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Strategy Schmategy: Jeff Huber
McCain's Feet of Warlike Clay: Alan Bock
Scott Ritter: Reflections: Gordon Prather
McCain's & Bush's Iran-al-Qaeda 'Gaffes': G. Porter
Winter Soldiers Move Toward Resistance: A. Glantz

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The Big Lie Works

 Glenn Greenwald

Liar McCain and His Media

 Norman Soloman

War Made Easy

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Updated March 22, 2008 - 11:25 PM EDT
Pentagon Urges Delay in Iraq Troop Reductions
  Five Years On, Invading US Soldiers Still in Iraq
  Pentagon Will Not Authorize Admiral Fallon to Testify to Congress
  Flip-Flopping Perle: Iraq War Worth It All
  A Look at the Lives Lost as US Deaths in Iraq Near 4,000
Iraqi Police Say US Kills Sunni Allies
  Fresh Violence Frays Militia Truce in Iraq
  Mosul 'Repackaged as Final Stand' to Sell War in Iraq
  Saturday: 3 US Soldiers, 17 Iraqis Killed; 38 Iraqis Wounded
White House Backpedals on Iran Bomb Comments
  McCain's Gaffes Reflect Bush's Iran-al-Qaeda Myth
  McCain Camp: 'Iran Aiding al-Qaeda' Not as Nutty as You May Think
Tibetan Officials Raise Death Toll to 99
  China Govt Puts Tibet Unrest Death Toll at 19
  Former Tibet Guerrilla Says Peaceful Protest Only Option
Sarkozy Launches Submarine but Wants Nuclear Ban
  France to Cut Nuclear Arsenal
Pakistan's Opposition Nominates New Prime Minister
Taiwan's Ma Wins Poll, Heralding Boost for China Ties
US Military Reports 2,688 Sex Assault Claims in 2007
America's Anti-Militarist Tradition
by Sheldon Richman
There Must Be a Reckoning for This Day of Infamy  by Seumas Milne
Scott Ritter: Reflections
by Gordon Prather
The Gitmo Farce  by Scott Horton
In Praise of al-Jazeera  by Avi Weinberg
Bomb, Bomb Iran?  by Joe Conason

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Winter Soldiers Move Toward GI Resistance
A Textbook Tale of Two Reports on Iran
In Iraq, US Seeks Jobs for Surplus Hired Guns
US Air Strikes Kill Six in Baghdad
Israel, Germany Plan International Summit to Stop Iran Nuke Program
US Govt to Appeal Ruling on Classified Material in AIPAC Trial
Refusal to Testify Keeps Sami al-Arian in Prison
The Son Who Did Not Die, and the One Who Did
Top WMD Inspector David Kay: German Intelligence Was 'Dishonest, Unprofessional and Irresponsible'
Iraq Occupation
US Defense Chief Meets Commanders Over Iraq Strategy
Radio Interference in Iraq Hampers US UAV Operations
Same War. Same Platoon. Two Paths Since Leaving Iraq.
US Army Says 25 Gunmen Arrested in Diyala
US Army Says Arrested 10 Wanted Persons in Iraq
Today in Iraq
Iraqi Troops Clash With Shi'ite Fighters
Supreme Islamic Council, Dawa Deny Planning to Liquidate Sadrists
War-Ravaged Iraq City 'Alive Again'
Leaks Are Big Water Problem in Iraq
Fallujah Celebrates Prophet's Birthday for First Time Since US Invasion
Eight Katyusha Rockets Seized in Karbala
12 Sadrists Detained in Diwaniya
Friday: 1 US Soldier, 25 Iraqis Killed, 20 Wounded
The War at Home
Families of Iraq Captives Cling to a Grisly Find
Judge Departs for Iraq, Charges Dropped
US Military
Coping With Loss, Military Kin Also Struggle With a Windfall
Pentagon Battle Breaks Out Over a Spy Plane
States Step Up to Aid Vets Returning From Iraq
'War on Terror'
In New York, a Turf War in the Battle Against Terrorism
At Conference, Muslims Discuss Fighting Terror
Colombia's Rebels Face Possibility of Implosion
Extrajudicial Slayings on Rise in Colombia
Letters to Granma New Form of Expression in Cuba
Russia to Supply Abbas With Armoured Vehicles, No Guns
Hamas Plays Down Chances of Fatah Talks Succeeding
Haniyeh to Expand Govt in Bid to Strengthen Hamas Hold on Gaza
Israel Shows Little Enthusiasm for Moscow Peace Conference
Israel to Build New Settler Homes in West Bank: Report
State Dept 'Repeatedly' Warned Israel Over Discriminating Against Arab-Americans
Bomb Targets Christian Pastor's Home in Jerusalem
Israeli Blockade Grounds Gaza Fishermen
Israel Grounds Some F-16 Fighters Over Cancer Fears
Israelis Warned of Greater Risk of Kidnappings
Israeli Airliners to Get Missile Defense
Hamas Men 'Tortured in Egypt'
Can Egypt Broker Hamas-Israel Truce?
Kurds Shot Dead in Northern Syria
Syrian FM Urges Israel for New Talks
Middle East
Clashes Over in Palestinian Refugee Camp in Lebanon
Turkish Kurds Hurl Stones at Police
Moscow Shaken by Killing of Television Journalist
Russian Court Grants Bail to Opposition Activist
Russia to Open Archives on Israel Ties
Russia's Duma Takes Resolution on Breakaway Regions in Caucasus
Abkhazia, the Country That Doesn't Exist, Prepares to Follow Kosovo's Example
Chinese Patrol Restive Areas Bordering Tibet
China Shows Photos of Tibetan Protesters
China Removing Foreign Reporters From Tibet's Surrounding Regions
China Issues Most Wanted List of Rioters
China Orders Video Web Sites to Close
China Might Bar Tiananmen Broadcasts
Who Are the Tibetans, What Is Tibet?
Global Tibet Fallout
Cyber Attacks Target Pro-Tibet Groups

British-Based Tibet Group Threaten Demos

McCain Says China's Conduct in Tibet Unacceptable
Tibet Action Could Backfire in Taiwan
Tibet Unrest Colors Taiwan Elections
Taiwan Votes With One Eye on China
Taiwan Political Drama Draws Southeast Asian Viewers
Afghanistan: New Helmand Governor Confirms Desire for Talks With Taliban
UK Special Forces Plan Covert Operations Against Afghan Drug Lords
Sarkozy to Bolster Force in Afghanistan With 1,000 Extra Troops
New Girls School in Afghanistan Part of NATO Strategy to Be Both Warriors and Well-Diggers
Suicide, Roadside Attacks Kill Two Afghan Police, NATO Soldier
Afghans Chant Death to Danish, Dutch in Protest
Musharraf Party to Nominate PM Candidate
Pakistan to Try New Diplomatic Approach to Militants
Pakistan Shuts Down Three Pro-Taliban Illegal Radio Stations
Potential Pakistan Minister Hopes Taliban Will Reciprocate Peace Efforts
Pakistan Tests Indigenously Developed UAV
War Games Display India’s Mighty Aspirations
Two Children Killed by Grenade in Kashmir
Sri Lanka
Military: 30 Killed in Sri Lanka Clashes
11 Sailors Missing After Sri Lanka Blast: Military Source
Sri Lanka to Re-Deploy Elite Police Against Rebels
Sri Lanka Rights Group Says TV Being Militarized
After Years of Political Turmoil, Nepal Busily Prepares for Vote
Penalties for Japan Defense Scandals
Somali Islamists Say US Terror Listing Forges Unity
Mugabe Warns Rivals Against Kenya-Style Violence
Nigerian Military Visit to Mogadishu Marred by Violence
Armenia Ban Lifted, Protests Resume
Eight Injured as Car Bomb Explodes in Northern Spain
Macedonia's Albanians Back Compromise in Name Row
Cyprus Peace Back on the Agenda
Serbian Swimmer Kicked Out of European Championships for 'Kosovo Is Serbia' T-Shirt

Justin Raimondo
Iraq and the Virtue of Selfishness

Alan Bock
McCain's Feet of Warlike Clay

Doug Bandow
John McCain: Blowing Up the World at 3am?

David R. Henderson
Jeremiah Wright: True and False

Nebojsa Malic

Ivan Eland
For the Iraq War's Birthday, Slice the Cake

Charles Peña
The Golden Rule

Philip Giraldi
Surging in All Directions

Ran HaCohen
Israel Says 'No'

Praful Bidwai
India to Pay a Price For Launching Israeli Spy Satellite

Sascha Matuszak
The Dragon or the Snake?

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