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What We're About: Justin Raimondo
Leaving Cheyenne Mountain: Astore/Engelhardt
A Confirming Moment: William S. Lind
Chaos Hardening Sectarian Fiefdoms: Ali Gharib
Petraeus Hid Maliki Resistance in Basra: G. Porter

 Michael Scheuer

Bad Tidings in the Terror Wars

 Patrick Cockburn

Muqtada al-Sadr and the Struggle for Iraq

 Ray McGovern

It's Against the Law to Torture People

 Diane Benson

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Updated April 18, 2008 - 9:29 PM EDT
Pentagon Institute: Iraq War 'A Major Debacle'
  Dems Seek to Avoid Iraq Funding Vote This Fall
  House Democrats to Fund War to Appear 'Supportive of Troops'
  US Lawmakers Want Iraq to Start Paying the Bills
  300,000 Vets Have Mental Problem, 320,000 Had Brain Injuries
Iraqi Troops Abandons Position After Attack
  Heavy Fighting as Iraqi Troops Face Off With Sadr Followers
  Iraq Bombings Target US-Allied Groups
  Petraeus Hid Maliki Resistance to US Troops in Basra
  Iraq Chaos Hardening Sectarian Fiefdoms
  Iraqi Troops Find 51 Bodies in Baghdad Suburb
  Thursday: 139 Iraqis Killed, 122 Wounded
Clinton: Create US Security Umbrella for Israel
  Netanyahu Suggests He Won't Honor Peace Deal if Elected
GAO: Terrorists Operating Freely on Pakistan Border
  US Lacks Anti-Terrorism Plan in Pakistan: Report
  US Promises to Curb Air Strikes on Pakistan
Since 2001, a Dramatic Increase in Suicide Bombings
  UK Judge: US Terror War Escalating Terrorist Activity
UK Defense Secretary Misled MPs Over Capture of Sailors
'Secret' US-North Korea Deal Irks South
How I Learned to Start Worrying and Loathe the Bomb  by William Astore and Tom Engelhardt
The Torture Memo  by Stephen Gillers
The Very Annoying Washington Post  by Robert Parry
Enemy No. 3 in Iraq  by Harold Meyerson
A Confirming Moment  by William S. Lind
Our Very Own Axis of Evil in Guantánamo  by Nat Hentoff

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McCain Accuses Russia of Undermining Georgia
Former Pentagon Official: US Missile Umbrella 'Won't Work'
Military Official: US Sees Iraqis in Control in Baghdad in a Year
Al-Qaeda #2 Declares 'Failure and Defeat' for US Troops in Iraq
Study: Reconstruction Teams Face Funding, Staffing Troubles
KBR's Rape Problem
Across Globe, Empty Bellies Bring Rising Anger
Justice Department Investigating Torture Memo
CIA: Destroyed Videos Likely Not Covered by Court Order
Sadrist Leaders Refuse
to Lay Down Weapons
Iraq Occupation
Lawyer: Military Only Produced 2 Witnesses Against AP Photographer
US Begins Erecting Wall in Sadr City
Rice Says Arabs Must Shield Iraq From Iran's Sway
NATO Promises Iraq More Army Training, Equipment
Helping Iraqis Move From Guns to Growth
Iraqi Oil
Kurdish Leaders Reach Oil-Law Deal With Baghdad
Iraq Oil List Disappoints Turks
Invest in Iraq and You Repeat Past Mistakes, Investors Tell BP Board
Today in Iraq
Bombing Kills 55 at Funeral in Iraq
Medic: 330 Killed, 1621 Injured in Sadr City Clashes in Three Weeks
Iraq Restaurant's Fortunes Rise and Fall With Violence
Sandstorm Blankets Iraqi Capital, Forcing Airport Closure
Thursday: 139 Iraqis Killed, 122 Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
Japan Court: Sending Troops to Iraq Unconstitutional
Gordon Brown Is Grilled in America Over Iraq
Text of President Bush and Prime Minister Brown Remarks on Iraq and Terrorism
Turkish Soldier Killed in Clash With Kurdish Rebels
The War at Home
Public's View of War, Economy Takes Fast Turn Downward
Gates Seen Reversing Rivalry With State Dept
Ex-Marshal: Air Marshal Training 'A National Disgrace'
Denver Won't 'Cage Protesters' at DNC
British Prime Minister Talks With Presidential Candidates
British PM: Bush Owed 'A Huge Debt of Gratitude'
US Military
Nearly 1 in 5 Vets Reports Mental Problems
Air Force Leaders Under Fire for $50 Million Contract
New Bid, Same Result: KBR Shares Big Army Contract
Fort Lewis Soldier Gets 2-1/3 Years for Death of Sergeant
US Teams Aim to Grow Ears, Skin for War Wounded
Air Force Nears 1 Million Sorties Since 9/11
US Army Develops Robotic Suits
First Enlistment Contract With Biometric Signature
Pentagon Selling Aviation History – Bit by Bit
'War on Terror'
Homeland Security Department Plans for White House Handoff
Professor in Deadlocked Terrorism Case Could Face a New Indictment
Critic of Britain's Former Home Secretary Convicted of Inciting Terrorism
Canada Wanted Detainee Kept Out of Gitmo
Marshall Islands
Marshall Islanders in Showdown With US Over Missile Testing Base
50 Years After Nuking: Bikini Atoll Corel Reef Surprisingly Healthy
D'Oh! 'Simpsons' Again Angers South Americans
Ex-Bishop Takes on Ruling Party in Paraguay
Jury Deadlocked in Cocaine Case Against Colombian Rebel
Mugabe Hardliners Killed Zimbabwe Deal: Tsvangirai
South Africa Shifts on Zimbabwe, Calls for Result
Tsvangirai Can't Predict End to Crisis
Tsvangirai: Mugabe Could Face Justice for Zimbabwe Abuses
Mugabe's Opposition Softens Its Stance
Treason Claim as Tsvangirai Is Accused of Plotting With UK
Brown Treats Zimbabwe Like British Colony: Minister
Tsvangirai Says Mbeki Not Fit Mediator
Key Facts About Zimbabwe Opposition Leader
Kenya: Opposition Leader Takes Oath as New Prime Minister
Nigeria Deploys Troops in Oil-Rich Bayelsa
Georgia Demands Russia Drop Pro-Rebel Plans
Russia: Former Nuclear Minister Is Resentenced and Set Free
Russian President Looks to Rebuild Ties With Libya
Kosovo: Defiant Serbia Will Hold Local Elections
Spain: Bomb Hits Governing Party
Rice to Shun Iran at Meeting of Iraq's Neighbors
Bush, British PM Push Tough Approach on Iran
Olmert Says Iran Will Never Be a Nuclear Power
Clinton Vows 'Massive' US Retaliation if Iran Attacks Israel
US Officials: Iran Sanctions Having Impact
Iran Progress on Atom Centrifuges Slow: ElBaradei
Iran: Region Does Not Need 'Satanic' Foreign Forces
US Admiral Urges Iran Guard Navy to Communicate
Reuters Man Killed in Gaza
Reuters Cameraman's Funeral Draws Thousands in Gaza
Video: Final Footage of Reuters Journalist Killed in Gaza
Controversial 'Darts' From Tank Shell Killed Cameraman in Gaza, Say Doctors
Rights Group: Israeli Military Must Ban Shell That Killed Cameraman in Gaza
Gaza Simmers a Day After Israeli Incursion
Israel Again Cuts Off Fuel Deliveries to Gaza Strip
Israel Thwarts Another Infiltration Attempt by Gaza Gunmen
Israeli Troops Kill Two Palestinians in West Bank
Israel to Seal Off Palestinian Territories for Passover
Palestinian Official Says Talks With Israelis Yield Little
German MPs Suspend West Bank Visit After Threats From Israeli Settlers
Heavy Fighting in Gaza Casts Doubt on Egyptian-Led Talks
Israeli Officials: Iran Smuggling Weapons to Gaza Fishermen
Israeli Deputy FM Slams Lack of Charges for Police Who Shot Demonstrators
Carter Meets With More Hamas Leaders, Defends Peace Efforts
Palestinians Mark Prisoner's Day Across the West Bank
Olmert: Syria Not a Nuclear Threat to Israel
Rice: Syria 'An Issue' in Nuclear Proliferation
Assad: Syria Preparing for a War It Doesn't Want
Hezbollah Official Speaks of Possible Israeli Attack Along Lebanese Syrian Boarders
Lebanon Finds Berlusconi's Engagement Comment 'Dangerous'
Suicide Bomber Kills 23 in Remote Afghan Province
Several Dozen Taliban Said Killed in Afghan Clashes
NATO Admits Force in Afghanistan Drops Ammo Into Wrong Hands
Fears for Student Journalist as Afghan Court Confirms 100 Death Sentences
Pakistan Has Effective Nuclear Command: PM
US Reportedly Floated Plan to Send Pakistan's Chief Judge Abroad
Pakistan Court Acquits Bhutto's Widower in Second Murder Case
Pakistan's Sharif Seeks Parliament Seat
Sharif Calls for US Shift in Policy Toward Pakistan
UN Warns Pakistan Over Afghan Refugee Repatriation Plan
Dutch Embassy in Pakistan Relocated on Security Worries
Nepal Re-Polls Areas for Constitutional Assembly
Nepalese Police Detain 500 Tibetan Protesters
Past Deals by North Korea May Face Less Study
South Korean Leader Plans New Outreach to the North
South Koreans Debate Need for US Presence
Bush, Lee May Discuss Troop Strength in South Korea
Malaysia Shuts Down Tamil Newspaper
East Timor's President Returns Home
Chinese Police Raid Tibetan Monastery, Hold Monks
China Seals Gateway Into Tibet, Stops Refugee Flow Out
China State Media Seeks to Contain Nationalist Anger
China Spurns Apology, Keeps Pressure on CNN
China Rebel Is Denied Chance to Appeal in Subversion Case
China Detains Tibetan Reporter

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McCain's Foreign Policy Vision: Style Over Substance

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India to Pay a Price For Launching Israeli Spy Satellite

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The Dragon or the Snake?

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