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Today's Highlights

End the Cuban Embargo: David R. Henderson
What Would It Take for War With Iran?: B. Ramsey
Overstretched Forces Concern US Officers: Gharib
Iraq Unemployment Becomes Epidemic: Ali/Jamail
NATO's Kosovo Colony: Diana Johnstone

 Gareth Porter

They're Still Lying About Iran

 Philip Cunliffe

Kosovo's Pseudo-Secession

 Fred Kaplan

Empire Weakens America

 Michael Scheuer

Osama's Indispensable Ally: US Foreign Policy

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Updated February 21, 2008 - 11:03 PM EST
200,000 Serbs Rally, US Embassy Attacked
  Burned Body Found in US Embassy in Belgrade After Protesters Attack
  US Protests Burning of Embassy in Serbia to UN Security Council
Palestinian Aide Suggests Kosovo a Model
  Washington Rejects Palestinian-Kosovo Comparison
Pakistan Victors Lack Strength to Oust Musharraf
  US, UK Warn Pakistani Election Winners Against Ousting Musharraf
  Monitors: No Rigging in Pakistani Election
  Religious Hard-Liners Out in Pakistan
  US Reactions To Pakistan Election Results Mixed

Petraeus Reveals Plans to Scale Back Iraq Troops

  Iraq Anti-US Cleric's Cease-Fire in Doubt
  US: Bombers Didn't Have Down Syndrome
  UK Labor Party Used Law to Keep Nuclear Criticism of Israel Secret
  1 US Soldier, 38 Iraqis Killed; 16 Iraqis Wounded
Overstretched Forces Concern US Officers
  McCain: Bush Should Veto Bill Banning Waterboarding
Taliban Defeat Will Take Years: US General
Pentagon 'Confident' Missile Hit Satellite Tank
What Would It Take to Launch a War With Iran?  by Bruce Ramsey
Pakistan Turns Scary for Bush's War on Terror  by Juan Cole
What Is Michael Rubin
Talking About?
 by Jim Lobe
What About All the Other Kosovos?
by Philip Bowring
Yes, It Was Dodgy  by Chris Ames
'Rule of Law' Vulnerability  by Bruce Fein

More Viewpoints

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Bush Approval Rating Dips Below 20 Percent
Peace Sign Turns Fifty
McCain Slams Calls for Musharraf to Resign
Bush: Idea US Wants to Expand Miliary Presence in Africa Is 'Baloney'
Report: UK Govt Hid Reference to Israel on Iraq Weapons Dossier
At Gitmo, Even Acquittal May Not Set You Free
US Military Scales Back Romania Rotation Plans
Oil Strikes Record $101
NATO Seizes Kosovo Border Crossings After Serb Attacks
Iraq Occupation
Australia's Iraq War Bill to Top $2 Billion
Money Day in Baghdad
Kuwait Runs Interference in Iraq War Fraud Case
Judge Asked to Dismiss Haditha Charges
Soldier Guilty of Assault in Iraqi Death
Iraqi Politics
Fallujah Local Council Refuses to Raise New Iraqi Flag
Terrorism Trial of Senior Iraqi Officials Delayed
Five Facts About Iraqi Cleric Sadr
Iraq Electricity Minister Seeks More Funds
Oil Ministry Spokesman: Iraqi Govt Must Approve All Oil Projects
Today in Iraq
Baghdad Hospital Staff Feels Wronged by Suicide Bombing Charges
Iraq Unemployment Too Becomes an Epidemic
Iraqi Professionals Forced to Take Small Jobs
Turkish Jets Hit PKK Targets in Northern Iraq
Major Show of Force in Iraq City Ahead of Festival
Baghdad-Basra Train Helps Stitch Up Iraq's Wounds
57 Detainees Released in Diyala
Oil Minister Denies Attacks on Basra Journalists
Attacks Continue
Sadrist Website Alleges Assassination Attempt Against Sadr
Mortar Attack Kills Three Iraqi Children Playing Soccer
Attack Kills 10 Iraqis in Baquba
Deadly Baghdad Blast Was 'Well-Planned Ambush'
RPG Kills US Soldier in Iraq
Four Policemen Shot Dead in Northern Iraq
Car Bomb Leaves Six Casualties in Talafar
Senior Government Official Wounded in Attack on His Convoy
Baghdad International Airport Rocketed
Suicide Bombing Kills Seven, Injures 17 in Muqdadiya
Car Bomb Seriously Injures Civilian Near Fallujah
Wednesday: 2 Americans, 27 Iraqis Killed, 53 Iraqis Wounded
The War at Home
Perle: Iraq Already Won, Far From Over

Iraq War Vet Accused of Baby Rape

Young Filmmakers Put Lives of US Muslims in Focus
US Military
Prosecutor: Marines Witnesses Unhelpful
Clothing IDs Friends for US Military
Pilots Rescued After Two F-15Cs Collide in Gulf of Mexico

'War on Terror'

US Security Concerns Block China’s 3COM Deal
Change in Scientific Radiation Composition Urged
Legality of Bush Bugging Policy Shifts to San Francisco
Islamic Leader Appeals Extradition to US
Serbian Convoy Enters Kosovo Amid Partition Fears
Kosovo Touts 'Islam Lite'
NATO Vows to Protect North Border of Newborn Kosovo
Serbia to Hold Rally to Vent Anger Over Kosovo
Serbs Press Their Drive to Control Northern Kosovo
Kosovo 'Tool Kit for Separatists'
Russia: No Legal Basis for EU Mission to Kosovo
Controlling Kosovo's Borders
Russia's Putin Shows Who Is in the Pilot's Seat
Georgian Leader to Seek Better Ties at Putin Talks
Russia Denies Visa to Rights Group Leader in Days Before Report
Thousands in Armenia Protest Results of Presidential Election
UN Extends Somalia Mission
Two Ethiopian Soldiers Killed in Southwestern Somali Town
Yemeni Diplomat Escapes Somalia Grenade Attack
Islamist Rebels Kill Three in Somalia Ambush
Clashes Force Nomads Out of South-Central Somalia
Morocco Outlaws Party
Morocco Says Breaks Up Important Jihadist Network
US Shifts Ground on AfriCom
Darfur Rebels Say 15 Die in Army Offensive
Bombings Force UN Aid Workers Away From Chad Refugees
Kenya's Opposition Threatens to Resume Protests
Mixed Reaction to Uganda Agreement With Rebel Leader
UN Probes Killings in East Congo
Mexico Rights Group Probes Army Killing Near Border
Deadly Bomb in Mexico Was Meant for the Police
Iran Body Reinstates More Hopefuls for March Vote
Opposition Group Claims Iran Speeding Up Nuke Plans
Iran Vows Resistance in Nuclear Standoff
UN Declines Comment on Iran Nuclear Weapons Claims
Paper: Iran, Iraq to Reactivate Parts of Border Deal
Ahmadinejad in New Attack on 'Savage Animal' Israel
UN Chief Vows 'Firm' Response to Iran's Threats Against Israel

Iran Says Nuclear Will Stronger Than Big Powers

Journalist Sentenced to Death in Iran, Accused of Terrorism
Iran's Ancient Pre-Islamic Community Dwindling
Israeli Military Chief Can't Rule Out New War in Near Future
Abbas Cool to Unilateral Palestinian Independence
US Floats NATO Troop Plan for West Bank: Israeli Report
Israeli Military Launches New TV Studio for Next War
Netanyahu: Olmert Government Taking Steps to Cede Jerusalem
Olmert, Palestinians Differ Over Whether Jerusalem Was Discussed in Talks
Shaken Hamas Still in Control of Gaza
Lack of 'Israeli Blood' Leads to Arrest of Palestinian Woman Seeking Surgery
Olmert Promises Humanitarian Help for Gaza Strip
Israel Fears Europe Will Break Boycott of Hamas
Israelis Seize 12 Palestinians in West Bank
Israeli, Palestinian Heads Meet as Faster Pace Called For
Middle East
Egypt Police Detain Dozens of Islamists Before Vote
Survey Shows 99 Percent of Syrians Believe State Institutions Are Corrupt
Kuwaiti Lawyers Sue Shi'ite MPs Over Slain Hezbollah Commander
Saudi Warnings Mark Lebanon Jitters
New Criticism for Saudi Religious Police
Warm Weather Brings Deadliest Attacks in Afghanistan
Merkel Views Debate on German Role in Afghanistan 'With Concern'
Afghan Farmers Earn About $1 Billion From Opium
Afghan General Prosecutor Summons Ex-Warlord
Australia to Send Military Trainers to Afghanistan
Canada's Manley Denies He's Afghan Envoy Candidate
New Party to Focus on Women's Rights
Canadian TV Network Seeks Release of Afghan
Militants Abduct Two Staff of Education Department in Western Afghanistan
11 Suspected Taliban Militants Held in Afghanistan
Musharraf Refuses to Step Down
After Pakistan Election, Musharraf Has Few Good Options
Opposition Offers Olive Branch to Musharraf
Musharraf's Lieutenants Concede Defeat in Pakistan
Musharraf's Spymasters Run for Cover
Detained Pakistani Lawyer Challenges Musharraf
Reinstatement of Judges Impossible, Says Musharraf
Pakistan Charts New Political Direction
Sharif Won't Take Ministerial Post in New Pakistani Govt
Pakistan Vote Presents Risks, Some Upside for US
Pakistan's Musharraf Could Face End, Analysts Say
Pakistani Lawyers Put Off Anti-Govt Strike Until March 7
Pakistani Interior Minister: Indian Spy Agency Involved in Terror Activities
Key Figures in Pakistan's Elections
Pakistan Films Tackle Issues With Children's Tales
East Timor
East Timor President Out of Coma; Talks to Family
FBI Joins East Timor Probe
Australia Urges East Timor Rebels to Surrender
Myanmar Says Constitution Draft Is Ready
Myanmar Attacked Over Constitution
Myanmar's Junta Promises Democracy, but Most Are Wary
US Military Imposes Curbs in Japan
Curfew for US Troops in Okinawa
South Korea
South Korea Army Helicopter Crashes, Seven Dead
A Korean Village Torn Apart From Within Mends Itself
Colombian Rebels to Free Four Lawmakers
Cuba and the World Wonder: Now What?

Spy Claims Strain Bolivia's Ties With US


Justin Raimondo
Why Is John McCain Running Against Robert A. Taft?

David R. Henderson
End the Cuban Embargo

Ran HaCohen
Israel Says 'No'

Ivan Eland
Threats of Our Own Making

Doug Bandow
Operation Iraqi Occupation: A Decade, Century, or More?

Charles Peña
Hobbled in Kabul

Philip Giraldi
John McCain and the Neocon Resurgence

Alan Bock
Tortured Justifications

Nebojsa Malic
Dead End

Praful Bidwai
India to Pay a Price For Launching Israeli Spy Satellite

Sascha Matuszak
The Dragon or the Snake?

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