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John McCain, Torture Puppet: Andy Worthington
A New Cold War?: Conn Hallinan
War, Economy Can't Be Decoupled: Ron Paul

 Eric Margolis

You Become What You Hate

 Tom Engelhardt

Iraq Forever

 Gareth Porter

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The Central Bank and Its Corpses

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Updated June 19, 2008 - 10:59 PM EDT
House Gives Bush His War Funds
  Iraq Forces Hunt Shi'ite Fighters in New Crackdown
  US Blames Bombing in Iraq on Shi'ite Hard-Liner

Deals With Iraq Are Set to Bring Oil Giants Back


Wednesday: 14 Iraqis Killed, 52 Wounded

Israel Proposes Peace Talks With Lebanon

  Lebanon PM: There's No Place for Bilateral Talks With Israel
  US Eyes Alleged Venezuela-Based Hezbollah Helpers
Obama: Avoid Making bin Laden a Martyr
  Bin Laden's 'Right-Hand Man' in UK Gets Bail

Ex-State Official: 100s of Detainees Died in US Custody, 25 Murdered

Zimbabwe's Voters Told: Choose Mugabe or Face a Bullet

War, Economy Can't Be Decoupled
by Rep. Ron Paul
Mearsheimer and Walt in Israel
by Uri Avnery
Eat a Pistachio, Make an
Iranian A-Bomb?
 by Richard Silverstein
A New Cold War?  by Conn Hallinan
John McCain, Torture Puppet
by Andy Worthington
Yoo Can't Be Serious  by Glenn Greenwald

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Iraq, US Working to Agree Pact by July Deadline

Ron Paul Says Pelosi Removed Iran War Powers Limits at AIPAC's Request

'Curveball' Speaks, and a Reputation as a Disinformation Agent Remains Intact

Ron Paul: Osama bin Laden Loves What We Have Done

Iraq's Widows Victims of Occupation, Social Codes
Iraqi Govt Holds 'Weapons Fair' to Show Off Weapons Seized in Sadr City
Today in Iraq

Iraqi Troops Poised to Enter Amarah

Officials Deem Iraq's Latest Crackdowns a Success

Shi'ite Militiamen Surrender Arms to Iraqi Forces

Resort Rising in Semi-Autonomous Northern Iraq

Iraqi Troops 'Beat and Insult' Journalists in Baghdad

Attacks Continue

Muslim Scholars Condemn Baghdad Bombing

Wednesday: 14 Iraqis Killed, 52 Wounded

The War at Home

Alabama Soldier Refuses Deployment to Iraq

Feith: 'We Did Not' Exaggerate Iraq Threat, Just Made 'Errors' in Presentation

Obama's Foreign Policy Team Is Old Clinton Hands

Baghdad, Beirut Embassy Dissenters to Be Honored

US Military

Tanker Ruling Shows Air Force in Disarray

Boeing Wins Air Force Tanker Contract Appeal

Pentagon Ponders Transition in Time of War

Judge: Calif. Blackwater Facility May Remain Open

Pentagon Detainee Policies

General Who Probed Abu Ghraib Slams Bush Officials for 'War Crimes'

Physician Group Says Exams Confirm Abu Ghraib, Other Torture

Experts: Torture Stains US Image, Endangers Soldiers

Afghan Prisoners Abused by US Military in Retaliation for 9/11

Easing of Laws That Led to Detainee Abuse Hatched in Secret


Gitmo: an Unlikely Antagonist in the Detainees' Corner

US Judge Meets Lawyers to Discuss Guantanamo Cases

Guantanamo War Crimes Court Back in Session

Report: Former Detainees Still Suffer From Trauma


Afghan and NATO Troops Kill 23 Taliban Fighters

Afghans Start Anti-Taliban Offensive in South

Report: US Lacks Detailed Plan for Afghan Forces

US: Four Helicopter Engines Worth $13 Million Missing in Afghanistan

GAO Criticizes US Strategy on Afghan Forces

Voices From Kandahar Conflict

Brits in Afghanistan

Four British Soldiers Killed in Afghanistan

British PM Warns of Iraqi-Style Taliban Tactics

Women Soldiers There as 'Support' - but All Afghanistan Is the Front Line


Signs of Compromise on Pakistan Judges Issue


Crunch Talks on India-US Nuclear Deal Postponed


Rice Stresses Inspections in North Korea

Taiwan's Leader Outlines His Policy Toward China

Californian Gets 2 Years for Peddling Defense Trade Secrets to China


DM: Lithuania Would Consider Hosting US Missile Shield

UN Srebrenica Immunity Questioned

UN Official Says Cypriot Negotiations on Right Track

Britain Ratifies EU Treaty

Britain Is the World's Biggest Arms Exporter

Sweden Adopts Contentious Eavesdropping Plan


'Updated' Western Offer to Iran Highlights Energy, Trade

US Senate Panel Approves Tougher Sanctions on Iran

ElBaradei Threatens to Quit if Iran Is Attacked

Sunni Group Claims Bombing of Iran Mosque

Iranian Embassy Welcomes Iraqi Govt Stance Against Opposition Group


Hezbollah Backers Pelt US Diplomat's Convoy

Lebanon Village Caught in Line of Fire

Israel Open to Deal With Lebanon on Disputed Land

Israel Pursues Prisoner Swap With Hezbollah With Gaza Truce Due


Syria: Peace With Israel Will Be 'Bliss'

Syria FM 'Supports' Gaza Truce, Reports New Indirect Talks With Israel Soon

Interpol Says Syria 'Very Cooperative' in Combating Terrorism

Hamas Says Syria Won't Cut Ties for Israel Peace

Hamas-Israel Truce

Israel Confirms Ceasefire to Begin Thursday

Hamas, Israel Truce Greeted With Skepticism and Hope

Israeli FM: We Won't Hesitate to Launch Military Operation Against Hamas

Final Stage of Gaza Truce May Include Multinational Arab Force

Olmert: Shalit Included in Ceasefire Agreement

Eager Yet Untrusting, Both Sides of Gaza Border Await Calm

Gazans Make Own Fuel Amid Israel Restrictions

Ceasefire in Gaza Gives Space to Breathe

Gazans Hope Ceasefire Will Bring 'A Few Weeks of Normal Life'

Middle East

UAE, Libya to Buy French Fighter-Bombers?

Turkish Singer on Trial for Criticizing Army Service

Amnesty Pays Tribute to Jailed Yemeni Journalist


Zimbabwe Opposition Leader Sees Huge Voter Turnout

Mbeki Steps Up Pressure on Mugabe

President Mugabe's Mobs Target Opposition Families

Kenya PM Suggests the Removal of Mugabe


Dire Situation for Somalia's 700,000 Displaced

Four Killed in Mogadishu Attacks

Senior Govt Commander Killed in Mogadishu Blast

UN Rallies Support for Somali Peace Accord

Somalis Flee Terror, Pour Into Kenya Refugee Camp

Equatorial Guinea

Spain, South Africa Gave Go-Ahead for Eq. Guinea Coup

Mark Thatcher Part of Equatorial Guinea Plot, Court Told


39 on Trial for Darfur Rebel Attack

Forces Deployed to Sudan's Oil-Rich Abyei Region


Uganda General Survives Attempted Lynching

US Accuses Uganda Rebels of Abuses


No More Coups, Predicts Nigeria General

Official Says Chad's Army Kills 161 Rebels


Georgia Frees Russian Troops Detained in Abkhazia

US Troops Get Ready for Exercise in Georgia

Nominated US Envoy to Armenia Probably Won't Mention Genocide


Coca Cultivation Rises in Colombia, Despite US Eradication Effort

Castro Makes Rare TV Appearance


Justin Raimondo
Enough Already!

David R. Henderson
The Supreme Court Gets One Right

Nebojsa Malic
The Chains That Bind

Philip Giraldi
Remaking the Middle East

Praful Bidwai
India-Pakistan Peace Survives, Somehow

Ivan Eland
Ungrateful Allies

Doug Bandow
The Cult of the Presidency

Charles Peņa
Having Your Cake and
Eating It Too

Sascha Matuszak
The US and China:
Unsettling Similarities

Alan Bock
Talking About Nothing

Ran HaCohen
Israel at Sixty

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