Pull the Plug on the War State: Charley Reese
Did the Surge Work?: Ivan Eland
Res. 362: A Grave Mistake to Avert: Reza Nasri
Regime Change Rationales: Gordon Prather
On Winning and Losing Wars: Sheldon Richman

 Pat Buchanan

The Good War a Big Mistake?

 Doug Bandow

War Powers and Foreign Follies

 David Bromwich

The War Party and the Times

 Andy Worthington

Torture and Bogus "Trials"

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Updated July 26, 2008 - 11:22 PM EDT
29 Killed as Blasts Hit Western India
Iraq Cost Nearing Vietnam's Price Tag
  4,000 US Combat Deaths, and Just a Handful of Images
  Gates Wants to Shift $1.2 Billion to Bolster War Surveillance
  McCain Gives Qualified Endorsement to Iraq Timetable
Iraq Ex-Insurgents Want More Money, or Else
  Iraqi PM Says Troop Withdrawal Must Satisfy All
  Military Says US Troops Killed Iraqi Editor's Son
  Alarm at Forced Transfer of Basra Union Activists
NATO Kills 4 More Civilians Killed in Afghanistan
  US Probes NATO Killing of 78 Afghan Civilians
  Sending More Troops to Afghanistan Could Backfire, Experts Warn
Iran Now Has 6,000 Centrifuges for Uranium
  Obama: Iran Shouldn't Wait for Next US President
  Ex-Mossad Chief Says Strike on Iran Could 'Affect Israel for 100 Years'
  US Disputes Israeli Claim: No Russian Missiles for Iran This Year
Impeachment a Hot Topic at 'Not Impeachment' Hearing
Resolution 362: A Grave Mistake to Avert  by Reza Nasri
The Parade of 'Shrill, Unserious Extremists' on Display at Today's Impeachment Hearings  by Glenn Greenwald
Should We Stay or Should We Go?
by Steve Chapman
Pull the Plug on the War State
by Charley Reese
Regime Change Rationales
by Gordon Prather
Barack in Iraq  by Ximena Ortiz

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Pakistani PM May Be Pincushion for US Frustration
Brzezinski Warns of Afghanistan Offensive
NBC to Air Ahmadinejad Interview
Israeli Political Leaders Find Generous Donors in US
Bush and McCain Seem to Diverge in Foreign Policy
Judge Upholds Reporter's Right to Protect Sources in Chinese Spy Story
Russia Conducts North Pole Test Flights
GI Retracts Claim Obama 'Blew Off' Afghanistan Troops
Maliki Invites Pope
to Visit Iraq to Help Peace
Today in Iraq
Iraq Talks on Olympic Ban, but Says No Compromise
KBR Counts Two More Iraq Electrocution Deaths
Baghdad Muralists Resist Push for Sectarian Themes
Iraq's Abandoned Women Stare at Hopeless Future
MP: Kurds Hamper Legislation of Iraq's National Oil Company
10,000 Security Men Deployed for Shi'ite Imam Pilgrimage in Karbala
Pope Tells Iraqi Leader Christians Need Protection
Security Forces Detain Women-Abducting Gang in Baghdad
Friday: 3 Iraqis Killed, 12 Wounded
US Presidential Campaign
McCain Rejects 'Audacity of Hopelessness' for Iraq
In Paris, Obama Says Pressure on Iran Is Building
McCain Meets Dalai Lama, Presses China on Rights
Obama Interview With Jerusalem Post
Full Text of John McCain's Speech in Denver on July 25
Israeli Paper Publishes Obama Western Wall Prayer
Obama Gets Royal Treatment in France
Detaining Justice
Driver Told FBI Agents US Could Have Killed bin Laden
French Fries Helped Calm bin Laden Driver
Cooperation Hurts Inmate at Gitmo Trial
Iran Widow Must Go to Trial in New York on Terror Charge
Taliban Takes Over Abandoned Checkpoints on Afghan Border
Chart of Afghan Civilian Deaths From US Airstrikes
German FM on Surprise Visit to Afghanistan
Taliban Propaganda Undermining Afghan Government: Think-Tank
British Soldier Killed Alongside Dog in Afghanistan
Aussie Soldier Dies in Bungled Afghanistan Evacuation
Violence Engulfs Swat Valley as Truce Collapses
Pakistani PM Expected to Hear Price of US Support
Taliban Exploit Sectarian Rift in Siege of Shi'ites in Pakistan Enclave
Rice: Pakistan Needs to Do More to Close Afghan Border
Militants Free Eight Captives in NW Pakistan
Nepal Maoists Offer Compromise to Take Country Out of Crisis
125 Tibetan Protesters Detained in Nepal
Taiwan's New Top US Diplomat Unaware of Arms Sale Freeze
Olympian PR Bout Under Way in Washington
China Paper Censored for Tiananmen Photo
China Vows to Punish Officials Who Fuel Unrest
Military: Sri Lankan Fighting Kills 49
Talks Between Philippines, Muslim Rebels Collapse
Seven Bomb Blasts Rock Bangalore, India, at Least Four Killed
Thai Anti-Govt Protesters Vent Anger at Oil Firm
Cambodians Rally Around Leader Ahead of Vote
South Korea Struggles to Probe Tourist Death in North Korea
Malaysia Demands US Stop 'Interfering' in Anwar Case
Weekend Reviews
Antiwar Literature
A History of Abuse in the War on Terror
Madness and Shame
Facing Up to America's 'Dark Side'
The Lion and the Unicorn
Iran to Increase Cooperation With IAEA
Senior Iran Cleric Rejects Deadline for Nuclear Response
Iran Won't Accept Ultimatum in Nuclear Dispute, Says Ex-President
Iran Says Nuclear Talks Can Solve Wider Mideast Problems
Ahmadinejad Bans Newspaper Reporting Rift in Leadership
Report: PA Mulling Unilateral Declaration of Statehood
US Protests Eviction of Arab Family From East Jerusalem Home
Rice Says Israelis, Palestinians Can Still Reach Peace Deal This Year
Four Militants, Child Killed in Gaza Blast: Medics
Jerusalem Bulldozer Drivers Live in Fear After Attacks
Palestinian Killed as Bomb Explodes Outside Christian Cafe in Gaza
Israeli Commander: We Must Deal With Settler 'Provocateurs'
Jerusalem's Ultra-Orthodox Protest Against 'Terrorist' Shopkeepers Selling Digital Video Players
Poverty From Blockade Pushing Gazans Into Hamas Militia
Israeli Envoy: We Are Better Than Most of World
North Lebanon Battle Kills Six, Wounds 50
Report: Hezbollah Recruiting Sunnis to Undercut Rival Faction
Middle East
Israel-Syria Talks Hindered by Cool US Response
Two Dead, 17 Wounded in Car Bomb Attack on Yemen Police
Remote-Controlled Mine Kills Three Turkish Soldiers
Radovan Karadzic
Serb's Extradition Is Challenged Over Arrest Details
Karadzic Refuses Prison Food in Favor of New Age Diet
Cyprus Reunification Talks on Sept. 3
Cyprus Edges Towards Peaceful Settlement Between Greeks and Turks
UK Envoy Turned Away From Russian Nuclear Facility
Ex-Ally Denies Ukraine Leader Poisoning
Kosovo Wants Talks With Serbia, Belgrade Says 'No'
Two Suspected ETA Members Detained in France
Official Says Zimbabwe Power-Sharing Talks Go Well
Bush Expands Sanctions Against Zimbabwe
Sanctions on Zimbabwe
16 Killed as Ethiopian Troops Retake Key Somali Town
Somali Opposition Says Could Fight UN Peacekeepers
UN Envoy: Islamist Isn't Head of Somalia's Opposition
Somalis Flee Town Amid Fighting
Former Rebels: Sudanese Govt Planes Attacked During Bashir 'Peace' Tour
Sudan Warns of Safety Risks for UN/AU Troops if Bashir Indicted
Nigerian Militants Kidnap Expats
Leading Colombian Party Chief Arrested
Colombia Says Kills 20 FARC Rebels in Air Raid
Venezuela to Sell Spain Oil at 100 Dollars a Barrel: Chavez

Mexican Military Losing Drug War Support


Justin Raimondo
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Did the Surge Work?

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Everyone's Favorite Villain

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The No-Fun Olympics

Charles Peņa
Bidding War Over Afghanistan

David R. Henderson
'Fisking' or 'Hendersoning'?

Alan Bock
An Opening to Iran?

Philip Giraldi
Conservative Confusion on Iran

Praful Bidwai
Deceptions Surface in US-India Nuclear Deal

Ran HaCohen
Israel at Sixty

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