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Divert, Distract, and Demonize: Justin Raimondo
The Iranian Chessboard: Escobar/Engelhardt
Christianity and War: Doug Bandow
Life in a Neocon's Parallel Universe: M. Scheuer
War and the Morality of Americans: Joseph Potter

 Joshua Snyder

US Out of Korea!

 Bruce Gagnon

Every Great Empire Needs a Death Star

 Philip Giraldi

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Armageddon in Retrospect

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Updated May 2, 2008 - 10:39 PM EDT
Sadr Snubs Iraq Peace Overtures
  US: Turkey Striking at 'Terrorists' in Iraq
  Iraqi MPs Call Maliki 'Depraved'
  Double Suicide Attack on Wedding Party Kills 35 in Iraq
  Thursday: 2 US Soldiers, 93 Iraqis Killed; 212 Iraqis Wounded
Bush Details $70 Billion War Funding for 2009
  Democrats Struggle Over War Funding Bill
  Union Antiwar Protest Halts West Coast Cargo Traffic
  Senate Panel Moves to Shift Reconstruction Costs to Iraq
Adm. Mullen Slams Iran's 'Irresponsible Influence'
  Iraqi Delegation Goes to Iran to Discuss Militias
White House, Telecoms Tried to Hide Snooping
  Mail Carrier Accused of Warning Customer of 'Mail Cover' Surveillance
US Missile Kills Militant, 30 Others in Somalia
Blast at Yemen Mosque Kills 15, Wounds 60
The Iranian Chessboard
by Pepe Escobar and Tom Engelhardt
Douglas Feith's War and Decision: Life in a Neocon's Parallel Universe  by Michael Scheuer
Neocons Lose Another Battle
by Morgan Strong
'Our Dreams Are Dead'  by Linda Bird Francke
War and the Morality of Americans
by Joseph Potter
The Old Drumbeat  by Simon Tisdall

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Long-Held al-Jazeera Journalist Freed From Gitmo
Democrats Eye New War Bill for Social Programs
Poll: More Disapprove of Bush Than Any Other President
Russia Sends Extra Troops to Georgian Rebel Region
Iraq by the Numbers: Key Figures Since the War Began in 2003
McCain: 'Mission Accomplished' Banner Not Bush's Fault
Somali Militia Vows Holy War
After US Airstrike
Iraq Occupation
British Troops to Stay in Basra 'For the Long Term'
Jury Acquits Soldier in Shooting Death of Iraqi Insurgent
Gates Says Iraqi Delegation to Iran an Important Step
US Troops Kill Nine Gunmen in Baghdad Shi'ite Bastion
US Army Ramps Up Biometrics to ID Baghdad Residents
Today in Iraq
BBC Correspondent Detained in Karbala
113 Detainees Released in Mosul
Large Amount of Weapons Found in Shi'ite Mosque in Baghdad
Police Forces Defuse 12 Roadside Bombs, Seize Weapons in Basra
Attacks Continue
Ex-Guantánamo Inmate in Iraq Suicide Bombing
Shelling Endangers Those Near Green Zone
Thursday: 2 US Soldiers, 93 Iraqis Killed; 212 Iraqis Wounded
Iraqi Kurdistan
Turkish Jets Bomb PKK Camps in Northern Iraq
Turkey Holds First Senior Official Contact With Iraqi Kurds in Years
US Report Says PKK Maintains Fundraising Network in Europe
PM: Iraq Seeks Boosting Ties With Turkey
The War at Home
Oakland Teach-In Looks at Budget Cuts and the War
War Jolts US Presidential Campaign
Democrat Superdelegates Push for Commitment to Iran Talks in Party Platform
US Admits the Most Iraqi Refugees Since 2003
Merchant Sued for $40 Billion Over Iraq War T-Shirt
Actor Cusack Aims to Offend With War Satire Film
Mother Fights to Get Children Back From Iraq
Blackwater Worldwide Adopts Fresh Image to Seek Funds
Bush Condemns Violators of Press Freedom
US Military
Gates Acknowledges Mistakes in Treatment of Troops
Audit: Vets With Brain Injury Still Not Getting Proper Care
Facing PTSD Deluge, Pentagon Changes Security Standards
Military Stressing Veterans' Counseling
Woman Gains Silver Star - and Removal From Combat
Security of F-35 Jet Secrets Questioned
Pentagon Looks for 'Killer Switch'
Two Air Force Pilots Killed in Training Crash in Texas
'War on Terror'
ACLU: US Army Psychologists, Medics Supported 'Abusive' Interrogations After 2003 Ban
Sami Al-Hajj Arrives in Sudan
Detained Professor Ends Hunger Strike
Bin Laden's Son Denied British Residency
UK Crossing Guards Join the Surveillance State
Somali PM Grilled in Parliament as Seven Officials Reject Regional Posts
Revenge Threatened for Slain Somali al-Qaeda Chief
Witnesses: Uganda Troops Escape Somali Bomb Attack
UN Monitors Warn of Major Famine Crisis in Somalia
Somalia: Puntland Security Minister's Bodyguard Killed in Bossaso Shootout
French Aid Worker Killed in Chad
US Faults Kenya Over Weak Terror Laws
UN Security Council Lashes Out at Eritrea Over Obstruction
Moroccan Police Arrest Terror Convict Who Escaped Prison
NATO Alarm Over Russian Troop Build-Up
Georgia: West Must 'Stand Up' to Russia
US Denies Expelling Belarus Diplomats
Rice Determined Not to Give Ground Over Incentives to Iran
Azerbaijan Frees Russian Cargo for Iran Nuclear Plant
Israel Links Holocaust to Iran
Khamanei: US Spreading Insecurity, Terrorism
Syrian-Israeli Contacts Worry Iran, Hezbollah
Israel Minister Rejects Gaza Truce as Hamas Chief Killed
Israel Names Three Conditions for Gaza Truce
Blockade Puts Gaza on Brink of Serious Food Crisis, Says UN
Hamas Lifts Ban on Pro-Fatah Newspaper
Top US Official: America Would Look Favorably on PA Request for Additional Funding
Rice Slams Arab States for Lack of PA Funding
100,000 Palestinian Refugees Set to March Toward Northern Border
Rice: Israelis and Palestinians Must Agree on Final Borders
UN: Gaza Blockade Shuts Down Sewage Treatment
Jordan Muslim Brotherhood Elects New, Hawkish Leader
Canada Reaches Out to Taliban
NATO Soldier, 8 Civilians Killed by Roadside Bombs in Afghanistan
US Army Targets $400 Million for Afghan Emergency Funds
Americans Build Elite Afghan Commando Force
Afghan Officials: Al-Qaeda Link in Assassination Plot
US General: Afghan Police Needs Trainers to Reform
Task Force Soldiers Wonder if Afghan Troops Will Stay at Remote Border Crossing After They Leave
Army Ranger Killed in Afghanistan – on 7th Tour in War Zone
Afghanistan Moves Against TV Channels Showing Soaps
One Killed, Dozen Wounded in Pakistan Blast
Pakistan Coalition Leaders Agree on Reinstating Judges: Sharif
Pakistan to Regain Lost Seat in Commonwealth Soon
Taiwan Defense Chief, Lawmakers to Visit Disputed Isle
Tibetans Shot Officer 'To Avenge Killing of Monk'
Senator: China Plans to Spy on Olympic Hotel Guests
Bush: China Must Have 'Substantive' Dialogue With Dalai Lama
North Korea Agrees to Blow Up Tower at Its Nuclear Facility
North Korea Agrees to Give Key Nuclear Complex Records: Report
US Lawmakers Ask Hu to End North Korean Refugees Repatriation
Koreans Recall an Era of Propaganda Battles
Fighting Kills 73 in Sri Lanka, Army Takes Rebel Base
Bush Signs Order to Further Crackdown on Myanmar
Govt Report: India Should Seek Peace Talks With Maoists
Zimbabwe Government Tally Shows Presidential Runoff Needed
Mugabe Declares Runoff in Defiance of Electoral Commission
Results Dispute Signals More Delays in Zimbabwe
Senegal: Mugabe Pledges to Respect Verdict of Any Runoff Vote
Why White Zimbabwean Farmers Plan to Stay in Nigeria
Tsvangirai to Return to Zimbabwe After Vote Checks
Zimbabwe Farm Invasions and Attacks Spread
More FARC-Venezuela Links in Rebel E-Mails

Justin Raimondo
Divert, Distract, and Demonize

Doug Bandow
Christianity and War

Nebojsa Malic
Much Ado About Nothing

Sascha Matuszak
The Sword Is Blunted

Ivan Eland
Quagmires, Wacky Personnel Policies Strain All-Volunteer Military

Charles Peña
Whither the Price of Oil?

Philip Giraldi
Jimmy Carter Gets the Point

Alan Bock
Prosecuting No-Threat Stumblebums

David R. Henderson
John Yoo's Dilemma

Ran HaCohen
Israel Says 'No'

Praful Bidwai
India to Pay a Price For Launching Israeli Spy Satellite

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