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Moscow Musical Chairs: Alan Bock
The Afghans Released from Gitmo: A. Worthington
Iran, International Peace and Security: G. Prather
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Can Offer Break Iran Nuclear Stalemate?: T. Parsi

 Mary Ruwart

Libertarianism and War

 Paul Verkuil

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Mahdi Army, Then Iran

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Al Hajj Freed, Others at Gitmo Still Languish

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Updated May 10, 2008 - 10:29 PM EDT
Hezbollah to Pull Gunmen From Beirut Streets
  US Says Syria, Iran Behind Lebanon Violence
  Hezbollah Rules West Beirut
  Lebanon Govt Denounces Hezbollah West Beirut 'Coup'
  Death Toll in Lebanon Rises to 18 as Clashes Intensify Across Country
  Al-Qaeda Declares War on Hezbollah
War With Iran Might Be Closer Than You Think
  Big Powers Say Nuclear Treaty at Risk, Cite Iran
  Can P5+1 Offer Break Iran Nuclear Stalemate?
  Iraq: The Elusive Iranian Weapons
Sadrists Strike Deal to End Baghdad Fighting
  Military Adds Armor as Roadside Bombs Surge
  US Military Says Man Held Is Not Iraq al-Qaeda Leader
  2 US Soldiers, 50 Iraqis Killed; 147 Iraqis Wounded
US Tightens Its Grip on Pakistan
Who Are the Afghans Just Released from Guantánamo?  by Andy Worthington
The Purpose of the Constitution Is to Protect Us From Them  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Four Years Later: Why Did It Take So Long for the Press to Break Abu Ghraib Story?  by Greg Mitchell
Senator Rambo  by Charley Reese
Iran, International Peace and Security  by Gordon Prather
The US War on Journalists
by Amy Goodman

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Dahr Jamail: 'I Wanted to Report on Where the Silence Was'
Playing the Iraq Oil Card
Judge May Make CIA Torture Memo Public
Guantanamo, Stateside
Stephen King's Army Comments Draw Fire
FBI, ATF Battle for Control of Cases
Ashcroft Memo on FBI-ATF Split
Judge Plans to Review Opinion on CIA Tactics
'Blue Dog' Democrats Join GOP in Opposing War Bill
Iraqis Running Out of Water
in Rising Heat
Today in Iraq
Rising Ranks of Widows Worry Iraqis
Media Group Slams Closing of Sadr's Radio Station
Rocket Hits BBC Bureau in Baghdad
Sadr Aide Lashes Out at Iraq's Senior Shi'ite Cleric
UN: Funding Crisis Puts Iraqi Refugees at Risk
Friday: 52 Iraqis Killed, 157 Wounded
Iraq Occupation
Frustration and Deceit on US-Iraqi Patrol in Mosul
Iraq Says Needs US Help Despite Big Oil Earnings
Iraq Contractor in Shooting Case Makes Comeback
Blackwater Unlikely to Face Charges in Iraq Shooting
Troops Kill 25 Militants in Iraqi Slum, US Says
The War at Home
Judge: Woman's Rape Case Against Halliburton Can Go to Trial
Obama Sacks Adviser Over Talks With Hamas
Conservatives Supporting Shield Law for the Press
E-Mails Show Racist Banter at Secret Service
Plame Files Appeal to Resurrect Lawsuit Against Bush Administration
US Military
Japan: Marine Sentenced in Sexual Misconduct Case
Some War Dead Were Cremated at Facility Handling Pets
US Makes Changes to Cremations for Slain Troops
Judge Drops General From Trial of Detainee
Guantánamo Detainees Spead Word to Boycott Trials

Gitmo Report: Inside the Hamdan Trial

'War on Terror'

Reporter Challenges Ruling Over Sources in Anthrax Case
Lieberman Warns of Web-Based Terrorists
FBI Is Called Slow to Join the Terrorism Fight
US: Taliban 'Spring Offensive' a Myth
Pentagon Is Open to Moving More Marines to Afghanistan
NATO-Led Force Soldier Killed in Afghan Operation
Australia Probes Claims Soldiers Abused Afghan Prisoners
Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran to Fight Cross-Border Opium Trade
'Human Terrain' Social Scientist Killed in Afghanistan
US General's Posting Cancelled After Pakistani Objection
Policeman Killed as Violence Resurges in Pakistan
Swat Valley Govt, Militants Strike Ceasefire
Political Foe of Musharraf Is Released in Pakistan
Voting Begins in Myanmar Referendum, Despite Cyclone
Absence of Myanmar's Notorious Strongman Provokes Speculation of a Power Struggle
Myanmar Generals Continue to Frustrate Humanitarian Relief for Cyclone
Myanmar Military Seizes Food Aid
Group Says North Korea Faces Massive Famine
Dalai Lama: Meetings With Chinese Were Respectful
On Visit to Japan, China's Hu Has No Time for Old Grudges
Japan Allows Military Activity in Space
Malaysian Opposition Leader Faces Sedition Probe
21 Days to a Nepal Republic
Lebanese Army Moves Into West Beirut After Hezbollah Takeover
Pro-Govt Gunmen in Beirut in Surrender Talks: Source
Fighting in Beirut Threatens a Top Bush Administration Priority
Lebanon Opposition to Keep Beirut Blockades
Lebanon's Political Crisis in Outline
High Stakes of Lebanon Crisis
Kouchner Offers French Help in Lebanon Crisis
France Plans for Possible Lebanon Evacuation
Abbas Urges Palestinians in Lebanon to Stay Out of Conflict
EU Condemns Iran Leader's 'Unacceptable' Anti-Israel Remarks
Israel Will Not Tolerate Nuclear Iran: Olmert
Brazil Sees No Iranian Threat, Despite US Warning
Palestinians Fret Over Olmert Police Inquiry
Israel Readying for a Post-Olmert Era
Gaza: Attacks Kill an Israeli and 5 Palestinians
Hamas Chief Threatens to Capture More Israelis
Israeli Arab MP Injured by Police During Protest Rally
Arab Israelis Mark 'Catastrophe' of Israel's Creation
Turkish Military Says It Killed 20 PKK Fighters
Turk President: Anti-PKK Strike Among Most Important
Four Killed in Kurdish Rebel Mine Attacks in Turkey
Yemen Seeks French Help to Build Nuclear Plant
Somali Police Fortify Headquarters After Raid by Islamists
Six Killed in Somalia Gunbattle With Insurgents
Radio Director Arrested in Puntland
New Signs of Zimbabwe Attacks as Mbeki Arrives
Zimbabwe Opposition Won't Meet With Visiting Mediator Mbeki
Four EU Troops Arrested in Chad
Tanks Return to Red Square as Russia Flaunts Military Might
Russia Exhibits Nuclear Missiles
Serbia Defies UN With Elections for Kosovo
Democracy on Trial in Serbia's Elections
Election in Serbia May Halt Hunt for Gen. Mladic
Chávez Aided Colombia Rebels, Captured Computer Files Show
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Cafe Bomb Kills 11 Ahead of Elections
Tamil Tigers Sink Sri Lankan Naval Ship
Sri Lanka Election Draws Complaints
UK Transfers Former Tamil Rebel
Weekend Reviews
Come Home, Conservatives!
Intervention Man – a Superhero for Kristol & Co.
Iron Man and the Merchants of Death
The Iraq Movie We've Been Waiting For
Why Does the US Overthrow Regimes in Other Countries?
1948: A History of the First Arab-Israeli War

Justin Raimondo
The Silenced Majority

Alan Bock
Moscow Musical Chairs

Doug Bandow
Another Needless Confrontation

Praful Bidwai
One Last Push for India-US Nuke Deal

Nebojsa Malic
Franklin's Choice

Charles Peña
Mission Accursed

Philip Giraldi
Condi Stomps the Mullahs

Ivan Eland
Rev. Wright Is Not All Wrong

Sascha Matuszak
The Sword Is Blunted

David R. Henderson
John Yoo's Dilemma

Ran HaCohen
Israel Says 'No'

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