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The Huckster's Foreign Policy: Justin Raimondo
Don't Lean on the NIE: David R. Henderson
The Shocking Gitmo Stories: Andy Worthington
'The Values We Share': John Pilger
Reevaluate US Relationship With Israel: Scott Ritter

 Robert Dreyfuss

US Still Backs Iran in Iraq

 Gareth Porter

Iran Lies Shift and Back Again

 Dilip Hiro

US Has Abused Iraq for a Long Time

 Robert Stinnett

Treason at Pearl Harbor

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Updated December 17, 2007 - 11:05 PM EST
Britain Bows Out of a War It Could Never Win
  Basrans Saw British Troops as Conquerors, Not Saviors
  Political Clash in Poland Over Iraq Raises Threat of Early Pullout
Turkish General: US Aided Air Strikes on N. Iraq
  Iraq Demands Halt to Turkish Air Strikes
  More Than 20 Turkish Planes in Iraq Strike: Reports
Bush Faces Pressure to Focus on Afghanistan
  Bolton Urges Bush to 'Rein In' Rice

25 Killed in Clashes in Afghanistan

US to Keep Most Troops in Baghdad

Monday: 2 US Soldiers, 34 Iraqis Killed; 61 Iraqis Wounded

Israel Plays Down Split With US on Iran
  Israeli Delegation Heads to US in Attempt to Refute Iran Report
  Iran Wants to Discuss Iraq 'Terrorist Groups' With US
US Must Reevaluate Its Relationship With Israel  by Scott Ritter
Let Russia Finds Its Own Way to Political Reform  by Georgie Anne Geyer
The Shocking Stories of the Aid Workers Just Released From Gitmo  by Andy Worthington
Restoring Habeas  by Julian Sanchez
'The Values We Share'
by John Pilger
The Right Wing's Jerusalem Gambit
by Gregory Levey

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Quarter of Israeli Troops in West Bank Witness to Abuse: Report
Olmert Shushes Iran Nuclear Report Criticism
Hundreds Flee as Turkish Planes Attack Northern Iraqi Villages
General: Iraq at Its Quietest Since '04
US Confident Troop Cuts Won't Hurt Iraq Security
US Army Loses Another 12,000 Guns and Trucks in Iraq
British Military Used New Equipment Budget for Day-to-Day Operations
Antiwar Republican Beats Own Fundraising Record
Ex-Aide to British PM: Al-Qaeda Threat Exaggerated
Zawahiri Solicits Questions for Online Interview Session
The 'Body Contractors': Death Squads Are Killing Fewer People but Taking More Care to Hide Handiwork
Today in Iraq
Iraqi Kurd President Won't Sign Press Censorship Bill Into Law
Thousands of Sadr Followers Protest Car Bombings
Iraq Plans Major Detainee Release
Babel Governor Survives Assassination Attempt
Sunday: 1 US Soldier, 90 Iraqis Killed; 30 Iraqis Wounded
British Hand Over Basra in Disarray
Iraq Takes Control of Basra From British Army
UK Has Left Behind Murder and Chaos, Says Basra Police Chief
'The Shi'ite Militias in Basra Are Better Armed Than Iraqi Forces'

On the Sidelines in Basra: British Tackle a New Role

Crumbling Services and Violence on the Streets, the British Legacy in Basra
Rivers of Basra... Pollution and Unfulfilled Promises
Global Iraq Fallout
Iraqi Refugees Are Arrested in Lebanon
For Sale: Saddam's Yacht
Syria-Iraq Pipeline Will Reopen Within Two Years
The War at Home
Engineer Says Bush Admin. Sought to Implement Domestic Spying Within Two Weeks of Taking Office
Huckabee: Bush Administration Shows 'Arrogant Bunker Mentality'
Conferees Want Hard Look at Contractors
In Northern California, Grassroots Groups Explore Ways to Rebuild Afghanistan
US Military
A Distant War Comes Home to America
Top Pentagon Official Has Key Role in Charlie Wilson's War
Is Military More Tolerant of Gay Members in Wartime?
Teleconference a Holiday Treat for Marine Families
US: Afghan Border Attacks Drop 40 Pct.
Allies Losing Afghanistan War, Australian Minister Warns
Roadside Bomb Kills Two Afghan Civilians
Afghan Army Kills Four Taliban Near Captured Town
Two Taliban Commanders Killed in Afghanistan: US
US General: 50 Afghan Rebel Leaders Killed, Captured This Year
Musharraf Foes Vow to Undo His Changes
As Pakistan Lifts Emergency Rule, Musharraf Eyes Next Step
Election Result Critical to Musharraf
Rice Urges Musharraf to Allow Fair Campaign
Bomb Misses Target, but Ethiopian Soldiers Kill Nine After Opening Fire in Aftermath
Somali Leader Dismisses Cabinet
French Newsman Held in Somalia
Darfur Rebels Claim 'Major Victory' in Convoy Attack
Leadership Battle Grips South Africa’s Dominant Party
UN: Congo Groups Recruiting Children
Dueling Rallies Spotlight Bolivian Split
Israeli General: Possible Secret Iranian Nuke Program 'Not That Farfetched'
Iran Says US Report a 'Declaration of Surrender'
Iran Says No Date Fixed for Atom Plant Completion
Iran to Azerbaijan: Show Proof for Claims of Spying on Israel
Police in Iran Shut 24 Internet Cafes
Two Iranian Feminists Charged With Terrorism: Judge
Ahmadinejad Blames Critics for Iran Inflation Woes
Iran Grants Visa to Wife of Missing American Man
Mideast Peace?
World Powers Gather in Paris to Bankroll Palestinian State
Economists: Israeli Sanctions Will Likely Leave Palestinian Pledges Wasted
Palestinians Warn Settlement Plan Will Cloud Talks
Report: Israel Won't Grant Rights to Palestinians Whose Homes Were Annexed
Rice: Worsening Conditions in Gaza Not Israel's Fault
Israel Rules Out Attacks by Hezbollah, Syria in 2008
Israel Denounces 'Terrorist' Threat of Unauthorized Radio Stations
Israeli Air Strike in Gaza Wounds Four Hamas Militants: Hamas
Politicians Held as Israel Cracks Down on Hamas Raids
Israel to Let 900 Gazans Travel to Mecca Pilgrimage
Palestinian Rocket Wounds 2-Year-Old
Israel's Left-Wing MP Beilin Quits Party Leadership
Interview: Avigdor Lieberman Discusses Ways to Get Rid of Israel's Arabs
Egypt Drops Terror Charges Against Muslim Brothers

Egypt Finds Two Gaza Smuggling Tunnels

Saudi Arabia
Saudis Vow Safe Hajj, Wary of Crushes and Militants
300 Rebels Escape E. Indian Jail
India Declares Pakistan's Nukes Safe

Kashmiris Clash With Police for Second Day

Opposition Says Kyrgyzstan Vote Is Rigged as Leader Wins in 'Landslide'
Kyrgyzstan Votes to Give President Docile Parliament
Fears of Turmoil After Kyrgyz Vote
Sri Lanka Eyes Weapons as War Escalates
Philippine Talks Stall as Separatists Accuse Government of Changing Agreement
Election in South Korea Is Missing Its Suspense
Old US Allies, Still Hiding Deep in Laos
East Timor's Restless Peace
Games Torch to Light Up Isolated North Korea
Russia Orders New Strategic Nukes
Putin Opens Mecca Path for Muslims
Russia Expels Journalist Critical of Kremlin
Serbia Sees Russia, China Backing More Kosovo Talks
ETA Bomb Explodes in Northern Spain

Justin Raimondo
The Huckster's Foreign Policy

David R. Henderson
Don't Lean on the NIE

Alan Bock
Postwar Elections and Peace Prospects

Doug Bandow
Embarrassed to Explain US Foreign Policy

Nebojsa Malic
The Final Assault

Charles Peña
Bush's Surreal Iran Policy

Philip Giraldi
The Anti-Iran Annapolis Conference

Ivan Eland
Bush's Role in Bringing
Pakistan to the Abyss

Ran HaCohen
The Israeli Right Has a Peace Plan

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal May Trigger Midterm Polls in India

Sascha Matuszak
Chaos in the Great Game

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