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 David Bromwich

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Updated July 25, 2008 - 11:14 PM EDT
Bush, US Military Pressure Iraqis on Withdrawal
  As Surge Ends, How Many US Troops Will Remain in Iraq?
  Former US-Backed Iraqi PM Calls for American Withdrawal
  US Envoy: Iraq Needs Decades to Settle Problems
  Thursday: 20 Iraqis Killed, 39 Wounded
Iran Ends Cooperation With UN Nuke Probe
  Iranian Military Convoy Rocked by Mystery Explosion
  Obama: Talks With Iran Would Legitimize Any Action Against Them
  Top Israeli General Stresses 'Iranian Aggression' on First US Visit
  Neocons Lash Out at White House for Diplomatic Overtures to Iran
Secret Memo Shows Harsh CIA Tactics Approved
  Guantánamo Testimony: US Let bin Laden's Top Bodyguard Go
Obama: Jerusalem Will Not Be Capital of Palestinian State
  Israel Relaunches Plan for West Bank Settlement in Snub to US
US Probes Killing of 78 Afghan Civilians by NATO Forces
House 'Imperial Presidency' Hearing to Feature 13 Witnesses
Obama's at the Western Wall, but Our Journalists Can't Talk About Jerusalem  by Philip Weiss
Is Petraeus Preparing to Betray the Neo-Cons?  by Jim Lobe
How Much Does John McCain Really Know About Foreign Policy?  by Fred Kaplan
Honorable Exit From Empire
by Patrick Buchanan
Obama, Prince of Bait-and-Switch
by John Pilger
Are You Ready to Face the Facts About Israel?  by Paul Craig Roberts

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France to Slash Military Manpower by 15 Percent
Sen. Hagel Chides Candidates on Iraq
Son of Iraq Journalist Shot Dead by US Forces
State Dept Inspector to Investigate Texas Oil Company's Deal in Kurdistan
McClatchy Bureau Chief Wins Award for Iraq Coverage
Air Force: Nuclear Missile Crew Fell Asleep on Duty
Russia Denies Reported Cuba Base Plans
Venezuela Denies Report of Russian Base
Taliban Factions May Be Using British Forces to Assassinate Rival Commanders
Iraq Occupation
100 Female US Service Members Have Died in Iraq
US Envoy Says Iraq Insurgency Has Lost Its Clout
President Talabani, Crocker Discuss Ways to Endorse Provincial Polls Law
US Can't Keep Up on Visas for Iraqis
Gunmen in Iraq Kill Three US-Allied Fighters
Charges Dismissed Against Marine in Iraq Shootings
White House 'Disappointed' by Iraq Olympic Ban
Today in Iraq
Female Suicide Bomber Kills 8 in Iraq
Iraq Is Banned From Beijing Games for Government Interference
IOC Confirms Iraq's Olympic Ban but There Is Still Hope
Iraqi Christians Begin Church Restoration Campaign
Thursday: 20 Iraqis Killed, 39 Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
Turkey Bombs 13 Kurdish Targets in Northern Iraq
EU Drops Calls to Take in More Iraqi Refugees
Italy Returns Antiquities Looted From Iraq
US Presidential Campaign
Obama's Pro-Israel Stance No Surprise to Arabs
McCain to Meet With Dalai Lama
Obama Says US, Europe Must Face Threats Together
Obama Presses Europe on Afghanistan in Berlin
Highlights of Obama Speech in Berlin
Full Script of Obama's Speech in Germany
Fox Host: Obama Accused Fox of 'Brainwashing Our Troops'
US Military
Troops' Brain Injuries Inspire a New Mission
Army Begins Treating PTSD in the Field
The Military Counselor Is In, and His Name Is Elmo
Army Orders Detroit Lions Draft Pick to Return to 'Traditional Military Duties'
Back to SAC?
Nearly 15k Mine-Resistant Vehicles to Be Built
Fatal MRAP Accidents Prompt Warnings (video)
Senator Wants 115,000 'Mentally Defective' Veterans' Names Removed From Gun List
Detaining Justice
British Ministers 'Duped by US' Over Guantánamo Inmate's Torture Claim
Memo: 'Good Faith' Protects Against Torture Charge
Canada Panel Finds for Man Falsely Linked to 9/11
Bin Laden Driver Trial Shows Interrogation Video
On Video, bin Laden Driver Says He Worked for Charity
US Hits at bin Laden Ties in Gitmo Trial
Salim Hamdan: Enemy Number One
Bin Laden Driver Was Not Read Rights, Court Told
'War on Terror'
US Nuclear Material Often Unchecked
Privacy vs. Border Security: Critics Say Laptop Searches Cross the Line
Dozens of Cities to Get Fewer Anti-Terror Dollars
Radovan Karadzic
Serbia Greets Arrest of Karadzic Calmly
Karadzic 'Stole Identity of Sniper Victim'
Serbia IDs Man Behind Karadzic's False Identity
Balkan Community Split on Karadzic
US in Drive for Georgia-Abkhazia Peace Talks
Russian Railway Troops to Quit Abkhazia in August
Ukraine President Blames Former Ally for Poisoning
Britain's Nuclear Warheads Will Be Upgraded, Document Suggests
Radioactive Woman Sparks Airport Evacuation in Russia
Report: Zimbabwe Rivals May Reach Final Deal Soon
Fearsome Zimbabwe Militias Are Afraid
Somali Islamist Leader Vows to Protect Aid Workers
Somali Insurgents Resist Ethiopian Army's Push Into Key Town
Newly-Graduated Somali Troops Accused of Killing Fellow Soldiers
Somali Official: Assassinations Aimed at 'Spoiling' Djibouti Agreement
Rwanda Threatens Darfur Pullout if UN Removes General
Iran Official Hopeful New Nuclear Talks Can Begin
All Options Against Iran Must Be Prepared: Israel Army Chief
US Official Says Election Won't Ease Pressure on Iran
Iran Nuclear Chief Wants Proposals to Be Merged
Iran Bans Evening Newspaper Over Economic Criticism
Russia Says Opposes Deadlines for Iran Response
US: Israeli Settlement Talk 'Not Helpful'
Shin Bet Head Predicts End to Gaza Ceasefire
Blasts at Gaza Cafe, Hamas Politician's House
Hamas Officials Question Merits of Ceasefire as Israel Keeps Borders Virtually Sealed
Activists to Test Gaza Naval Blockade
Israel to Scale Down Ops in Flashpoint Palestinian City
Settler Holds Knife to Israeli Soldier's Throat in West Bank Riot
Palestinian Workers Fear Backlash
Palestinians Allege Settlers Attacked Village
Settlers Threaten to Exact 'Price' in Response to Evacuations
Egypt Shuts Iranian TV Station Office in Cairo
Publisher: Egypt Bans Book Critical of Mubarak
Egyptian Facebook Activists Jailed for Being a Threat to Security
Festival Spirit Defies Instability in Lebanon
Afghan Soldiers Battle Taliban as NATO Leader Warns of Perils to Nation's Stability
Civilian Airstrike Deaths Probed in Afghanistan
Battle in Southern Afghanistan Leaves 35 Dead
Ex US Official: Afghan Leader Shields Drug Trade
No More 'Collateral Damage' in Afghan Attacks?
Afghan, NATO Troops Try to Seize Taliban-Held Town
Report: Taliban Using Sophisticated Media Network
Once Media-Shy Taliban Go Hi-Tech in Propaganda War
Dozens of Insurgents Attack Afghan Military Convoy
Afghan Family Devastated by Suicide Blast
British Ambulance Driver Killed by Afghan Bomb
Two Danish Soldiers Injured in Rocket Attack in Afghanistan, One Seriously
EU Appoints New Special Representative for Afghanistan
Sikh Temple Inaugurated in Afghanistan
NATO Chief: Pakistan Terror Sanctuaries Not Acceptable
Pakistan FM Rules Out Foreign Invasion
Swat Valley Taliban to Resist Security Operation

Terrorism Not Top Issue in Pakistan, Survey Says

Pakistan Seeks More Help From India to Combat Terror
Rice Says US-India Nuclear Deal Good for the World
Attacks Kill 9 in Kashmir, Including Mom, 4 Kids
Bangladesh: Indian Troops Killed Four Civilians in Border Clash
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Says It Seizes Rebel Territory
Sri Lanka Deploys 12,000 Additional Police for Summit
North Korea
North Korea Signs ASEAN Nonaggression Pact
Rice Says North Korea Must Agree to Strong Verification
North Korea Angrily Reacts to 'Enemy' Remarks
US Tells North Korea to Prove It Has Abandoned Nuclear Ambitions
Taiwan Opposes Olympics Name Change
Taiwan Demilitarizes Picturesque Offshore Islet
27 Hurt in Explosion Aboard Philippine Bus
UN Security Council Split on How to Deal With Myanmar
Colombia's FARC Rebels Free Eight Hostages
Argentine Ex-Army Chief Gets Life Sentence in 'Dirty War' Crimes
New Zealand
New Zealand Students Offer Cash for 'Arrest' of Condoleezza Rice

New Zealand Police Vow to Prevent Citizen's Arrest of Rice

Nigerian Oil Company Denies Paying Militants
Nigeria Militants Issue Ultimatum, Deny Payoff

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'Fisking' or 'Hendersoning'?

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An Opening to Iran?

Ivan Eland
Are 400,000 Terrorists Trying to Attack the United States?

Philip Giraldi
Conservative Confusion on Iran

Praful Bidwai
Deceptions Surface in US-India Nuclear Deal

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Israel at Sixty

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