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 Norman Solomon

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Updated March 23, 2008 - 11:04 PM EDT
US Death Toll in Iraq Reaches 4,000
  Diplomat: US Threatened Allies on Iraq
  Saddam's Files: New Questions About Some US Claims
US Forces Attack Baquba Homes, Kill 30
  Green Zone Attacked, 13 Soldiers Killed in North
  Iraqi Police Say US Kills Sunni Allies
  Iraq VP Al-Hashemi: Five Years of Occupation 'Painful and Regretful'
  In Iraq, Jailed Women Tell of Abuse
  Sunday: 4 US Soldiers, 80 Iraqis Killed, 140 Wounded
Taiwan Awaits Change as Pro-China Party Wins
  Taiwan President-Elect Calls on China to Remove Missiles
  Taiwan's UN Referendums Fail
China Rejects Dialogue, Vows to Smash Tibetan Protests
  Tibetan Revolt Has China's Empire Fraying at the Edge
  Witnesses to Tibet Violence Describe Scenes of Horror
America's Anti-Militarist Tradition
by Sheldon Richman
There Must Be a Reckoning for This Day of Infamy  by Seumas Milne
Scott Ritter: Reflections
by Gordon Prather
The Gitmo Farce  by Scott Horton
In Praise of al-Jazeera  by Avi Weinberg
Bomb, Bomb Iran?  by Joe Conason

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Passport Peeping – More Than Just Curiosity?
Transcript: Bush Talks to Radio Farda About Iran
Is the Iraq War Vanishing From US View?
Iraq Detention Case Heads to High Court
Zahra: Story of Child Shot in Iraq
Iraqi Shi'ites Given Grim Warning
Iranian Forces Continue to Shell Kurds in Northern Iraq
Iraq's Presidency Denies US Interference in Provinces Law
UN General Assembly Weighs Security Council Expansion
Top WMD Inspector David Kay: German Intelligence Was 'Dishonest, Unprofessional and Irresponsible'
Iraq Occupation
British Pullout From Basra Delayed After Rise in Rocket Attacks
Convoys in Combat: From Highway Vantage Point, US Marines See Safer Iraq
Missile Attack Targets US Base in Hilla
US Military Says Hits al-Qaeda in Iraq Propaganda Units
Today in Iraq
Popular Committees' Fighters Attack Police Checkpoint in Iraq
Iraq's Kurds Flock to Parks to Mark Persian New Year
Iraq Lives: Schoolgirl in Baghdad
Iraq: Son of Basra Engineering College's Dean Kidnapped
Sadrists in Iraq's Wassit Demand Stopping Raids and Arrests
Saturday: 3 US Soldiers, 22 Iraqis Killed; 37 Iraqis Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
Saddam Collected Information on Dozens of Potential Targets in Israel
Scottish Forces Lose Fifth of Soldiers
Controversy as France Says It Will Take in 500 Iraqi Christians
Protesting the War
Belgian Police Arrest 500 at NATO Headquarters
Traditional German Peace Marches Draw More This Year
Canada to Debate Allowing US War Resisters
War Protest Draws Crowd in Manhattan
More Antiwar Protests in Vermont
Illinois: Protest Marks Fifth Anniversary of War
US Military
12 US Soldiers Electrocuted in Iraq; House Member Investigating
US Refueling Planes Fly on Borrowed Time
Stalwart Service for US in Iraq Is Not Enough to Gain Green Card
US Immigrant Veterans' New Battle
'Real ID'
Montana Governor: DHS 'Blinks' on Real ID
Feds Avoid Showdown by Giving Montana Real ID Waiver It Didn't Ask For
Signs of Possible Deal on New ID Rules
Serb Minister Details Kosovo Division Proposal
Serbia: Bulgaria's Recognition of Kosovo, a Blow to Bilateral Ties
Serb With UK Passport Held for Croatia Massacre
Militants Add Week for Austrian Hostages
Russia: Second Dagestani Journalist Killed in One Day
Cypriots to Remove Barricades in Landmark Deal
One Man's Personal Mission to End Slavery in Mauritania
Sudan Rejects Darfur Rape Charges
DR Congo Bans Sect After Clashes
Tuareg Rebels Resume Fighting With Mali Troops, Say Local Leaders
Americans Keep Dying
Gulfport (MS) Soldier Died of Non-Hostile Gunshot Wound
Family and Friends Remember Former Hoosier Killed in Iraq (IN)
Slain on Second Tour in Iraq, Soldier (WA) Returns to Arms of His Family
Greenville (NC) Soldier Dies in Mortar Attack in Iraq
Arlington (TX) Soldier Due Home Soon Is Killed in Iraq
Prescott (AZ) Soldier Dies From 'Indirect Fire' in Iraq
West Virginia Father Mourns Son’s Death in Iraq (NC)
North Texas Soldier Killed by Small Arms Fire in Baghdad
Mourners Bid Farewell to Texas Army Corporal Killed in Iraq
In China, an Appeal for Change on Tibet
Tibetans Expect Little Help From World
Chinese Media Call for 'Crushing' of Tibet 'Conspiracy'
Tibet: Schoolchildren Among Dead in Chinese Police Massacre
China Dissidents Call for Dialogue With Dalai Lama
China Offers Its Own Version of Protests
Yahoo! Denies Posting Web Photos of Tibetan Protesters
Tibetan Author Under House Arrest in Beijing
For Feinsteins, China's Crackdown in Tibet Is Personal
UK Protest Calls for Tibet Action
Two Coalition Soldiers Among 10 Killed in Afghanistan
Report: District Chief Killed in North Afghanistan
Afghan Police, US Troops Kill Three Suspected Taliban
Not Everyone Worships the New Afghan Idols
Afghan Idol Finale, Prophet Protests Show Two Faces of Afghanistan
Bhutto's Party Picks a Consensus-Builder to Be Pakistan's Next Premier
Pakistani PM Candidate Seen a Low-Key Loyalist
Musharraf Party to Nominate PM Candidate
North Korea Urged to Break Nuke Impasse
Anonymous Korean War Dead Still Await Trip Home
Ma's Election Victory Cheers Taiwanese in Shanghai
Suicide Bombers Could Appear in Thailand, Politician Says
Bhutanese Cautiously Approach First Vote
Japan: US Navy Nabs Sailor, Hints Link to Murder
Nepal Government Invites Southern Rebels Groups for Talks
Four Renegade Soldiers Surrender in East Timor
Tehran: Sarkozy Remarks on Iranian Missile Threat 'Baseless'
Conservative Wins in Iran Poll Show Sanctions Are Failing, Say Analysts
Cheney: US Will Never Pressure Israel to Take Security Risks
Hamas, Fatah Fail to Agree on Reconciliation Dialogue Agenda
Israel Okays 25 Armoured Vehicles for Palestinians
Body of Palestinian Pulled From Collapsed Egypt-Gaza Tunnel
Poll: Rights of Palestinian Women Become 'Less Equal'
Hundreds Celebrate Purim at Attacked Jerusalem Yeshiva
Pilgrims Flock to Jerusalem Despite Troubles
Hamas Marks 4 Years Since Sheikh Yassin's Assassination
Saudi Arabia
Cheney, Saudis Discuss Oil, Security
Saudi Shura Council to Discuss Plan for Sudden Radioactive Hazards
Middle East
Al-Qaeda Blamed in Failed US Site Attack in Yemen
Egypt Holds Talks With Gaza Islamists on Truce
Kurdish Spring Festivals in Attacked by Police in Turkey
Voice for Abused Women Upsets Dubai Patriarchy
Hezbollah Deputy Chief Says He Has Proof Israel Killed Mughniyah
Ecuador Warns Tension With Colombia Could Worsen
Peru Says Chavez Backs Domestic Revolt
DNA Advances Set to ID Argentina 'Dirty War' Bones

Justin Raimondo
Iraq and the Virtue of Selfishness

Alan Bock
McCain's Feet of Warlike Clay

Doug Bandow
John McCain: Blowing Up the World at 3am?

David R. Henderson
Jeremiah Wright: True and False

Nebojsa Malic

Ivan Eland
For the Iraq War's Birthday, Slice the Cake

Charles Peña
The Golden Rule

Philip Giraldi
Surging in All Directions

Ran HaCohen
Israel Says 'No'

Praful Bidwai
India to Pay a Price For Launching Israeli Spy Satellite

Sascha Matuszak
The Dragon or the Snake?

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