300,000 Gazans Rally to Mark Hamas' 20th Anniversary
Hamas Warns of Intifada
Factions Outline New Initiative to End Hamas-Fatah Feud
Ayalon: IDF Must Ensure Invasion of Gaza Bolsters Palestinian Moderates
Palestinians Say Israel Releases Hamas-Linked Mayor
Moscow Mideast Peace Conference on Hold for Now: Lavrov
Qassam Hits Negev Factory as Israel Declares 'Special Situation'
Livni: PA Development Not at Israel's Expense
Israeli Army Faces Recruitment Trouble Because of Botched War in Lebanon
Lebanese Crisis 'Reflects' Frayed Ties Between Syria and West
US Envoy Urges Lebanon to Quickly Name New President
British 'Success' Under Siege in Afghanistan
US Tones Down Aid Appeals to NATO Allies
Explosion Near Kabul Police Office Kills Five
With Color and Panache, Afghans Fight a Different Kind of War
Rockets Fired in Afghanistan as Troops Patrol Town
Pakistani Leader Ends State of Emergency
Musharraf: Emergency Saved Pakistan
Pentagon Says It's Working With Pakistan to Ensure Border Security
Musharraf: Political Plot Foiled
Musharraf: Benazir Bhutto May Return as PM
Musharraf Amends Constitution
Bhutto: 'Rigging' to Be Blocked With People's Support
Seven Killed in Pakistan Suicide Attack
Houses of Two Militants Demolished in Pakistan's Swat Territory
Militants Attack Security Forces Convoy in Waziristan, No Casualties
Pakistan Air Force Fighter Aircraft Crashes, No Casualties
India Successfully Test Fires Nuke-Capable Missile for the Third Consecutive Day
Police Kill a Protester and Wound 5 in Kashmir
Rebel Group Kills Four, Injures One in NE India
Japan's Defense Minister Wants Complete Review of US Base Costs
Cleric: 'Disaster' if Bali Bombers Executed
Malaysia to US: Don't Meddle in Our Security Law
South Korea to Be More Critical on North Korea Aid
30 Years After Abductions, Questions Haunt Japanese
Kyrgyzstan Votes to Give President Docile Parliament
Nepal's Election by Mid-April Next Year: Minister
EU Summit Gambles on Huge Kosovo Mission
UN Cites Serb Threat to Kosovo's Energy
UN Security Council Agrees to Hear Kosovo Albanians
Communists Nominate Leader to Run for President of Russia
Russia Helps Its Muslims Take the Journey to Mecca
Weekend Reviews
'Mr. Speaker, Peace Is Always Superior to War'
The Islamic Bomb
The Man Behind the Torture
Prince of Darkness: Richard Perle

Justin Raimondo
Ron Paul: Slings and Arrows, Left and Right

Alan Bock
Postwar Elections and Peace Prospects

Doug Bandow
Embarrassed to Explain US Foreign Policy

Nebojsa Malic
The Final Assault

Charles Peña
Bush's Surreal Iran Policy

Philip Giraldi
The Anti-Iran Annapolis Conference

David R. Henderson
The Religion Called Americanism

Ivan Eland
Bush's Role in Bringing
Pakistan to the Abyss

Ran HaCohen
The Israeli Right Has a Peace Plan

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal May Trigger Midterm Polls in India

Sascha Matuszak
Chaos in the Great Game

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