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Surging in All Directions: Philip Giraldi
The First Casualty: Joseph L. Galloway
'Kill a Hundred Turks and Rest…': Uri Avnery
Support Ebbs for Hard Line on Iran: Jim Lobe
We Don't Debates: William Fisher

 Chris Hedges

War is a Force That Has Destroyed Iraq

 Adam Kokesh

Iraq Veteran Against the War

 Gareth Porter

MEK Laptop, Fallon v Cheney, Sons of Iraq

 Doug Bandow

Don't Believe the Hype About China

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Updated March 11, 2008 - 11:22 PM EDT

Anti-Iran War Military Chief Fallon Resigns


Defense Chief Says Fallon's Leaving Is Not Precursor to War

Wave of Bombings Kills 8 US Troops
  Exhaustive Review Finds No Link Between Saddam and al-Qaeda

US Says Iran Fomenting Violence in Iraq


Saddam-Era Spies at Work in Iraq


Tuesday: 77 Iraqis Killed, 46 Wounded

House Steers Its Own Path on Wiretaps


McCain to '60 Minutes': US Has Been Torturing Prisoners

Int'l Support Ebbs for West's Nuclear Hard Line

  Hard-Line Strength Seen in Iran Election

24 Killed, 200+ Hurt in Pakistan Suicide Bombs

  US Aid to Pakistan Helps Fund Afghan Insurgents

US Not Returning to Uzbek Base

For Britain, Fewer Troops in Iraq, but Costs Continue to Rise


$3 Trillion Iraq War Estimate Doubted by Pentagon

The Silent Violence of Gaza's Suffering That Candidates and Congress Ignore  by Ralph Nader
War Cheerleaders Ask: 'Is Obama Man Enough to Be President?'  by Glenn Greenwald
Evolution of a rEVOLution
by David Weigel
The First Casualty
by Joseph L. Galloway
'Kill a Hundred Turks and Rest…'
by Uri Avnery
George, Go to the Olympics
Los Angeles Times

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In Iraq, Childhood Is a Thing of the Past

Iraqis Still Ask if US Invasion Was Worth It

Iraqis Swing From Hope to Despair on US Election

We Don't Do Torture – Especially in Debates

New Guidelines Ahead of Ashcroft Testimony

A Terror Tour of Israel

Czechs Want Referendum on US Missile Shield

US Eyes Adding Venezuela to Terrorism List

Oil Hits Record at $109 a Barrel
Today in Iraq

Iraqis Mesh Old, New Styles of Espionage

Iraqi, Kurdish Presidents Meet in Arbil

Iraqi President Promises Turkey to Curb PKK

General: Al-Qaeda in Iraq May Try for Spectacular Attacks

Sadr: Mahdi Army May Become Humanitarian Organization

French Journalist's Attacker Arrested in Arbil
Attacks Continue
Barrage of Iraqi Attacks Kills 19, Including 8 US Troops

Bombing Near Hotel Shatters Calm in Iraq's Kurdish North

Two Suicide Bombers Kill Six in Diyala

Abducted Physician Found Dead in Basra

Three Bodies Found in Baghdad

Death and More Death. Why?

Monday: 8 US Soldiers, 30 Iraqis Killed; 77 Iraqis Wounded
Occupying Iraq

Baghdad Bomb Kills Five US Troops

British Base in Basra Attacked

KBR Gave Poor Water to Soldiers

The War at Home

Gulf War Illness Linked to Chemical Exposure

Democrat Requests Blackwater Inquiry

US Military

Air Force 'Needs Billions More' to Stay Competitive

Army's $200 Billion Reboot Fizzles

Boeing to Challenge US Air Force Tanker Decision

'War on Terror'

Rights Group: Tortured Confessions Harmful to US Image

NSA's Domestic Spying Grows as Agency Sweeps Up Data

Al-Qaeda's North Africa Wing Says Holding Austrian Tourists in Tunisia


NATO: Afghan Clashes Up in 2008

Coalition Detains 10 Suspected Taliban


Pakistan Opposition Agrees to Reinstate Ousted Judges

Bhutto's Party to Decide on Next Pakistani PM

Pakistani Army Officers Still Glued to Lucrative Civilian Posts

From Prison to Zenith of Politics in Pakistan

Court Orders Arrest of Pro-Taliban Commander in Bhutto's Killing

Musharraf: Stability Top Priority

South Asia

India Awards MiG-29 Upgrade to Russia

Government-Backed Ex-Rebels Win East Sri Lanka Poll


North Korea Keeps Up Appearances

Pentagon Report Plays Down Chinese Military Threat

Proposal Would Let US Troops in South Korea Have Families With Them


UN Alleges Nuclear Work by Iran's Civilian Scientists

On Iran's Ski Slopes, Youth Apathetic About Vote

Many Iranians, Rich and Poor, Want Real Change

Iran Unveils Hezbollah Commander Stamp

Iran Confirms Expulsion of Swedish Diplomat

Taiwan Denies Knowledge of Iran Plans for Office in Taipei

Settlements Controversy

UN, US: Israel Must Drop West Bank Construction Plan

Sarkozy Vows Support for Israel, Urges End to Colonization

Israel Defies Freeze on Illegal Settlements


Israeli Army, Gaza Militants in Uneasy Lull

Israeli DM: Truce Talk 'Dead Wrong,' Gaza Operations to Continue

Hamas: Gaza Calmness Doesn't Reflect Cease-Fire Understanding

Swiss Condemned for Criticizing Israeli Action in Gaza

German Media Careful Not to Be Too Critical of Gaza Killings


Army Spokeswoman: Israel Lifts Closure on West Bank

Official: Fatah Not to Join in Truce Talks With Israel

Israel's Lieberman Vows to See Arab MPs Expelled

Netanyahu: Palestinian Terrorists Like Nazis, Jewish Terrorists Heroes of Democracy

Middle East

Qatar Calls for Iran-Gulf Arab Dialogue Over Nuclear Standoff

700 Egyptian Opposition Candidates Held Ahead of Polls

Cheney to Tour Middle Eastern States

Lebanon Vote Postponed for 16th Time


Army Offensive on Kenya Militia

Power-Sharing in Kenya: Conflict or Compromise?


UN: Sudan Government and Rebels Guilty of Abuses

Uganda Generals Linked to 'Merchant of Death'

Somali Governor Says Traders Back Insurgents


Serbia Heads for Polls in Row Over EU Place

Serbia's Kosovo Rift Widens

Kosovo's Women Suffer

Imam: Kosovo Muslims Practice 'Lite' Religion


US to 'Modernize' Polish Military

Croatian General to Go on Trial


Justin Raimondo
A Strategy for Peace – and Survival

Philip Giraldi
Surging in All Directions

Ivan Eland
Happy Birthday, DHS!

Alan Bock
Roots of Venezuelan-Colombian Crisis

Doug Bandow
Turning China into the Next Big Enemy

Nebojsa Malic
The State Is A Lie

David R. Henderson
Support Our Troops – or Judge Them?

Charles Peña
More Amtrak Security,
More Safety?

Ran HaCohen
Israel Says 'No'

Praful Bidwai
India to Pay a Price For Launching Israeli Spy Satellite

Sascha Matuszak
The Dragon or the Snake?

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