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Iraq and the Kosovo Connection: Justin Raimondo
Threats of Our Own Making: Ivan Eland
The Quick and the Dead: Neil Kitson
What Do We Stand For?: Paul Craig Roberts
Can the US Brace Its Fall?: Jim Lobe

 Michael Scheuer

Osama's Indispensable Ally: US Foreign Policy

 Jonathan Schwarz

Bill Kristol: Wrong

 John V. Walsh

Left, Right, Libertarians Unite Against War!

 Scott Horton

Rule of Law Waterboarded

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Updated February 18, 2008 - 11:13 PM EST
Deal Between Key Iraq Shi'ite Figures Collapses
  US Says Iran-Backed Groups Using Secret Arms Stores in Iraq
  Anti-al-Qaeda Militia Threatens to Withdraw After US Attack
  Police: Civilian Killed by US Fire Near Ramadi
  Sunday: 2 US Soldiers, 24 Iraqis Killed; 22 Iraqis Wounded
Can the US Brace Its Fall?
  CIA's Ambitious Post-9/11 Spy Plan Crumbles
  Former Secretary of State George Schultz: Nuclear Weapons 'Immoral'
  US Spy Chief Warns of 'Increasing Danger' From Lapsed Spy Law
Afghan Blast Deadliest Since Fall of Taliban

Attack on Canadian Convoy Kills 37 Afghan Civilians

  The Story Behind 'Task Force Violence'

Musharraf Allies Headed for Defeat in Pakistan


Pakistani Leaders Lose Parliament Seats

  Peace Agreement Revived in North Waziristan
Serbs in for Long-Haul Fight Against Kosovo State
  Serbia: No Plans to Attack or Blockade Kosovo
The State of the Jihad,
as He Might See It
 by Michael Scheuer
The Quick and the Dead: Eric Margolis and John Manley on Afghanistan  by Neil Kitson
Catch-All Terror Laws Are Killing Off British Justice  by Simon Jenkins
What Do We Stand For?
by Paul Craig Roberts
Bush Couldn't Do More to Discredit US  by Nicholas Kristof
José Padilla Brings Torture to Trial
by Doug Cassel

More Viewpoints

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Killing 'Bubba' From the Skies
Kurds Impose Limits on Where Arabs Can Live in Iraq's North
Bush's Budget Sidelines Transparency
Canada’s Secret War in Iraq
Taking a Page From the Cold War
Over a Third of Settlements Built on Private Palestinian Land
Miliband Urged to Regulate UK's Private Militaries
US Visitors Optimistic About
North Korea's Nuclear Shutdown
Today in Iraq
Where's the 'Decisive Battle' for Mosul?
US Troops Erect Walls in Mosul as Inhabitants Flee
Foreign Guards in Iraq Work in Legal Gray Area
Iraqi Military Hopes Security Will Last
Ex-Iraqi Health Officials Face Trial
Iraq: in Baghdad, It's Business as (Un)usual
Sadr Spokesman: Efforts Continue to Free British Journalist
Release of CBS Journalist in Iraq Delayed
Rival Sects Lock Horns on Baghdad Soccer Pitch
13 al-Qaeda Gunmen Captured in Mosul
Attacks Continue
Suicide Bomber Is Spotted and Shot, but Kills Three in Baghdad
Car Blast Kills Three in Mosul
Mortar Shell Wounds Six in Mosul
Sunday: 2 US Soldiers, 24 Iraqis Killed; 22 Iraqis Wounded
The War at Home
Guantánamo, Evil and Zany in Pop Culture
Short Maternity Leaves, Long Deployments
Couple Takes Unexpected Journey to Protest Iraq War
UK Military
UK Armed Forces Employ 7,000 Foreigners
UK Troops With Contact Lenses May Get Surgery
Taliban Denies Part in Kandahar Bombing
Rising Insecurity Plagues Afghanistan
Australian DM: Progress in Afghanistan 'Starting to Go Backwards'
Afghan Govt Urges Iran to Stop Forcing Refugees Home
Soldier, Several Fighters Killed in Clash in Eastern Afghanistan
On Patrol in Afghanistan's Suicide-Bombing Capital
Aussie Troops to Do More in Afghanistan
Minister Says Australia to Get NATO Intelligence on Afghanistan
Karzai Woos Qatari Businessmen
Canada Seeks Refurbished US Army Helicopters for Use in Afghanistan
In US, Much Interest in Pakistani Election but Few Options
July Mosque Assault Ignited Public's Distrust of Musharraf Government
Anger Grips Electorate Ahead of Pakistani Elections
No Easy Options in Pakistan Post-Poll Scenarios
Land Mine Blast Kills Four Pakistan Troops
No Known Candidates in Pakistan Election
Pakistan's Feudals Could Buttress Musharraf in Vote
Bomb Victim Runs in Pakistan Election
Who Stands to Win or Lose in Pakistani Vote
Pakistan: The Balance of Forces
Pakistan Army Chief Ends Role in Politics
Musharraf Says He Will Be 'Father Figure' to New PM
Bhutto Party: Terror War Is Pakistan's
Conciliatory Bhutto Widower Urges Pakistani Unity
Pakistan's Stormy Political History
Search on for Maoist Rebels in India's Orissa State
India to Relax Arms Purchase Rules
East Timor
East Timor Struggling Through Infancy
Suspected East Timor Mass Graves to Be Excavated
North Korea: US Didn't Send Promised Aid
China Concerned by US Satellite Missile Plan
Three Bangladesh Militants Sentenced to Death
Iran Not Afraid of US Turning Nuclear Data to IAEA, Says Spokesman
Iran Ayatollah Dies During Election Speech
Iran Says Test Rocket Transmits Data From Orbit
Iran Leader Urges End to Squabbling Before Vote
Iran Opens Its First Oil Products Bourse
France Backs Sanctions on Iran: Kouchner
Ayatollah: God Will Punish Iranians if Nuclear Program Is Halted
Iran's MPs Demand Severance of Ties With Denmark Over Cartoon
Olmert Gives Army Free Hand in Gaza
Olmert Says 'Everyone' a Target Over Gaza Rocket Fire
Israel's Plan: Invade Gaza, Demand International Forces
Israeli Soldier Gravely Injured From Sniper Fire in Gaza
Israeli Attacks Kill Four in Gaza Strip
Israeli Forces Kill Hamas Militant in Gaza: Medics
Palestinian Anti-Siege Body Urges UN Official to Press Israel to Reopen Gaza Crossings
Israel to Require 'Peace Now' to Publicize EU Contributions
Egypt: No Gaza Border Deal Without Consent of Israel
US Spy Chief: Hezbollah, Syria May Be Behind Mughniyah Killing
Israel Fears Hezbollah May Launch Attacks With Bomb-Laden Drone
Israeli DM: Iran, Syria May Aid in Hezbollah Revenge Attacks
Palestinian Shot Dead in Beirut Clash
For Israel, Terrorist's Death Comes at a Price
UN Security Council Fails to Agree on Kosovo
Kosovo Strains US-Russian Ties
Bulgaria Calls for United EU Stance on Kosovo
Thousands Celebrate Kosovo Independence in Vienna
Albanians in Balkans Celebrate Kosovan Independence
Chronology: Serbs Again Lose Kosovo Heartland
Russia Denounces Kosovo Independence Bid
US to Work to Prevent Kosovo Backlash
After Independence, Kosovo Faces Many Problems
NATO Head Warns Against Violence in Kosovo
Greek Cypriot President Ousted in Election
Cyprus Reunification Back on Agenda
Cypriots Seek Return to Negotiations to End Division
Facts About Cypriot Independent Kassoulides
Kenya Says Forcing a Deal Would Be a Mistake
US Pressure on Kenyan Rivals Intensifies
Kenyans Seek Safety of Ethnic Numbers
Senior Official Killed in Mogadishu
Somali Insurgents Attack Port as President Returns
Bush OKs $698 Million in Tanzanian Aid
Tanzania Welcomes Bush, but Obama Is Topic No. 1 on the Streets
Pride in Obama Aside, Tanzanians Praise Bush
Ethiopia Urges UN to Act Against Eritrea
Chavez Won't Halt US Oil Sales

Justin Raimondo
Iraq and the Kosovo Connection

Ivan Eland
Threats of Our Own Making

Doug Bandow
Operation Iraqi Occupation: A Decade, Century, or More?

Charles Peña
Hobbled in Kabul

Philip Giraldi
John McCain and the Neocon Resurgence

Alan Bock
Tortured Justifications

David R. Henderson
The Information Problem: Pull Out of Iraq

Nebojsa Malic
Dead End

Praful Bidwai
India to Pay a Price For Launching Israeli Spy Satellite

Sascha Matuszak
The Dragon or the Snake?

Ran HaCohen
Beware of Barak

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