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Who's Planning Our Next War?: Patrick Buchanan
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Obama: Better Than McCain Not Enough: Greenwald
The Yellow Press: William S. Lind
Who's Actually Winning in Iraq: Patrick Cockburn

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Americans Oppose Torture Somewhat

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Updated June 27, 2008 - 11:17 PM EDT
Senate Passes Broad War Funding Bill
  US Wars Have Helped al-Qaeda, Says Report
  Military Facing $100b in Equipment Repairs
Iraqi Military Unable to Hold Mosul
  Dozens Die as Bombers Target Iraq Government
  Deadly Iraq Blast in Anbar Comes Days Before Security Handoff
  Thursday: 3 US Marines, 48 Iraqis Killed; 119 Iraqis Wounded
Political Theater Seen in Israeli Drill
  Israeli Top Brass Split Over Plan to Hit Iran
North Korea Destroys Nuclear Reactor Tower
  US to Take North Korea Off Terror List
  US Treasury Says North Korea Sanctions Remain in Place
  Bush Rebuffs Hard-Liners to Ease North Korean Curbs
  Bush Falls Short of Grand Goals on North Korea
US to Settle Former Army Scientist's Anthrax Suit
US Removes Nuclear Weapons From Britain After 50 Years
Who's Actually Winning in Iraq?
by Patrick Cockburn
Wasteful Weapons and the Politicians Who Love Them  by Robert Scheer
Don't Forget Downie's Role in Selling War  by Greg Mitchell
Who's Planning Our Next War?
by Patrick Buchanan
The Yellow Press  by William S. Lind
The 'W.' Stands for 'War Criminal'
by Nat Hentoff

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UN Cites Seven Israeli Truce Violations
Gaza Truce Strained by Rocket Fire, Closure
Zimbabwe Opposition: Vote for Robert Mugabe and Save Your Life
Rice: North Korea Must Do More to Earn Normal Ties
Taliban Closes in on Peshawar
Gates Voices Worry Over Afghanistan
UN Warns of Rebel-Held Drug Surge
BATF Agents Seize Blackwater Firearms
Today in Iraq
Rag-Tag Force Watches Over Baghdad Militia Hotspot
Militia in Saddam's Home Province Told to Lay Down Arms
Iraqi Association Dissolves Soccer Team
Baghdad: The City Where Even Hearts Are Divided
First Violence, Now Drought Threatens Iraq Farmers
US Says Top al-Qaeda in Iraq Figure Killed
Attacks Continue
Three Marines Among Dead in Attack on Iraqi Tribal Leaders
Two Cops Killed, 25 Injured in Car Bomb Attack in Mosul
Nineveh Car Bombing Toll Rises to 79
Thursday: 3 US Marines, 48 Iraqis Killed; 119 Iraqis Wounded
The War at Home
Highlights of War Funding, New GI Bill
Antiwar Groups Gathering in Cleveland
US Military
Petraeus Promoted to Mideast Chief
Gates: Military Need to Accept Criticism
US Military Shoots Down Separating Missile in Test
US Army Speeds High-Tech Arms to Infantry
Army Alters $160 Billion Modernization Program Schedule
Elite US Army Academy Lures Kids With Mud and Duty
Two Indicted in Killing of Ohio Marine
Canadian Supreme Court Reprimands Spy Agency for Destroying Terror Evidence
Lawyer: Gitmo Detainee's Interrogation Video to Be Released
Cheney Aide Quizzed on Detainee Interrogations
'War on Terror'
US Explores Anti-Missile Scheme for Flight Zones
Ban Torture for Security's Sake, Coalition Tells Bush
US Intel Official: Global Warming May Boost Terrorism
Muslim Physicist Says Feds Revoked Security Clearance Over Antiwar Speeches
Battles of Britain
BP Project Dispute Triggered by Iraq Oil Project Row
Iraq and Afghanistan Wars Taking Toll on Britain's Ageing Hercules Fleet
British Army Brings in Heavily Armored 'Beast' to Shield Troops From Mines
Tsvangirai Gives Mugabe 24-Hour Deadline
Mugabe Using Force to Raise Turnout in One-Man Election, Critics Say
Mugabe Rejects African Calls to Postpone Poll
Mugabe: Open to Talks With Opposition
Tsvangirai Says He Didn't Write Article Calling for UN Invasion
Zimbabwe Opposition: No. 2 Released From Jail
Zimbabwe: Its People, Land and Economy
Negotiators Quit Darfur, Saying Neither Side Is Ready for Peace
US Tells Sudan to Be Like North Korea, Annoys Khartoum
Rights Group: Somalia Conflict Kills More Than 2,100 This Year
Gunbattle Erupts in Chad
15 Suspected Kenyan Rebels Arrested in Uganda
Invasion Won't Solve Niger Delta Problems, Warns Clergy
US Embassy in Venezuela Says Receives Bomb Threat
Iran Arrests 10 Suspects Who Planned Attacks
Germany Charges Man for Breaching Iran Embargo
Larijani Slams US 'Embassy' Plan
Iran Fights Scourge of Addiction in Plain View, Stressing Treatment
US Judge Voids Conviction for Iranian in Goggles Case
US Says Syria Must Not Hinder IAEA Nuclear Probe
Syrian VP: Next Step May Be Direct Talks With Israel
Hamas Slams Rocket Fire, Blames Fatah
Fatah-Linked Group Takes Credit for Gaza Qassam Strike
Israel's Embattled Olmert Survives, for Now
Israel to Keep Gaza Crossings Shut Friday
Israeli FM Demands 'Military Response' in Gaza
Israeli Settlement Activity Surges Despite Peace Talks
Israeli Group Hacks Palestinian Sites, Calls Palestinians 'Murderers From Birth'
Militant Hamas as Reluctant Moderator
14 Hurt in West Bank Protest
Middle East
At Least Five Muslim Brotherhood Members Detained in Egypt
Three Jordanians Charged in Plot to Bomb Church
North Korea Destroying Symbol of Atomic Weapons Program
US: Could Renew Sanctions if North Korea Breaks Pledges
Rice: US Has Means to Verify North Korea Statement
White House: Lifting US Sanctions on North Korea 'Minor'
South Korea Says Regrettable if North Atom List Incomplete
US Braces for Tough Verification of North Korea's Nuclear Dossier
US Rewards to North Korea Still Only Symbolic
Text of Bush Statement on North Korea
Bush's Statements on North Korea Over Time
North Korea's Yongbyon Nuclear Complex
After the North Korea Nuclear Declaration
Chronology: Steps Forward and Backward in North Korea Drama
Afghan Attack Kills Three US Coalition Soldiers
Airstrikes Kill Afghan Militants
Afghanistan Sacks Police Chief Over Jail Break
US Helicopter Crashes in Afghanistan, No Injured
Bomb Hits US-Led Patrol Near Afghan Capital
Calm Returns to Scene of Huge Anti-Taliban Battle

G8 Pledges Billions for Afghan-Pakistan Region

Italy, NATO Discuss Reducing Afghan Caveats
US Doubts Pakistani Border Pledge
Pakistan's Failure to Pressure Taliban a Concern: Gates
Pakistan Rejects as Lies Karzai Murder Plot Link
Rivals Clash as Pakistan Holds By-Elections
Militants Torch Pakistani Ski Resort Hotel
Nepal PM Quits, Clears Way for Maoists to Take Power
China Says It Is Not Politicizing the Olympics
Ancient Temple at Center of Debate in Thailand
Former Soldiers Fight to Stay in Bosnia

Justin Raimondo
Is War Good For the Economy?

Doug Bandow
Turning the Recurring Joke of a New European Defense Policy into Reality

Nebojsa Malic
Return of the Reds

Charles Peña
Change We Can Believe In?

Alan Bock
The Media Did Fail Us

Ivan Eland
Lessons for Iraq from the Former Yugoslavia

David R. Henderson
The Supreme Court Gets One Right

Philip Giraldi
Remaking the Middle East

Praful Bidwai
India-Pakistan Peace Survives, Somehow

Sascha Matuszak
The US and China:
Unsettling Similarities

Ran HaCohen
Israel at Sixty

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