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Petraeus Points to War With Iran: Pat Buchanan
Israel Loves Mugabe: Justin Raimondo
Catch 2,200: Tom Engelhardt
Iraq: Tell Us How This Ends: Doug Bandow
Yoo's on First?: Ray McGovern

 Bruce Schneier

There is Value in People Being Afraid

 Will Grigg

Torture and Permanent War

 Catherine Lutz

The Bases of Empire

 Ira Chernus

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Updated April 11, 2008 - 10:14 PM EDT
Bush: 'I Was Aware' of Harsh Tactics
White House Steps Up Iran Rhetoric
  Bush: Iran, al-Qaeda Are Greatest Threats to US
  Spy Photos 'Show Iran Missile Site'
  US Navy Ship Encounters Iranian Speedboats
US Shifts Enemy in Iraq From al-Qaeda to Shi'ites
  Bush Cuts Combat Tours, but Nixes Further Withdrawals
  Gates Withdraws Prediction of Further Iraq Troops Cuts
  Official: No Congress Approval Needed for Iraq Troop Deal
Curfew on Iraq's Najaf as Top Sadr Aide Killed
  As Iraq Violence Swells, All Eyes on al-Sadr
  Iraq's Local Elections Could Reshape Power Structure
  US Airstrikes in Baghdad Kill Five, Police Say Children Killed
  Iraqi Shi'ites: Calm on the Surface, Simmering Beneath
  Friday: 60 Iraqis Killed, 62 Wounded
US Troop Levels Up in Afghanistan
  US Marines Say They Have Begun Operations in Afghanistan
Serious Abuses No Bar to US Military Aid
'CIA Infiltration' Charges Prompt Shakeup in Ecuador's Army
Nine Propositions on the U.S. Air War for Terror  by Tom Engelhardt
Ninety-Five Years to Go
by Laurence M. Vance
Tell Me How This Ends
by Jacob Heilbrunn
Petraeus Points to War With Iran
by Patrick Buchanan
Yoo's on First?  by Ray McGovern
Losing the Republic  by Bruce Fein

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Zimbabwe's Opposition to Boycott Runoff Vote
18 US Soldiers Killed in Iraq Since Sunday
US Continues Holding AP Photographer in Iraq
Bush Dispatches Envoys to Arab Capitals as Part of Iraq Plan
Crocker Asks Congress for Patience on Iraq War Funds
Mukasey Distances Himself From a Memo on Searches
Cheney, Others Okayed Harsh Interrogations
US Ready to Ease Sanctions on North Korea
Sadr City Clashes Hit Iraqi Civilians Hard
Bush on Iraq
Bush: Americans Should Agree That Iraq Burden Is Worth Bearing
Bush Hails 'Major Shift' in Iraq
Bush Warns Iran of 'Choice' on Iraq
Bush Says Iraq War 'Not Endless'
Bush Vows to Block Iraq Add-Ons
Bush Speech on Iraq
Selected Remarks by Bush on the Iraq War
Contractor Sexual Assault
Women Contractors Raped in Iraq Don't Know What to Do
US Fails to Move on Iraq Sexual Assault Complaints
Iraq Occupation
Iraq Holding Pattern – for Now
Petraeus Says He Works to Halt Foreign Fighters
Fight for Sadr City a Proving Ground for Iraq Military
Colonel Is 9th of Rank to Die in Iraq
Local Paper Reveals: US Colonel Died in Iraq in Green Zone – Running on a Treadmill
Today in Iraq
In Sadr City, Leisurely Preparations for War
Besieged Sadr Movement Warn of Retaliation
Sadr: Disarmament Must Include All Militias
Sadr City Fighting Eases After Spike in Iraq Deaths
Iraqi Leader Tries to Isolate Sadrists
Sweden Says Iraq-UN Conference Set for May 29
Attacks Continue
Mass Grave Discovered Near Baghdad
Two Salah al-Din Local Officials Escape Assassination Attempts
11 Civilians Wounded in Mortar Attack in Mosul
Thursday: 1 US Soldiers, 68 Iraqis Killed; 69 Iraqis Wounded
The War at Home
Poll: More Americans Want to End Iraq War Next Year
Foreign Policy: Two Camps Seek McCain’s Ear
US Lawmakers Warn Against Long-Term Iraq Deals
Powell: Troops in Iraq Must Be Reduced
No Kisses or Slaps for Iraq Leader at US Hearings
5 Years Ago: Media Celebrated – Prematurely – Victory in Iraq
US Military
Stresses Still High on US Military
Stolen Military Equipment Found on eBay
Army to Reinvestigate Soldier's Death in Iraq
FBI Arrests Suspect in Slaying of Marine
DoD Cribs: Quirk Tags Gates With Big Rent Bill
US Detainee Says He’ll Boycott His Trial
Mugabe, Rival to Attend Zimbabwe Summit
Zimbabwe Opposition Says No to Runoff
Zimbabwe Opposition Accuses Mugabe of De Facto Coup
Zimbabweans Flock to Border Amid Crisis
Kenya Opposition Halts Talks, Protests Flare
US Envoy Sees Kenya Coalition Deal Soon
Explosion Rocks Somali Parliament Building
Five Ethiopian Soldiers Killed in Mogadishu Roadside Bomb
Rice Asks That South Africa's Ruling Party No Longer Be Considered Terrorists
US Military Expands Role in West Africa
UN Chief Warns Against Eritrean Pullout
Uganda Rebel Leader Delays Deal
Gunmen Attack Unarmed UN Police in Darfur
Ecuador Military Crisis to Test Correa's Mettle
Haiti: Calm Returns to Capital
Cuba: Wage Limits Removed
US Skeptical About Iranian Nuclear Advances
Crocker: Room at the Table for Iran
Iran Envoy: Israeli Nukes Threaten Region
Iran's Ahmadinejad Targets 'Corrupt World Leadership'
Olmert Vows to Strike Hamas, Gaza Fuel Cut Off
Iran FM Backs Yemen Effort to Broker Fatah-Hamas Thaw
Olmert: We Don't Care Which Terrorist Is a Member of Which Organization
State Dept Warns Carter Against Meeting Hamas Leader
Israeli Govt 'Outraged' by Jimmy Carter's Hamas Meeting
Israeli Military: Hamas Creating Phony Humanitarian Crisis
Israeli Think Tank: Hamas Has 20,000 Armed Men in Gaza Strip
Israel Concludes Largest Civil Defense Drill
Training in a War Zone: Gaza's Running Man
Shin Bet: Palestinians Plotted to Poison Restaurant
Israel Mulls 5,000 More Work Permits for Palestinians
Middle East
UN Troops Erect Barbed Wire on Lebanon-Israel Border
Rice Rejects Assad Immunity
Egypt Calls in More Troops in Case of Gaza Breach
Turkey Seeks to Block Israeli Knesset Debate on Armenian Genocide
Olympic Politics
IOC Chief Says Olympics in 'Crisis'
Olympic Chief Vows Free Speech Defense
China Tells Olympic Boss to Stay Out of Politics
China Says Terrorists Planned Olympic Kidnappings
Tibetan Government in Exile Condemns Torch Protests
Dalai Lama Backs Olympics, Says Violence Outdated
US: Olympics Protesters Have Rights
US, Chinese Defense Chiefs Open Hotline
China Continues Ban on Tourists in Tibet
China Officials Caught Off Guard by Tibetan Unrest
China Dissident Gets Tougher Sentence
Dalai Lama Tells China: I'm No Demon
China Rejects UN Human Rights Chief's Request to Visit Tibet
Eight Civilians Killed in Afghan Blast
Rights Group: Afghan Trials Unfair
Canadian Officials Clueless on Cost of Choppers for Afghanistan
Pakistan's New Order Plans to Sideline Controversial Judge
Pakistan Weighs End to House Arrest of Nuclear Scientist Khan
Pakistan PM Warns of 'Dictatorship'
Musharraf Urges Pakistan Lawyers Against Anarchy
Millions Turn Out in Nepal for Historic Vote
Maoists Torch Nepal Polling Station
Nepal's Terai Picks Ballots Over Guns in Peace Hope
Nepal's New Parliament Must Deal With Regional Autonomy Demands
Chronology: Milestones in Nepal's March to Peace
Key Facts About Nepal
South Korea’s President Looks to Repair US Ties
Myanmar Warns Embassies Ahead of Referendum
Prosecutor: Serb Prisoners Had Organs Stolen by Albanians in Kosovo War
Fat Russian Generals Told to Shape Up

Justin Raimondo
Israel Loves Mugabe

Doug Bandow
Iraq: Tell Us How This Ends

Nebojsa Malic
Glitz and Loathing in Sarajevo

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Obama Meets The Lobby

Ivan Eland
Yoo-surping Power for the Executive

Alan Bock
Toward Monarchy

Charles Peña
McCain's Foreign Policy Vision: Style Over Substance

David R. Henderson
A Liberal Politician Libertarians Can Appreciate

Ran HaCohen
Israel Says 'No'

Praful Bidwai
India to Pay a Price For Launching Israeli Spy Satellite

Sascha Matuszak
The Dragon or the Snake?

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