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Iraq Testimony From a Different General: Talmadge
Hold On and Pray: Alan Bock
King George and Iran's Inalienable Rights: Prather
It's Occupation, Not War: Charley Reese
Running Out the Iraq Clock: Jim Lobe

 Bruce Schneier

There is Value in People Being Afraid

 Will Grigg

Torture and Permanent War

 Catherine Lutz

The Bases of Empire

 Ira Chernus

Worshiping the Warfare State

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Updated April 13, 2008 - 11:10 PM EDT
US GIs in Iraq Suffer Worst Week of '08
  US Counting on 'Diplomatic Surge' for Iraq
  Bush Says US Preparing Gradual Transition in Iraq
  Military Faces Toughest Recruiting Environment in 25 Years
Iraq Fires 1,300 Police and Soldiers in South
  Iraqis, US Intensify Actions in Sadr City
  Iraq's Sadr Says US Will Always Be Enemy
  Baghdad Slum Residents Endure Street Battle Hell
  PM: Kurdish Peshmerga Remains Not Effected by Crackdown on Militias
  Sunday: 45 Iraqis Killed, 29 Wounded
Nepal's Maoists Heading to Victory in Election
Iran Rules Out Bomb in Mosque Blast That Kills 11
North Korea to Quietly Acknowledge US Nuke Charges
Warlord: The Rise of Muqtada al-Sadr  by Patrick Cockburn
King George and Iran's Inalienable Rights  by Gordon Prather
An Exit Strategy in Afghanistan
by Patrick Seale
It's Occupation, Not War  by Charley Reese
Dangerous Liaison  by Eric S. Margolis
The Martial Law Act of 2006  by James Bovard

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No Ambulance, Call the Radio
Former NSC Staffer Says Iraq War Appropriations 'Hidden'
A Look at the Estimated Costs of Iraq War
Army Colonel: 'Limits of the Surge'
In Searching for New Job, Gonzales Sees No Takers
UN Destroys 100,000 Books
Afghan Detainees Sent Home to Face Closed-Door Trials
US to Skip Cluster Bomb Meeting
Fresh US Airstrikes Kill 12 in Iraq
Today in Iraq
At Least 20 Killed as Shi'ite Militants Clash With US and Iraqi Forces in Sadr City
Iraq: Confessions Lead to Mass Grave
Iraq: A Gun in One Hand, a Pen in the Other
Iraqi Parliament Condemns 'Crime' of Assassinating al-Nuri
Attacks Continue
Five Iraqi Family Members Killed, Wounded in Balad Ruz
Awakening Council Members Targeted in Iraq
Saturday: 1 US Soldier, 65 Iraqis Killed; 48 Iraqis Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
Secret Iraqi Deal Shows Problems in Serbian Arms Orders
Ukrainian President Sends 15 Troops to Iraq
The War at Home
Bush Defends Halt in Troop Withdrawals in Iraq
War-Weary Pennsylvania Voters Wonder About Iraq Exit
Team-Building or Torture? Court Will Decide
US Military
Anti-Tank Missile Gets Pricey
New Gear to Help GIs in Hot Zones
Battles of Britain
UK: The Price of Determining the Army's Duty of Care
UK: Refugees Fight Forced Return to Iraq War Zones
UK Soldiers Serving in Iraq and Afghanistan Take Out Private Insurance
UK 'War on Terror'

UK Police Driving Spy Cases Hit 1,000 a Month

Britain Monitoring 30 Terror Plots: Home Secretary
Terror Revolt Rocks Gordon Brown
US 'War on Terror'
Homeland Security Official: 'No al-Qaeda' at US-Mexico Border
Mukasey Defends Assertion on Wiretapping
Gitmo Lawyers Seek Access to Classified Files
Haiti's Prime Minister Falls Over Food Riots
UN Peacekeeper From Nigeria Shot Dead in Haiti
Nicaragua Credited With Shrewd Tactics in Bid for General Assembly Presidency
Peru Court Convicts 4 for 1992 Massacre
Americans Keep Dying
Soldier's Family: 'You Hope It Never Happens to You' (IL)
Colonel (AL) Killed in Iraq's Green Zone
Delaware Airman Killed by Roadside Bomb in Iraq
Coral Springs (FL) Soldier Leaves Behind Wife, Three Young Daughters
Fallen Eod Airman (CT) Killed Disarming IED
13-Year Veteran of Wallace Police Department Is Killed in Iraq (NC)
Family and Friends Pay Last Respects to Spanaway (WA) Solider
US Army Major (FL) Killed in Blast on Second Iraq Tour
Friends, Family Recall Soldier (FL) Who Died of Non-Combat Injuries in Abu Ghraib
Florida Soldier Killed in Iraq Laid to Rest
University of Maine Grad Killed in Afghanistan
Oakmont (PA) Soldier Killed in RPG Attack in Iraq
Norfolk (VA) Widow Shares Story of Fallen Soldier
South Tahoe High School Teachers, Friends Recall Soldier Killed in Iraq (CA)
Trinidad-Born Soldier Raised in Brooklyn (NY) Killed in Iraq Bombing
Norfolk (VA) Soldier Dies From Wounds Suffered in Iraq
Hempstead (TX) Soldier Killed in Iraq by Roadside Bomb
Boise (ID) Soldier Killed in Iraq Attack
Iran Top Nuclear Official to Meet ElBaradei
Despite Sanctions, Iran Seeking to Join UN Security Council
Chronology: Major Bomb Attacks in Iran
Iran Activists Protest Feminist's Arrest
Israeli Tanks Withdraw From Gaza
Gaza Crossing Coordinator Blames Palestinians for Fuel Crisis
Hamas Official Threatens to Target Israeli Ministers
Gaza's Unemployed Have Handouts or Hamas
Nahal Oz Attack: Israeli Commander Slams Troops' Conduct
Palestinian Farmer: Settlers Assaulted Me
Palestinians Seek Egypt's Help in Bringing Peace to Gaza
UK Forces Israel to Remove West Bank Picture From Advertising Campaign
US to Send $7.2 Mln Worth of Military Equipment to Lebanon
Israel Fears Iran May Ship Hezbollah Arms Via Beirut Port
The Terrible Human Cost of Cluster Bombs
Series of Attacks Hit Afghanistan
Afghan Clashes Claim 24 Taliban, Two Indians
Video Plucks Afghan Detainees From Isolation
Mass Grave Unearthed in Northern Afghanistan
US Asks South Korea to Send Personnel to Afghanistan
German Official: Limits on Afghan Participation
India May Review Security of Workers in Afghanistan
Maoist Leader Wins Seat in Nepal
International Observers Call Nepal Election Credible Despite Violence, Threats
China's Leader Insists Sovereignty Is at Stake Over Tibet
Nine Monks Arrested for Tibet Bombing
Taiwan Sees 'Results' From Landmark China Talks
Backstage Role of China's Army in Tibet Unrest Is a Contrast to 1989
China's Hu: Tibet Is an Internal Matter
Dalai Lama Draws 50,000 to Seattle Stadium
Paramilitary Olympics: Beijing: at Least 94,000 Security Staff, but Only 10,500 Athletes
Heavy Fighting Grips Sri Lanka Ahead of New Year

Police: 10,000 Protesters in Bangladesh

Malaysian PM Hints at Hand-Over
Ramos-Horta to Return to East Timor After Assassinatio Attempt
Election Aftermath: Zimbabwe Braced for Mugabe Crackdown
Disagreement Delays End of Zimbabwe Summit
Zimbabwe Vote Recount to Affect Only 23 Constituencies
Rebels' Border War Prolongs Darfur's Misery
Witness: Hunting Empire Treasures in Sudan Market
Britain Offers to Host Darfur Peace Talks
Mediator Tries to Rescue Uganda Rebel Talks

Kenyan Rivals Reach Deal on Cabinet

Eritrea, Ethiopia in Border Imbroglio
Weekend Reviews
Stop Loss: Patriotic Bluster Dressed Up as a Protest Movie
Losing the War for Reality
Iraq: When Chaos Becomes Success
A Bloody Era of Syria’s History Informs a Writer’s Banned Novel

Justin Raimondo
Israel Loves Mugabe

Alan Bock
Hold On and Pray

Doug Bandow
Iraq: Tell Us How This Ends

Nebojsa Malic
Glitz and Loathing in Sarajevo

Philip Giraldi
Obama Meets The Lobby

Ivan Eland
Yoo-surping Power for the Executive

Charles Peņa
McCain's Foreign Policy Vision: Style Over Substance

David R. Henderson
A Liberal Politician Libertarians Can Appreciate

Ran HaCohen
Israel Says 'No'

Praful Bidwai
India to Pay a Price For Launching Israeli Spy Satellite

Sascha Matuszak
The Dragon or the Snake?

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