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A Christian Christmas in Snowy Iran: William Wedin's Man of the Year by Justin Raimondo
No More Slam Dunks: Philip Giraldi
Iraq, Afghan War Costs Top Vietnam: Aaron Glantz
The Forgotten Man: Doug Bandow

 Scott Horton

No Law: Torture, Spying, Impunity Rampant

 Gareth Porter

New Iran Intel Almost a Year Old

 Ivan Eland

Kosovo Compromise?

 Karen Kwiatkowski

Tragedy and Hope

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Updated December 21, 2007 - 10:53 PM EST
Iraq, Afghan War Costs Top Vietnam
  Bush 'Loses Patience' With Syria
  Bush Says Not Satisfied With Iraq Political Progress
  Bush Worries US Allies May Quit Afghanistan
US Iraq Arms Sales Office Gets 1000% Staff Hike
  Bitterness as US Releases a Few Iraqi Prisoners, Most Never Charged
  Gang-Raped Then Locked in Van, Iraq Worker Says
  Friday: 14 Iraqis Killed, 10 Wounded
Turkey: Military Ops in Iraq May Continue
  Kurdish Leader Slams US Over Military Assistance to Turkey
50 Killed in Pakistan Mosque Bombing
Powers Again Fail to Reach Iran Sanctions Deal
  US Commander Tells Iran to Stop Bomb Supplies to Iraq, Afghanistan
  Iran Nuclear Plant Delayed – to Open in Late 2008
Rice Won't Rule Out North Korea Visit, 'Normalization'
  North Korea Resists Dec. 31 Declaration Deadline
A Christian Christmas in
Snowy Iran
 by William Wedin
The Walls Around Bush's
Iraq Strategy
 by Rosa Brooks
McCarthy Reincarnated in New Bill
by Peter Erlinder
No More Slam Dunks  by Philip Giraldi
The Lawless Surveillance State
by Glenn Greenwald
Poisonous and Dangerous
by Seumas Milne

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Lakota Indians Secede From US
Rivals China and India Make Peace With Historic War Games
No Proof Airport Security Makes Flying Safer: Study
Report: More Libyans Joining Militants in Iraq
Bush Says Little About Destroyed CIA Tapes
Qaeda Deputy Zawahri to Take Queries
Al-Arian Documentary Highlights Real Cost of Indefinite Detentions
Indian Maoist Insurgency Spreading: PM
Today in Iraq
Three Years Later, Fallujah Still a Disaster
Kurds Push for Oil and Power Sharing
Iraqi PM Calls for Combating Corruption
New Police Chief for Iraq's Babel Province
Giant Inflatable Santa Looms Large in Baghdad
Iraq Rock Band Breaks Ground With First Arabic Single
Iraq Occupation
Did GIs Sell Guns in Iraq?
Pentagon Passes Short-Term Vehicle Goal in Iraq
Attacks Continue
Bombings Mar Peaceful Holiday of Eid Al-Adha in Iraq
Volunteers to Fight al-Qaeda Targeted in Iraq Blast
Iraq Bomber Aimed at Alcohol Sellers
Thursday: 1 US Soldier, 53 Iraqis Killed, 51 Iraqis Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
Most Poles Support Iraq Troop Pullout: Survey
IMF Approves $744 Million Credit for Iraq
The War at Home
Congress Subpoenas Ex-CIA Official
Bush Pretty Sure He Answered Clearly When He First Knew About CIA Tape Destruction
Iowa Teens Translate Books Into Arabic for Iraqis
US Military
'Invitation' to Huge Defense Fraud
Soldiers' Kin Seeks Answers After Suicide
Is the Military Neglecting PTSD Troops?
Military Sets Sights on at Least 15,000 Armored Vehicles
Two Freed Guantánamo Inmates Released on Bail
'Thank You Very Much Everybody. Now I Want to Go Home and See My Children'
Bin Laden's Driver Is Not PoW, US Judge Says
Gitmo Aussie: Bin Laden Was Just Lovely
'War on Terror'
DHS Finalizing Plans for Domestic Spy Satellite Program
Judge: Man Can't Be Forced to Divulge Encryption Passphrase
Anthrax Case: Reporters Say Hatfill Partly to Blame
TSA Draws Travelers' Complaints
Judge: US Govt Acted Legally in Keeping Muslim Scholar From Speaking Engagements
Strictures in US Prompt Arabs to Study Elsewhere
Uganda Rebels Given Ultimatum
UN Union Urges Independent Algeria Bomb Probe
Congo Calls Peace Summit to End North Kivu Conflict
Nigerian Army, Rebels Accused of Rights Abuses
13 Face Trial for Ivory Coast Plot
Europe Tears Down More Borders
France Holds 'al-Qaeda Suspects'
Man Cleared in 1998 Northern Ireland Blast
Dubai Reacts to US Pressure on Iran
Top Iranians Call for Free and Fair Elections
Iran Kills Four Leaders of Sunni Rebel Group
Iran Set to Free Three Jailed Students: Lawyer
Israeli Prime Minister's Office Denies Israel Is Considering Cease-Fire
Israeli Foreign Ministry Official Calls for More US Security Guarantees
Israeli Military Confident of Success in Gaza
Israeli Minister Backs Off Massive Construction Plan
Rice Welcomes 'Good Step' From Israel on Settlements
Israel Opposes Moscow Peace Summit
Olmert Eyes Personal Anti-Nuke Bunker
Israeli Army Pulls Out From Central Gaza After Killing Seven Militants
For Israel's Arab Citizens, Isolation and Exclusion
Israeli Troops Force-Fed Palestinians Peanut Butter Snacks
Israeli Military Eyes Rapid-Fire Cannon From Pentagon
Attempt to Exchange Messages Between Israel, Syria Fails
Syria Says Working for End to Lebanon Crisis
Lebanese TV Airs Video of Hezbollah Prisoner in Israel
Bush, Congress at Loggerheads Over Pakistan Aid: Observers
White House Says Can Meet Congress Terms on Pakistan Aid
Picture of Secret Jailing Emerging in Pakistan
Bhutto Accuses Pakistan's Spy Agency of Pressuring Candidates
Bhutto Campaigns in Home Province
Pakistan Dissident Freed for Eid
Afghan Death Penalty Raises Concerns
Polish Defense Minister Visits Troops in Afghanistan
Robin Williams, Lance Armstrong in Kabul
Top Kyrgyz Opposition Fails to Win Seat
Shut Out in Kyrgyzstan Elections, Opposition Party Vows Protests
US Says Seriously Concerned About Kyrgyz Elections
Newly Elected South Korean Forecasts Chill With North
Japanese DM Eyes Military Response to Potential Space Alien Attack
Philippines Military Defends Rights Record
28 Rebels Killed in Sri Lanka
EU Says China Pressure in Myanmar Key
Hundreds March for Democracy in Macau
Stars Twinkle Political Chaos Over Thai Election
Uzbekistan's President Seeks 3rd Term
In Other News
UN Body Plans to End Investigation of Contracts
Indictments Stir Plot in the Case of the Cash-Filled Bag

Justin Raimondo
12/21/2007's Man of the Year: Thomas Fingar

Doug Bandow
The Forgotten Man

Nebojsa Malic
The Die is Cast

Ivan Eland
The Solution to the Kosovo Problem

Philip Giraldi
Turkey: Another Ally Lost

David R. Henderson
Don't Lean on the NIE

Alan Bock
Postwar Elections and Peace Prospects

Charles Peña
Bush's Surreal Iran Policy

Ran HaCohen
The Israeli Right Has a Peace Plan

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal May Trigger Midterm Polls in India

Sascha Matuszak
Chaos in the Great Game

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