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Help! A Cease-Fire!: Uri Avnery
The Surge: Illusion and Reality: Conn Hallinan
How's al-Qaeda Doing?: Michael Scheuer
The Railroading of Bilal Hussein: Scott Horton
Lawyers Stepping Up: Katrina vanden Heuvel

 Scott Horton

No Law: Torture, Spying, Impunity

 Gareth Porter

New Iran Intel Almost a Year Old

 Ivan Eland

Kosovo Compromise?

 Karen Kwiatkowski

Tragedy and Hope

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Updated December 25, 2007 - 10:58 PM EST

Bush Backs Turkish Strikes on Kurdish Rebels

  US Doubts Kurds' Claims of New Attack by Turkey

No Letup for Christmas for US Troops in Iraq

  Old Tactic Returns as Gunmen Seize 13 Iraqis From Bus

Tuesday: 66 Iraqis Killed, 105 Wounded

UN Insignia a Global Target for al-Qaeda Attacks

Ousted Thai Leader Returns in Triumph

How's al-Qaeda Doing? You Decide
by Michael Scheuer
The Railroading of Bilal Hussein
by Scott Horton
The Surge: Illusion and Reality
by Conn Hallinan
Help! A Cease-Fire!  by Uri Avnery

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Today in Iraq

Iraq Kurds Warn Turkey Over Raids

Iraq VP Warns Against Sidelining Sunni Patrols

Iraqi VP Calls for Internally Displaced Families to Return to Baghdad

Children Die in Iraq Train Crash

A New Sensation in Iraq: Motor Scooters

Monday: 15 Iraqis Killed, 22 Wounded, 22 Kidnapped
Christians in Iraq

Iraq's First Cardinal Says Fear Still Pervades the Country

Christians Return Cautiously to Baghdad

Quieter Christmas in Iraq

In Iraq, the Ghosts of Christmas Past

At Christmas, Iraqi Christians Ask for Forgiveness, and for Peace

Occupying Iraq

UK Security Firm Withheld Information From Army in Iraq

'War on Terror'

Turkey: Bomb Plot Thwarted, Officials Say

Britain: Man Charged Under Terrorism Act

CIA Tapes

Wagons Circled at CIA Over Tapes' Demise

9/11 Commission Chair: 'No Question' CIA Knew We Wanted Tapes

CIA: Rogue or Victim in Tapes Flap?

The War at Home

Bush Seeks to Restore Tattered US Image With Heavy '08 Travel

Jews and Muslims See the US as a Place to Make Peace


US Helicopter Attack Kills Two Civilians, Wounds Four Others

Mine Explosion Kills 2 Civilians in S. Afghanistan

Roadside Blast Kills 1 Police Officer, Wounds 3 Others in Afghanistan

Gates: Pak-Afghan Cross-Border Attacks Down by 40%

Afghanistan's Insurgents Use Corpses to Hide Bombs, NATO Says

Afghan Woman Detained for Bomb Under Burqa


US Aid Plan for Tribal Areas in Pakistan Is Threatened

Pakistan Militants Claim Kidnapping Two Army Captains

Musharraf, Others Receive Death Threats


Sino-Indian Army Exercises Bring Two Asian Powers Closer

Five Civilians Held Hostage by Pakistan-Based Insurgents in Kashmir Mosque
Iran Wants Talks With US Ambassador

Study Predicts 16-28 Million Iranian Civilians Killed in Nuclear War With Israel

Iran Plans to Buy Russian Helicopters, Fighter Engines

Iran and Russia Meet to Discuss Defense Cooperation


Home on Holiday, the Lebanese Say, What Turmoil?

Lebanese Cabinet Issues Constitutional Amendment Draft

Hezbollah Rejects Bush Lebanon Comments

Syria Threatens Spanish UN Soldiers in Lebanon

Syria Hopes Next US President Won't Object to Peace Talks With Israel

Israel's War at Home

Israeli Army: Use of Cluster Bombs During Lebanon War Legal

Israeli Air Force Eyes New US-Made Jet

Israeli DM Promises to Win Next War


Behind the Scenes: Israel, Hamas Scramble for Cease-Fire

Settlement Dispute Stalls Israeli-Palestinian Talks

Israel Weighs Change to Free Palestinian Prisoners

Bethlehem Abuzz for Christmas Celebrations

Pilgrims Flock to Most Peaceful Bethlehem in Years

Pilgrims to Bethlehem Are Heartened by Even Relative Calm


French Newsman Freed in Somalia

Dangerous Journey for Somalia Aid


African Union Urges Sudan to Facilitate Darfur Force

Oil Dispute Fuels Crisis in South Sudan


Resurgent Congo War Dashes Voters' Hopes

Congo's Conflict Could Cross Borders

Youths Again Forced to Fight in Congo, Aid Group Says


Uganda, Congo Armies Plan Offensive Against Rebels

Kenyan Rivals Rally Their Troops


Uzbek Leader Wins New Term

Uzbekistan's Elections Labeled 'Undemocratic'


Justin Raimondo
Ron Paul vs. the Dirty Tricksters

Doug Bandow
The Forgotten Man

Nebojsa Malic
The Die is Cast

Ivan Eland
The Solution to the Kosovo Problem

Philip Giraldi
Turkey: Another Ally Lost

David R. Henderson
Don't Lean on the NIE

Alan Bock
Postwar Elections and Peace Prospects

Charles Peņa
Bush's Surreal Iran Policy

Ran HaCohen
The Israeli Right Has a Peace Plan

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal May Trigger Midterm Polls in India

Sascha Matuszak
Chaos in the Great Game

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