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Benazir & Indira – Papa's Puppets: Farzana Versey
Un-Happy Hegemony: Gordon Prather
Sad Day for Democracy: Alan Bock
Flying Potlatch: Werther
Balance of Power Shifting From the US: Leon Hadar

 Patrick Cockburn

Iraq at the End of '07

 Pat Buchanan

A Republic, Not an Empire

 Scott Horton

No Law: Torture, Spying, Impunity

 Gareth Porter

New Iran Intel Almost a Year Old

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Updated December 29, 2007 - 10:54 PM EST
US Pakistan Policy in Disarray
  US Fears Pakistan's Crisis Could Affect War in Afghanistan
  Bhutto Buried as Government Orders Virtual Lockdown
  Pakistan Says al-Qaeda and Taliban Behind Bhutto Assassination
  Pakistan: Bhutto Hit Her Head on the Sunroof
  Workers Burn to Death as Riot Toll Hits 32
Bush Rejects Another Iraq War Spending Bill
  Huckabee: US Should Monitor Pakistanis Coming Into Country
Wall-Building Surge Hits Baghdad Reconciliation
  Shopowners Flee Mixed Baghdad Areas
  Bloody Year in Iraq Ends With Hopes of Growing Calm
  General Tells US Troops to Help Iraqi Govt Restore Services, Boost Jobs
  Turkey Ready to Stage New Raids Against PKK in Northern Iraq
  Saturday: 34 Iraqis Killed, 20 Wounded
Russia Denies Plans to Deliver Missiles to Iran
CIA Torture and Other War Crimes
by Philip Giraldi
Balance of Power Is Continuing to Shift From the US  by Leon Hadar
A Little Late for Winning Hearts and Minds  by Brad Jacobson
Stop Meddling in Pakistan
by Jacob G. Hornberger
Flying Potlatch  by Werther
Un-Happy Hegemony  by Gordon Prather

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Transcript of Alleged al-Qaida Intercept
Bolton: US 'Helped Precipitate' Conditions for Bhutto's Assassination
Witness: Police Abandoned Security Posts Before Bhutto Assassination
Pakistan's Nukes 'Secure', Assures White House
Iraq's Anti-al-Qaeda Sunni Militias See Uncertain Future
Britain Drops 'War on Terror' Label
Hundreds of Thousands Mourn Bhutto
Today in Iraq
Islamist 'Defense Minister' Detained Near Baghdad
Returning Refugees Pose Problems for Iraq
Love Crosses Iraqi Sectarian Divide
Baghdad Savors Its Film Festival
Counterfeit Money Rattles Iraqi Markets
Three Unidentified Bodies Found in Baghdad
Bomb in Baghdad Kills at Least 7 in Crowd of Mostly Shi'ite Shoppers
Friday: 31 Iraqis Killed, 69 Wounded
Iraq Occupation
South Korea Approves Extension of Reduced Iraq Deployment
Troops in Iraq to Get Bowling Lanes
Iraq Arrests Seen as Break in Case of Two Missing US Soldiers
Global Iraq Fallout
Iraq May Halt Oil Exports to South Korea
Japan to Send Tents to Aid 10,000 Displaced in Iraq
The War at Home
Democrats: Bush Veto Slashes Pay Raise for Troops
Death of Soldier on Christmas Day Inspires Moving Hometown Response
Ruling Against Muslim Group Is Overturned
US Military
Switching to Convoy Gunner a Fateful Choice
Giving M4 Failures 'An Alibi'?
Suicide Shocks Montana Into Assessing Vets' Care
Australian Guantánamo Convict Released
Full Text: Guantánamo Aussie's Statement
Psychologist: Gitmo Detainee to Be Released Is 'Broken Into Pieces'
Iraqi Kurds Deal-Making Over Oil, Kirkuk
Turkish Court Rejects Restrictions on Pro-Kurdish Party
Shame of Imported Labor in Kurdish North of Iraq
Hitting the Kurds From All Sides
Israeli Foreign Ministry Plans to Drop Syria From 'Radical Axis' List
Syria Calls on US to Broker Peace
Syria Says Israel's Aura of Invincibility Is Long Gone
Israel Halts Settlement Ahead of Bush Visit
Olmert Seeks to Tighten Grip on West Bank Building
Two Israelis and Two Palestinians Killed in West Bank
Israeli Troops Raid Hebron Hospital
Arab, Jewish Women Protest Occupation
Abbas to Get Armored Vehicles but Without Guns Mounted on Them
Middle East
Saudi Arabia Arms Sale May Spark US Congress Battle
Iran Receives Second Nuclear Fuel Shipment
Crisis in Pakistan
Attendee at Bhutto Rally: 'There Was Pandemonium'
Sharif: Elections Next Month Would Destroy the Country
Sharif Becomes Key Figure Despite Poll Boycott
Last Bhutto-Sharif Meeting Focused on Election Rigging
A Glance at Major Violence in Pakistan
They Gathered in Their Thousands to Express Their Grief – and Anger
Mob Torches KFC in Bhutto Unrest
Global Pakistan Fallout
India Orders 'High State of Vigil' on Border With Pakistan
Swiss Officials End Investigation Into Bhutto for Alleged Money Laundering
Border Duty Could Shift to NATO After Bhutto Murder
Moody's: Bhutto Assassination Unlikely to Harm Pakistan's Credit Rating
Pakistani-American Communities Fear for Future of Homeland
Clinton Demands Bhutto Probe, Slams Musharraf
US Consults Allies, Parties on Pakistan Crisis
Poland to Boost Afghanistan Troops in Wake of Bhutto Assassination

Soldier Paralyzed in Afghanistan Back on Duty

Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Says Kills 35 Tamil Tigers but Rebels Deny It
Sri Lanka Stages Air Strikes After Sea Battle
Sri Lankan Official and Bodyguards Smash Up TV Station, Get Taken Hostage by Employees
Nepal Parliament Approves Abolition of Monarchy
China Says Hong Kong May Have Universal Suffrage in 2017

Hindus Burn More Churches in India

Lebanon Vote Delayed for 11th Time
Lebanese MPs Seek Army Chief as President
Putin Wants Smooth Transition to PM Post
Islamists Move in After Ethiopians Leave Somali Town
Peace Talk Preparations Unfold in Congo
Sudan Denies Rebels Downed Military Aircraft
Soldiers Die in Mauritania Clash
Chavez Begins Colombia Hostage Rescue Bid
Bolivia's Morales Faces Divided Nation
Weekend Reviews
Iran: Transcending the Colonizer's History
Do They Even Know It's Christmas (on Guantanamo)?

Justin Raimondo
Election '08: The Collapse of the 'Frontrunners'

Alan Bock
Sad Day for Democracy... but Hope on the Horizon?

Doug Bandow
Michael Huckabee: Foreign Policy Moderate?

Nebojsa Malic
It's No Longer 1999

Ran HaCohen
Beware of Barak

Charles Peña
Not Home for the Holidays

Ivan Eland
The Solution to the Kosovo Problem

Philip Giraldi
Turkey: Another Ally Lost

David R. Henderson
Don't Lean on the NIE

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal May Trigger Midterm Polls in India

Sascha Matuszak
Chaos in the Great Game

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