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Five Years After the Conquest: Justin Raimondo
Who Got Iraq Right?: Greg Mitchell
Futile Surges and Bailouts: Leon Hadar
Vets Testify to Detainee Torture: Aaron Glantz
Reforms Failed to Curb FBI: William Fisher

 Geoff Millard

Winter Soldiers Speak Out

 Gary Barnett

Public-Private Surveillance State

 Chris Floyd

Admiral Fallon's Empire

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Admiral Fallon's Dismissal

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Updated March 19, 2008 - 11:15 PM EDT
Bush: War Worth It Despite 'High Cost'

Cheney Again Links Iraq Invasion to 9/11 Attacks


Estimates of Iraq War Cost Were Not Close to Ballpark


Thirty-Two Arrested in Washington Antiwar Protest at IRS Building

US Troops Kill Kirkuk Police 'By Mistake'

At Least 17 Border Guards Killed in Violence in South Iraq


Wednesday: 2 US Soldiers, 31 Iraqis Killed, 42 Wounded

Afghan Official: US-Led Raid Kills More Civilians
  Air Raid Kills Civilians in Afghan South
  US Marines Start Deploying in Southern Afghanistan

Reforms Failed to Curb FBI Spying

Pakistan Denies FBI Agents Injured in Blast


Legislature of Musharraf Foes Installed

Iran's President Looking Vulnerable


After Iraq, Cheney in Oman for Iran-Focused Talks

Russia-US Talks on Missile Defense End Without Agreement

Who Got Iraq Right?
by Greg Mitchell and Tom Engelhardt
How Americans Have Been Misled About World War II  by Robert Higgs
Is the Pentagon Policy Shop Funding Likudist Fronts?  by Jim Lobe
War? What War?  by Katharine Mieszkowski
Five Years, No End in Sight  by Dahr Jamail
Futile Surges and Bailouts  by Leon Hadar

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Iraq War Costliest Since WWII
US Vets Testify to Torture of Detainees

In Firefighters' Glee at US Deaths, Insurgency Blooms

White House E-Mail Battle Heats Up

North Korea: Nuclear Talks to Continue

Nations Working to Ban Cluster Bombs

McCain Says US Pullout From Iraq
Would Boost Iran
Five Years On

The Hangings of a Girl and a Dictator, and What Happened in Between

From 9/11 to Fall of Baghdad, an Ex-Marine Explains What It Means to Him

Baghdad, April 9, 2003: Fear, Euphoria and Hints of Things to Come

'We Can't Live Like This'

'Our Legacy Is a Dark and Forbidding Place of Militias'

Is Life for Iraqis Improving?

Today in Iraq

Iraq FM Slams 2003 UN Authorization of Occupation

Sunnis Boycott Iraq Reconciliation Event

Sadrists Withdraw From Reconciliation Conference

Reconciliation Conference Highlights Iraq’s Deep Political and Religious Fissures

Number of Iraqis Claiming Asylum in Europe Doubles

Attacks Continue

Five Unidentified Corpses Found in Baghdad

Tuesday: 38 Iraqis Killed, 77 Wounded

Occupying Iraq

Cheney: US Counting on Kurdish President to Endorse Laws

US Troops Arrest Powerful Tribe Chief in Nineveh

US Soldiers Bring Home Stories, Videos of Atrocities

Marine Charged With Iraq Detainee Death

The War at Home

Protests in US Cities to Mark Iraq War Anniversary

Economy Distracts Americans on Iraq War Anniversary

Five Years On, Iraq Slips Off the Radar

'Rumsfeld Knew': Interview With Lynndie England

More Than Bomb Blasts or Gunfire, Chest Pains Plague Those Downrange

US Military

Iraq War Has Transformed Tech-Savvy US Military

Air Force Wants to Counter Satellite-Killers, ASAP

'War on Terror'

Canadian Teen: Gitmo Interrogators Threatened Rape

US Ordered to Aid in Canadian Guantánamo Captive's Defense

Guantánamo Force-Feeding Sketch Censored

Brown: Spy Chiefs Must Come Out of Shadows to Give Evidence


Shooting Rocks Main Afghan Prison

'Idol' Airs Afghans' Talents – and Social Divisions

Canada Rejects Interim Helicopter Fix for Afghanistan


New Pakistan Parliament Convenes

Legal Battle Looms Over Sacked Pakistan Judges

Pakistani Spy Chief Suspected by Bhutto to Quit

Pakistani Militant Appeals Death Sentence


Serbia Offers to Govern Serbian Section of Kosovo

Military Law Imposed on Divided Kosovo Town After Serb Rioting

World Powers Call for Calm After Deadly Kosovo Clashes

Mitrovica Bridge Becomes Wall Between Two Worlds as Serbs Prepare for Long Fight

Kosovo: UN Blames Serbia in Clashes


Progress in US-Russia Talks

Russia Foresees New Problems With the West

Russia Warns Britain Over Cold War Hostility

Military Suicides Highest in Russia

McCain Becomes Bush

McCain Claims Iran-al-Qaeda Link, Retracts After Correction

McCain Vows Tougher Sanctions on Iran

McCain Sees Iraq as Linchpin to Middle East


Merkel: World Doesn't Have to Prove Iran Has Nukes

What Iran's Poll Results Mean

US Slams Swiss-Iranian Gas Deal

Swiss FM: We Don't Need US Permission for Iran Gas Deal

TV Deal Marks Growing Iran-Bolivia Ties


US May Relent on Hamas Role in Talks

At Least 12 Palestinians Wounded in Israeli Air Strike in Gaza

Poll Shows Palestinians Now Favor Hamas Over Fatah

Poll Shows Most Palestinians Favor Violence Over Talks

Israeli FM: Peace Talks in West Bank, War in Gaza Should Be Simultaneous

Israel's 'Religious Right' Gains Clout, Complicating Peace With Palestinians


Mubarak to Israel: Occupation Can't Last Forever

Report: Egypt's Intelligence Chief Delays Israel Visit

Egypt Police Find Explosives Caches Near Gaza Border


Israeli Warship Invades Lebanese Waters, Intercepted by Italian Ship

Israel Will Hold Syria Accountable if Attacked by Hezbollah


Two Killed in Yemen School Blasts

Mortars Near US Embassy in Yemen Kill 1


Chad-Sudan Pact Seen Crucial for Peace in Darfur

Darfur Rebels Demand One-On-One Peace Talks


Kenya Minister: No Amnesty for Political Violence

Kenyan Media Condemns Army for Assaulting Journalists


Tanzania Rebuffs Attempts to Halt Invasion of Breakaway Comoros Island

Report: Uganda, Chad Rebel Leaders Meet

Ugandan Rebel Reaches Out to International Court

Six Ethiopian Soldiers Defect to Eritrea


Protests Expose Rifts Among Tibetans

Tibet: Years of Grievances Erupt Into Rage

Tibet Witnesses Describe 'Mayhem Everywhere'

Tourists: Tibetans Beat Chinese Mercilessly

Tibet Officials: 100 Rioters Turn Themselves In

Foreboding on Tibetan Plateau as China Gathers Forces

China Blames Dalai Lama for Unrest

Dalai Lama Says He'll Resign if Violence Escalates

Worldwide Protests Over Tibet Crackdown


Independence Fades in Taiwan's Election

EU Attacks Sri Lanka Over Rights

UN Envoy Disappointed by Myanmar Visit

In Other News

Colombia Pledges No More Cross-Border Raids on Rebels

Bickering Belgians Agree on a Deal to Stay One Country


Justin Raimondo
Iraq: Five Years After the Conquest

Ivan Eland
For the Iraq War's Birthday, Slice the Cake

Alan Bock
Fallon Leaves: Will Iran War Follow?

Doug Bandow
Mr. Adams's Last Crusade

Nebojsa Malic
Not So Fast

Charles Peña
The Golden Rule

Philip Giraldi
Surging in All Directions

David R. Henderson
Support Our Troops – or Judge Them?

Ran HaCohen
Israel Says 'No'

Praful Bidwai
India to Pay a Price For Launching Israeli Spy Satellite

Sascha Matuszak
The Dragon or the Snake?

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