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Happy Revisionist History Day: Sheldon Richman
Into the Bosnian Quagmire, Part 2: Justin Raimondo
Talking About Nothing: Alan Bock
Making a Threat of Iran: Muhammad Sahimi
Memorial Day Memo: Philadelphia Daily News

 Jacob Hornberger

Restoring the Republic

 Christopher Coyne

"Exporting Democracy" Cannot Work

 John Cusack

War Inc.

 Gareth Porter

Iran is Not Killing US in Iraq

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Updated May 26, 2008 - 12:21 PM EDT
Two Sides in Iraq Call Each Other Weak
  US Military Says al-Qaeda in Iraq Still Lethal
  US Troops Anticipate Shi'ite Militia Comeback in Sadr City
  Basra Shooting Strains Truce Between Govt, Militia
  As Soldiers Fill Sadr City, Militia Fighters Wait
Jimmy Carter Says Israel Has 150 Nukes
  Israeli PM Says Syria Peace Talks to Remain Secret
  Palestinians Reject Israeli Offer to Keep 8.5 Percent of West Bank
Lebanon Elects Army Chief as President
  Lebanon Presidential Deal Gains Authority for Hezbollah
Somalia Reports Airstrike, Possibly by US
'We Are Stuck' With Guantánamo, Gates Says
NATO: Pakistan Talks Lead to More Afghan Attacks
Iran Is No Threat, Unless Bush Makes It One  by Muhammad Sahimi
McCain and Lieberman:
The Chalabsey Twins
 by Jim Lobe
A Vital Election-Year Initiative Against Torture  by Scott Horton
Happy Revisionist History Day
by Sheldon Richman
Government, War, and Libertarianism  by Justin Logan
A Military Commissions Cheat Sheet  by Joanne Mariner

More Viewpoints

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States Chafing at US Focus on Terrorism
Sunni Bloc Predicts Collapse in Iraqi Govt Negotiations
Kurdish PM Warns Against 'Hasty' Withdrawal of US Forces From Iraq
Mosul's Detainees
Iraq Holy City Tells US It Wants Alms, Not Arms
The Return of Iraq's Ayatollah
Muslim Gangs 'Taking Control of British Top-Security Prison'
US Uses Bullets Ill-Suited for New Ways of War
Role of Army Generals
in Lebanese Politics
Today in Iraq
Sadr Bloc to Confront Maliki Over 'Constitution Violations'
Iraq Defiant on Olympic Decision
Iraqi Contradictions Regarding Religious Freedom
Maliki to Announce Cabinet Ministries Within Days
Iraq Starts Repairing Refinery Pipelines to Baghdad
Iraqi Troops Race to Free British Hostages Before Anniversary
Cracking Down
Iraqi Military: Al-Qaeda Fleeing Mosul
Senior Member of al-Qaeda in Iraq Arrested
US, Iraqi Militaries Say 20 Gunmen Confessed to Killing 300 Civilians Captured in Mosul

Arms Found in Sadr City

Attacks Continue
Roadside Bombing Leaves US Army Vehicle Damaged in Diwaniya

Two Civilians Wounded in Mosul Attack

Sunday: 14 Iraqis Killed, 41 Wounded
The War at Home
Iraq Vets Get Poor Health Care, Americans Say in Harvard Survey
Jessica Lange Bashes Iraq War in Graduation Speech
US Military
Military Funerals in 'High Demand'
IRR Marines Put Life on Hold Following Recall
A Final Test for Recruits Who Would Be Marines
US Soldiers Struggle in Civilian Life
Private Psychiatrists Offer Free Service to Troops
Bill Would Pay Extra for Stop-Loss Service
Mother of Sergeant Fatally Beaten in Gang Initiation Takes Aim at Son's Killer, Military
'Miracle' Marine Refused to Surrender Will to Live
Memories of Iraq Haunted Soldier Until Suicide
British Nimrods
Browne Under Fire Over Report Nimrods Are Unsafe
UK Nimrod Crew Quitting Over Safety Issues
'War on Terror'
UK Eyes Broader Terror Map After Bristol Plot
Pentagon Tightens Photo Rules at Guantánamo Camp
Zimbabwe's Mugabe Threatens to Expel US Ambassador
Mugabe Offers Land for Zimbabweans Who Return From South Africa
Sudan Politicians Accuse Government of Torture
New Civil War Feared in Sudan as Town Empties
Fighting Lays Waste to Disputed Sudanese Town
Government Troops Move on Main Market in Mogadishu
Armed Groups Kill Two in Mogadishu
A Conflict's Buffer Zone – Rocks, and Inches
Go-It-Alone France Shifts Military Stance
FARC Rebels Vow to Continue Fight
Rebel Death Raises Hope for Hostages in Colombia
Peru Excavates Mass Grave of Villagers
Jimmy Carter Calls for US to Make Friends With Iran After 27 Years
Iran Conservatives Tap Ex-Nuclear Chief as Speaker
Report: Iran Kidnappers Want to Swap Japanese Hostage
Iran DM Hails Syria Ties
Olmert Says Israel Serious About Peace With Syria
Israeli Ministers Vow to Fight Golan Pullout
Netanyahu: Peace With Syria Won't Last
Lebanon Celebrates the Election of a New President
Lebanon's New President Lauds Hezbollah, Wants Talks on Their Weapons
Suleiman: Symbol of Unity in Divided Lebanon
Neutrality Fuels Rise of Lebanon's New President
Lebanon's New President Appeals for Unity
After Election, Lebanon Faces Divisive Issues
Facts About Lebanon's New President
Next Steps in Lebanon's Political Process
Shin Bet Chief: 'Hamas Threat Increasing'
Hamas Wants Arabs to Broker Palestinian Accord
Iranian-Born Israeli Charged With Spying for Iran
Fearing Gaza Rockets, Israeli Military Moves Troops, Civilian Staff From Erez
Israeli Army Kills Three Militants in Gaza
Carter Urges 'Supine' Europe to Break With US Over Gaza Blockade
Shin Bet: Hamas Rockets Could Hit Far Beyond Ashkelon
French PM Denounces French Contacts With Hamas
Jordan's King Pledges Support to Palestinians in Talks With Israel
Egypt Arrests 18 Muslim Brotherhood Members
Egypt Satellite TV Operator in a Fix
Two Foreign Soldiers, Two Afghan Police, Dozen Taliban Killed
NATO Sees Rise of Militant Activity in Afghanistan
Afghan Prison Nightmare May Be Coming to an End for Condemned Student
Silenced Afghan Radio Station Sends a Message
Video-Link Lifeline for Afghan Prisoners
Suicide Blast Hits NATO Convoy in Afghan South, One Civilian Killed
Afghan Parliament Begins Naming Absent MPs: Official
Enough Votes May Exist for Musharraf Impeachment
Pakistan PM Plays Down Confrontation With Musharraf
North Korea
Mid-Level Official Steered US Shift on North Korea
Diplomats: China Is Middleman Between North Korea, IAEA
14 Die in Fierce Sri Lanka Fighting
Diplomats: China Is Middleman Between North Korea, IAEA
Taiwan's KMT Chairman Off to Mend Fences in China
Philippines Marines Battle Muslim Militants

Justin Raimondo
Into the Bosnian Quagmire, Part 2

Alan Bock
Talking About Nothing

Ivan Eland
Negotiating with 'Terrorists and Radicals' Is a Must

Doug Bandow
Ain't My America

Nebojsa Malic
Tadic's Titanic

Sascha Matuszak
Chinese Contradictions

Philip Giraldi
The Fourth Estate Fails Again

Ran HaCohen
Israel at Sixty

David R. Henderson
Is Peggy Noonan Turning Antiwar?

Praful Bidwai
One Last Push for India-US Nuke Deal

Charles Peña
Mission Accursed

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