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The Insignificance of Abu Zubaydah: Worthington
Helping Mullahs, Hurting the Poor: Babak Rahimi
The Un-American Treatment of al-Arian: Reese
Complicity in Acts of Aggression: Gordon Prather
The War on Terror Feeding Frenzy: Ian S. Lustick

 Philip Giraldi

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Armageddon in Retrospect

 Gareth Porter

Divide and Fail Completely at Conquering

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Updated April 27, 2008 - 9:39 PM EDT
US Warns Iran of Retaliation Over Iraq Action
  US: Iranian Arms Aid 'Visible' in Iraq's Basra
Cheney Camp 'Behind Syrian Reactor Claim'
  Israeli PM Hints at IAF Strike in Syria
Two Mass Graves Found in Iraq, Yield 100 Bodies
  Bomb Targets 'Sons of Iraq' Security Volunteers
  Mosul Hit by Multiple Suicide Bombs
  US Says Iraqi Forces Seize Last Sadr Bastion in Basra
  Sunday: 157 Iraqis Killed, 131 Wounded
Afghan President Survives Assassination Bid
  Leave Taliban Alone, Afghan President Tells West
  US Marines Deploying in Afghanistan for First Time in Years
Israel Spy Nest: Bigger Than We Thought
Recruiting the Undocumented for the Military Is Proposed
Skepticism Toward Bush Claims About Syria and North Korea  by Glenn Greenwald
The Un-American Treatment of Sami al-Arian  by Charley Reese
The Insignificance and Insanity of Abu Zubaydah  by Andy Worthington
Pentagon Conduits  by Sheldon Richman
Helping the Mullahs, Hurting the Poor  by Babak Rahimi
Complicity in Acts of Aggression
by Gordon Prather

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Hawks Resurgent?
McCain Says Obama Is the Candidate of Hamas
Homeland Response Task Force to Be Ready by Fall
Jury Acquits Soldier Charged With Iraqi Murder
Guantanamo Eclipses Other US Abuses
Letters Give CIA Tactics a Legal Rationale
US Fumes After Israeli Envoy to UN Envoy Brands Carter 'A Bigot'
Fraud Allegations Lead US Army to Review Arms Policy
Reliability, Cost of US Forces' Standard Rifle Under Scrutiny
VA Official Denies Cover-Up of Suicide Rates
UN Says Young Iraqis Increasingly Recruited for Violence
Today in Iraq
Iraq's Sunni VP Wants Return to Government
Sadrist Movement Accept Meeting PM, Presidential Board Committee-Speaker
Police Say Top Qaeda Militant Killed in Iraq
Eight al-Qaeda Members Arrested, 13 Roadside Bombs Defused in Baghdad
Hey Teacher, Leave Us Kids Alone!' Arbil Students Shout
Police Foil $2 M Robbery From Bank in Central Baghdad
Iraq Occupation
Have Americans and Sadrists Reached a Deal?
Rebuilding Iraq Includes Tending to Donkeys
Iraqi Lawmaker Accuses US Forces of Using Prohibited Weapons in Sadr City Attacks
US Air Strike Kills Two Shi'ite Fighters in Baghdad Bastion
US Military Reports Relative Lull in Baghdad's Sadr City
Iraq Pipeline Blast Was Accidental: US Military
Attacks Continue
Iraqi Teenage Girl Killed for Loving a British Soldier
13 Killed, Wounded in Armed Attacks in Baghdad
Bodies of Two Civilians Found in Mosul
Seven Wounded in IED Blast in Tikrit
Sadr City Clashes Leave 8 Dead, 47 Wounded
Civilian, Policeman Wounded in Mortar Attacks in Mosul
Fighting in Sadr City Cuts Short Effort to Collect Trash
Saturday: 49 Iraqis Killed, 123 Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
Iraqi Factions Meet for Talks in Finland: Organizers
PKK Says No Casualties in New Turkish Bombing of Iraq
Bahrainis Opposed to Opening an Embassy in Baghdad Raise bin Laden Posters at Protest
Report: Britons Kidnapped in Iraq Are Held by Iran
Malaysia's Ex-PM Mahathir Wants Iraq War Leaders on War Crimes Charges
The War at Home
US Congress: Israel Homeland for Jewish People
Hundreds Mourn Ohio Soldier Captured in Iraq 4 Years Ago
Kidnapped Contractor's Family Awaits Details of His Death
Battles of Britain
Head of Army Defends Britain's Role in Iraq in Open Letter to His Troops
UK Labor MPs Call for Bigger Forces Budget
UK: Compensation Boost for Severely Injured Troops
'War on Terror'
Top Terror Suspect Meets Lawyer at Gitmo
Border Fence May Not Meet End of Year Completion Date
Terrorism Tag Haunts Former Teacher
Russia & Her Neighbors
Georgia: Russian Threat Violates International Law
Russia's Region of 'Lawlessness'
Joint Turkish-Russian-Romanian Military Exercises Begin
Whistleblower Ousted for Exposing Corruption at European Aid Agency
Italy Must Be Broken Up, Says Berlusconi's Wife
Recounts Do Not Overturn Any Opposition Wins
No Majority for Mugabe Party in Zimbabwe Recount
Zimbabwe Says Unclear When Presidential Result Ready
Zimbabwe Riot Police Swoop on Opposition HQ
Chronology: Aftermath of Zimbabwe's Crucial Elections
Zimbabwe: Claim 15 Killed in Post-Poll Violence
Britain Urges the UN to Help Bring Down Mugabe
In Zimbabwe Jail: a Reporter’s Ordeal
Angola Pressures Zimbabwe on Arms

Ugandan Police Raid Magazine, Arrest Staff

Displaced Kenyans Say They Can't Return Despite Promises
Americans Keep Dying
West Point Grad, Nuclear Engineer Killed in Iraq (TX)
Jefferson County (CO) Family Mourns Marine Son Killed in Iraq
Bakersfield (CA) Sailer Supporting Iraq War Dies in Bahrain
Sag Harbor (NY) Marine Killed by Suicide Bomber in Iraq
Apex (NC) Guardsman Killed in Iraq Planned Law-Enforcement Career
Morris County (NJ) Soldier to Be Buried in Arlington Cemetery
Security Contractor (NY) Killed in Iraq Is Remembered
Arkansas Marine Killed by Bomb in Afghanistan
Soldier With Colorado Tiesto Be Buried Saturday in Biloxi (MS)
Soldier From Gaylord (MI) Killed in Armored Vehicle Crash in Iraq
Sailor (TX) Supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom Dies in Dubai
San Diego (CA) Sergeant Killed in Iraq
Athens (GA) Marine Killed by Roadside Bomb in Afghanistan
Green Beret From Magnolia (TX) Dies During Firefight in Iraq
Conservatives Prevail in Iran Vote, but Opposition Scores, Too
Iran's Conservatives Win Parliament: Final Results
Iran Judiciary Chief Slams Ahmadinejad 'Slogans'
India and Iran: Getting Friendly?
Israel: 'We Don't Need US to Okay Syria Talks'
Israel: Barak Defers US Trip in Wake of CIA Briefing Over Syrian Strike
Turkish PM: Country Mediating Israel, Syria Talks
Turkish PM Visits Syria in Push for Israel Peace Deal
Israel: Gaza Cease-Fire Only if Small Factions Join
Abbas Doubts Deal With Israel Possible This Year
Hamas Says Cease-Fire Is a 'Tactic'
7,000 Hamas Supporters Rally at Gaza North, South Borders
Bedouin Woman Loses Hand While Handling Dud Bomb in Negev
Palestinian Plight Is Flip Side of Israel's Independence Joy
Israel Limits Impact of Aid to Palestinians
14-Year-Old Palestinian Girl Killed in Gaza Clash
Israel to Remove Military Barrier Near Nablus
Israeli Military Says Two Israelis Dead in Shooting
Muslim Brotherhood Allegedly Helped Hamas Develop Drones
Druze Hold Protest Against Construction Projects in Northern Israel

Israel Tests Ecstasy on War Trauma Victims

Middle East
Egypt Detains Two in Alleged Hamas Plot
Saudi Arabia: Blogger Freed After Months in Jail
Air Strikes Leave 15 Suspected Insurgents Dead in Afghanistan
Police Say Bomb Kills Two Officers in Central Afghanistan
Taliban Ease Mobile Phone Threat for Afghan Summer
Zardari, Nawaz Decide to Clip Musharraf's Powers
Pakistan Is at an Impasse Over Reinstating Judges
Some Pakistan Militants Might Not Be Aware of Ceasefire
Explosion in Pakistani Military Intelligence Agency Office, Three Wounded
Violators of Pakistan Constitution to Be Brought to Justice: Nawaz Sharif
China to Help Pakistan Fight Terrorists
Sri Lanka
Flying Tigers Stage Fresh Attack as Sri Lanka Fighting Escalates
Sri Lanka Fears More Civilian Attacks as Fresh Fighting Erupts
Death Toll in Sri Lankan Bus Explosion Rises to 26
Sri Lanka Arrests 9 Over Bus Bomb Blamed on Tigers
Amid Criticism From West, Sri Lanka Turns to Less Picky Donors
Two Maoists, Three Policemen Killed in an Encounter in Eastern India
Kashmiris Protest Rights Violations by Forces
Dalai Lama Says He's Ready for Serious Talks With China
China's State Media Attack Dalai Lama Despite Govt Overture
Chinese Seek Talks to Stop Tibet Protests
Taiwan's Lien to Meet China's President
Chinese Rail Link to Nepal Via Tibet in Five Years
France Scrambles to Mend Rift With China
Kim Jong-Il Builds 'Thunderbirds' Runway for War in North Korea
North Korea Rejects Liaison Office Proposal From South Korea
North Korean Defectors Vow to Disrupt South Korea's Olympic Torch Relay
Maoists Win More Than a Third of Seats in Nepal Polls
Four Soldiers Slain by Leftist Rebels in Philippines
Suu Kyi Party Says Opponents of Myanmar Constitution Beaten Up
200 Australian Troops to Quit East Timor
Colombia Says FARC Rebels Fire Mortars From Ecuador
Plot to Kill Colombian Witness Exposed
Weekend Reviews
Abu Ghraib: Snapshots of Horror
The No-Escape Clause on Iraq
Dear Diplomat, Whose Side Are You Really On?
Of Crime and Perception at Abu Ghraib
Dreams and Shadows: The Future of the Middle East
Mother's Poetry Illustrates the Pain She Felt While Her Son Fought in Iraq

Justin Raimondo
Pollard's Ghost

Doug Bandow
Inconvenient Truths About John McCain

Nebojsa Malic
If This Goes On…

Charles Peña
Whither the Price of Oil?

Philip Giraldi
Jimmy Carter Gets the Point

Ivan Eland
War on Terror
Dangerously Counterproductive

Alan Bock
Prosecuting No-Threat Stumblebums

David R. Henderson
John Yoo's Dilemma

Ran HaCohen
Israel Says 'No'

Praful Bidwai
India to Pay a Price For Launching Israeli Spy Satellite

Sascha Matuszak
The Dragon or the Snake?

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