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Confessions of an Obama Cultist: Justin Raimondo
Stop Choosing Sides: Rep. Ron Paul
Castro, the First Superdelegate: Grandin/Engelhardt
Iraqi Women More Oppressed Than Ever: D. Jamail
Turning China into the Next Big Enemy: D. Bandow

 Rep. Ron Paul

Empire Weakens America

 John Esposito

What Muslims Really Think

 Eric Umansky

Bogus Terror Cases, Vague Laws

 Greg Palast

Tension in South America

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Updated March 7, 2008 - 10:40 PM EST
Baghdad Bomb Blasts Kill 68, Wound 120
  The Iraq Quagmire: Numbers to Date
  Iraqi Women More Oppressed Than Ever
  Thursday: 97 Iraqis Killed, 148 Wounded
8 Killed in Attack at Jerusalem Seminary
  New Group Takes Responsibility for Attack in Israel
  Gaza Militants Celebrate Deadly Attack in Jerusalem
Officials May Keep Next Iraq Assessment Secret
  More Doctors 'Needed for Wars'
  9/11 Attacks Harm First Amendment
  US Military Says 2,000 Troops Leaving Iraq
  Foreign Policy Increasingly Flows Through Pentagon
Deal Agreed to End Colombia Crisis
  Colombia Pipeline Bombed by FARC After Ecuador Attack
  US Weighs Plans to Fortify Panama-Colombia Border
  Andean Countries Brush Off UN Plea to Criminalize Chewing Coca
Army Alerts Recruiters After New York Bomb
McCain's Consistent Folly on Iraq
by Steve Chapman
Fidel Castro, the First Superdelegate  by Greg Grandin and Tom Engelhardt
Afghanistan: A War We Can't Believe In  by Ted Rall
The 'Rape' of Okinawa  by Chalmers Johnson
Stop Choosing Sides  by Ron Paul
No Standing to Lecture on Justice
by Jacob G. Hornberger

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Russian Bomber Again Intercepted Near US Navy Ship
Compensation Eludes Many Iraqi Families
US to Lose Iraq Envoy Soon After Top General
Expansion Issues Divide NATO; Rice Urges More Troops
Can Women Find Unique Ways Out of War?
Colombian Anti-Paramilitary March
Shows Divisions
Today in Iraq
Iraq: Big Oil Deals Could Clear Late-March
Outgunned Iraqi Army Still Holds Out Hope for Mosul Victory by July
Police Discover Rocket Cache in Kirkuk
Police Find Two Unknown Bodies in Baghdad
Plight of Iraqi Women a 'National Crisis'
Baghdad Pepsi Makers Threaten Strike Over Privatization
Iraq Plans Gun License for Press, Launches Crackdown in South
Thursday: 97 Iraqis Killed, 148 Wounded
Iraq Occupation
White House: US-Iraq Pact Won't Tie Bush Successor's Hands
US/Iraqi Raid Kills 11 in Northern Iraq
US, Iraqi Troops Still Working to Restore Train Service
Repeated Iraq Deployments Raise Mental Health Risks for Soldiers
New Iraq Progress Report Due April 8-9
Iraqi Kurds Vow to Take Up Arms if Turks Come Back
Success of Turkey's Iraq Incursion Questioned
295 Ex-PKK Members Return Home Under Repentance Law
The War at Home
In Times Square Blast, Echoes of Earlier Bombings
Congress, Boeing Riled by Huge Defense Contract for Foreign Firm
Old Grudges Feed US Uproar Over Airbus Tanker
Attorneys: Iraq Rape Case Belongs in Court
Top Iraq Contractor Skirts US Taxes Offshore
US Military

Suicides Rise Among Soldiers at War

US Soldiers Show Mental Strain From Combat Tours
Ex-US Sailor Convicted on Terrorism Charges
Marines Could Face Death in Southern California Trial
Pentagon Bans Google Teams From Bases
Care for Injured Vets Raises Questions
US Military Claims New Rations Would Impress a Gourmet
'War on Terror'
Chertoff: Terrorism Prevention Efforts Successful
US Raises Security Precautions for Ships Arriving From Syria
UK: Universal ID Database in 10 Years
Britain to Issue Identity Cards for Foreigners in November
Radiation Detector Tests Not Conclusive
FBI Head: Give Telcos Immunity Even if They Acted in Bad Faith
Another Guantánamo Prisoner Charged With War Crimes
Spanish Judge: Gitmo Detainees Unfit to Stand Trial
Serbian Coalition Splits Over EU-Kosovo Policy
Serbian Government Crisis Deepens as Kostunica Takes Another Blow
Serbs Seek New UN Session on Kosovo
UN 'Reclaims' Kosovo Rail Line
Greece Threatens Macedonia NATO Veto
Macedonia Debate Clouds NATO Expansion
Thousands March in Northern Port City Over Macedonia Name Issue
Putin Backs Armenian Crackdown
Armenian Unrest Threatens Peace in Nagarno-Karabakh
Germany Skeptical on Ukraine, Georgia NATO Bids
RAF Base Warns Airmen Against Wearing Uniforms Off-Duty
Bid to Restore Iron Cross Divides Germany
Andes Tensions
Andean Crisis Shakes Hopes for Regional Unity
Latin American Leftist Trio Puts Squeeze on Colombia
Venezuelan Troops Patrol Border
Ecuador Says Captures Five Colombian Guerrillas
Ecuador Suspects Several Mexicans Killed in Colombian Rebel Camp
Colombian Rebels' Ties to Chávez Come Into Focus
Nicaragua Breaks Relations With Colombia
Venezuela Seeks Condemnation of Colombia
Venezuela Begins Sanctions Against Colombia
Bankers: Andean Crisis Won't Hit Economy
Soldiers Killed in Somalia Attack
Somalia's Security Nightmare
UN Disbands Ceasefire Mission at Eritrea-Ethiopia Border
Sudan 'Still Bombing in Darfur'
Uganda Rebels Kill Congolese Prince
In Crisis, Zimbabwe Asks: Could Mugabe Lose?

Nigeria Charges Rebel Leader With Treason

US: Iran-US Talks Never Scheduled
Iranian Team Leaves Iraq Without US Talks
US Official: Financial Sanctions 'Painful' for Iran
World Powers Still Want Iran Nuclear Talks: Rice
Iran Debate: Who Owns the Revolution?
Election Campaign Quietly Begins in Iran
Iran Vote Expected to Test President's Popularity
No Information on Former FBI Agent Missing in Iran
Attack in Jerusalem
Israel Says Shooting Attack Won't Derail Peace Talks
Bush Tells Olmert US 'Firmly With Israel' After Attack
Elite Religious Center Steeped in the History of Judaism
Yesha Rabbis: Israeli Government Responsible for Yeshiva Massacre
UN Security Council Fails to Agree on Condemning Jerusalem Attack
Yeshiva Students Pledge Not to Let Terror Prevail
Jerusalem Yeshiva Student: I Shot the Terrorist Twice in the Head
'Guys Lay Dead, With Holy Books Around Them'
Mercaz Harav Hit by Jerusalem's Worst Terror Attack Since April '06
Major Suicide Attacks on Israel Since 2000
US, Seeking Gaza Calm, Urges Easing Israeli Cordon
Settlers to Leave Some Outposts
Hamas: Cease-Fire Deal Must Include West Bank
Most Israelis Believe Peace Talks Are Doomed
Gaza Militants Kill Israeli Soldier
Four Gunmen Killed in Latest Israeli Strike on Gaza
Israel: No Arabs Under 45 Allowed on Temple Mount
Israeli Military to Use Unmanned Jeeps in Gaza Ground Operations
Egypt Puts Concrete Wall on Gaza Border
Quiet US Support for Egypt's Gaza Effort
Egypt Presses Hamas on Gaza Truce

Egyptian Police Beat Pro-Palestinian Protesters

Israeli Forces Cross Border Line in South Lebanon
US Fears Attacks on Americans in Lebanon
Middle East
Syria, Iran Vow to Bolster Ties to Confront US and Israel
Olmert: Talks With Syria Worth Serious Consideration
Shi'ite Arrests Stir Sectarian Fears in Kuwait
Troop Depression on Rise in Afghanistan
Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan Calls for Foreign Recruits
UK Focuses on 'Harry's War,' Afghan Campaign Drags On
NATO to Launch New Comprehensive Strategy for Afghanistan
US Urges Support for Canada in Afghan South
Militants Attack 3rd Mobile Telecom Signal Tower in Southern Afghanistan
Norwegian Named as New UN Envoy to Afghanistan
Five Facts About Kai Eide, New UN Afghan Envoy
Pakistan Army Stresses Support for Musharraf Despite Polls Defeat
Pakistan General: Impression of Army-Musharraf Rift Being Created
Pakistanis See Talks as Only Way to End Violence
Pakistan Party Discusses Prime Minister
Candidates for Pakistan Prime Minister
Sri Lanka
Tamil MP Is Killed in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Rapped Over 'Disappeared'
Chillier Winds Blow Across Korean Border
US Negotiator Wants North Korean Declaration in March
Myanmar Monk Tells Story of Killings
UN Envoy Returns to Myanmar
On Thai Border, a Rare Refuge for Burmese Children
Ethnic Tensions in Malaysian Election
On Election Eve, Hazy Prospects for Malaysia Premier
Rights Group Slams Malaysian Elections
China Eyes Countermeasures Against US Carriers in Potential Taiwan Invasion
Russian 'Merchant of Death' Held in Thailand
Three Arrested in US Embassy Bomb Plot in Philippines
Kenya's Parliament Set to Cement Power-Sharing Deal
Kenyan Parliament Opens on Theme of Unity as Rivals Sit Apart
No Quick Fix for What Still Ails Kenya

Justin Raimondo
Confessions of an Obama Cultist

Doug Bandow
Turning China into the Next Big Enemy

Nebojsa Malic
The State Is A Lie

Ivan Eland
Accepting Reality Is No Vice; Being Oblivious Is No Virtue

Alan Bock
Democrats Offer Only Shallow Changes

David R. Henderson
Support Our Troops – or Judge Them?

Charles Peña
More Amtrak Security,
More Safety?

Philip Giraldi
The Clinton Years Revisited

Ran HaCohen
Israel Says 'No'

Praful Bidwai
India to Pay a Price For Launching Israeli Spy Satellite

Sascha Matuszak
The Dragon or the Snake?

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