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Contractor Abuses Rarely Punished: Ali Gharib
Sunnis Sideline Iraqi Govt: Fadhily/Jamail
'Freedom's Watch': Jim Lobe
The 'Only Serious' Iraq Option: Glenn Greenwald
Staying Innocent About Iraq: David Bromwich

 Gareth Porter

Hezbollah Didn't Do Argentine Bombing

 Luke Ryland

FBI Cover-up in Sibel Edmonds Case

 William S. Lind

The Imprudence of Empire

 Les Roberts

How Many Dead Iraqis?

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Updated January 22, 2008 - 11:26 PM EST
Iraqi Govt Tightens Noose on Alleged Shi'ite Cult

Report: Petraeus Seen as Possible NATO Chief


Hopes for Vehicle Questioned After Iraq Bomb Blast

  Tuesday: 1 US Soldier, 31 Iraqis Killed; 41 Iraqis Wounded
Powers Seek Deal on Tougher Iran Sanctions
  Iran's Supreme Leader Backs MPs in Row With Ahmadinejad
NATO Soldier Killed, 5 Wounded in Afghan Blast
   Afghanistan: Thousands Flee Fighting

Jose Padilla Is Sentenced to 17 Years

More Killed as Kenya Rivals Differ Over Peace Talks

The 'Only Serious' Iraq Option: Staying Forever  by Glenn Greenwald
Freedom's Watch: 'Strong Supporters of Israel'?  by Jim Lobe
Israel Metes Out Collective Punishment of Palestinians, Bush Yawns  by Matthew Rothschild
A Failure to Think  by Jonathan Steele
'Islamofascist' Talk Will Backfire
by James Carroll
Monsters to Destroy: Foreign Policy, Then and Now  an interview with Thomas E. Woods, Jr.

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Freedom's Watch: The Right's Answer to MoveOn?

Brits Admit They Too Were Clueless About Iraq

Iraqi Police and Army Sidelined by Sunni Fighters

E-Mail Missing From Cheney's Office on Day White House Told to Preserve Documents in CIA Leak

Brown Wants Global Network to Stamp Out Disorder, Prop Up Failed States

Iraqis Mourn Man Killed in His Home During US-Led Military Operation
Today in Iraq

Iraqi Newspapers Praise 'Security Successes' in Southern Iraq

Parliament to Vote on Iraqi Flag Bill on Tuesday

Kurdistan's Minister Discusses Oil Contracts in Baghdad

UN: Iraq More Secure, Needs Political Consensus

140 Detained During Basra Clashes

Nine Suspected 'Soldiers of Heaven' Members Captured in Karbala

Asylum Program Falls Short for Iraqis Aiding US Forces

Attacks Continue

Suicide Attack at Funeral in Northern Iraq Kills 17

Probe: Iraqi Teen Bomber Sent by Family

Three Civilians Wounded in Baghdad IED Attack

Seven Unidentified Bodies Found in Baghdad

Attack on Awakening Council Fighters Near Falluja Leaves Eight Casualties

Monday: 4 GIs, 40 Iraqis Killed; 42 Iraqis Wounded
'War on Terror'

Padilla Sentence: Does Terror Training Merit a Life Sentence?

Sympathizers Seek Answers From al-Qaeda Live Interview

New Guidelines in British Universities to 'Battle Terror'

British Govt: Extremists Turn Attention to Muslim Women

Survey: Muslims, West See Divisions Deepening


Four Children Wounded in Mortar Shell Explosion Near Kirkuk

Karzai Vows to Defeat Rebels but Keeps Door Open to Reconciliation

Violence Forces Afghan Kids From School

Kabul's Old City Gets Major Renovation

Occupying Afghanistan

Canada Panel Seen Urging Afghan Mission Extension

Report Urges International Community to 'Divide and Rule' in Afghanistan

Expert: 'Death Trap' Armored Vehicles Should Be Removed From Afghanistan

Afghans Protest Over Claim Koran Desecrated


Militants Kill Five Pakistani Troops in Attack

Pakistani Army Seizes 35 Pro-Taliban Militants in Swat Valley

Pakistan Hits Militant Stronghold

Musharraf Trip Shadowed by Troubles at Home

Musharraf Assures EU of Free Polls

Musharraf Urges Understanding From West

Musharraf Trip Shadowed by Troubles at Home

Pakistan Eases Grip on TV but Bans Some Journalists

Militants Make a Claim for Talks

In Pakistan, TV Network Loses Bite in Its Return

South Asia

Sri Lanka Says 15 Tamil Rebels Killed

Ethnic Nepalese Blamed as Bombs Shake Bhutan

Nepali Ethnic Leaders Warn of Civil War Over Key Election


UN Envoy Warns Against Early Haiti Troop Withdrawal

Cuban Parliament Must Decide on Castro

Cuba: Castro Reelected by 95 Percent


France Says New Iran Resolution Imminent

Iran: Berlin Meeting Will Come to Nothing

At Policy Conference, Bolton Argues Israel May Have to Attack Iran

Thousands of Iran Election Candidates Face Ban

Ahmadinejad Under Fire for Gas Shortages

Crushing Gaza

Gazans Fear Crisis After Four Days of Blockade

Israel: Hamas Shut Off Power for Propaganda Purposes

Israeli Defense Official Lauds Denying Gazans 'Luxury' of Fuel

One Day Only: Israel Agrees to Let Food Into Gaza

Israeli Blockade Paralyzes Gaza Life

Israeli FM: Hamas Could End Gaza Siege in a Minute

Egypt Sends Troops to Gaza Border for Fear of Palestinian Breakout

Gaza: World Reaction

Yemen Calls for Arab Summit to Discuss Israel's Lockdown on Gaza

Syria Urges Foreign Intervention to End Gaza Blockade

Palestinians in Lebanon Protest Gaza Violence

Jordan Urges Russian Pressure on Israel to End Gaza Siege

Iraqi VP's Party Weighs In on Gaza Embargo

Head of WHO Condemns Israeli Blockade of Gaza

France Slams Israel's Gaza Blockade


3-Way Standoff Fuels Mideast Violence

Palestinian PM: No Peace Deal if Israel Keeps Building

Palestinian Faction 'Like al-Qaeda,' but Without the Violence

Israel Successfully Launches Spy Satellite


Lebanese Troops Fire on Israeli Jets

Ministers: Olmert to Blame for Offensive at End of Lebanon War

Unidentified Assailants Toss a Grenade Into a Sunni Area in Beirut


116,000 Displaced in Kenya's North Rift Region

Kenya Govt Turns on Critics

Kenya Minister Calls for 'Balanced Coverage'

Annan Prepares to Try to Mediate in Kenya Crisis


Congo's Warring Parties to Sign Landmark Peace Agreement

'Janjaweed Leader' Is Sudan Aide

Full Text: AU's Report on Somalia


Serbia Pulled Between Russia and West in Election

EU Reaffirms Confidence Over Serbia's Future


Spanish Police Want More Time to Question Terror Suspects

Belarus Protest Dispersed by Police, Some Detained


North Suspends Inter-Korean Talks


Justin Raimondo
McCain and the Militarist Mentality

Ivan Eland
Hope in Iraq

Doug Bandow
The Great Defense Budget Black Hole

Nebojsa Malic
A Different Endgame

Charles Peņa
Shocked, Shocked by Bush's Broken Promises

Philip Giraldi
US, Iran One Misstep
From the Edge

Alan Bock
Some Substance, Please

David R. Henderson
The Fatal Conceit in Foreign Policy

Ran HaCohen
Beware of Barak

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal May Trigger Midterm Polls in India

Sascha Matuszak
Chaos in the Great Game

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