Is Obama the 'Antiwar Candidate'?: Justin Raimondo
Bidding War Over Afghanistan: Charles Peña
Iran Isolation Attempts Backfire: Hannes Artens
Realists: Drop Iran Preconditions: Jim Lobe
Spying Law Quickly Challenged: William Fisher

 Doug Bandow

War Powers and Foreign Follies

 David Bromwich

The War Party and the Times

 Andy Worthington

Torture and Bogus "Trials"

 Gareth Porter

Seismic Shift or Non-Decision on Iran?

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Updated July 23, 2008 - 11:28 PM EDT
Iraqi President Rejects Election Law

Maliki Says Iraq Can Look After Own Security

  'Surge' Ends: 147,000 GIs Staying in Iraq

More Than 100,000 Detainees Released Under Iraq Pardon Law


Tuesday: 8 Iraqis Killed, 29 Wounded

Obama Says Nuclear Iran Poses 'Grave Threat'

  Realists Urge Bush to Drop Iran Precondition

British FM: EU Wouldn't Support Attack on Iran

Canada's Once-Lofty Afghan Goals Downgraded

Georgia to Send 400 Troops to Afghanistan

Report: Russia Mulls Sending Bombers to Cuba

CENTCOM's Master Plan and US Global Hegemony  by Robert Higgs
A War Waiting to Happen in the Caucasus  by F. William Engdahl
What Are We Dying for
in Afghanistan?
 by James Laxer
Iran Isolation Attempts Backfire
by Hannes Artens
Assuming What Should Be Proven
by Arash Norouzi
Laying Munich to Rest
by Ted Galen Carpenter

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Iraq's Parliament Passes Poll Law, Kurds Walk Out

Kurdistan Press Syndicate Urges Probe Into Journalist's Murder

New Spying Law Quickly Challenged

Pakistan Trying to Stem Militant Flow to Iraq

Al-Qaeda Leader in Rare TV Interview

Mukasey's Wary Start Dismays Ex-Backers

Putin Orders Restored Oil Flow to Czechs

Rice to Press North Korean Envoy on Nukes

Palestinian Bulldozer Driver
Injures Sixteen in Jerusalem
Today in Iraq

US Lawmaker Wants UN Extension on Iraq

Inside Sadr City: The Wall

Balance-of-Powers Game Behind Hariri's Visit to Baghdad

Pack Your Bags for Baghdad? Iraq Looks to Tourism

Germany Expects Trade Increase With Iraq

Attacks Continue

Kurdish Journalist Slain in Northern Iraq

Kirkuk Court's Judge Survives Assassination Attempt

Tuesday: 8 Iraqis Killed, 29 Wounded

Obama in Iraq

Obama, Petraeus Tackle Troop Presence in Iraq

Obama Visits Former Insurgent Hotbed in Iraq

Obama: Iraq Now Needs a Political Solution

Obama Meets Anti-Qaeda Fighters After Conceding on Iraq Surge

Occupying Iraq

Kissinger Says Pullout Timeline Poses Danger to Iraq

Four Germany-Based Soldiers Charged in Detainee Deaths in Iraq

Sen Hagel: US Must Accept Iraqi Sovereignty

The War at Home

Lieberman Praises Pastor Repudiated by McCain

Generals Beat Hasty Retreat on Walter Reed

Antiwar Activists Split Over Obama's Troop Plans

Blackwater CEO: US Govt Will Always Need 'Companies Like Us'

South Florida High Schoolers Protest War

Memorial Service Drives Home Rising Violence in Afghanistan

US Military Advisers Say They're Treated as Misfits

'War on Terror'

US Ties Prisoner to 9/11 at Gitmo Trial

Rules for Guantanamo Bay Proceedings Are Still Unclear


British Say Taliban Leader Gives Up, Another Slain

US, Afghan Forces Kill, Wound More Than 30 Taliban

Militants Kill Four Afghan Brothers, All Policemen

Civilian Risks Curbing Strikes in Afghan War

South Asia

Maoists Refuse to Form Government in Nepal

Indian Govt Survives Vote


China Urges Officials to Heed Press Freedom Vows

China Denies Text Message Preceded Bus Bomb Blasts

In Other News

Cambodia Asks UN to Intervene in 'Imminent State of War' With Thailand

Police Arrest Nine Basque Separatists in Spain

UN Officials Say Congo Prisoners Dying of Hunger

Jerusalem Strife
Israeli Authorities Keen to Demolish Homes in Retaliation for Bulldozer Attacks

Israeli Students Attack Palestinians in Jerusalem

Israelis See Worrying Pattern in Bulldozer Attack


Olmert Govt Loses Three No-Confidence Votes

Obama Arrives in Israel, Vows to 'Plunge' Into Mideast Peacemaking

Obama Plans to Visit Sderot

Israeli Govt to 'Sanction' al-Jazeera

Abbas Threatens to Pull Security Forces From Nablus if Israeli Attacks Continue

PLO Official: Hamas, Israel Seek Isolation of Gaza

Israel Arrests 12 Palestinians in West Bank

'Israel to Free Barghouti for Shalit'

UN Reports Drop in Violence in Gaza, Marked Peace Developments

Israeli FM's 'Mossad Service': Live in an Apartment in Paris, Pay the Bills


Israeli DM Declares Victory in Second Lebanon War

UN's Ban Details Hezbollah Letter on Prisoner Swap

Hezbollah Identifies Bodies of 157 Gunmen Returned by Israel


Jordan's King: Independent Palestine Key to Settling Mideast Conflict

Obama's Remarks From Jordan


Congressman Seeks to Label Several TV Channels as 'Terrorists' for Coverage of Iran Rallies

Karadzic Arrest

Karadzic Hid in Plain Sight With False Identity

Karadzic Arrest Puts Spotlight on New Tribunals

War Crimes Arrest Bolsters Other Courts

The Double Life of an Infamous Serbian Fugitive


US General Warns Russia on Nuclear Bombers in Cuba

Russia and Venezuela Will Coordinate Energy Policies

Russian Communist Party Presses for Sainthood for Josef Stalin

Russia-Georgia Spar Over Rising Tension


Syrian President Opposes Efforts to Arrest Sudan's Bashir

Report: UN Officer Assaulted by Sudan Military


Pirates Hijack Japanese-Owned Ship Full of Zinc Off Somalia

Hardline Islamist Takes Over Somalia's Opposition


EU Toughens Sanctions Against Zimbabwe's Mugabe

Zimbabwe President Under Pressure to Share Power


Hundreds Still Displaced in Nairobi

Tribal Feud Still Deadly in Kenya


Justin Raimondo
Is Obama the 'Antiwar Candidate'?

Charles Peña
Bidding War Over Afghanistan

David R. Henderson
'Fisking' or 'Hendersoning'?

Alan Bock
An Opening to Iran?

Ivan Eland
Are 400,000 Terrorists Trying to Attack the United States?

Doug Bandow
John McCain: The Candidate of God – Mars, the God of War

Nebojsa Malic
The More Things Change…

Philip Giraldi
Conservative Confusion on Iran

Praful Bidwai
Deceptions Surface in US-India Nuclear Deal

Sascha Matuszak
The US and China:
Unsettling Similarities

Ran HaCohen
Israel at Sixty

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