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Hands Off Pakistan: Sheldon Richman
The Bhutto Mistake: Charley Reese
Israeli 'Cowardly Blending' Comes to Light: J. Cook
Special Forces on Standby: Gordon Prather
More Signs of Iran Détente: Jim Lobe

 Glenn Greenwald

Justice Investigates White House Obstruction

 Eric Margolis

Playing With Fire in Pakistan

 Patrick Cockburn

Iraq at the End of '07

 Pat Buchanan

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Updated January 6, 2008 - 10:28 PM EST
US Mulls New Covert Push in Pakistan
  US: Relying on Two in People's Party to Help Stabilize Pakistan
  Pakistan: Democracy Gets Small Portion of US Aid
  Next-Gen Taliban
Whistleblower: US Officials Sold Nuke Secrets
  State Department's Strike Force for Nation-Building
Israel to Brief Bush on Iran Strike Options
  Bush: Middle East Visit to Promote Peace, Corral Iran
  Iranian Reformists Vow to End Crisis With West in Nuclear Dispute
  Candidates Sign Up for Iran's Parliament Election
Iraqi Police Find 'Remarkable' Rise in Corpses
  Iraqi Soldier Shot Dead Two US Servicemen
  Bomb Hits Iraq Army Day Celebrations, 9 Killed
  Unrest in Iraq's Diyala Province
  Sunday: 1 GI, 27 Iraqis Killed; 44 Iraqis Wounded; 13 Iraqis Kidnapped
Brzezinski and Charlie Wilson's War  by Stanley Heller
Evidence of Israeli 'Cowardly Blending' Comes to Light  by Jonathan Cook
More Signs of Iran Détente…
From Petraeus
 by Jim Lobe
Special Forces on Standby  by Gordon Prather
The Bhutto Mistake  by Charley Reese
'Turbo'-Charged Idiocy About Torture  by William Norman Grigg

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HMS Diana: Sailors Who Were Nuclear Guinea Pigs
Kenya's President Seeks to End Crisis With Coalition Offer
Talabani Denies Kurd Coalition Plans to Quit Maliki Govt
Pakistan Warns Requests for Musharraf to Step Down Are 'Sedition'
Al-Qaeda Videos Now on Cell Phones
Ghosts That Haunt Pakistan
Bhutto's Murder Rekindles Ethnic Suspicions
Attention Back on Allegations Against Bhutto's Widower
Today in Iraq
Spokesman: Iraqi Army Seized Telecom's Unlicensed Arms

Iraqi TV Show Offers Comfort Through Celebrity Chat

Security Plan to Protect Ashuraa Pilgrims in Iraq

Iraqi Prime Minister Returns After Medical Checks
Iraqi Newspapers Cease Publication on Army Day
UN Food Program Targets One Million Iraqis
Attacks Continue
American Consulate in Basra Attacked by Mortar Shells
Fallujah Tribal Council Member Assassinated
Roadside Bombs Kill Seven in Curfew Zone
12 Unidentified Bodies Found in Baghdad
Power Line Linking Baiji to West of Baghdad Sabotaged
Saturday: 1 US Soldier, 23 Iraqis Killed; 39 Iraqis Wounded
Battles of Britain
UK's Brown: My Vision for 'Dangerous' Year Ahead
Bishop Warns of No-Go Zones for Non-Muslims in Britain
UK Envoys to Be Shifted From Europe to World Hotspots
UK: Confusion Over Change in Airport Luggage Rules
Bhutto Assassination
Musharraf: Bhutto Bears Responsibility for Death
British Detectives Inspect Bhutto Murder Scene
Bhutto Security: Security Chief Gives His Side of the Story
Bhutto Was Killed by Single Assassin, Say Investigators
Commission to Probe Hasty Cleaning of Bhutto Crime Scene
Bhutto's Widower: I Begged My Bibi to Avoid Murder Rally
Bhutto's Husband Calls for UN Probe
Bhutto's Husband on Her Death and the Elections

Bhutto Talked of Father's Advice in Last Interview

Pakistani Politics
Pakistan: Thousands of PPP Workers Face Arrest
The House of Bhutto: A Family at War in a Divided Country
Several Pakistani Ministers Support Idea of Forming National Govt
Pakistani Governor Steps Down
Media Lapped Up Bhutto Website Hoax
Politics on Hold for Bilawal Bhutto Zadari
Today in Pakistan
For Now, Musharraf Has Muzzled Legal Critics in Pakistan
Seven of a Family Killed in Swat Security Operation
At the Heart of Pakistan, Life Keeps a Normal Beat
Local Official Shot Dead in Swabi
Afghan Clerics Warn Karzai Against Missionaries
Expelled British Envoys Tried to Turn Taliban Chief
Coalition Arrests Insurgents at a Compound in Afghanistan
US Law Firms Could Help Shape Afghanistan
Afghan Council Seeks Crackdown on 'Immoral' TV Channels
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Says Clashes Kill 26 Rebels
Sri Lankan President Vows to Crush Tamil Insurgency by Year-End
North Korea
US Rejects North Korea's Claims on List

North Korea Says Earlier Disclosure Was Enough

North Korea Nuclear Talks Stalled Amid Disputes
1977 Exam Opened Escape Route Into China’s Elite
Thai Military Says Security Improving

Colombia Tells 'Incoherent' FARC to Free Hostages

Oliver Stone: My Part in FARC Hostage Baby Saga
Weekend Reviews
Defending American Values From a President Run Amok
Brian De Palma's Scream of Outrage
Bush: We'd Defend Israel in Event of Iranian Strike
German Diplomat Told to Leave Iran in Apparent Expulsion Bid
Iran Tests New Generation of Military Plane Fighters
Iran Says Many OPEC States Can’t Raise Oil Output
British Journalist Forced to Stop Working in Iran
Israel Ends 4-Day Raid in West Bank Town
Olmert Admits Construction Undercuts Peace
Poll: Fatah Losing Support Among West Bank, Gaza Palestinians
Israel: Vanunu Avoids Jail
Hamas Dismisses Bush Middle East Visit as 'Photo Op'
IDF Arrests More Than 20 in Nablus Op
Nazareth Protesters Demand End to Gaza Siege
Deputy Israeli Defense Minister: I'd Support Freeing Barghouti for Gilad Shalit
Report: IDF Kills Hamas Gunman in Gaza
Poll: 81 Percent of Israelis Back Increasing IDF Targeted Killings
West Bank Sweep Keeps Thousands Inside Homes
UK Seeks New International Conference on Mideast Peace in London
Bush Blames Lebanon Stalemate on Syrian Interference
Beirut Arms Itself Against a Shaky Future
Middle East
Pentagon Pushes for Middle Eastern 'Marshall Plan'
Turkey PM Says Diyarbakir Bomb Shows PKK Desperation
Drawing a New Map for Journalism in the Middle East
Saudi Arabia Urged to Free Blogger
OPEC Not to Blame for High Oil Prices, Its President Says
Highlights of Bush's Trip to the Mideast
Georgia Leader Claims Poll Win as Opposition Cries Foul

Officials Dismiss Election Cheating Claims in Georgia

Georgian Opposition Calls for Mass Rally After Vote
Cyprus: Violence Erupts at UK Military Base Demo
Poland Bides Time on Decision to Host Shield
Kenya Defends Ban on Live News Reports
Opposition Seeks New Vote as Violence Ebbs in Kenya
Kenyan Riot Police Turn Back Rallying Protesters
Tribal Strife Leaves Kenya on the Brink of Humanitarian Disaster
Eyewitness Reports: Kenya's Killing Fields
Kenyan Families Flee or Stay and Risk Death
Thousands Face Starvation in Kenya
Kenya Health Crisis 'Within Days'
250,000 Kenyans Driven Out of Homes
Top Runners Are Caught in Kenya’s Rising Violence
African Union Boss to Mediate in Kenya
Chad Threatens to Strike Rebels Inside Sudan
US Agents Investigate Sudan Attack Claim
Somali Gunmen Briefly Kidnap Libyan Diplomats
UN Faults Congo Army for Violence
Americans Keep Dying
Soldier-Blogger (CO) Killed in Iraq Was First Casualty of 2008
Former Fire Chief Working as Firefighting Contractor Dies in Iraq (OH)
High School Mourns Teacher, Coach Killed in Kuwait Crash (HI)
Upstate Soldier (SC) Killed in Afghanistan Remembered
Texas Soldier Killed in Iraq Remembered by Family, Friends
Minnesota Soldier Joined Army to Help Others
Pennsylvania Soldier Dies in Tragic Accident in Iraq
Soldier (TX) Dies Weeks After Roadside Bombing in Afghanistan

Justin Raimondo
The War and the Elections

Doug Bandow
Misguided Meddling in Pakistan

Nebojsa Malic
Shilling for the Empress

Philip Giraldi
Blaming the CIA Won't Work

Alan Bock
Sad Day for Democracy... but Hope on the Horizon?

Ran HaCohen
Beware of Barak

Charles Peña
Not Home for the Holidays

Ivan Eland
The Solution to the Kosovo Problem

David R. Henderson
Don't Lean on the NIE

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal May Trigger Midterm Polls in India

Sascha Matuszak
Chaos in the Great Game

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