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Iraq: The Ten Commandments: Gary Kamiya
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 Patrick Cockburn

Muqtada al-Sadr and the Struggle for Iraq

 Ray McGovern

It's Against the Law to Torture People

 Diane Benson

Do I have to do it myself?

 Bruce Schneier

There is Value in People Being Afraid

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Updated April 16, 2008 - 11:20 PM EDT
Iraqi Unit Flees Post, Despite Americans' Plea
  Two Top Basra Commanders Relieved of Posts
  Differences Emerge in US and Iraqi Strategies for Sadr

Fears of al-Qaeda Resurgence After Bombs Kill Dozens in Iraqi Cities

  Tuesday: 2 Marines, 125 Iraqis Killed; 166 Iraqis Wounded

Iran Says US Aids Rebels at Its Borders


Tough New Iran Sanctions Could Backfire, Experts Warn


Iran Raises Nuclear Stakes Before Big Powers Meet

Israelis Kill 20 in Gaza, Including Newsman

  New US Lobby Seeks to Redefine 'Pro-Israel'
  Israel Agrees to More Settlement Construction

Experts: Risk of Nuclear Attack on Rise

Deadlocked Jury Forces 2nd Mistrial in Miami Terrorism Case

Enemies Foreign, Enemies Domestic  by Jeff Huber
Bush Should Listen to
Benedict on War
 by John Nichols
The House in the Middle of the Road by David Binder
Target: Bin Laden  by Steve Coll
The AIPAC Antidote  by Laura Rozen
Torturers in the White House
by Ruth Conniff

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Pentagon Seeks Authority to Train and Equip Foreign Militaries

State Department Warns Diplomats of Compulsory Iraq Duty

Democrats Blast Mukasey for 9/11 Call Remarks

CIA Kidnapping Trial Resumes in Italy

Bush Defeats Truman (Poll Numbers)

Army 'Rewards' Outspoken Antiwar Soldier
Day of Bloodshed Shakes Iraq
Today in Iraq

Soldiers Surrendering to Mahdi Army: Better Safe Than Sorry?

Key al-Qaeda Member Arrested in Diyala

IEDs, Landmines Seized on Border Areas With Iran

Najaf Governor Denies Security Infiltration in the Province

Iraqi Elections Commission to Study Suggestions on Elections Law With UN

Iraq Doles Out $350 Million to Three 'Hot Spots'

Attacks Continue

Sistani's Representative in Wassit Escapes Assassination Attempt

Tuesday: 2 Marines, 125 Iraqis Killed; 166 Iraqis Wounded
Occupying Iraq

New US Embassy in Baghdad Ready - Six Months Late

Pharaonic US Embassy in Iraq Ready

The War at Home

Economists Debate Link Between War, Credit Crisis

Injured Veteran Is Called Back Up to Serve in the Military

Dallas VA Closes Psychiatric Wing After 4th Patient Kills Himself

Gates: Improvements to VA Care 'Uneven'

Feds Claim Suspected Enemy Combatant's Prison Conditions Humane

'War on Terror'

Feds Use Phone Bills to Get Journalists' Sources on NSA Spy Program

FBI Slowed Terror Investigation by Using 'Secret Letter'

Jury Still Deadlocked in 'Sears Tower' Terrorism Retrial

Lawmakers Want FBI Access to Data Curbed

British MPs 'Will Buy' 42-Day Terror Detention


General Urges Longer Tours for Afghanistan

Busy in Iraq, US Also Faces Surging Violence in Afghanistan

NATO Making Mistake in Afghanistan, Warns Turkish FM

Canadian Detainee Asks US Court to Intervene in Terror Case

Charges Stayed for Four Canadian Terror Suspects


Rice: US Will Expand Support for Civilian Control of Pakistani Military

Pakistani Coalition Reaffirms Pact on Sacked Judges


Monarchy 'Finished,' Say Nepal's Maoists

Analysts Ponder Maoist Upset in Nepal

South Asia

Nine Killed in Fresh Sri Lanka Fighting

Now Playing in India: a Rare View of Pakistan


China Demands Apology From CNN Over Comments

As Olympics Protests Mount, China Blasts Its Foreign Critics

Bill Says His Ties to Chinese Censorship Firm Don't Hurt Hillary Clinton's Campaign

Tibetans Resume Nepal Protests, Dozens Held

Musharraf Makes Chinese Oil Plea


Iran Says It Will 'Eliminate' Israel if It Attacks

US: Iranian Threat of Retaliation Justifies Sanctions

Clinton Urges Low-Level Talks With Iran

McCain Vows Massive Pressure on Iran

State Dept. 'Encourages' Talks Between Private Americans, Iran

China Steps Forward in New Bid to End Iran Dispute

Iran Slams 'Google Plot'


US National Security Adviser in Israel for Talks on Iran

Israel Test-Fires 'Iran' Missile


Clash Follows Incursion Into Gaza

Israel Forbids Jimmy Carter From Visiting Gaza

How Many West Bank Barriers Will Israel Forgo?

After 'Embargo,' al-Jazeera Promises to Discuss Coverage With Israel

Israel's Lieberman Demands Rival MP Be Expelled, Likens Him to Hitler

Top Soviet Spy in Israel Betrayed by Bad Samaritan


Israel Says Syria Arming Hezbollah Despite UN Resolution

Lebanese Demand Knowledge of Missing Thought to Be in Syria

Hezbollah Denies Report of Planning to Launch War Inside Israel

UN Security Council Calls for Disarming Hezbollah

Kuwaitis Charged Over Eulogy of Slain Hezbollah Figure


25 Egypt Opposition Members Sentenced

Egyptian Security Forces Hunting Multiple Terror Cells in Sinai


Zimbabwe Protest Fails to Shut Capital

Most Zimbabweans With Jobs Ignore Opposition's Strike Call

Robert Mugabe's Terror Victims Tell of Beatings

ANC Breaks With Mbeki to Condemn 'Evident' Crisis in Zimbabwe


Uganda President: Rebels Not Serious About Peace

Ivory Coast Army Rejects UN Accusations of Arms Embargo Violations

Eq. Guinea Opposition Leader Arrested in Spain for Weapons Deal

Nigerian General: Civilian-Induced Coups Now Impossible


US Panel Urges China Not to Repatriate North Koreans

South Korea Replaces Nuclear Envoy

North Korean Leader Promotes Generals

In Other News

Putin to Become United Russia Chief, Cementing Hold on Power

Myanmar: 20 Held in Campaign Against Generals' Constitution


Justin Raimondo
How the War Party Captured the Right

David R. Henderson
John Yoo's Dilemma

Ivan Eland
Things Unsaid at the Petraeus Hearings

Alan Bock
Hold On and Pray

Doug Bandow
Iraq: Tell Us How This Ends

Nebojsa Malic
Glitz and Loathing in Sarajevo

Philip Giraldi
Obama Meets The Lobby

Charles Peņa
McCain's Foreign Policy Vision: Style Over Substance

Ran HaCohen
Israel Says 'No'

Praful Bidwai
India to Pay a Price For Launching Israeli Spy Satellite

Sascha Matuszak
The Dragon or the Snake?

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